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Many centuries ago, magic jewels bestowing extraordinary powers were created. These were... the Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes have used these jewels for the good of the human race.

Nooroo, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

Miraculous holders,[1] also called Miraculous wielders,[2] are people who own Miraculouses and use them to transform (with the help of kwamis) into animal-themed or insect-themed, super-powered beings.


Marinette tranforming

Marinette transforming with the help of her kwami, Tikki.

Adrien transform

Adrien transforming with the help of his kwami, Plagg.

In order for a Miraculous holder to transform, they need to be wearing the Miraculous and have the kwami connected to the Miraculous to be absorbed.[2] Through transformation, they change into an animal-themed superhero. In these forms, the Miraculous holder gains enhanced physical abilities, a tool (like Ladybug's yo-yo), and a superpower (like Cat Noir's Cataclysm).[3]

TB detransforming

Ladybug detransforming.

SS (575)

Cat Noir detransforming.

Miraculous holders are almost invulnerable while transformed, but they are not exempt from things such as drowning unless in Aqua Mode or using their weapons as breathing devices. While not transformed, the miraculous has no effect. For example, a Miraculous holder could not survive jumping off a high building while not transformed.

While they are almost invulnerable, they must be wise about how they use their superpower.[4] Because after it is used, the kwami loses the energy needed to keep the transformation, and in about five minutes the Miraculous holder reverts back to normal as the kwami emerges from the Miraculous.[5] If they want to transform back, they need to help their kwami regain energy back by feeding them.

According to Plagg the suit that the Miraculous transformation creates is "what you really want, deep down". Upon transforming some holders with impairments like poor eyesight can modified or fixed completely like with Alya when she transforms into Rena Rouge and Nino when he transforms into Carapace.

Miraculous holders can use more than one Miraculous at the same time, which is why Hawk Moth desires both the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous.[6] Other than gaining more power, the result of doing this is unknown, like if the holder keeps one animal-themed form while still having access to the other power(s).

However when a person utilities more than one Miraculous, their suit takes on a hybrid form combining aspects of the suits of each individual Miraculous allowing said user the ability to uses both Miraculouses power and weapons.

It is possible that Miraculous holders can restrict their kwamis to certain commands, as seen in "Sandboy". However, it is as of yet unknown whether this is some outside ability of Gabriel or a benefit of being a miraculous wielder.

In "Syren", Miraculous holders can have access to other powers when their kwamis drink certain potions from the Miraculous Spellbook:

  • When in Aqua Mode the holder has the ability to swim and breath underwater.
  • When in Ice mode, the holder has Ice skating abilities.

In "Mayura", it's revealed by Hawk Moth that Miraculous holders can retain their transformations even after using their superpower, should they have enough experience to do so, however, it isn't fully explained how.

List of Miraculous holders


Jeanne d'Arc depicted in stain glass.

Ladybug Miraculous

  • Adrien Agreste (future)

Cat Miraculous

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng (future)

Butterfly Miraculous

Turtle Miraculous

VP (81)

A past Fox Miraculous holder drawn in the Miraculous book.

Fox Miraculous

Bee Miraculous

Peacock Miraculous

Mouse Miraculous

  • Currently inside the Miracle Box, being kept by Wang Fu

Snake Miraculous

  • Currently inside the Miracle Box, being kept by Wang Fu

Dragon Miraculous

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng (future)

  • Currently inside the Miracle Box, being kept by Wang Fu

Monkey Miraculous


A depiction of Herakles on a vase.

Pig Miraculous

  • Currently inside the Miracle Box, being kept by Wang Fu

Unknown Miraculouses


  • The physical appearance of the Miraculous holders from their transformations seems to vary between the individual, the time, and the place.
    • And according to Plagg in "Frightningale", it is influenced by the holders' tastes and desires.
  • The poses made by Miraculous holders when they transform are purely symbolic.[7]
  • The transformation sequences are about sixteen seconds.[8]
  • Each Miraculous holder is able to choose their own name/superhero identity.[9]
  • While transformed, holders cannot experience pain and have some level of invulnerability to physical damage, although the extent of this invulnerability is unclear.[10][11]
    • However, if holders get hurt before they transform, they will still be hurt afterwards, like when Adrien hurts his ankle and retains the injury after becoming Cat Noir in "Riposte".
    • And yet if their endurance and stamina is pushed to limit they will experience some level of fatigue or pain seen in "Robostus" and "Mayura".
      • Or in "Weredad", where Cat Noir briefly held his arm or when he collapsed on Ladybug's shoulder out of exhaustion.
  • Some elements of the costumes of transformed Miraculous holders (such as Ladybug's and Cat Noir's masks) cannot be removed.[11]
    • However, on some superheroes, there are elements, like Cat Noir's tail, that can be detached.
  • Wielders can voluntarily detransform, even if the time limit has not been activated.[12]
  • Although there are cases where Miraculouses end up with holders that Wang Fu wasn't involved with, such as Hawk Moth, Wang mentions in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" that he has personally made one mistake in a choice for a Miraculous holder whose identity is currently a mystery.
  • Miraculous holders can continue owning their Miraculouses to any age as long as they're using them and their bodies are capable.[13]
  • There are upcoming special episodes that will explore past Miraculous holders, as confirmed by Jeremy Zag at a panel at the 2016 Los Angeles Comic Con.[14]
    • The official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog responded to a question that past Cat Miraculous holders will be heard about in the future, along with more history of Miraculouses and presumably some of their holders in the series, comic books, and webisodes.
  • Miraculous holders can be akumatized as revealed in "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)".
  • Thomas Astruc explained that the crew plans to keep expanding the universe by adding new characters and revealing more about all of the Miraculouses in the jewelry box, though Ladybug and Cat Noir will always be the main focus.[15]
  • As of "Mayura", France holds the record for having the most Miraculous holders in one place with a total of seven (including past Miraculous holders making nine) being followed by China with a total of seven.


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