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The Miraculous Zag Chibi series is a special comedy mini-series produced in 2D, inspired by the main show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.[1][2] The series consists of 90-second slapstick comedic shorts, with no dialogue.[3] It premiered on August 31, 2018, on the official Miraculous Chibi YouTube channel[4] and later premiered on September 2018 on TV.[5]


When our heroes aren't on a mission, Cat Noir jumps at every opportunity to try and make Ladybug fall in love with him. But what he doesn't know is that she only has eyes for the handsome Adrien! Will he still manage to seduce Ladybug with his plans, each more unpromising and funny than the other?

The chibi series is canon to the main series.[6] Over 100 shorts are expected to be made. Current episodes focus only on Ladybug and Cat Noir, but future episode will feature the world of Miraculous as a whole and will not necessarily be about the Miraculous heroes themselves.


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Webisodes Series premiere Series finale
TBA August 31, 2018 TBA
No. # Title Release
1 1 "Rooftop Dinner" August 31, 2018[7]
When Cat Noir finds Ladybug on the roofs of Paris, he decides to set up a romantic dinner for her that soon turns out to be... unforgettable! Bon appétit!
2 2 "Catnip Fragrance" August 31, 2018[7]
Cat Noir tries to seduce Ladybug by putting on some irresistible new perfume. He soon starts winning hearts... but not the one he was hoping for!
3 3 "The Chase" August 31, 2018[7]
Cat Noir decides to ask Ladybug to the movies. But if he wants the superheroine to go with him, he'll need to catch the tickets first, as they just slipped out of his hand and are now flying away in the Paris sky...
4 4 "Curiosity Kicked the Cat" August 31, 2018[7]
Cat Noir finds out that Ladybug has written a love letter for her crush. He tries to get ahold of it to discover the mysterious stranger's identity, but soon learns the hard way that curiosity and cats don't mix.
5 5 "Cutest Cat Fight" September 7, 2018
Cat Noir decides to get Ladybug a kitten, hoping to win the heart of the superheroine. But as it turns out the kitten he's set his sights on is not very cooperative…
6 6 "Fatal Posy" September 7, 2018
Wanting to give Adrien a present, Ladybug grows a special flower for him. But she doesn't realize that the plant is actually a carnivorous one… and that it's hungry! Cat Noir rushes to the rescue!
7 7 "Scarybug" October 26, 2018
It's Halloween in Paris, and Cat Noir is determined to scare Ladybug. But the superheroine has not said her last word!
? ? "NeckRace" TBA
Ladybug has designed a necklace for Adrien, but she accidentally drops it and the necklace starts falling. Trying to impress the beautiful superheroine, Cat Noir decides to catch it for her. But when a pigeon lays its beak on it first, an epic battle ensues: cat vs. pigeon!


  • The show was first announced by Jeremy Zag on his Instagram on March 5, 2017.[1]
    • The drawing with the announcement was done by Angie Nasca, the character designer for this show.
    • On March 14, 2017, Zag released another image, featuring a 3D model of chibi Ladybug.[8]
    • A new image of Ladybug was released on March 31, along with an image of Pixie Girl from the series of the same name in chibi form.[9]
    • An animatic for the episode "Rooftop Dinner" was first revealed during a Miraculous live event on May 17, 2017.[10]
    • On August 31, 2017, a part of another episode was released by Jeremy Zag on Instagram, involving Cat Noir stopping a giant flower from attacking an unaware Ladybug.[11]
    • A fully animated clip of an episode featuring cats chasing Cat Noir was released on Jeremy Zag's Instagram on January 21, 2018.[12]
  • The production for the web series Miraculous: Tales from Paris was discontinued in order to focus on the chibi series.[13]
  • The first 4 Zag Chibi episodes, which were released on YouTube, received more than 327 400 views total (across four languages) in less than 12 hours.


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