The Miraculous potions are potions that can modify the powers of a kwami, and provide extra abilities to their Miraculous holders when ingested. The extra powers will only last for a single transformation.

If the holder is already transformed, they can ingest the potions themselves in order to activate the power up.

The potions don’t have to be in liquid form, they rather can be contained in any vessel, such as pastries and cheeses. The only thing that matters is that all of the ingredients are present.

After the potion has been ingested, in order to activate the extra powers, the Miraculous user must speak the activation phrase: Power Up.

When the transformation is activated, the holder gains the extra powers and a new suit with attributes that correspond to the extra abilities. When the holder is in this powered-up Miraculous form they detransform into their regular Miraculous form when they speak the detransformation phrase.


Known potions

There are currently seven potions that provide extra abilities:

Power First Usage Description Suit Design Image
Green Potion
"Aqua Powers" "Syren" This potion allows a Miraculous user to breathe underwater, as well as swim more effectively and at greater speeds than normal.

The user's suit gains fish-like features such as flippers, fins, and scales on the suit itself. Syren (426).png
Blue Potion
"Ice Powers" "Frozer" This potion grants a Miraculous user resistance to freezing temperatures and greatly enhanced ice skating abilities.

The user's suit gains ice skates, ice crystal and snowflake accents, and, in Ladybug's case, an ice-like tiara. Frozer (332).png
Purple Potion
"Space Powers" "Miraculous New York" This potion gives a Miraculous user the ability to fly at great speed and high altitude, as well as the ability to breathe in the void of space.

The user's suit gains spacesuit-like plating, a jetpack with retractable wings, and a helmet that provides breathable air. Miraculous World - New York Special 041.png
Red Potion
Unknown Powers

Yellow Potion
Unknown Powers

Orange Potion
Unknown Powers

Pink Potion
Unknown Powers


The recipes for the potions are found within the grimoire. Kwamis are not permitted to know the recipe as a precaution should they ever fall into the hands of villains, and so that said villains cannot access the extra powers without the help of a Guardian.

In addition to the grimoire being written in the guardians secret alphabet, the ingredients of each recipe are written as codenames; for example, seaweed is written as "a branch from the dragon king's garden", and oyster pearl is written as "secret kept in a shell". However, some ingredients are written as what they actually are such as the ingredient “a tear of joy”.

A tear of joy is an ingredient in almost every potion.


Only some of the green potion's ingredients are given:

  • Seaweed
  • An oyster pearl
  • A tear of joy
  • Unidentified mineral sand
  • Unidentified bugs

Even though it's not said, Master Fu seems to mix sand and bugs in with the green potion ingredients, possibly meaning that those are ingredients as well.





  • It appears they can be used by all holders and kwamis, as Wayzz remembers tasting the green potion and Nooroo's insistence that he doesn't know the recipe, implying he's familiar with the potions.
  • The potions for Tikki are mixed into macarons, called "magicarons", and those for Plagg into cheeses.
  • Master Fu mentions dancing ant honeydew, water from the laughing fountain, melted snow from the mountain of jubilation, and drops of pure chocolate extract as possibilities for a "tear of joy".
  • The Miraculous potions appear to be a reworked concept from the Pearls and Stones. At the NYCC 2016, the Ladybug Miraculous was revealed to have other magical abilities. These abilities seem to be related to objects known as the Stone of the Sun, the Stone of the Moon, the Pearl of the Sea, the Pearl of the Heart, and the Pearl of the Mysteries;[1] however, Thomas Astruc later confirmed on Twitter that the Pearls and Stones are a concept no longer intended to feature in the show.[2] The stones would have granted powers as follows:
Pearl\Stone Potion Color Power and abilities Pearl/Stone Color
Stone of the Sun Unknown Flying power Yellow
Pearl of the Mysteries Unknown Infinite Lucky Charms Lilac
Pearl of the Heart Unknown Cure the akumatized Pinkish-Purple
Pearl of the Sea Green Breathe and swim underwater Aqua
Stone of the Moon Purple Fly and breathe in space White
  • According to Lindalee Rose, the Miraculous power ups will return in Season 4.
  • According to Marinette in "New Powers", one of the power ups gives a Miraculous holder space powers. Similarly like how the aqua potion replaced the Pearl of the Sea, this potion replaced the Stone of the Moon as seen in "Miraculous New York", it's color is purple.
  • Given that the aqua potion allows users to breathe and move underwater, the ice potion grants resistance to freezing temperatures and mobility in icy conditions, and the space potion which presumably allows users to endure and survive the vacuum of space, it seems the potions revolve around allowing users to survive different environmental conditions.
  • Like with teaching Marinette on how to decode the spellbook, it's also likely Master Fu taught her on how to make the potions before he lost his memory.
  • However there had been incidents seen in "Miraculous Shanghai", Miraculous New York", and "Gang of Secrets", when the holder is in a powered up form they can turn back to their basic transformation form without saying the phrase and back to their civilian form after saying the detransformation phrase.


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