Okay, I have special powers! …and apparently this amazing yo-yo thingy?

Ladybug, “Ladybug & Cat Noir

Miraculous superpowers are special magical abilities granted by the Miraculouses to their owners.

Each superpower is specific to the Miraculous it is associated with, corresponding to the abstract concept that the respective Kwami of each Miraculous embodies.


Each Miraculous superpower is unique to the Miraculous it is connected to. When a superpower is used, it starts a countdown, leaving the owner with only five minutes until the Miraculous loses power and they detransform back. However, an adult Miraculous owner is not subject to this rule, allowing them to use their special superpower an unlimited number of times without their transformation dropping. The only way known of how a younger Miraculous owner bypass that rule would be if they were akumatized and had their powers amplified by Hawk Moth. Although it's unknown if younger Miraculous owners can have unlimited use of their powers outside of being akumatized or waiting until adulthood.

Often, but not always, a Miraculous owners personal weapon is required to activate a superpower. Notable exceptions are:

Furthermore, a vocal command is required to activate a superpower. The vocal command is simply the name of the superpower. Notably, exceptions to this rule are the Butterfly Miraculous's Akumatization and the Peacock Miraculous's Amokization, neither of which require a vocal command, though, this could be because both users of those Miraculouses already have their adult powers rather then children like the rest of the miraculouses.

When a Miraculous owner uses Unification they can fuse their powers together in a combo-attack, but it's unknown what kind of fusion powers will occur depending on what two Miraculous are fused together. So far, the only fusion power seen is the expandable elemental shield when the Dragon and Ladybug Miraculouses are combined. When fused the powers of both the miraculous can be used and all the powers are useable.

The superpowers a Miraculous grants are typically thematically related to the symbolism of the animal it is associated with. However, this is not always the case.[1]

  • The Cat Miraculous grants the power of Destruction. Black cats are symbolic of bad luck. This manifests as the destructive Cataclysm.
  • The Butterfly Miraculous grants the power of Transmission. Butterflies are symbolic of transformation. This manifests as the magic transference that causes transformation and establishment of a telepathic link via Akumatization.
  • The Fox Miraculous grants the power of Illusion. Foxes are symbolic of trickery. This manifests as the illusion casting Mirage.
  • The Turtle Miraculous grants the power of Protection. Turtles are symbolic of protection. This manifests as the materialization of the force field, Shell-ter.
  • The Bee Miraculous grants the power of Subjection. Bees are symbolic of servitude. This manifests as the paralyzing Venom.
  • The Monkey Miraculous grants the power of Jubilation. Monkeys are symbolic of mayhem. This manifests as the power disrupting Uproar.
  • The Horse Miraculous grants the power of Teleportation. Horses are symbolic of freedom. This manifests as the opening of Voyage through a space portal.
  • The Mouse Miraculous grants the power of Multiplication. Mice are symbolic of multiplication. This manifests itself as Multitude.
  • The Rabbit Miraculous grants the power of Evolution. Rabbits are symbolic of time. This manifests as the ability to Burrow through time.
  • The Eagle Miraculous grants the power of Freedom. Eagles are symbolic of freedom. This manifests itself as Liberation of their fears or restraints.

Kwamis are capable of utilizing their own superpowers without the presence of an owner. However, the power is often unconstrained, as seen in when Plagg used Cataclysm to destroy the Eiffel Tower... and half the city along with it. However, Kwamis are capable of exercising restraint with their powers.

Known Superpowers

Wielding a Miraculous grants it's wearer the power of transforming into an animal themed superhuman, and, when transformed, grants increased superhuman physical abilities, such as strength, agility, and speed, as well as near invulnerability. As well as some of the animal abilities, the kwamis were based of off.

Each Miraculous also grants the user a unique superpower that corresponds to the abstract concept the Miraculouses respective Kwami was born from. Some of these powers even have secondary attributes.

When the user activates more than one Miraculous at a time, they gain access to the powers of both, as well as the ability to combine the superpowers to create new, stronger superpowers.

Primary Superpowers

Superpower First Type Miraculous Description Image
Akumatization "The Bubbler" Transmission Butterfly Miraculous Allows the user to transform an ordinary person into a superhuman with powers that correspond to the persons nature and/or situation. The superhuman becomes a loyal follower of the user. Kim corruption.gif
Amokization "Mayura" Emotion Peacock Miraculous Allows the user to manifest a Sentimonster, a monstrous being born from one's emotions. Giphy (2).gif
Burrow "Timetagger" Evolution Rabbit Miraculous Allows the user to open a portal, through which, one can travel to any point in time. Burrow.gif
Cataclysm "The Bubbler" Destruction Cat Miraculous Allows the user to charge their hand with destructive energy, allowing them to destroy whatever they touch. Cataclysm.gif
Liberation "Miraculous New York" Freedom Eagle Miraculous Allows the user to free people of personality traits that restrict their full potential. Liberation.gif
Lucky Charm "The Bubbler" Creation Ladybug Miraculous Allows the user to create an object which will help solve a problem. The user has no control over what object is created, Lucky Charm simply provides the perfect object for the current situation. It is up to the user to figure out how to use the created item. Lucky Charm.gif
Mirage "Sapotis" Illusion Fox Miraculous Allows the user to cast a hyper-realistic illusion of anything they can think of. Mirage.gif
Multitude "Kwamibuster" Multiplication Mouse Miraculous Allows the user to shrink down to near-insect size and split into a number of equally tiny clones. Multitude.gif
Second Chance "Desperada" Intuition Snake Miraculous Allows the user to mark a point in time and later trigger the power to reverse time back to the marked point. The users own memory remains intact, allowing the user to know the immediate future and change events to their liking. Second Chance.gif
Shell-ter "Anansi" Protection Turtle Miraculous Allows the user to materialize a nearly unbreakable force field to protect themself and other nearby people. Shell-ter.gif
Uproar "Party Crasher" Jubilation[2] Monkey Miraculous Allows the user to summon an object that will disrupt the abilities of anyone who touches it. The Monkey Miraculous owner being the sole exception. Uproar.gif
Venom "Queen Wasp" Subjection Bee Miraculous Allows the user to turn their hand into a stinger and immobilize an opponent by stinging them. Venom.gif
Voyage "Startrain" Teleportation Horse Miraculous Allows the user to open a portal, through which, one can travel to any location in space. Voyage.gif
Wind Dragon
Water Dragon
Unnamed Lightning Power
"Ikari Gozen" Perfection Dragon Miraculous Allows the user to transform themselves into a natural weather element of their choosing (wind, water, or lightning). Wind Dragon IG (1).gifWater Dragon IG (1).gif

Secondary Superpowers

Superpower First Type Miraculous Description Image
Bodily control "The Evillustrator" Transmission Butterfly Miraculous Allows the user to control the body of their target. EV S01EP08 (263).png
"Feast" Peacock Miraculous Peacock Bodily Control.gif
Empathy "The Evillustrator" Mental Butterfly Miraculous Allows the user to sense and feel the emotions of others. Sandboy (72).png
"Mayura" Peacock Miraculous Mayura (497).png
Miraculous Ladybug "The Bubbler" Magical damage reversal Ladybug Miraculous When the Lucky Charm is thrown in the air, it creates a swarm of magic ladybugs that repair any and all damage caused by the recent crisis. If no Lucky Charm is available, the holder uses the yo-yo. Miraculous Ladybug Power.gif
Night Vision "Stormy Weather" Vision enhancement Cat Miraculous Allows the user to see clearly in the dark. SW (742).png
Telepathy "The Bubbler" Mental Butterfly Miraculous Allows the user to form a telepathic connection with their target. SS (76).png
"Mayura" Peacock Miraculous Mayura Communicating - MY.png

Fusion Superpowers

Superpower First Types Miraculouses Description Image
Unification "Kwamibuster" Fusion All Miraculous Allows the user to activate two Miraculouses at once. Dragon Bug.gif
Ultimate Miraculous Absolute Power "N/A, first pictured in the origins story" Creation
Ladybug Miraculous
Cat Miraculous
Allows the user to achieve absolute power and be granted a single wish that can rewrite reality. Robostus 497.png


  • While the use of a superpower by a Miraculous holder causes the kwami to lose energy and need time to recharge before they can utilize it again, there has been no indication that a kwami loses energy when they use their superpower without a holder.
    • However, the only instance seen of a kwami using their superpower is Plagg and yet it isn't made clear if he needs time before using a second Cataclysm.
    • In "Kwamibuster", after Plagg used his Cataclysm when fused with Adrien Agreste as Cat Noir, he opted to use another one to set him and Tikki free meaning it's possible that all kwamis can use their powers multiple times without recharging but if used too many times they'll become exhausted.
      • It's also reasonable that due to their five minutes not being up yet, Plagg still had energy left which probably enabled him to use another Cataclysm.
  • The color of the superpower matches the Miraculous it is associated with in most cases. The energy associated with akumatization is more black with purple accents.
  • Currently, the only known Miraculous to have more than one superpower associated with it are the Ladybug, Butterfly, Peacock, and the Dragon Miraculouses.
    • The Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses share the record for the most superpowers with five.
      • Akumatization/Amokization.
      • Telepathy
      • Empathy
      • Bodily Control
      • Power removal/Monster destruction
        • It is arguable that these Miraculouses with multiple powers simply each have a single power that is divided into multiple parts.
  • Out of all the known Miraculous superpowers only two of them are used for attacking by the holders, those are Cataclysm and Venom.
    • And yet, Cataclysm is the most lethal when used on a human while Venom is the least lethal.
  • Throughout the series the superpowers were shown to have many weaknesses:
    • According to Plagg in "Rogercop", a holder's powers can be damage if a kwami gets sucked into the jewel with another object.
      • With Plagg's description it's implied that if it does happen the powers will either not work at all, the way they're suppose to or go out of control however it's unknown what the full damage could be.
    • Since some holders rely on their powers through their weapons, if they end up separated from them or if the tool ends up broken or damaged, then their powers can't be used.
    • Or in the event if a holder's hands are used the powers won't work if they're restrained.
    • If the holder is struck by an akumatized villain while summoning their powers they'll be cancelled out.
      • If the powers are being used by a young Miraculous holder therefore connected to a timer, it will be cancelled out as well leaving them stuck as their alter egos until their powers are restored in with Ladybug in "Sandboy" unless their jewels are removed.
      • However it's likely that the same condition can be done for an adult Miraculous holder but it's yet to be seen.
    • Superpowers are voice activated. If a Miraculous user can't talk, then they can't use their powers.
      • Someone else saying the activation command won't work, as seen in "Silencer".
      • However, in "Timetagger", Bunnyx was able to create portals without speaking. It can be assumed that when a Miraculous user that is an adult and/or has mastered their powers, their voice isn't required to activate them.
      • Like in "Miracle Queen", as Snake Noir, Adrien used the Second Chance power while in space without saying the phrase because while there he couldn't breathe meaning that it's one of the few powers that can be activated without a voice command.
    • Once some superpowers are summoned, the holder can't call it back or be turned off. The few ways for it to be removed is if the person uses it like with Cat Noir and his Cataclysm or if they were forced off by outside forces.
      • As seen in "Mayura", Chloé attempted to use Venom on Hawk Moth but didn't due to Mayura's intervention and she transformed back with no complications.
      • Others, like Amokization, Akumatization, Mirage and Liberation can be called off by the user.
      • In "Cat Blanc", as his akumatized alter ego, Adrien was able to amplify and decrease his powers to the point of completely deactivating it.
        • However, it's unknown if a normal Cat Miraculous user will have that degree of control when they get older.
    • The Miraculous Ladybug is the only known superpower that can negate other super powers, mainly Amokization, Akumatization, Cataclysm and Liberation.
      • Other then that, some powers can affect others in unexpected ways like Cataclysm being used on a Sentimonster.
    • It's not only after using the superpowers that cause the users to detransform back, but also summoning the powers will cause the timer to activate if they use them or not as seen with Cat Noir in "Anansi".
      • However it's unknown what will happen when the owner detransforms with a summoned but unused superpower.
    • Other powers sometimes require absolute focus of the user's mind or else they could end up anywhere as well as their illusions or sentimonsters not turning out right like in "Sapotis", "Startrain" and "Feast".
      • Sometimes that mental control also applies to the holders and their weapons like Ladybug and her yo-yo or Hawk Moth and his cane. However, if the weapons are destroyed so is the mental connection until the weapon is repaired.
      • Sometimes in rare instances it works with superpowers as well as Ladybug was able to retrieve her Lucky Charms from impossible places seen in various episodes.
    • In "Cat Blanc", some powers are connected to a holder's emotions or willpower like how Cat Noir got angry upon discovering his father's identity and his Cataclysm pulsated in reaction.
      • Seen in "Ladybug", as Cat Noir used his powers to protect his ring but when he came to the ground it was already used so maybe the wielder can deactivate their powers through a force of will.
        • Because when that's the case if the person loses control of their emotions or willpower, then their powers will cause untold damage and destruction like how Cat Blanc accidentally destroyed everyone on the planet.
    • Effects of some superpowers remain even after the user detransforms, if the power is being used by another person, if they or the jewel are no longer of this world like with Akumatization and Cataclysm.
      • Such as in "Santa Claws", after Cat Nor used his power on a advertisement piller, the damage remained even when he detransformed.
      • If a Butterfly Miraculous user charges a butterfly then detransforms it will stay that way until it's purified by a Ladybug Miraculous user or called back by it's master before it goes out of range in "Simon Says" and "Startrain".
        • Seen in the alternate future of "Cat Blanc", as his akumatized alter ego when Adrien cataclsymed his father destroying the Butterfly Miraculous along with him. He stayed the way he was until being deakumatized by the Ladybug of the past.
      • If the users of Akumatization or Amokization end up too faraway from their champions or not in possession of the Amok, then they'll act of their own accord and the telepathic connection won't be established.
      • The same is true for those who uses the powers of Liberation, if they break the mental or emotional restrictions that makes their target(s) go wild, then they'll remain that way until the current or new user reverses the effect.
    • As per the effects of Unification, if more than two Miraculouses are used then according to Master Fu, the Miraculous holder would have too much power causing them to lose their mind or harm themselves.
  • Second Chance is so far the only known Miraculous superpower, that can be used multiple times before the wearer detransforms as a result of its time-based powers.
  • Not every superpower has a summoning sequence like Akumatization, Amokization, Shell-ter, Dragon Miraculous superpower and Liberation.
  • Since Eagle used her powers to undo the effects of Liberation and in turned not the feathers herself it's also unknown if the timer was activated since another holder used the power to activate Liberation.
  • The Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) has the most weaknesses out of all the known powers.


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