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Miraculous Secrets, also known as A Miraculous Message and Marinette's Video Diary[1], is a web series featuring clips from the main series. It features Marinette as the narrator, writing in her diary to explain information about herself, people she knows, and more. Sometimes guest narrators are featured as well, such as Adrien, Alya, Chloé, or Gabriel who narrate episodes on occasion. The webisodes are available in French on TFOU, in English on YouTube[2][3] and on the official Korean YouTube Channel for South Korean viewers.

English cast

Series overview

Season Webisodes Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 10 December 17, 2015 September 24, 2016
Season 2 13 May 25, 2018 January 19, 2021
Season 3 13 May 31, 2019 February 12, 2020

Webisode list

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Season 1: 2015-2016

No. # Title Release
1 1 "Marinette in Paris" December 17, 2015
Marinette Dupain-Cheng shares her top 3 favorite monuments of Paris.
2 2 "Marinette and Fashion" January 8, 2016
Marinette Dupain-Cheng shares her ambitions to become a fashion designer and what she's already done toward that goal.
3 3 "Ladybug as seen by Adrien" January 9, 2016
Adrien Agreste brainstorms while writing a letter to Ladybug.
4 4 "Ladyblog" January 22, 2016
Alya Césaire explains the Ladyblog.
5 5 "Adrien's Double Life" January 29, 2016
Adrien talks about his life, including being Cat Noir.
6 6 "Marinette and Alya" September 24, 2016
Marinette and Alya are BFFs! See how they spend their time together and support each other.
7 7 "Marinette's Double Life" September 24, 2016
In this webisode, we explore the everyday life of Marinette and the responsibility of being a hero!
8 8 "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette" September 24, 2016
Ladybug talks about her partner.
9 9 "My Birthday Party" September 24, 2016
Marinette plans her birthday. She wants to invite Adrien but can't muster the confidence!
10 10 "Marinette and Adrien" September 24, 2016
Everybody knows Marinette has a crush on Adrien!

Season 2: 2018-2021

No. # Title Release
11 1 "Master Fu" May 25, 2018
Master Fu is the latest member of the Guardians of Miraculous Order. He gave Tikki to Marinette so she could become Ladybug. Indeed, he has an important mission to accomplish for which he needs allies like Ladybug and Cat Noir.
12 2 "Tikki" June 6, 2018
Tikki is the Kwami of creation, she was born at the same time as the universe and has watched over each Ladybug over the centuries. This little magical creature has quickly become a real ally for Marinette both in real life and when she becomes Ladybug.
13 3 "Plagg" June 9, 2018
Plagg is Adrien's Kwami. It is this little creature--all black and no bigger than a kitten--that through his magical powers allows Adrien to turn into Cat Noir. Plagg is lazy, pretentious, sarcastic, resentful, and finally, he loves Camembert! He loves to live among humans. It's so good to bask in the soft beds, to watch TV, to play with all that hangs. Unlike Tikki, he only thinks of playing and does not have the same interest in the missions.
14 4 "Friends" September 14, 2018
AlyaRoseAlix, Juleka and Mylène are Marinette's friends. Marinette admires them a lot, whether for their strong personality, their respective qualities or their unwavering support when she tries to get Adrien's attention. They are like super-heroines everyday!
15 5 "Nino" October 9, 2018
DJ for life, Nino is the head of college radio. Cool and positive, he's Adrien's best friend and Alya's boyfriend. He does not like improvising or hustling. Often undecided, he is the joker of the class.
16 6 "Max" October 12, 2018
Gamer passionate about all things technological. For him, everything is done according to a specific procedure, he likes to plan, organize. Max knows everything about everything and has an elephant memory. All the time in control, there is only one thing that makes him angry: must not touch his suspenders! He has a wardrobe at home!
17 7 "Mylène" November 9, 2018
Stubborn, idealistic and militant, Mylène has a strong sense of responsibility. She is the consciousness of the class. She likes to take a stand and commit to causes that are important to her.
18 8 "Rose" November 16, 2018
Rose helps her grandmother at the La Vie en Rose tea room located near the school. Extremely romantic, she only dreams of going for a ride on horseback with her prince charming under a rainbow. Rose always sees the good side of things: everything is beautiful, extraordinary, awesome, too good. Everything amazes her, everything is positive and Rose!
19 9 "Alix" November 21, 2018
Sporty, rebellious, and disobedient, Alix is ​​super strong at school. She loves competition with boys, for her no difference, girls are as capable as guys. Coquette, she pays attention to its street look. Look that hates Chloé who treats her as a tomboy.
20 10 "Sabrina" December 8, 2018
Sabrina is a good student, but eternal second in the class. Blabbermouth, the teacher's pet and a tattletale, she tries at all costs to make herself interesting. Chloé understood it well: Sabrina would give anything to have a friend like her!. A friend who gives her light!. In exchange, Chloe made Sabrina her right-hand girl. Sabrina worships Chloé, whose beauty and social standing she admires. She will be zealous to carry out the missions entrusted to her by her best friend!. Even if it means breaking the rules. Rules that she knows by heart as a good student that she is!
21 11 "Ivan" May 17, 2019
He's the class colossus, the terror of middle school... but that was before he met Mylène. And yes, even if he's not very talkative, Ivan is a tough guy with a tender heart. It is enough to see him with Mylène to realize there's no one sweeter and kinder than Ivan.
22 12 "Gabriel" January 12, 2021
Not many people have seen his face and there are no pictures of him.... Gabriel Agreste is a talented stylist who fascinates as much by the originality of his creations as by the mystery that hangs around him. At home, he never leaves the top floor that dominates Paris. No one has the right to enter his apartments, not even his son. But why doesn't he show up? Who really he is?
23 13 "Nathaniel & Marc" January 19, 2021
Sweet, dreamy and discreet, Nathaniel spends his time drawing Ladybug, which he is in love with. He pretends to have nothing to do with everything that happens (when in reality not), but it is his way of being. He had the privilege of being akumatized several times... His meeting with Marc was going to be a real turning point in his life, allowing him to better exploit his drawing skills.

Season 3: 2019-2020

No. # Title Release
24 1 "Marinette as seen by Chloé" May 31, 2019
Chloé hates Marinette with whom she feels in competition, because she understood that Marinette loved Adrien. Of course, she will do everything so that the young man never knows anything about it... and then the way she wants to help everyone it really has the gift of exasperating him. If she knew who Ladybug really is, of which she is a fan in secret ...
25 2 "Lila" June 7, 2019
Lila is quite a character! Deceitful and manipulative, she does not hesitate to lie to attract the graces of everyone except Marinette who saw clearly in her game, which will earn her being considered an enemy on the part of Lila.
26 3 "Hawk Moth and the Akumatized Villains" December 13, 2019
Marinette tells the abilties of the Butterfly Miraculous  and brief history of Hawk Moth.
27 4 "Family" December 18, 2019
Marinette has a lovely little family but she wonders who she might look like the most!
28 5 "Kagami as seen by Marinette" December 27, 2019
Despite their common love for Adrien, Kagami has become a good friend of Marinette. She share with us her vision of Kagami.
29 6 "Kagami as seen by Adrien" January 3, 2020
Adrien confides in telling his vision of Kagami. While he has loved Ladybug so far, Kagami's arrival turns him upside down more than he thought.
30 7 "Luka as seen by Marinette" January 8, 2020
Luka is a good friend of Marinette, but it seems that he sees her more than a simple friend. Marinette shares his vision of Luka with his diary.
31 8 "New Powers" January 10, 2020
From Aqua Bug through Lady Noir to Lady Ice, Marinette had the opportunity to test spectacular powers with the Miraculous. And there is still a lot to discover!
32 9 "New Heroes" January 15, 2020
When Ladybug and Cat Noir are overwhelmed, they don't hesitate to ask their friends for help to deal with the akumatized villains.
33 10 "Mayura and the Sentimonsters" January 17, 2020
Hawk Moth has a great ally, Mayura, who helps him create new sentimonsters. Ladybug and Cat Noir must face these formidable new creatures!
34 11 "Chloé as seen by Marinette" January 22, 2020
Marinette doesn't really carry Chloé in her heart... a real spoiled and capricious brat, Chloé is responsible for half of the akumatizations in Paris since the arrival of Hawk Moth. It makes you wonder if she doesn't work for him with the ability she has of provoking negative emotions in people... but she would never do anything to harm Adrien (which is their only common point with Marinette). After all, maybe Chloe will change over time if we give her a chance.
35 12 "Nathalie as seen by Gabriel" January 24, 2020
Nathalie is a great help for Gabriel. Thanks to her, he can continue to seize the Miraculous in the hope of saving Emilie Agreste.
36 13 "Feelings" February 12, 2020
Marinette has always tried to get close to Adrien, not knowing that he was Cat Noir and that he was in love with Ladybug. Over time, their relationship continues to evolve, as do their feelings.


  • Nickelodeon first uploaded the web series under the name Miraculous Secrets, but when uploading the webisodes to their website, they changed the name to A Miraculous Message.
    • However, the webisodes on the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube channel are still titled Miraculous Secrets.[4]
  • Out of the 36 webisodes, 27 are narrated by Marinette, four by Adrien ("Adrien's Double Life", "Ladybug as seen by Adrien", "Plagg", and "Kagami as seen by Adrien"), two by Gabriel ("Gabriel", and "Nathalie as seen by Gabriel"), one by Alya and Chloé ("Ladyblog", and "Marinette as seen by Chloé", respectively), and "Feelings", in which there isn't any narration.
  • Starting from "Master Fu" (the first of Season 2), each webisodes's title card consists of the show's logo, the title of the webisode, and a render of the character(s) mentioned in the title. However, there are a few exceptions:
    • Alix and Mylène are missing from the title card of "Friends".
    • Marc is not seen on "Nathaniel & Marc"'s title card.
    • Marinette is absent from "Chloé as seen by Marinette"'s title card.
      • However, this could be so the webisode isn't mistaken for "Marinette as seen by Chloé", as well as the fact that unlike the other "as seen by" webisodes, this one is similar to the other webisodes for the other classmates, in which Marinette talks about her classmates. This could also imply that there might be another webisode about Chloé, as seen by someone else, (for example Adrien) in the future.
    • Rena Rouge, Carapace, and King Monkey are all missing from the title card of "New Heroes".
      • However, King Monkey is probably absent because this webisode is before "Party Crasher", as Marinette never mentions him, nor any flashbacks from "Party Crasher" or any episodes after it are shown.
  • When "Master Fu", and "Tikki" were originally released, their title cards were different than the rest. However, they have now been updated, as seen by the title cards used by Disney Channel UK and Disney+. [5][6]
  • Out of the webisodes which have been released, there is a webisode for all of Marinette's classmates, with the exception of Juleka, and Kim.
  • Disney+ lists Season 2 and Season 3 together as Season 2.


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