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Scene: Prologue. The logo appears, followed by the words ZAG: Miraculous World presents...

Scene: Magical Eclipse. Sacred Cave.

Fei (narrating): It all took place on the day of the Magical Eclipse. (The moonlight turns red, leaving an opening in a wall. Wu Shifu kneels down.) Wu Shifu was desperate: the secret he guarded was in danger.

Scene: Wu Shifu's school (flashback).

Students: (bowing) Shame on us, master! Our Kung Fu is not up to your teaching! (They run away.)
Wu Shifu: (reaching towards them) You still have so much to learn! (He follows them and sees Cash giving them money.)
Fei (narrating): What had become of the ancestral values? Courage, honesty, loyalty? A mysterious stranger was doing all he could to force the master to sell his school. (Wu Shifu returns to the school.) Someone clearly wanted to take over the land upon which it was built.

Scene: Magical Eclipse. Sacred Cave.

Fei (narrating): The greed of the world was destroying everything. His school was his life, and his students were like his children. (The opening in the wall closes, and Wu Shifu gets up.) Without a family of his own, he would have no-one to pass on his legacy and all the responsibilities that came with it. (Wu Shifu heads for the exit of the Sacred Cave.) To whom would be entrust his heavy secret? What if no-one was there to protect the Sacred Cave during the next Magical Eclipse? (Wu Shifu returns to his school through the passage crossing a waterfall.) Now alone, he had lost all hope.

Scene: Wu Shifu's school.

Fei (narrating): And that was when he met... (Wu Shifu hears baby Fei crying at the entrance. He runs over.) He gave me my name. In Mandarin, it means "to fly in the sky". (The baby starts giggling when she sees Wu Shifu.)

Scene: Wu Shifu's school (several years later). Fei and Wu Shifu are practising Kung Fu.

Fei (narrating): My name is Fei. My adoptive father Wu Shifu would go on to teach me the values of Kung Fu, (Wu Shifu gives Fei his bracelet) and make me the new guardian. (Fei and Wu Shifu practice Kung Fu.) But they were still trying to chase us away. (Scene fades to sometime later; Fei practices alone.) And when they took away my adoptive father, they destroyed the school.

Scene: Ruins of Wu Shifu's school. Fei bows to a photo of Wu Shifu with a bowl of salt and twigs in front of her.

Fei (narrating): In the end, they even got the bracelet. (Fei is sleeping, and Cash takes the bracelet from her. Next morning, she wakes up suddenly and discovers that the bracelet is gone. She sits outside the school with her fists clenched.) Now I was the only one left to protect the secret of the cave during the next Magic Eclipse.

Scene: Panning out to the Eiffel Tower, then Ladybug with her Miracle Box. Glowing lights explode in and out of the box before the scene zooms out to show the world before focusing in on Shanghai as the logo says Miraculous World: Shanghai - the legend of Ladydragon.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont.

Marinette (narrating): So school was finally out, and it was gonna be amazing! (The students head down the stairs.) We were gonna go swimming, hang out at the cinema, visit the museum, take long walks... (Adrien waves goodbye to his friends and gets into the car.) We even organized a huge potluck picnic for all of us, (Marinette waves back dreamily) and this time, Adrien would join us. His father had given him permission! (Alya lifts Marinette's jaw.)

Scene: Ladybug and Cat Noir jump over the rooftops of Paris.

Marinette (narrating): That's right, holidays are off to a great start, even for Cat Noir and me!

Scene: Pont des Arts.

Marinette (narrating): We did have a few missions, (a kid places his stuffed rabbit on the edge of the brideg while eating ice-cream and drops it) but no akumatized villain in sight. (Cat Noir catches the toy rabbit with his stick, and Ladybug uses her yo-yo and returns it to the boy.) It seemed like Hawk Moth had taken holidays, too! (Everyone cheers, and Ladybug and Cat Noir take a photo with the boy.) We were starting to relax, because we still didn't know what holidays for Hawk Moth meant.

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin. Ladybug and Cat Noir are eating ice-cream.

Marinette (narrating): Basically, we thought everything was going well...

Scene: Roof of the Dupain-Cheng bakery. Ladybug arrives and de-transforms.

Marinette (narrating): ... until everything started to go wrong.

Scene: Marinette's house, living room.

Sabine: (taping a package) Sorry, Marinette, but I can't get away from the bakery today, and if the package doesn't get set off today, uncle Wang won't get it in time for his birthday!
Marinette: Alright, I'll go...
Sabine: Thanks, sweetie. (Marinette leaves with the package.)

Scene: Outside the bakery & picnic at Place des Vosges (phone call).

 Marinette: (reaches out her phone, nearly dropping the package in process, and calls Alya; from Alya's phone) I'm experiencing a little setback.
Alya: Why does that not surprise me in the slightest.
Marinette: Save me a seat next to you-know-who, please, I'll be there as fast as I can.
Alya: But don't you know? I thought you knew!
Marinette (from phone): What? What am I supposed to know?
Alya: Adrien's gone to Shanghai!
Marinette: (gasps and drops the package) Huh?! There must be some kind of mistake! I always know what's up with Adrien! (She checks her sketchbook.) His 5 first names and every corresponding name date, his yearly schedule, even his shoe size! If there were anything to know about him, I would know it!
Alya: Well, he didn't know either. He told Nino that the opening of his father's shop in Shanghai had been moved up at the last minute.
Marinette: (her jaw drops; she hangs up and looks at the package) Shanghai?..

Scene: Agreste private plane.

Bodyguard's phone: You are dolphin, leaping from wave to wave in an ocean of tranquility. (Adrien's bodyguard calms down.)
Gabriel: The opening of this store is essential for the future of the Agreste family, Adrien. Opening it much sooner than expected is very good news. (He puts his hand on Adrien's shoulder.) There will be other fun times with your friends.
Adrien: You're right. Besides, I'm glad I get to spend some time with you, father.
Gabriel: I'm looking forward to it, too. (Gets up.) But before that I still have to sort out some organizational details. (Leaves.)

Scene: Cabin on the plane. Gabriel enters and activates a holographic computer.

Gabriel: Did you have time to check everything out, Nathalie?
Nathalie (from computer): All the conditions necessary for the Magical Eclipse will be met tomorrow as planned. (Gabriel de-activates the computer and reaches out a briefcase. It scans his thumb and pupil and opens, revealing the bracelet.)
Nooroo: Please, master, think! It is for good reason that the Prodigious was abandoned in favor of the Miraculous! It was secured in that cave because it is too powerful, too dangerous!
Gabriel: Precisely, Nooroo. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been holding me in check for too long. I won't pass on an opportunity to destroy them with this higher power. What I started 15 years ago I will finish tomorrow. At last...

Scene: Dupain-Cheng bakery. Sabine is attending a customer.

Marinette: (enters) Mom!
Sabine: (turns to her) The package! It'll never make it in time!
Marinette: Yes it will, because I'm gonna hand it to uncle Wang myself. (Tom and Sabine look perplexed.) You see, because it's high time I visit my uncle in person! Because my uncle- (trips over the package and gets up.) It's my roots. And I've been trying to connect to Adri- I mean, my roots - for so long! And he keeps- I mean, they - keep eluding me. (Tom and Sabine look at each other) And without him- I mean them - without my roots- I mean, I feel incomplete! (She covers her face with her hands and peeks from between her fingers.)
Sabine: Marinette, are you saying that... you want to go to Shanghai?!
Tom: (excitedly runs up the stairs and back with a cardboard box at full speed) Your mother and I have been waiting for this moment for so long!
Sabine: We always thought that one day you'd want to see your ancestors' country to connect with your Chinese family! (Gently holds Marinette's hand.)
Tom: (opening the box) We've been putting money aside since the day you were born - enough for a family trip! We were just waiting for you to ask.
Sabine: (wiping a year) For you to be ready!.. Still, this is a bit sudden!
Tom: We can't close the bakery now. (They look at each other.)
Sabine: If you want to give uncle Wang his gift in person...
Tom: ... you'll have to go alone. (He closes the box.)
Marinette: (gasps and squeals, then hugs her parents) You're the best parents in the whole world!

Scene: Airplane travels from Paris to Shanghai.

Scene: Wang Cheng's car drives along the streets of Shanghai.

Wang: What a joy to see you again, I'm so happy you've finally made the trip!
Marinette: Yes, it's a good thing, and this way you'll get your present on time.
Wang: Your visit is my present, Marinette. Your mother told me that you wanted to connect with your roots, and that's the happiest you can make me. The restaurant had a lot of guests planned for this week, but I cancelled everything! I took a vacation for the first time since... (sad realization) since your mother moved to France...
Marinette: You didn't have to do that for me.
Wang: Of course I did, family is sacred!
Marinette: (smiles) Your English has improved a lot since you last came to Paris.
Wang: I have worked hard so it will be easier to communicate with you. (Marinette's phone receives a notification; Marinette checks it.) And now I can tell you all about your ancestors, (Marinette's phone shows a picture of Adrien) and show you every family photo! (Marinette looks at the skyscrapers.) Next time, I'll take you to visit the wonders of Shanghai, and teach you all the Chengs' traditional songs!
Marinette: The Chengs have traditional songs?

Scene: Shanghai. Hotel room.

Adrien: (admiring the view of Shanghai) The Bund district is so impressive, father! Have you ever spent time in Shanghai outside of work?
Gabriel: (checking a clipboard) Of course I have.
Adrien: Then there must be some places you could show me. It would be great to see them together!
Gabriel: I... suppose. But before we do, I have some details to work out for tomorrow's opening night.
Adrien: (saddened) I guess I'll just stay at the hotel and wait for you...
Gabriel: (puts hand on Adrien's shoulder) On the contrary, take advantage of this beautiful day to walk around. I'll join you in the early afternoon. (Adrien smiles.)

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant. Wang's car arrives and they go in.

Wang: ... So your great-great-great-grandfather designed (Marinette's phone receives a notification; she checks it and sees another photo of Adrien) dresses for the Beijing opera performers.
Bastille: Marinette (she is startled), Marinette, it's Marinette! (Flies over to Wang.)
Wang: Yes, Bastille, I'm very proud to finally introduce my grandniece Marinette to you!
Marinette: (recovering from the surprise) Nice to meet you, uh... Bastille!
Wang: Bastille has always been in the family, look. (Shows family photos.) He was already there with grandpa Yan and granny Mei Chei, and with Xia Bing, your mother.
Marinette: Xia Bing?
Wang: Yes. She only took the name Sabine when she moved to France.
Marinette: (moves closer) Wow... I've never seen that photo of mom.
Bastille: Magic ingredient! Magic ingredient!
Wang: Yes, Bastille, I haven't forgotten. (Turns to Marinette.) Do you remember my style of cooking?
Marinette: Huh? Uh... Oh, right, (laughs) you always improvise around something that fate brings you.
Wang: And today, fate has brought you, Marinette.
Marinette: But... I don't have any ingredients on me. (Her phone receives another notification, and Marinette checks it with a nervous giggle. It's another photo of Adrien. She gasps.) I know! I could go for a walk and see if fate brings me Adri- I mean, a magic ingredient!
Wang: Aren't you afraid of getting lost? You don't even speak Mandarin!
Marinette: I won't get lost. I have my phone. It has a GPS and a translator.
Wang: Very well, but don't go too far. You can find everything you need in the neighborhood. (Marinette runs off.) I'm sure our meal tonight will be very special indeed! (Bastille squawks.)

Scene: Marinette walks along a street.

Tikki: You want to put Adrien in a soup?
Marinette: Of course not, Tikki. We're gonna look for a magic ingredient and make most of our little walk to go say hi to Adrien.
Tikki: You mean (speaks Mandarin)?
Marinette: You speak Mandarin?
Tikki: Of course! Kwamis speak all languages.
Marinette: Um, yeah, that makes sense. You never know who your next holder's gonna be.
Tikki: And how will you find Adrien?
Marinette: (shows phone) See? It's easy. We're here, (points at her icon) he's there, (points at Adrien's icon) we just need to follow this map. This is gonna be super easy!

Scene: Adrien walks along the Bund district with his bodyguard.

(Boy with glasses): (notices Adrien and calls his friends) Hey, aren't you Adrien Agreste, the famous model?
(Slim boy): (shows phone) (Speaks Mandarin) (Adrien's bodyguard steps forward menacingly, but Adrien stops him.)
Adrien: Please, let them, I don't mind. (Speaks Mandarin). (The boys run over to him enthusiastically and start making selfies. Adrien's bodyguard looks around and notices a stand with superhero action figures. He sneaks away and takes some. He realizes that Adrien sees him so he hides the figures. Adrien smiles.)
(Boy with glasses): Hey! (He points at the river. They continue making selfies together.)

Scene: Wu Shifu's school. Gabriel's car arrives. He comes out and walks towards a waterfall behind the school.

Gabriel: (presses a camouflaged button, opening a secret passage behind the waterfall; he dials Nathalie) I'm here, Nathalie. Now all I need is to find the perfect person to akumatize.

Scene: Marinette walks along a street.

Marinette: Oh wow, it didn't look so far away on the map.

Scene: Fei walks from an alleyway to the Bund district.

Fei (narrating): I'd like to see people as people, think of them as stories: their smallest pleasures, their greatest joys, (Fei starts to look around) their disappointments, their successes. That's how my adoptive father would have wanted me to see them. (She notices that a truck is about to fall onto a mechanic and keeps it up with her leg, allowing him to get out. He gives her strawberries on a stick, which she hands to a little boy who dropped his own.)
Woman: (Speaks Mandarin). (They gasp when they notice the new stick. Meanwhile Fei stops an elderly lady from crossing the street, preventing her from getting hit by a car.)
Elderly lady: (Speaks Mandarin). (Fei disappears after another car passes by.)
Fei (narrating): To be the guardian he wanted me to be, I must forget who I really am. (Fei looks around for valuable items to steal.) I must get the key back at all costs! And for that, I need money. (She notices Adrien's ring.) There was someone who could tell me the truth about what happened to my adoptive father, but I have to pay him. (She runs over to a billboard and disguises herself. She walks in Adrien's direction. His bodyguard notices her and steps forward. Fei vanishes in the crowd and, hiding again, changes her disguise.)
Adrien: (after the boys leave, his phone rings, and he picks up) Father? You're done?.. Ah, yes, of course, I understand... Later? Yeah, sure! As you wish. See you later then. (Hangs up, disappointed.)
Plagg: Your father won't ever change. You can depend on the consistency in a soft cheese, but in a human being? (He groans.) What I wouldn't give for something to eat...
Adrien: (thinks a bit and realizes) I've got what you need, Plagg! Remember Wang Shifu, Marinette's uncle? His Thousand Delights restaurant is in this town! (Plagg gets excited. Adrien turns to his bodyguard.) There's a place I'd like to go. Do you mind?
Marinette: (makes it to the Bund district and looks around; she sees Adrien on the other side of the road. She tries to go to him but bumps into Fei) Sorry! (Fei walks away, and Marinette waits for the green light impatiently. Fei opens the purse she stole from Marinette. Tikki pretends to be a toy. Fei reaches her out and examines her. Marinette waves her arms.) Adrien!! Adrien!!! (Fei discretely turns back to Marinette.) Adrien! (Fei steals Marinette's phone, kwagatama and earrings as Adrien gets into a taxi.) Adrien...
(Boy with cap): (noticing Fei) Hey! (Speaks Mandarin)! (The light turns green, and Fei runs across the street, bumping into Marinette in process.)
Marinette: Oh, sorry! (She sees the boys chasing Fei.) Oh no! That poor girl needs help! (She starts to cross the street but sees that Adrien is driving away.) Shoot! (She crosses the street.)

Scene: Alleyway. The boys chase Fei, and Marinette runs here to hide and transform.

 Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Uh, Tikki? (She looks down and realizes that her purse is missing. She looks around, scared.) Tikki! (She touches herself and notices with horror that her kwagatama is missing, too. She touches her ears with shaky hands and discovers that her Miraculous is gone.) TIKKI!!! (She falls to the ground and starts crying.)

Scene: Street. Fei confronts the boys and defeats them without even physically touching them. She runs off, leaving them on the floor. They chase her, but (Boy with cap) notices the kwagatama on the floor. He goes in a different direction.

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant.

Adrien: Marinette is in Shanghai? What an incredible coincidence!
Wang: Or fate.
Bastille: (squawks) Love is beautiful! Love, love!
Adrien: (laughs) No, Marinette's just a friend. (Gasps.) Maybe we can surprise her! Do you mind if we wait here with you?
Wang: Oh my, that would be delightful! You can help me prepare our meal, if you like.
Adrien: (Speaks Mandarin). (Wang laughs. Bastille notices the Eagle action figure in Adrien's bodyguard's pocket.)

Scene: Alleyway. Sunset.

Marinette (narrating): I had lost my Miraculous, my kwagatama, and Tikki. Without my smartphone to guide me, or to translate what I'm saying, I had no way to get back to uncle Wang or get myself understood to get help. (Marinette tries to communicate through gestures with local people, but they don't understand.)
Old man: (Speaks Mandarin). (Marinette is disappointed. The man tells her with gestures to follow him.) (Speaks Mandarin).

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant's kitchen. Adrien and Wang make ravioli. Adrien puts some dishes to wash.

Wang: Bastille, get me some chili peppers from the pantry, please.
Bastille: (takes off) Chili peppers! Chili peppers! Comin' in hot! (Squawks. Adrien laughs.)

Scene: Alleyway. A man hands Marinette a notepad.

Marinette: (drawing) I'm looking for these earrings, (she shows a sketch of the earrings) did you see anyone wearing them?
Man: (Speaks Mandarin). (He enters a building and comes out with a black plate.) (Speaks Mandarin)? (Marinette sighs.)

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant.

Wang: (nervously checking the clock) Is Marinette often late?
Adrien: Marinette? Yeah, all the time. It would actually be unusual for her to be on time!
Wang: (looks at the clock again) I'll call her anyway. (Dials Marinette.)

{{Scene|Scene: Alleyway outside Cash's Sovereign Shop. Marinette's phone rings. Fei throws the SIM card out and puts the phone back in the purse. Tikki looks nervously at the phone.

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant.

Marinette's voicemail: It's Marinette, leave a message, beep!
Wang: Marinette, this is uncle Wang. I hope you didn't get lost. I've got Adri- (Adrien shushes him) uh... a surprise! See you soon. (Hangs up.)

Scene: Alleyway. Marinette finishes drawing a picture of her with arrows towards her earrings.

Man: (gasps, amazed) (Speaks Mandarin).
Old man: (Speaks Mandarin).
Man: (posing and pointing at himself) (Speaks Mandarin). (Marinette is confused. She sighs with disappointment. An old lady tells her with gestures to follow her and offers earrings.)
Marinette: Oh! These are nice, thank you, ma'am! It's not what I'm looking for, but it's very kind of you.
Old lady: (Speaks Mandarin). (She gently puts the earrings in Marinette's hands.)
Marinette: Thank you.

Scene: Cash's Sovereign Shop. A vinyl record is playing.

Fei (narrating): I would come to this place every day to sell whatever I'd gotten my hands on. (Fei goes in.) Little by little, I'd pay the one who was to carry out my revenge.
Fei: Cash!
Cash: Fei! (Leaves his office.) What treasures do you have for me today? (Fei shakes Marinette's purse, revealing its content. Cash looks disapprovingly.)
Fei: You're going to tell me there's nothing of value in there again?
Cash: I want to help you, really, but everything has a price, and the price of these things is not very high.
Fei: I'm tired of stealing. I want you to tell me his name.
Cash: Until you bring me enough things to pay that price, I can't give it to you! (Looks at the items.) This purse is not bad, this phone's just junk, the earrings...
Fei: But they're antiques!
Cash: I know more about that than you. They're commonplace. (Looks at Tikki.) Bleugh, how awful! But at least that can go in the clawdrain... 200 Yuan for it all.
Fei: (banging the table with outrage) What?! Are you kidding me?! (A security man looks from the office.)
Cash: You know, Fei, I like you a lot. (Tells the man through gestures to go back.) At 200 Yuan I'm actually doing you a favor, in memory of the noble Wu Shifu and all he stood for.
Fei: So if you respect his values, why can't you introduce me to the man who can tell me who burnt down my father's school?
Cash: Because, just like the school, those values no longer exist. (Heads for the counter.) What matters today is driven by the market. Cash is king, baby! (Returns with the money.) It's sad, but adopting is the key to success. (Leaves money on the table.) 200 Yuan.
Fei: At that price, I'd rather take these things back to that poor girl! (Reaches out for Tikki, but Cash stops her with his fan.)
Cash: Wait... That's a great idea! If you find her, your poor girl can buy them back. This pitiful stuffed animal must be very valuable... to her! Sentimental value and feelings are priceless.
Fei: (takes Marinette's ID) If I bring you the owner of these things and she buys them all back from you, will you finally tell me what I want to know?
Cash: A deal's a deal. (Fei leaves. Cash drops Tikki into the clawdrain.)

Scene: Alleyway. Fei walks around looking for Marinette with the ID.

Man: Hey! (Fei walks over and shows the ID.) (Speaks Mandarin).

Scene: Nighttime. Marinette continues to roam around the streets of Shanghai.

Marinette (narrating): I had lost all hope of finding my things. Now, I was just trying to find my way back to uncle Wang's restaurant to ask for his help, but I was completely lost.
(Boy with cap): (arrives to the street where Marinette is on a motorbike) (Speaks Mandarin)! (Reaches for Marinette's kwagatama. Marinette runs away, frightened.) (Speaks Mandarin)! (Follows her.)
Marinette: (runs away and bumps into Fei) Sorry! (They both gasp.) You're the girl they were chasing earlier! They're running after me now. I guess you don't speak a word of English, either...
(Boy with cap): (points at them) (Speaks Mandarin)!
Fei: Yes, I speak English. Follow me! (They run away.)

Scene: The boys follow them, and they hide in a small area between houses.

Fei: (panting) I lost them. Something wrong?
Marinette: (wipes a tear) I'm so glad I found someone who understands what I'm saying! People here are so nice, but it's been impossible to explain my situation to them.
Fei: I'm sure I can help. Tell me what happened to you.
Marinette: Someone stole all my things: my purse, my phone, my earrings... (Shows earrings from the old lady.)
Fei: (gasps) You found them?
Marinette: What? These? No, a nice old lady gave those to me.
Fei: What about the real ones? Did they have... sentimental value?
Marinette: Yes, someone important gave them to me. Someone who trusted me...
Fei: (gasps; she feels guilty) I also had a jewel stolen from me. One that someone special had entrusted me with. Like you, I want it back at any cost.
Marinette: So, you get it?
Fei: Yes, I'll help you!
Marinette: (excited) Really? Thank you! I need to go back to my uncle's. He has a restaurant in Shanghai, but I don't know the address... (The boys make it to where they are.)
Fei: It's them again. Follow me! (Drags Marinette through a passage.)

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant. Bastille and Adrien's bodyguard are playing with the action figures. Bastille laughs. Adrien is checking out a piano.

Wang: Marinette, it is me again. I and- the surprise - are very worried. Please call me back. (Hangs up.) I should not have let her go out alone.
Adrien: I'm sure everything's fine.
Wang: I'm still going to call the police.
Adrien: And I'll go out and see if I can find her.
Wang: Are you sure?
Adrien: She can't be very far. And I do speak Mandarin! (To his bodyguard) Stay here, I won't be very long.

Scene: Alleyway.

Adrien: It'll be much easier to find Marinette as Cat Noir.
Plagg: And how will you explain Cat Noir's presence in Shanghai?
Adrien: I'll figure something out.

[Transformation sequence]
Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (Adrien transforms into Cat Noir.)

(Cat Noir takes off to search for Marinette.)

Scene: Police car. The officer receives a signal.

Scene: Street with a store.

News announcer (from TV): (Speaks Mandarin).
Fei: I think we're okay now. Why were you alone in Shanghai?
Marinette: I'd gone out to meet with a friend, (Fei notices the news report) and then I realized that someone had stolen my things. (Passerbies look at Marinette. Fei notices this.)
Fei: Come on! (Drags Marinette to an alleyway and takes a hat out of her backpack.) Put these on, in case we bump into those kids who were chasing us again.
Marinette: Why do you have all these costumes in your bag?
Fei: I... I just got back from a costume party! (Now in disguises, they turn to another street.) Let's take a bike. I thought of something about your earrings. I know a street filled with pawn shops. Maybe your thief tricked one of the owners into buying your things, pretending they were theirs.
Marinette: Oh... Okay. Oh! Do you think we could find the number to my uncle's restaurant so I can call him? He must be worried.
Fei: Uh... I ran out of credit. I can't call anyone, sorry. Don't worry! (Takes a bike.) You'll be able to reassure him in person very soon.

Scene: Fei and Marinette ride along the Bund district.

Marinette: What's your name, by the way?
Fei: Fei.
Marinette: I'm Marinette. (Hugs Fei.) I'm so lucky I ran into you! (Fei looks back guiltily.)

Scene: Street.

Cat Noir: (Speaks Mandarin)! Don't worry, I'm Cat Noir, Paris' superhero.
Passerby: Paris? What are you doing here?
Cat Noir: (shows the screen of his stick) I'm looking for a French girl who went missing in Shanghai.
Passerby: (adjusts glasses) French superheroes deal with lost tourists?
Cat Noir: Uh... yes, among other things! Part of our public service.
Passerby: Sorry, I haven't seen her. Good luck finding you citizen! (He walks away, and Cat Noir uses his stick to continue searching.)

Scene: Fei and Marinette continue riding.

Marinette: Ugh, I knew I should have started Mandarin lessons a long time ago... What about you? How come you speak English, Fei?
Fei: My father loved that language, he wanted me to know it. Besides, his Kung Fu school had lost all its local customers, but... he thought he could teach Kung Fu-loving tourists. But his school went up in smoke, and with it, everything he believed in.
Marinette: Not everything: you're still here.
Fei: I've become the complete opposite of what he believed in!
Marinette: I don't get it. He wanted you to be mean and a selfish coward?
Fei: Why would you say that?
Marinette: Fei, you've been helping me for hours now even though you don't even know me, and you were super brave protecting me from the kids who were chasing me! (Hugs her.) You're such an amazing person! So... If your father wanted the opposite for you...
Fei: (guiltily) I'm not as amazing as you think. (They make it to the street.) We're here. (Parks bike.)

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant.

News announcer (from TV): (Speaks Mandarin).
Marinette's voicemail: It's Marinette, leave a message, beep! (Wang hangs up. Adrien's bodyguard calls Adrien.)
Adrien's voicemail: You've reached the voicemail of Adrien Agreste. (Adrien's bodyguard starts walking away.) Leave a message and I'll...
Bastille: (squawks) Gonna be okay, gonna be okay.
Wang: I hope so, Bastille. I hope so.

Scene: Outside Cash's Sovereign Shop.

Fei: (pointing) Look this way, I'll go that way. (Marinette checks the shop. Fei smiles, pretending to look around. Marinette finds her earrings.)
Marinette: (gasps) There! They're here! My Miracul- uh, my earrings! (Points at her ears.)
Fei: Wow, what luck! (Walks over to her. They go in.)
Marinette: (to Cash) Hello, sir, I really need to get these earrings back, they're very, very important to me, I'm so happy to have found them! (To Fei) Could you please translate?
Cash: That won't be necessary, (from Tikki's point of view:) I speak English. So... (Fei looks at him angrily.) These earrings (points at them with his fan) are very precious to you?
Marinette: Yes, infinitely precious!
Cash: 100,000 Yuan to get them back.
Marinette: 100,000 Yuan? (To Fei) Is that a lot? (Fei looks at her and back at Cash, banging the table.)
Fei: (banging table) (Speaks Mandarin)!
Cash: (Tikki's point of view:) That's the last applied demand, baby: it's precious to her, then it's precious to me!
Fei: (angry) (Speaks Mandarin)!
Cash: (Speaks Mandarin).
Fei: (Tikki's point of view:) That's disgusting, using other people's misfortune to get rich!
Cash: (Tikki's point of view:) You're the one who robbed the girl, you're the one who brought her to me afterwards, so tell me, which one of us uses people's misfortune more? (Tikki flies out and hides behind Marinette's shoulder.)
Tikki: (whispering) Marinette!
Marinette: (whispering) Tikki! I'm gonna get you out of here. (Tikki hides. To Fei) Stop it, Fei. I'll pay.
Fei: But that's a huge sum!
Marinette: I'll call my uncle and explain everything. (To Cash) Could I please use your phone? (Cash hands his phone to Marinette.) Could you give me the number to the Thousands Delights restaurant, please?
Cash: I know it, your uncle is a great chef!
Marinette: Yes, and I'm so ashamed I have to ask him...
Cash: (Speaks Mandarin). (He heads to the counter and writes the number on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, Fei quickly takes the earrings from Marinette's pocket and replaces the Miraculous with them.) Here's the number. (He hands Marinette a piece of paper.)
Marinette: Thank you, sir, that's very nice of you. (She dials Wang.)

Scene: Thousand Delights restaurant. Wang's phone rings and hangs up before he gets to pick it up.

Scene: Cash's Sovereign Shop. Fei cancelled the call.

Fei: We'll find another way.
Marinette: But Fei!
Cash: If you don't buy these jewels now, I can't guarantee that I'll still have them later. If a customer wants to buy them, I'll sell them.
Marinette: Fei, I can't lose them again!
Fei: Believe me, no-one will buy them at that price. (She drags Marinette away.)
Cash: (Tikki's point of view:) Fei, what are you doing? You don't want the answer to your question? You don't want to know who went after your father? (Fei hesitates.) Have you forgotten who you are?
Fei: (Tikki's point of view:) Actually, I just remembered who I really am! (Fei leaves the shop with Marinette. Tikki follows them.)

Scene: Alleyway outside Cash's Sovereign Shop.

Fei: (runs towards the bike) I'm taking you back to your uncle!
Marinette: Fei, I really can't leave without m- (Fei places the Miraculous in Marinette's hand.)
Fei: Hop on the bike, quick!
Marinette: (looks at them) You stole my earrings?
Fei: Weren't you the one who wanted them back?
Marimette: Yes, but not like that! Stealing is wrong. That seller paid a lot of money to buy my earrings from whoever sold them to him! (Tikki points at Fei.) If he can't sell them back, he'll have lost all his money!
Fei: (constantly looking at the entrance of the shop) Marinette, I promise I'll explain everything, but you've got to get on the bike, NOW!

Scene: Cash's Sovereign Shop. Cash takes the earrings but notices that Tikki is gone.

Cash: Where's the red plush toy? (He looks at the earrings, then properly examines them.) She juked me... (Furious, he bangs the table.) That little brat JUKED me! (He yells with outrage. To the other men) GET THEM!

Scene: Alleyway outside Cash's Sovereign Shop.

Marinette: What if that poor man's taken on a debt to buy these earrings? (They turn around and see the security men preparing to follow them.)
Fei: Marinette, stop arguing and RUN! (She runs away, dragging Marinette along. The men chase them.)

Scene: Alleyways. Fei and Marinette run from the men.

Marinette: (running) These guys... seem mad at us!
Fei: (running) Believe me, you have no idea how furious they are! (They hide, and the men run past. They soon continue running. Tikki flies after them.)
Marinette: (running with her earrings in her hand; she sees Tikki) Tikki! (Tikki flies into her shirt. Marinette stops in a hidden corner and puts her earrings on.) Tikki- (Fei pulls her back.)
Fei: No-no-no, stick with me, these guys are dangerous!
Marinette: What do you mean, these guys? The other ones seemed pretty dangerous too when they were chasing me and shouting at me! (The girls make it to a dead end, cornered by the men.) Fei, please let me go get help!
Fei: (steps forward) The only person who can help us here is me (makes Kung Fu pose) and the Kung Fu my father taught me! (The security men prepare to fight Fei. The group of boys from earlier step in from behind.)
Marinette: What's happening?!
(Boy with glasses): We, the proud street vigilantes, fight evil, (starts stammering) even when uh... it strikes out at uh... more evil!
Fei: Go home, you're gonna get hurt!
(Boy with glasses): We don't take orders from a thief! (Points finger accusingly.)
Marimette: (looks shocked at Fei) A thief?
Fei: He- he doesn't know what he's talking about! (The security men head to fight the boys, who await them in battle positions.) Run! (Fei and Marinette escape. The men try to go after them but are held back by the boys. While running, Fei looks up at the moon.)

Scene: Rooftops of Shanghai.

Cat Noir: (looks around and sighs) This city is too big. I can't do this alone... (He has an idea: he dials Ladybug.) M'lady, a French girl we both know, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, has gone missing in Shanghai. I'm already there. If you get this message, meet me, I need your help. (Hangs up and jumps off.)

Scene: Wu Shifu's school. Gabriel observes the moon as the Magical Eclipse starts.

Gabriel: The time has come.
Nooroo: (flies out) Master, please reconsider! You'll trigger a magic that is much too powerful for you! The magic guardian of the Prodigious is a formidable opponent, you'll never be able to defeat him!
Gabriel: Who said I would be the one challenging him? (He turns around when he hears voices and hides.)
Marinette: What's this place?
Fei: This is where I live.
Gabriel: (to himself) Marinette Dupain-Cheng? (He spies the girls.)
Fei: This is where I have to be (looks at the moon) right now. (She walks forwards, and Marinette looks around.) Sorry, that's all I have. (She offers a beverage to Marinette.)
Marinette: (sips) Fei, why do we have to be here?
Fei: I have to guard my father's legacy.
Marinette: But, your father... (Looks down at his portrait surrounded by flowers.)
Fei: ... disappeared with his school.
Marinette: Oh- I'm so sorry...
Fei: They did everything to make us leave. Everything! Intimidation, burglary... They took everything from us, even the bracelet he had entrusted me with. The jewel I told you about, it's as precious to me as your earrings are to you, except that this jewel had a power.
Marinette: (gasps) Who are "they" exactly?
Fei: Precisely, I don't know. It's my search for their identity that brought us together today, Marinette. There's something I've got to tell you. I-
Cash: You really thought you could get away from me, Fei? (Starts fanning himself.)
Marinette: You... You know each other?
Cash: (laughs maliciously) Of course we know each other! How do you think I ended up with your earrings in the first place, kid? She stole them from you, (Marinette gasps. Angrily) and then she stole them from me! (Marinette drops the beverage, shocked.)
Fei: (stammers) I... I- I was about tell you, Marinette! I- I swear!
Marinette: (with tears) You saw how desperate I was to get my earrings back, and you knew I'd be willing to pay a huge price for them!
Fei: I'm sorry! He told me he knew someone who could tell me what happened to my father! But he demanded a huge sum of money in exchange for the truth!
Cash: Truth isn't free. No pay, no game, baby. (To Marinette, aggressively and extending a phone) You're going to call your uncle right now and ask him for the money he owes me! (Fei punches the phone to a side.)
Fei: (in front of Marinette) I won't let you do this. Run, Marinette!
Gabriel: (to himself) All this greed...

Flashback: Nathalie hands a briefcase full of money to Cash, who in his turn gives her the bracelet.

Gabriel: Even back then it worked in my favor.
Cash (flashback): Deal's a deal.

Scene: Wu Shifu's school.

[Transformation sequence]
Gabriel: Nooroo, dark wings rise! (Gabriel transforms into Hawk Moth.)

(Hawk Moth releases an akuma from his cane.)
Cash: I want my MONEY! And YOU'RE gonna give it to me, or you'll NEVER get your answers!
Fei: I just want you to tell me the truth, once and for all!
Cash: The truth? The truth is, if that girl doesn't call her uncle, you'll meet the same fate as your father! Fei kicks him with rage.)
Fei: Don't you dare talk about my father! (Marinette notices the akuma.) I may have failed him, but it's over. I'll find the answers all by myself! (Marinette tries to run away, but Fei stops her.) Marinette, you have to stay with me, I'm the only one who can protect you!
Marinette: You haven't protected me so far, all you've done is lie to me!
Fei: You have to trust me!
Marinette: (looks at the akuma) I can't! (Pulls hand away.)
Fei: I shouldn't have stolen your earrings, please forgive me.
Marinette: You did what you had to do, and I've gotta do what I've gotta do. (Runs away. The akuma enters Cash's fan.)
Hawk Moth: King Cash, I am Hawk Moth. You want to be rich? Something very valuable is hidden behind that waterfall. If you help me get my hands on it, I will make you rich beyond your wildest dream.
Cash: A deal's a deal. (He transforms. Fei gasps.)
Hawk Moth: The silver blades on your fan will slice through anything, and the gold ones will turn anything they touch into a statue.
King Cash: Time to get rich.
Marinette: (makes it to a hiding place) Tikki, Hawk Moth's here in Shanghai, too!
Tikki: Do you think Fei is being sincere, Marinette?
Marinette: I'm not sure yet. But for now,

[Transformation sequence]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug.)

(Ladybug's bug-phone beeps, and she checks her voicemail.)
Cat Noir (from phone): M'lady, a French girl we both know, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, has gone missing in Shanghai. I'm already there. If you get this message, meet me, I need your help.
Ladybug: Aw, nice kitty. (She dials Cat Noir.)

Scene: Rooftops of Shanghai and Wu Shifu's school (phone call).

Cat Noir: (picks up) Meow, m'lady!
Ladybug: I've just arrived in Shanghai, kitty. Have you found her?
Cat Noir: Not yet, but with you here I'm sure we will together.
Ladybug: FYI, that French girl's not the only one here. I just saw an akuma!
Cat Noir: What?! I'll be right there. (Hangs up.)
Ladybug: Hurry up, Cat Noir. (She goes to face the villain.)

Scene: Behind the waterfall.

Hawk Moth: It's time to prove that money can open any door. (King Cash prepares to slice the door to the Sacred Cave.)
Fei: No-one is allowed into the Sacred Cave! (She attacks King Cash with a jump kick.)
King Cash: Who do you think you're dealing with, little mosquito?! (Sends gold blades towards Fri; she dodges them and ends up landing next to Hawk Moth.)
Hawk Moth: (grabs Fei's arm) You're wasting your time. (He throws Fei at the waterfall.)
King Cash: And time is money! (Fei, screaming, ends up in a well. King Cash slices the door.)

Scene: Well behind Wu Shifu's school. Fei tries to climb it. Ladybug's yo-yo appears next to her.

Ladybug: Grab on!

Scene: Stairs in the Sacred Cave. Hawk Moth and King Cash make it down.

King Cash: Where's the fortune you promised me?
Hawk Moth: Soon, soon, have patience.

Scene: Well behind Wu Shifu's school. Ladybug pulls Fei out.

Fei: Who are you?
Ladybug: Ladybug.
Fei: I'm Fei. You're one of the good guys, right?
Ladybug: Yes.

Scene: Sacred Cave. Hawk Moth walks over to the wall at the end.

Hawk Moth: Now I can finally see if this was a good investment.
King Cash: So you were my mysterious buyer! I've never made so much money on a lousy trinket. (Cackles. Fei and Ladybug make it to the cave and hide behind a rock. The moon turns red, and so does the light pointing at the wall. The light then disappears. An opening for the bracelet appears.)
Hawk Moth: I've been waiting for this moment for 15 years. (Places bracelet in the opening.)
Fei: (gasps) That's my bracelet!
Ladybug: Is there anything special about it?
Fei: I don't know. I was just supposed to protect the cave and the bracelet, but I've failed. (The bracelet starts glowing. Hawk Moth covers his eyes while Ladybug and Fei gasp. Mei Shi materializes.)
Mei Shi: Human, prepare to face the judgement of Mei Shi, the lion protector of the Prodigious!
Ladybug: The Prodigious?
Fei: Do you know what this is? (Mei Shi moves to a side and sits down. A passageway opens.)
Ladybug: No, but if Hawk Moth wants it, I've gotta stop him from getting it. (Gets up.) You stay right here. (Ladybug heads towards Hawk Moth, who walks into the passageway. There is a box at the end of the passageway. He touches it and it crumbles, revealing the Prodigious inside it. Hawk Moth takes it and cleans it from the ash.)
Mei Shi: Put the Prodigious around your neck, human, and prepare to face my judgement.
Hawk Moth: Who told you I had any intention of facing you? (To King Cash) King Cash, the time has come to honor our deal. Turn him into a gold statue. (He walks away. King Cash prepares to send gold blades at Mei Shi.)
Mei Shi: Oh no you won't! That's not in the rules! (Ladybug ties Hawk Moth's legs with her yo-yo and lifts him in the air, making him drop the Prodigious and his cane.)
Hawk Moth: NO!
Fei: (runs over) I'm taking over my father's mission. (She grabs the Prodigious and makes a battle pose.)
Ladybug: Fei, I told you to stay away!
Mei Shi: You're the one I'll be judging then, human. (King Cash sends gold blades towards Ladybug, who jumps to dodge them. With this, she drops Hawk Moth, who lands and takes his cane. King Cash attacks Ladybug, who protects herself with her yo-yo. She tries to hit him with her yo-yo, but he shields himself with his fan.)
Ladybug: Hurry, Cat Noir... (She continues dodging the blades. Fei decides to put the Prodigious on. It glows.)

[Transformation sequence]
(Fei transforms into Ladydragon.)

Renglings: Greetings to our new Renren!
Ladydragon: New what?
Long Long: Renren, the person who wears the Prodigious
Ladybug: Who are you talking to? (Dodges King Cash.)
Hou Hou: Only the Renren can see us.
Ladydragon: Some kind of magic little creatures, but apparently I'm the only one who can see them.
Hawk Moth: The Prodigious is mine, King Cash! (King Cash attacks Ladydragon, who dodges the hit.)
Tang Tang: We are the renlings, the spirits of human values.
She She: Each of us can turn you into a different animal if you are worthy of the virtues it represents. (Renren dodges King Cash and attacks him. Using his fan, he protects himself and sends her off.)
Tang Tang: If you want me, Tang Tang, the renling of patience, to turn you into a mantis, you must show patience.
Ladydragon: (still dodging attacks) Thanks, but I don't have any patience right now, sorry.
Xiong Xiong: I'm Xiong Xiong, renling calm.
Ladydragon: Calm? Is this a joke?! (Ladybug battles Hawk Moth, who grabs her yo-yo and throws her.)
Xiong Xiong: Calm like a bear, big and strong like a bear. (Hawk Moth points at Ladybug with his cane. King Cash prepares to slice Ladydragon.)
Ladydragon: (taking a deep breath) Xiong!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladydragon transforms into a bear.)

(King Cash retreats. Ladybear hits him with her paw. Both he and Hawk Moth end up being pushed against a wall.)
Ladydragon: Alright!
Ladybug: Thanks, uh...
Ladybear: Ladybear, apparently; for now.
Ladybug: Lucky Charm! (She gets a ball.)
Ladybear: What are you supposed to do with that?
Ladybug: (looking around) I don't know yet. (Hawk Moth and King Cash run towards them. Ladybug throws the ball at Hawk Moth and jumps at him. Ladybear fights King Cash. He sends gold blades at her.)
Ladybear: Tang!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladybear transforms into a mantis.)

Ladymantis: (dodging the blades) Okay, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Xiong! (She hits King Cash with her paw. He sends more blades.) She!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladymantis transforms into a snake.)

Ladybug: (protecting herself from Hawk Moth while Ladysnake slithers towards her) We've gotta destroy his fan in order to de-akumatize him!
Ladysnake: Got it. Long!

[Incomplete transformation sequence]
(Ladysnake fails to transform into a dragon.)

Ladybug: What's wrong?
Ladysnake: I should be able to turn into a dragon and gain control over natural elements. I'd love to electrify his armor with lightning, but I can't transform!
Mei Shi: The power of the dragon is the most powerful of them all. Your intentions must be noble and just if you aim to use it.
Ladysnake: Of course my intentions are just. I want revenge on the guy who destroyed my whole life!
Mei Shi: Revenge is the opposite of the values of the dragon. Your judgement and your intentions are clouded!
Ladybug: (dodging Hawk Moth's attack) Revenge isn't the same thing as justice!
Ladysnake: Then I'll find another way to defeat him. Hou!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladysnake transforms into a monkey.)

(Ladymonkey attacks King Cash from all sides, by he throws her into a lake. He slices a pillar, making it fall into the lake. Ladymonkey holds her breath and dives down.)
Ladybug: No!
Hawk Moth: (cornering her) Who would've thought? (He throws the ball back at her.) The Prodigious and your Miraculous both in one day! (King Cash walks over to her, ready to slice her. Ladybug notices Cat Noir hidden at the top of a pillar. She protects herself with the ball. King Cash's fan bounces on it.)
Cat Noir: (pouncing towards the fan) Cataclysm! (The akuma is freed, and he lands next to Ladybug.)
King Cash: No-! (De-transforms.)
Hawk Moth: NO!
Cash: Where's my money? (Ladysnake slithers out of the water as a snake and joins Ladybug and Cat Noir. The akuma lands on Hawk Moth's finger.)
Ladybug: It's just you against us three, Hawk Moth. It's over!
Hawk Moth: You mean you're over! (Ladysnake transforms into a bear. Hawk Moth sends the akuma towards Mei Shi. It enters the ball. The heroes gasp.) Yan Woshi, I am Hawk Moth. Surely you're not going to let a girl who mistakes revenge for justice become the holder of your Prodigious!
Mei Shi: Like Yama, the king of the inferno, (starts transforming and growing), I will cause carnage and destruction until she returns the jewel to me! (Ladybear transforms into a monkey. They all run away.)

Scene: Wu Shifu's school. Yan Woshi makes the earth above them crumble, and he makes it to the outside. Cat Noir ties up Cash.

Ladybug: (shielding them all with her yo-yo) We've gotta break the ball, (Ladymonkey transforms back into a human) the akuma's inside! (Yan Woshi swallows the ball. He and Hawk Moth head away.)
Yan Woshi: Fear, humans!
Hawk Moth: (gasps seeing that Yan Woshi is heading for the city) Adrien! Not the Bund! Yan Woshi, stop or I'll remove your pow- (Yan Woshi blasts him.)
Yan Woshi: I take orders from no-one! (Hawk Moth turns into ashes.)
Cat Noir: (shocked like the rest) Okay, is this bad news or good news? (Yan Woshi walks across the river towards the city. Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring flash.)
Ladybug: Let's recharge and meet up to think of a plan. (She and Cat Noir take off. Ladydragon looks down with guilt, surrounded by the renlings.)

Scene: Bund district. Tourists are taking photos and videos. Yan Woshi starts blasting the buildings, and people run around in panic. Ladybug ties Yan Woshi's legs with her yo-yo and pulls while Cat Noir jumps at him. Yan Woshi grabs him and throws him down. He drags Ladybug round with her yo-yo, and she lands in some trees.

Ladydragon: (jumping at Yan Woshi) Ying!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladydragon transforms into an eagle.)

Ladyeagle: (flies over to Yan Woshi) Hu!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladyeagle transforms into a tiger.)

(Ladytiger jumps onto Yan Woshi, who grabs her and throws her down. He then tries to blast her.)
Ladytiger: Ma!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladytiger transforms into a horse.)

(Ladyhorse gallops away and hides behind a stand. She returns to her human form and peeks, panting.)
Ladydragon: (looking at the destruction) It's all my fault!
Yan Woshi: Give me back the Prodigious, you are not worthy of it!
Ladydragon: He's right. (She reaches for the Prodigious, preparing to take it off.)
Ladybug: No, (she lands next to Ladydragon) you're the only one who can defeat him. Only the power of the dragon can reach the akumatized object that's inside of him. (Cat Noir lands next to them.)
Ladydragon: I wish I could use the power of the dragon, but I am not worthy of it! (Starts crying.)
Cat Noir: You can do this.
Ladydragon: No, I can't do anything right! (She runs away.)
Cat Noir: No, wait!
Ladydragon: Ying! (She become an eagle and flies off. Yan Woshi continues destroying the place.)
Cat Noir: We don't have a choice. I'm gonna try to use my power on him.
Ladybug: (reaches towards him while he runs to confront Yan Woshi) Cat Noir, no! (He jumps up towards Yan Woshi using his stick.)
Cat Noir: Cataclysm! (Yan Woshi blasts at him, and Cat Noir turns into ash.)
Ladybug: No! (Yan Woshi prepares to blast her, and she swings away to a building. She sees Ladyeagle and follows her to a the roof of the Custom House. She sees her crying as Fei, so she wipes her own tears and goes down.)
Marinette: Fei...
Fei: (looks up in tears) Marinette?
Marinette: I'm sorry I didn't forgive you earlier. (Sits down next to her.)
Fei: No, Marinette, I don't deserve your forgiveness. I lied to you, I stole from you, and everything that's happening right now is because of me. My father would be sad to see how miserably I've failed!
Marinette: (puts hand on Fei's shoulder) I know that you were just trying to do the right thing.
Fei: Yes, but I've failed to follow my father's values. He would never have devoted all his energy to seek revenge. He would have kept on doing good around him!
Marinette: Then you know what you have to do. (Fei gasps and smiles. She looks at the renlings. Yan Woshi approaches them.)
Yan Woshi: My Prodigious! (The girls get up, and Fei transforms. Yan Woshi blasts the building, which crumbles, making the girls fall down. Shown in slow motion, Ladydragon sees Marinette falling.)
Ladydragon: Long!

[Transformation sequence]
(Ladydragon transforms into a dragon.)

Ladydragon: (catches Marinette in a wind ball and lifts her to a different building; surrounded by wind and electricity) Mei Shi, stop destroying everything! (He sees her and tries to blast her. She swirls around the blast and shoots water from the river at him. He tries to blast her again, and she fights back with lightning. Marinette runs to a hidden corner on the roof of the building.)
Marinette: Tikki, spots on!
Ladybug: Lucky Charm! (She gets a giant vase. She puts the vase down forms a plan. Perfect! (Yan Woshi's blast overpowers the lightning bolt, and Ladydragon bumps against the water. She surrounds him in electrified water.)
Ladydragon: Calm down, Mei Shi! I don't want to hurt you. I'm not here to destroy you or to get revenge, I'm here to save you and to bring you back to your senses!
Yan Woshi: I'm not Mei Shi anymore, (he breaks through the water) I'm Yan Woshi! (He tries to punch Ladydragon, who escapes. His second attempt sends her flying, and Ladybug catches her with her yo-yo as Ladydragon returns to her human form.
Ladybug: (pointing at the vase) I did a little shopping.
Ladydragon: Red with black spots? Strange pattern for a Chinese vase.
Ladybug: This isn't a Chinese vase, it's the solution to our problem. (To Ladydragon's surprise, she jumps inside. She peeks out.) To be swallowed with a lot of water, if you get my drift.
Ladydragon: Absolutely! (Yan Woshi continues destroying the city. Now in her dragon form) Yan Woshi!
Yan Woshi: You're finally giving me back what's mine?
Ladydragon: Yes, but first, you should have a big drink of water to cool down. (She swirls above the water and the vase and sends a stream of water at Yan Woshi. He is forced to swallow it, and Ladybug destroys the ball using her yo-yo from inside the vase. The akuma flies out, and Yan Woshi falls, spitting all the water out.)
Ladybug: (comes out of the vase) Voilà! No more evildoing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! (She catches the akuma with her yo-yo.) Gotcha! (She opens the yo-yo.) Bye-bye, little butterfly! (Yan Woshi de-transforms, and Ladydragon lands next to him, returning to her human form.)
Mei Shi: What happened? You were able to access the power of the dragon?
Ladydragon: (walking over to Ladybug) I had some help.
Ladybug and Ladydragon: Pound it!
Mei Shi: (looks around) Am I the one who did all that? What a terrible violation of humanity!
Ladybug: Don't worry, we're gonna fix everything for you. (She and Ladydragon lift the vase.) Miraculous Ladybug! (The city and the cave are back to normal, and the people who were blasted by Yan Woshi reappear. Ladybug runs over to Cat Noir and hugs him when he reappears.) Kitty!
Mei Shi: You focused on the greater good and let go of your revenge. You now possess all the required values of humanity. The Prodigious is in good hands with you, Renren. (He bows and fades away. The renlings look at her admiringly.)

Scene: Sacred Cave. The heroes surround Cash, who is still tied up.

Cash: Aw, come on, let's wipe this place clean. How much do you want? (Ladydragon walks over angrily.) Hold on, hold on! W-we can talk this out, right? (Ladydragon unties Cash's legs.)
Ladydragon: You destroyed my father's school, made me an orphan and forced me to steal for you. (De-transforms. Cash gasps.)
Fei: You caused me to betray all the ancestral values that my father had taught me. From the beginning, (points at him accusingly) you have always been the source of my misfortune. And for what? Money! There are no words to describe what you are, (clenching fist) but today, I will (she kicks, shattering his fan from a distance) let justice take its course.
Tang Tang: Well done, Fei.
She She: Here's to a true, wise Renren! (Fei transforms. She takes the bracelet and puts it on. The bracelet glows, and Mei Shi flies out of it in his spirit form.)
Mei Shi: About time! I was wondering when you'd finally put it back on.
Ladydragon, Ladybug and Cat Noir: Mei Shi?
Mei Shi: You thought that was the end of my mission? It was only the beginning.
Ladydragon: (turns to the heroes) Ladybug, Cat Noir, thank you for your help.
Cat Noir: Now we only need to find Marinette.
Ladybug: (laughing nervously) Yes, that's right, we've gotta... find Marinette!
Ladydragon: Don't worry, I found her and brought her to safety during the battle. Ying! (She turns into an eagle. To Cash) How about a little trip to the Shanghai courthouse? (She lifts Cash and carries him away.)

Scene: Sky above Shanghai. Moonlight.

Astro Cat: So we're going home?
Cosmo Bug: Sure, why not? I mean, only if you insist. (They giggle nervously.)
Astro Cat: Say, which direction do you reckon would be the shortest way to go around the world: 'cross the Arctic or the Antarctic?
Cosmo Bug: Oh, what a fascinating question! And it so happens that I've always wondered myself but never had the chance to find out! (Giggles nervously.)
Astro Cat: You know what? We should do it right now, and next time we see each other back in Paris, we can check our stopwatches.
Cosmo Bug: That's an excellent idea. (Points backwards.) I'll go this way.
Astro Cat: (pointing back) And I'll go that way. See ya soon! Woohoo! (They fly in opposite directions. Cosmo Bug sighs with relief, lands and de-transforms. She runs off.)

Scene: Astro Cat lands and de-transforms. Thousand Delights restaurant.

Fei: You know, Marinette, on your birthday, it's a tradition that you try to slurp the longest noodle possible without breaking it (Wang uses his chopsticks to do so) as it represents longevity. (He finishes it, and Marinette, Adrien and Fri applaud.)
Wang: Here in China your 60th birthday is often the first birthday you celebrate.
Marinette: (surprised) What?! You've never celebrated your birthday before?
Wang: Never, and I'm very happy to do it for the first time with you and your boyfriend Adrien. (Marinette gets up.)
Marinette and Adrien: Uh... we're just friends!
Marinette: (places the package on the table) Anyway, come on, open your gift! (He leaves his plate to open the package as the doorbell rings. Marinette opens the door and sees the boys from earlier. She is startled.)
(Boy with glasses): Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you. (Searches in his pocket.) We just wanted to give this back. (He reaches out her kwagatama.)
Marinette: (excited) My kwa- my homemade necklace! Thank you, thank you!
Wang: Let your friends in! (He checks his new accordion.)
Marinette: An accordion?
Wang: It's a nod to Sabine, Marinette's mom. I've raised her. I've always told her how I dreamed of learning how to play the accordion! (Sad.) But I never took the time.
Fei: (gets up) I know how to play if you want! (She plays the accordion breathtakingly. She notices that the boys are staring at her. They look away, blushing.)
Wang: Congratulations, Marinette! (Walks over to Fei.) It seems like you have found the magic ingredient for this meal after all.
Fei: I think that if someone's the magic ingredient, it's definitely sister Marinette. Is it okay if I call you "sister"?
Marinette: It's more than okay, sister Fei. How do you say it in Mandarin?
Fei: (Speaks Mandarin.)
Marinette: (Tries to speak Mandarin) Fei. (Everyone starts laughing.) Oh no, what did I say?!
Fei: It's too embarrassing to translate, Marinette.
Adrien: If you want, when we go back to Paris I can teach you some Mandarin.
Marinette: Badly- I mean gladly! Amazum! (Groans.)
Fei: Sometimes even her English sounds weird.
Marinette (narrating): Coming to China, I found so much more than I'd ever hoped for: an amazing uncle, a new friend, and a new Mandarin teacher. (Adrien looks up at Marinette, who turns away, blushing.)


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