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Many centuries ago, magic jewels bestowing extraordinary powers were created. These were... the Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes have used these jewels for the good of the human race.

Nooroo, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

Miraculous holders are people who use the Miraculouses to transform into animal-themed superhumans with the help of the kwamis.


After the Miraculous jewels were made, it was the job of the Order of the Guardians to protect and distribute them to people for the good of mankind. In Ancient China, many people became the first Miraculous holders. Each miraculous and their respective abilities were kept in a book written by the guardians in their special code so they could prevent those who had evil intentions from misusing the book. For the next 5000 years, many people throughout the history of the world were picked by the guardians to become an owner. These recipients would be chosen through passing a test that showed their best personal characteristics and qualities, such as Marinette, for her willingness to help others, and Adrien, for his kindness. However, just as there are good people who were gifted with the Miraculouses, there are also bad people who sought the jewels' powers for their own gain, putting the world in danger, such as the present-day Hawk Moth. In such cases, it's been the task of some Miraculous owners to assist in helping the Guardians retrieve the lost jewels and stop the people who misuse them, in addition to protecting the world from other dangers. Once their task was complete or when they couldn't continue their responsibilities as Miraculous owners, the jewels were returned to the Guardians, or new owners were chosen to act in their stead with the Guardian's permission or if the Guardian couldn't intervene first.

During their adventures, some Miraculous owners have experienced other powers and abilities with their jewels when needed or under great emergency, like the Miraculous potion power ups used by Piao Chong and other owners, as well as new fusion forms and other powers. In doing so, some wielders have made long lasting bonds with their kwamis, receiving a kwagatama as a sign of friendship between them. And yet, there have been incidents where holders were separated from their kwamis and sometimes during said separation some have witnessed the unconstrained version of their companion's powers. Most of their accomplishments and monuments have been recorded throughout history but was erased by the Guardians for unknown reasons except for the few that have made their way to museums.

However, in 1842 when Fu was young, he was unhappy with his life as a Guardian. During one of his training sessions, he grew hungry and used the Peacock Miraculous to manifest a Sentimonster to get him a snack. But the creature, born from his combined hunger and anger caused him to lose control of it, and in its rampage, the Sentimonster destroyed the temple, swallowed the remaining Guardians and all but one of the Miracle Boxes. Wang tried to escape the creature with the last box and Spellbook in tow but lost the book along with the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses. Fu felt so guilty about what happened that he suspended the use of the jewels for the next 172 years.

Recent to present

On a previous trip overseas with the Agrestes, Nathalie found the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses and gave the jewels to Gabriel. Both Agrestes made a terrible mistake and discovered that the Peacock Miraculous was damaged. Realizing that, Gabriel forbid the use of it. However, for an unknown reason, Emilie continued using it until she ended up in an eternal slumber. Desperate to fix his mistake, Gabriel began using the Butterfly Miraculous for evil to obtain the Ultimate Power by trying to steal the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses.

Under the state of emergency, Master Fu gave the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses to Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste in an effort to stop him. Over time the two of them did a great job protecting Paris on their own and eventually gained allies, creating the French Miraculous superhero team. However thanks to Chloé's betrayal, Ladybug and Cat Noir (with the exception of Bunnyx) returned back to a duo.

Through their adventures they began to discover other Miraculouses and jewels related to them, such as the Prodigious in Shanghai, China the duo had discovered that Hawk Moth had desired it's ancient powers in his continuing quest for obtaining the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses. Along the way, Ladybug and Cat Noir meet the guardian of the Sacred Cave, Fei despite them keeping the Prodigious out of Hawk Moth's hands the mastermind akumatized the jewel's guardian Mei Shi into Wan Yoshi sending him into a rampage eradicating Cat Noir and Hawk Moth in the process. With Ladybug helping Fei understand the true meaning of the dragon the two manage to calm Mei Shi and Fei was worthy of being the next Renren and the duo's first out of the country ally.

While in New York they find the Eagle Miraculous by allying themselves with the American Heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir were able to stop Hawk Moth and Miraclonizer from misusing it, which gave rise to a new hero, Eagle, who had previously been Sparrow. Like Gilbert and Washington, Ladybug and Cat Noir allowed Sparrow to keep it as a sign of friendship and trust. Shortly after, Eagle and Uncanny Valley were approached by a guardian who demanded the Eagle talon back but was seemingly convinced by Eagle instead to stay and raise a new generation of heroes in North America.

As the fight continues Ladybug and Cat Noir notice that Hawk Moth is using the repaired Peacock Miraculous under the alias Shadow Moth to attack the city and them with sentimonsters and becoming more deceptive than ever. Understanding the severity of his attacks and knowing that this isn't a time for rules, the French Duo continue to receive help from their old and new allies.


Sometime in the future, the Butterfly Miraculous will be used for evil again by a new "Hawk Moth", and Marinette and Adrien continue their roles as their hero alter-egos as adults with the heroine as a the leader of their future team.


Marinette transforming with the help of her kwami, Tikki.

Adrien transforming with the help of his kwami, Plagg.

In order for a Miraculous owner to transform, they need to be wearing the Miraculous and have the kwami connected to the Miraculous present to be absorbed.[1] Through transformation, they change into an animal-themed superhuman. In these forms, the Miraculous owner gains enhanced physical abilities, an omni-purpose tool (such as Ladybug's Yo-yo), and a Unique superpower (such as Cat Noir's Cataclysm).[2]

Ladybug detransforming.

Cat Noir detransforming.

However, as revealed in "Miracle Queen", if the owner doesn't know the kwami's name or the right commands, they won't be able to transform.[3]

In "Miraculous New York", it's revealed by Uncanny Valley that when Miraculous holders are transformed they are protected by a layer of magic that makes them unrecognizable to the human eye but not to robots such as her. However, the magical protection is useless if the holder transforms in the open or when they reveal themselves willingly or not.

Not only that, the owners also gain the abilities of the animals the Miraculous is based off of, such as Cat Noir's hearing, smell, and night vision, and using his clawed gloves like actual claws to climb surfaces, as well as Ladybug's ability to walk on walls like a bug. On occasion, a wielder will also show the behavioral patterns of the animals the Miraculous is based off of such as Cat Noir purring like a domestic cat in "Prime Queen".

While they are almost invulnerable while transformed, they aren't exempt from everything, such as drowning, unless they're in Aqua Mode or using their weapons as breathing devices. While not transformed, the Miraculous has no effect. As seen in "Gorizilla", a Miraculous owner could not survive jumping off a high building while not transformed. In "Miraculer", they do have some resistance to their own powers while transformed, but it will leave them injured and possibly on the verge of death if struck, as with Cat Noir and his Cataclysm.

While they are almost invulnerable, they must be wise about how and when they use their superpower[4] because after it is used, the kwami begins to lose the energy needed to keep the transformation, and in five minutes, the Miraculous owner detransforms back to normal as the kwami emerges from the jewel.[5] If they want to transform again, they need to help their kwami regain energy by feeding them. Not only that, some powers are strictly linked to a owner's weapons, likes Ladybug's Lucky Charm and her yo-yo. This can also be a weakness, meaning that while an owner is using their weapons to summon their powers, they can't use them to attack or defend, leaving them vulnerable, as seen with Ladybug in "Sandboy".

According to Plagg, the suit that the Miraculous transformation creates is "what you really want deep down". Upon transforming, some owners with impairments, like poor eyesight, will have said impairments modified or fixed completely, like with Alya when she transforms into Rena Rouge and Nino when he transforms into Carapace.

Miraculous owners can use more than one Miraculous at the same time, which is why Hawk Moth desires both the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous.[6] This allows the wearer to utilize the powers of both, as well as utilize a new, more powerful fusion superpower. It also creates a costume that combines the aspects of both animal themes.

In "Kwamibuster", in order to fuse two miraculous, the owner, while transformed with one of the miraculous, must say the name of the kwamis they want to fuse and say "Unify" while intertwining the hands. To unfuse, the owner must say the name of the kwami they want to let go and say "Divide" or to sat the kwami's detransformation phrase. When under the powers of fusion, Miraculous wielders can combine their weapons with other miraculous superpowers. As seen in "Miracle Queen", when Ladybug, as Dragon Bug, used her yo-yo combined with the Water Dragon to make a water sphere shield. It is unknown whether the Unified Miraculous Holders are still under the effect of the timer.

Miraculous owners can restrict their kwamis to certain commands, as seen in "Sandboy". However, it is as of yet unknown whether this is some outside ability of Gabriel or a benefit of being a Miraculous wielder, and if it is, it seems that it's a matter of a wielder's personal choice. It seems they can undo their commands with just a simple word or snap of their fingers.

In "Syren", Miraculous holders can have access to other powers when their kwamis drink certain potions from the Miraculous Spellbook:

  • When in Aqua Mode, the holder has the ability to swim and breathe underwater.
  • When in Ice Mode, the holder has ice skating abilities and withstand very cold temperatures.
  • When in Space Mode, the holder gains a spacesuit version of their original costumes and the ability to breathe and move freely in space.

In "Mayura", it is revealed that if a Miraculous owner is in any of their powered up forms like Aqua or Ice mode, they'll detransform into their normal superhero forms. In "Startrain", when Miraculous users are transformed, they can temporarily handle lack of oxygen and survive temperatures of absolute zero degrees.

It turns out that some Miraculous abilities don't reveal themselves to their users until they become of age, like with Ladybug and Cat Noir still being "too green" with their powers. With each Miraculous being different, the full range of powers and the way the holders master them could vary such as figuring out what the secret or said meaning of the power is and with a deeper level of understanding it can result in gaining a new power(s) or a change in their costumes as with Ladybug in "Mr. Pigeon 72". However, one of the abilities adult Miraculous owners can gain is being able to maintain their transformations even after using their superpowers and prolong the use of them, revealed by Hawk Moth in "Mayura" and by Alix's future self, Bunnyx, in "Timetagger". It's further revealed that when adult holders transform they can use their energy to sustain their kwamis meaning they don't have to feed them as much. When a Miraculous owner grows to be an adult, they don't need a voice command to activate them; as Bunnyx fought Timetagger, she used her powers without saying the word "Burrow" the same number of times. Older holders could also have further control of their powers. For example, when the Rabbit Miraculous was struck with a Cataclysm by the Future Cat Noir, it was cracked (or it's possible that it didn't receive a full blast) compared to the Bee Miraculous when it was completely destroyed by Cat Noir in "Queen Wasp".

Miraculous owners seemingly don't age while transformed, as Bunnyx was able to remain in the obelisk for thousands of years in "Timetagger" before being released from a deep sleep. However, it is unknown if this ability is exclusive to Rabbit Miraculous owners, applies to all Miraculous owners, or if it is simply just an ability of the obelisk she was trapped in.

In "Cat Blanc", Hawk Moth is shown to be able to call for his Cane from afar. It's possible when a Miraculous owner gets older, they share a mental connection with their weapons or some, like Ladybug's yo-yo string, are connected to their holder's willpower. Due to being young, it's possible that their mental connection grows with time, but if the weapon is damaged or broken, then so will the link.

Also on an interesting note, if a holder activates a Miraculous superpower, then in turn loses the jewel to another person and said new holder deactivates it, it's unknown if the timer will be activated as in the case with Eagle and Miraclonizer in "Miraculous New York".

Despite Miraculous users gaining great powers because of the jewels, they also have to be cautious with the many dangers of the jewels. When Miraculous jewels are damaged or negatively impacted, it can result in damaging the wearer's powers leading to them not working at all, the way they are suppose to, go completely out of control. And have other negative effects on the wearer themselves, it's likely when kwamis are working with adult holders they feed off more energy from them to sustain themselves leading to like fatigue and health problems as seen with Nathalie in "Mayura", when the jewels are damaged but they can overcome it, if they use the jewel sparingly. It's unknown if the same effects will happen with a younger Miraculous holder. However, if they just transform with a damaged jewel and remain inactive, like Bunnyx who was in a stone slumber, they won't be affected. Similar to the jewels, a wielder can transform with a sick or hurt kwami. However, they, too, must use extreme caution since it's the kwamis that give their owners their powers and transformations. If they transform under these conditions, it's likely they won't be able to hold it for long, let alone give their owners their powers or what else will happen.

Another negative effect is the owner being stuck in their superhero form, as seen in "Timetagger", until said jewel can be repaired or by removing them if their voices are taken away, as seen in "Silencer", showing how important a Miraculous owner's voice is while they're transformed. Since they use their voices to activate their superpowers and transformations, if an owner can't speak, then they can't summon their powers or if they get cancelled out, as seen with Ladybug therefore they can experience improper prolonged transformations. If it happens before they transform, they can't transform at all. It's unknown how long they can stay transformed under normal circumstances and yet, if they decide to do so for long time periods it will lead too many unanswered questions or if any have unknown side effects. All vocal commands of an owner's powers can only be done by the voice of the person who's actually wearing the jewel, meaning that a Miraculous owner can't activate the powers of another owner unless they switch their Miraculous or when they come into the possession of another jewel, like Ladybug with Cat Noir's ring in "Gamer 2.0".

According to Master Fu, the use of or merging too many Miraculouses, either activated or in camouflage mode, may have consequences both to the body and mind of the owner. It's also unknown what the full damage could be if a damaged Miraculous is fused with another jewel.

The holders can transform while under the effects of an Akumatized villain if their powers are minor, like amnesia in "Oblivio", or appearance changes, like in "Reflekdoll", as long as they remove the Miraculouses before they get affected.

Known Miraculous holders

Currently owned by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Ultimate Power Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago; fused with the Cat Miraculous OR1-(17).png
Piáo Chóng Around 5,000 years ago VP (249).png
La Déesse Coccinelle Around 4,500 to 4,000 years ago The Goddess.jpg
Hippolyta Around 3,000 to 2,000 years ago The Queen.jpg
Micazoyolin Around 1000 to 500 years ago Micazoyolin Drawing by Ferisae.jpg
Tentomushi Around 900 to 150 years ago Tentomushi Drawing by Ferisae.jpg
Jeanne d'Arc About 600 years ago The Martyr.jpg
Mudekudeku Around 500 years ago The Voice of Nature.jpg
Mudangbeolle Around 424 to 418 years ago Mudangbeolle drawing by Thomas Astruc.png
La Coccinelle Around 400 to 200 years ago La Coccinelle by Ferisae.jpg
La Mariquita Around 200 years ago La Mariquita drawing by Thomas Astruc.png
Bọ rùa Around 180-170 years ago Bo rua Drawing by Ferisae.jpg
Ancient Ladybug Miraculous holder Previously Ladyflag Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Currently Ladybug Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Mouse Miraculous Multibug Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Dragon Miraculous DragonBug Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Bee Miraculous Lady Bee Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Horse Miraculous Pegabug Square.png
Adrien Agreste Temporarily Mister Bug Square.png
Alya Césaire Temporarily Scarabella Square.png

Currently owned by Adrien Agreste.

Name Time Period Image
Ultimate Power Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago; fused with the Ladybug Miraculous OR1-(17).png
Hēi Māo Around 5,000 years ago VP (83).png
Ancient European Cat Miraculous Holder Around 1200 to 600 years ago Catflag Square.png
Adrien Agreste Currently Cat Noir Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Snake Miraculous Snake Noir Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily Lady Noir Square1.png
Temporarily fused with the Mouse Miraculous Multinoir Square.png

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste.

Name Time Period Image
Ancient Chinese Butterfly Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago VP (92).png
Ancient Butterfly Miraculous holder Previously Girlfly Square.png
Gabriel Agreste Formerly Hawk Moth Square.png
Currently fused with the Peacock Miraculous Shadow Moth Square.png
Future Butterfly Miraculous holder Future ListPlaceholder.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Wang Fu Formerly Jade Turtle Square.png
Nino Lahiffe Occasionally Carapace Square.png
Sentinino Temporarily Senticarapace Square.png

Currently owned by Alya Césaire.

Name Time Period Image
Ancient Chinese Fox Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago VP (81).png
Pied Piper of Hamelin About 730 years ago ListPlaceholder.png
Alya Césaire Formerly Rena Rouge Square.png
Currently camouflaged as Rena Furtive Rena Furtive Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily fused with the Mouse Miraculous Multifox Square.png

Currently inside in the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Ancient Chinese Bee Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago TC (499).png
Chloé Bourgeois Formerly Queen Bee Square 1.png
Zoé Lee Occasionally Vesperia Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily fused with the Ladybug Miraculous Lady Bee Square.png

Currently being kept by Gabriel Agreste.

Name Time Period Image
Ancient Chinese Peacock Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago Ancient Chinese Peacock.png
Wang Fu 172 years ago Wang Fu Peacock Superhero Square.png
Emilie Agreste Formerly Emilie Agreste Square.png
Nathalie Sancoeur Temporarily Mayura Square.png
Gabriel Agreste Currently fused with the Butterfly Miraculous Shadow Moth Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily Multimouse Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Fox Miraculous Multifox Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Cat Miraculous Multinoir Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Ladybug Miraculous Multibug Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Mylène Haprèle Occasionally Polymouse Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Minotaurox Future ListPlaceholder.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Juleka Couffaine Occasionally Purple Tigress Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Alix Kubdel Future Bunnix Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Hua Mulan Over 1500 years ago ListPlaceholder.png
Kagami Tsurugi Occasionally Ryuko Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily fused with the Ladybug Miraculous DragonBug Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Adrien Agreste Temporarily Aspik Square.png
Temporarily fused with the Cat Miraculous Snake Noir Square.png
Luka Couffaine Occasionally Viperion Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Max Kanté Occasionally Pegasus Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily fused with the Ladybug Miraculous Pegabug Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Caprikid Future ListPlaceholder.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Sun Wukong Around 1,050 to 730 years ago ListPlaceholder.png
Sasuke Sarutobi Around 830 to 150 years ago ListPlaceholder.png
Lê Chiến Kim Occasionally King Monkey Square.png
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Coq Courage Future ListPlaceholder.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Traquemoiselle Future ListPlaceholder.png

Currently inside the Chinese Miracle Box, being kept by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Name Time Period Image
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Temporarily, but never activated Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png
Chloé Bourgeois Temporarily, but never activated Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
Rose Lavillant Occasionally Pigella Square.png

Currently owned by Jessica Keynes.

Name Time Period Image
Ancient Chinese Eagle Miraculous holder Around 5,000 years ago Eagle Miraculous Holder.png
Gilbert du Motier Around 1776 to 1783 GilbertNY.jpg
Gabriel Agreste Temporarily, but never activated Gabriel Agreste Square.png
Mike Rochip Temporarily Miraclonizer Square.png
Jessica Keynes Currently Eagle Square.png

Name Time Period Image
Ancient Egyptian Miraculous holder Around 4,500 to 4000 years ago French Comic Egyptian Miraculous Holder.png
Herakles Around 3,000 to 2,000 years ago Herakles.png
Cernunnos Previously Cernunnos.png
Tomoe Gozen Around 900-800 years ago Tomoe Gozen.png
Yi Sun-sin Around 424 to 418 years ago ListPlaceholder.png
Brazilian Miraculous holder Future ListPlaceholder.png


  • The physical appearance of the Miraculous holders from their transformations seems to vary between the individual, the time, and the place.
    • And according to Plagg in "Frightningale", it is influenced by the holder's tastes and desires.
    • Miraculous holders choose what kind of costume they desire and must accept if they are ready to be a hero. According to Thomas, the reason why Ladybug's costume is simpler than the others is for that very reason.[7]
    • What role they play or have like with Alya since she can't be seen in public until Hawk Moth's defeat her suit has adopted a new camouflaged look.
  • The transformation sequences of Miraculous holders and the poses they make at the end are "just for fun" and are purely symbolic.[8][9]
  • The transformation sequences are about sixteen seconds.[10]
  • Each Miraculous holder is able to choose their own name/superhero identity.[11]
    • Which is mostly true, but sometimes a superhero identity can be given to a Miraculous holder by another holder, as done in "Startrain".
  • While transformed, holders cannot experience pain and have some level of invulnerability to physical damage, although the extent of this invulnerability is unclear.[12][13]
    • However, if holders get hurt before they transform, they will still be hurt afterwards, like when Adrien hurts his ankle and retains the injury after becoming Cat Noir in "Riposte".
    • If their endurance and stamina is pushed to the limit, they will experience some level of fatigue or pain, as seen in "Robostus" and "Mayura".
      • In "Weredad", Cat Noir briefly held his arm and also collapsed on Ladybug's shoulder out of exhaustion.
    • It turns out in "Miraculer" that the invulnerability of a Miraculous holder reaches its limit if they're on the receiving end of a Cataclysm or powers that can cause them harm, leaving them very weak and lethargic afterwards if not healed by the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) in time.
  • Some elements of the costumes of transformed Miraculous holders (such as Ladybug's and Cat Noir's masks) cannot be removed.[13]
    • According to Ladybug in "Lady Wifi", it's because of magic, implying that they are magically glued to a holder's face.
    • However, on some superheroes, there are elements, such as Cat Noir's tail, that can be detached.
    • There are some elements, made to look like real animal parts such as Cat Noir's, Rena Rouge's and Bunnyx's ears. Despite being fake, they can enhance a wielder's senses or response to how they feel.
    • If some Miraculous holders don't have certain elements as a part of their costumes, they can be replaced by Miraculous tools, like how the shield acts like Carapace's shell or how the jump rope of the Mouse Miraculous is used as Multimouse's tail when not in use.
  • In "Mayura", Hawk Moth reveals that Miraculous wielders can stay transformed even after using their superpower, however it isn't fully explained how.
    • As of "Timetagger", it's revealed that the ability to stay transformed after using their powers and multiple or prolonged use of said powers develops upon reaching adulthood.
    • The only known way a younger Miraculous owner could bypass that rule would be if they had their powers amplified by Akumatization.
      • As seen by Ladybug in "Sandboy" and "Silencer", another way younger Miraculous owners can experience prolonged transformations albeit incorrectly would be if their powers are/were cancelled out or if they are unable to activate them.
      • Well prolonged transformations can be done by personal choice of the wielder regardless of any age as long as younger ones don't use their powers but it would still lead to many unanswered questions as well as exposure of said holder's identity while at the same time it's unknown if there are any side effects to prolonged transformations for younger Miraculous holders.
        • Until, "Timetagger", the longest time a Miraculous holder can be transformed was set by Bunnyx who held her transformation for a total of 5,000 years.
      • Although it's still unknown if there are other ways younger Miraculous owners can have unlimited use of their powers or prolonged transformations outside of being akumatized or waiting until adulthood.
    • According to Thomas Astruc, the reason why adults don't detransform after using their powers is because they can "feed" the kwamis with their energy. This also explains why their kwamis don't need to eat as often, and haven't been seen being exhausted after powering their holder for long periods of time.[14]
      • That would also explain why Sass looked exhausted when after Adrien detransformed from Aspik in "Desperada" and due to him being young Sass could not feed on his energy.
      • It's unknown if a kwami connected to a damaged Miraculous has to feed off more of their adult holder's energy to sustain themselves. However that's what likely happened to Nathalie in "Mayura". If so that's likely what happened to Emilie, Dusuu took so much of her energy that it resulted in her being put into coma.
      • It's unknown if the same effects will happen with a younger Miraculous holder.
  • Wielders can voluntarily detransform, even if the time limit has not been reached.[15]
  • Miraculous holders can continue owning their Miraculouses to any age as long as they're using them and their bodies are capable.[16]
  • Miraculous holders can be akumatized, as revealed in "Queen Wasp".
  • Thomas Astruc explained that the crew's plan is to continue expanding the universe by adding new characters and revealing more about all of the Miraculouses in the Chinese Miracle Box, while still having Ladybug and Cat Noir be the main focus.[17]
  • According to Master Fu, until "Kwamibuster", no Miraculous holder has ever had the mental and physical abilities to handle the use of so many Miraculouses at once.
    • As of "Mr. Pigeon 72", no known Miraculous holder was ever seen unlocking the secret or meaning of their powers.
  • It's completely unknown why the Guardians erased the knowledge of the Miraculous holders but it's likely they did it to protect current and/or the future ones from those with evil intentions.
  • According to the synopsis of Miraculous New York, Ladybug and Cat Noir will discover that Miraculouses exist in the United States, too, so it's likely that they'll meet or hear of North American Miraculous holders.
    • Which is confirmed to be true. Not only did the heroes discover one of the missing jewels, the (Eagle Miraculous), but they also worked with its new owner and Ladybug discovered that Gilbert was previous Miraculous holder.
  • According to Su-Han in "Furious Fu", the Miraculouses were never meant to be used by children or teenagers making Ladybug and Cat Noir (also by extension their team) are the youngest owners in Miraculous history.
  • Excluding most the current Miraculous holders as well as Master Fu, Jeanne d'Arc and Mundangbeolle while including Mayura, Pigella and King Monkey most of the other past holders don't have any known family.
  • As of "Stoneheart", "Mayura", "Miracle Queen" and "Miraculous New York", no other Miraculous holder brought disgrace to their legacy holder name.
  • When Ladybug needs help from another Miraculous, she chooses someone whose important person or place to them (family member, best friend, love interest, etc.) is in danger.
    • Alya was given the Fox Miraculous to become Rena Rouge when her little sisters, Etta and Ella, were akumatized.
    • Nino was given the Turtle Miraculous to become Carapace when Alya, his girlfriend, was captured by Anansi.
    • Chloé was given the Bee Miraculous to become Queen Bee when her father, Mayor Bourgeois, was akumatized.
    • Luka was given the Snake Miraculous to become Vipereon when Desperada attacked his friends and family.
    • Max was given the Horse Miraculous to become Pegasus when his mother, Claudie Kanté, was akumatized.
    • Kagami was given the Dragon Miraculous to become Ryuko when her mother, Tomoe Tsurugi, was akumatized.
    • Zoé was given the Bee Miraculous to become Vesperia when her half-sister, Chloé, was akumatized and amokized.
    • Mylène was given the Mouse Miraculous to become Polymouse to stop Malediktator from destroying the park, a place she really loves and goes there often.
    • Rose was given the Pig Miraculous to become Pigella when her best friend, Juleka Couffaine, was akumatized and amokized.
    • Juleka was given the Tiger Miraculous to become Purple Tigress when her parents, Anarka Couffaine and Jagged Stone, were akumatized.
      • The exceptions to this rule are when Kim became King Monkey, as it was Master Fu and not Ladybug who gave him the Monkey Miraculous; and Alix becoming Bunnyx, as it is unknown when Ladybug gave her the Rabbit Miraculous, although it's possible that she got the miraculous for a reason which is part of this pattern.
  • There were few wielders that were aware of the unconstrained version of their kwami's powers which is understandable just in case if a kwami ever got stuck with a bad owner they'd keep their version of their powers so they wouldn't get any ideas about using it.


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