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Scene: Prologue. The logo appears, followed by the words ZAG: Miraculous World presents... and the scene pans out to the Eiffel Tower, then Ladybug with her Miracle Box. Glowing lights explode in and out of the box before the scene zooms out to show the world before focusing in on New York City as the logo says Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez.

Scene: The sky above Paris. Mr. Pigeon flies up with the Eiffel Tower.

Mr. Pigeon: Since Paris doesn't want us, well just go to the Moon, just like in Jules Verne's book!
(Ladybug and Cat Noir fly up and follow him, latched on to the floating Eiffel Tower via Ladybug's yo-yo.)
Cat Noir: And how do you figure you'll breathe in space, birdbrain?
Ladybug: (she then looks at her Lucky Charm)
Mr. Pigeon: Come, my dear pigeons! In space, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU COO!
Ladybug: (gasps) I know how to use my Lucky Charm! (grabs and pulls down her yo-yo) Let's bring him back to Earth before he hurts himself!
(Ladybug and Cat Noir use the purple space power-ups.)
Ladybug and Cat Noir: (voice fade) POWER UP!
(Ladybug and Cat Noir, now transformed into Cosmobug and Astrocat, fly up to Mr Pigeon and the Eiffel Tower.)
Alya: Oh! Check out Comsobug and Astrocat fly in those NEW SUITS! (appears with her website blog) Yo, peeps! This is Alya Césaire, live from Paris, where our heroes are battling Mr. Pigeon for the fifty-first time! They really are Miraculous, aren't they? (super-shocked gasp)
(Ladybug and Cat Noir head inside the Eiffel Tower as she puts the book there.)
Ladybug: There you go!
Cat Noir: (shows Ladybug a yellow rose) There you go! Oops, you've said that already!
Ladybug: (distressed) Cat Noir, I've told you to stop bringing me flowers!
Cat Noir: Yeah, I know. When I tried to offer you a red rose, you told me that red symbolizes "passion", so you refused it! And I offered you a white rose, but you said that white stood for "pure love", and you refused it too! So now I'm offering you a yellow rose, because I've looked it up and yellow represents friendship. Here's to a perfect partnership.
Ladybug: Are you sure yellow roses don't represent jealousy?
Cat Noir: Uh- No. That would be blue roses? Hang on! No, purple!! Or was it orange?
Ladybug: (chuckles) You don't need to give me flowers! I already know you're the best partner ever, Cat Noir. (smells the rose) It smells really good anyway. Thanks, kitty! (uses her yo-yo and swings away)
Cat Noir: (sighs dreamily as Ladybug leaves) She's so amazing. And so am I, by the way. I should be giving myself flowers!

Scene: Alleyway. Ladybug lands down in action.

[Detransformation Sequence]
Ladybug: Spots off!
(Ladybug deforms back into Marinette)

(Tikki breathes heavily, Marinette gives a cookie to Tikki and puts her to her bag and runs off to school.)

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont.

Marinette: (stops running and looks at an Adrien poster) Oh! A new poster of Adrien!
Tikki: Marinette, you'll be late for school.
Marinette: (lovingly) Ah! He's so perfect!
Tikki: I thought you've stopped collecting photographs of Adrien.
Marinette: Uh- But it's different this time, Tikki! This is... uh, for work! It's, um, research for my future designs! Adrien and I are done! See? I can even look into his beautiful green eyes without getting mesmerized! (looks at an Adrien poster grinningly, nervously, and lovingly) Ah....
Marinette: (quickly) Yes! Let's get going! (runs off to school again)
(The Narrator speaks with George Washington and Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette as the puppet gang.)
Narrator from the puppet gang: And that's how the friendship between of American George Washington and Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette was born, between two men who believe that freedom should have no boundaries.
Caline: (clapping her hands with Mr. Damocles) Congratulations! That truly was a sensational student film!
Mr. Damocles: And completed just in time for our departure to French American Friendship Week... in New York!
(All students cheer in excitement except Adrien.)
Chloé: Ah! Good thing my parents aren't letting me go with you! Not seeing you all for a week will feel like a vacation!
Mr. Damocles: But, Ms. Bourgeois, your parents already gave the authorization. You are coming along with everyone!
Chloé: WHAT?! You're gonna hear from Daddikins!
Caline: I, on the other hand, regret to inform you that I can't come with you after all.
Marinette: Oh, no! But why!?
Caline: I just have a few medical exams I couldn't postpone, because... I will soon be having a baby!
(All students cheer in excitement again.)
Mr. Damocles: Ms. Mendeleiev will be substituting Ms. Bustier.
All students: Aw...!
Kim: She's not cool! New York with her will be so lame!! (Ms. Mendeleiev appears) She won't let us do anything!
Nino: Something wrong, buddy?
Adrien: My father isn't going to let me go -- as usual.
Lila: (foreshadowing) I'm stuck in Paris too! I have obligations because of my charity work, but we could see each other, if you'd like.
Marinette: (growls angrily)
Adrien: (chuckles nervously) Thanks, Lila!
Marinette: NO!!!!!!
(Everyone gasps at Marinette.)
Marinette: (forced) Uh-? I mean... no! We made that film together, all of us! Which means Adrien must come with me! Uhh... I mean, us! He's our friend and you don't let a friend down! Just like in the film, when sock-Lafayette comes and helps his friend sock-Washington find freedom. (points at Adrien) Adrien, you're our sock-Washington!! You're our friend! And as your friend, it is my duty to go and see your father and convince him to let you come with us!!
All students: YEAH!!!
Rose: And we're coming with you!
Adrien: Thank you, Marinette. But my father's a difficult man to convince.
Marinette: I will NEVER let a friend down!

Scene: Outside Collège Françoise Dupont.

Alya: Adrien? Your friend?
Marinette: Absolutely! It was time I moved on! It was so painful, not being able to tell him how I felt. It made me act completely crazy!
Alix: (clears throat) No kidding!
Marinette: (lovingly) Oh! It's so liberating to finally just be Adrien's friend instead of "The girl who's in love with Adrien"! I no longer get lost in his beautiful green eyes, and no longer spray his Adrien number four cologne on my pillow, and I even stopped binge-watching my montage of his best ads!
Alix: What about your poster collection?
Marinette: Th-Th-That's strictly for research purposes!
Alya: But are you sure you'll be fine spending a week with him in New York? Isn't that too... (not saying "I dunno!") romantic?
Marinette: No! Of course not! We'll have a great time as friends! But first... (saddened) I've gotta convince his dad!

Scene: Agreste mansion. Gabriel, on his touchscreen monitor, stands angrily.

Nadja: Last night the New York Museum kicked off French American Friendship Week with a special exhibition! Reporter Clara Contard was there.
Clara: That's right, Nadja! For the first time ever and only until Sunday, the museum is putting Lafayette's sabre on display, as well as the eagle-talon necklace he gave George Washington.
Nathalie: (in call on bed in her room) This is no mere jewel. Eagle talon is without a doubt a lost Miraculous.
(Doorbell rings. He sees Marinette and her friends on the security camera outside.)
Gabriel: Have my jet ready for take-off (leaves the room.)
(Marinette appears in Gabriel's mansion.)
Marinette: And that's what makes our friendship so precious! And since your son is my friend- I mean our friend, that means he has to come to New York with us!
Gabriel: Young lady, I-
Marinette: I WON'T leave this place UNTIL you've-
Gabriel: I've decided to let Adrien go along with his classmates!
Marinette: Um- You have? But usually...
Gabriel: You've convinced me. You really are a good friend to my son.
(Outside, they cheer at Marinette.)
Nathalie: She just unknowingly offered you an unexpected opportunity.
Gabriel: Yes. Letting Adrien go to New York will be simpler than hiding my absence here from him. Besides, this will allow me to continue keeping an eye on him.

Scene: Outside Collège Françoise Dupont. Adrien and Kagami lunge each other, sabers clashing. Kagami points her sword at Adrien.

Scene: Locker room.

Kagami: What's wrong, Adrien?
Adrien: My whole class is going to New York tomorrow. I wish I could be going with them.
Kagami: I'm sad for you, but happy for us. This'll give us more time to practice. When you're as weak as you were today, the pleasure of beating you is lessened. (kisses him) I'll see you tomorrow.
Adrien: See you tomorrow, Kagami. (sighs)

Scene: Outside Collège Françoise Dupont

Marinette: (singing)♫ New York, New York, ♫
♫ I'm going to New York with Adrien Agreste! ♫

(Tikki looks at Marinette.)
Marinette: Uh... As friends, of course! (giggles nervously)
Tikki: By the way, Marinette, who's going to protect Paris while we're in the US for the week?
Marinette: All taken care of, my Tikki!

Scene: Away from the Eiffel Tower.

Cat Noir: You're going away?!
Ladybug: Only for a few days. It's nothing important, kitty-cat! But I can't tell you anymore, in-
Cat Noir: In order to protect our secret identities. I know the drill, M'Lady.
Ladybug: But in case, anything happens in Paris, an akumatized villain, a Sentimonster, anything... All you have to do is click here and I'll come back as fast as I can. For emergencies only, of course! (Cat Noir presses the remote button several times in excitement, making the toy in Ladybug's hand squeak)
Cat Noir: Of course! Just go and rest easy. I'll be Paris' substitute guardian! Am I not the perfect partner after all?
Ladybug: I'm counting on you. No funny business, OK?
Cat Noir: Have I ever struck you as the funny kind? I'm as serious as they get! (presses button again)
Ladybug: (groans in annoyance)

Scene: Agreste mansion dining room by morning.

Adrien: I... I can go to New York? Really??
Gabriel: You can thank your friend Marinette for convincing me.
Adrien: But... Actually, I hadn't planned on... What about my fencing lessons? And Chinese?
Gabriel: Nathalie has already packed your bags. Your bodyguard will go with you. You take off this afternoon.
(The Gorilla retches.)
Adrien: Uh... Yes, very well, Father.

Scene: Adrien's room. Adrien sadly comes out of the bathroom.

Plagg: I've been dreaming about this ever since the special New York Addition of the Gentlemen's Cheese came out! Blue Marble Jack, Cougar Gold, the legendary Monterrey... All those wonderful American cheeses are just waiting for us to taste them!
Adrien: We can't go, Plagg. I promised Ladybug I'd watch over Paris, and I don't wanna let her down.
Plagg: But your father will never let you stay! You want more freedom, and, for once, your father is letting you have fun! Enjoy!! You'll be in New York with your friends!
Adrien: She's gonna be so disappointed.
Plagg: Of course not! She can't be if she doesn't know! Besides, she told you not to call unless a supervillain shows up. See any supervillains in the house?
Adrien: What if something happens while we're gone?
Plagg: Don't you have an Akuma alert on your phone?
Adrien: Of course! And in case of emergency, I can transform into Astrocat to fly back quickly!
Plagg: Perfect! And then you can tell Ladybug!
Adrien: That way, she'll never be disappointed!
Plagg and Adrien: (they fist bump) POUND IT!

Scene: The Agreste Mansion's basement. Gabriel is visiting Emilie at the Repository.

Gabriel: My love, being far away from you will be nothing short of torture. But I may have found a piece of jewellery in New York, (places a red rose on her glass coffin) which might enable me to beat Ladybug and Cat Noir, to get their Miraculous and to make the wish that will bring you back to me. (walks away)

Scene: The streets.

(The bus is being chased by Luka and Marinette.)
Marinette: Oh, I'm sorry, Luka. We'll never catch up to the bus!
Luka: Of course, we will! I know how important this trip is to you.
Marinette: You're saying it's important because of Adrien, right? But what's important is not at Adrien will be there, you know? I mean, it's important to me, it's important to Adrien, because it's an important trip, but it's not important to me, 'cause he's just a friend!
(Alya is seen on the bus and sighs and looks at Marinette and Luka.)
Alya: Look! Marinette!
(Mr. Damocles and Ms. Mendeleiev look at Marinette and Luka riding a bike. The bus stops. Marinette takes her suitcase and takes her helmet off.)
Luka: You know what's important, Marinette? That this trip helps you get some clarity.
Marinette: Thank you, Luka. (kisses him)
(Marinette hops in the bus and looks at his friends except Adrien. Marinette blushes nervously and walks in. The bus leaves as Luka stands with his bike. The camera pans upwards as the bus continues to drive away.)

Scene: The airport. All the characters are on the airport.

Scene: The plane.

Chloé: Yes, turns out you're in luck, I'm coming. (Everyone gasps) But only because I decided to. (defeated chuckle) But there is no way I'm travelling in these conditions. I'm going to sit down in first class! (walks away with Sabrina)
(Adrien sees a "Ladybug and Cat Noir" magazine and replaces it. He browses all movies, "Les aventures de Ladybug & Chat Noir", "Natura", and "Devastation". Adrien gasps and sees the "Miraculous Music Video" and groans. He notices Marinette looking for her seat.)
Adrien: Hey, Marinette! What's your seat number?
Marinette: Uh... Baby... BBB... 32B.
Adrien: Oh, great! You're sitting next to me!
(Marinette is shocked with a loud gasp.)
Alya: Awesome, Marinette! Go and sit next to your friend! So you two can enjoy a nice flight together! (smiles super smug; with a teasing voice-tone) A very long flight.
Marinette: Uh-? Sure! Next to my husband-... I MEAN, friend... no problem! (chuckles grinningly)
(Adrien picks up Marinette's suitcase and takes a seat.)
Marinette: He's a friend. Just a friend. He's just a friend. (takes a seat)
Adrien: Um, everything OK?
Marinette: Oh, yeah, yeah, great! WOO-HOO! It's a little hot in here, isn't it! (giggles nervously) I just-...
Adrien: Here. Let me help you.
(Marinette gasps in shock and drops into her seat. Her seat falls and completely reclines, causing Adrien to trip and fall on top of her as well.)
Adrien: Oh, sorry!
Marinette: No, I'm fine!!
Adrien: Are you feeling cooler now?
Marinette: Gee! No! Not at all! It must be the seat! It's a warming seat, right? Ooh! It's burning hot!
Adrien: Um... No... It's a regular seat. But you can have mine if you like. Come on, let's switch!
(Marinette quickly runs away.)
Marinette: Help, Alya! I can't sit next to him! I might need more training to be just his friend after all!!
Alya: There's still time to get off the plane, because New York is THE most romantic city in the world, after Paris, obviously.
Alya: (o.s.) New York is, like, carriage rides with pretty white horses, little dogs and kittens on your lap, the sun setting over Central Park, the ferry to Liberty Island!
Ms. Mendeleiev: (shouting from Marinette) What's going on?!
Alya: Marinette gets airsick. It would be better if she could sit at the centre at the plane.
Ms. Mendeleiev: Out of the question! Each student is to keep the seat they have been assigned!
Alix: (appears) Oh, Ms. Bustier would've totally have said yes!
Rose: Please, Ms. Mendeleiev? This is a plane, not a classroom!
Ms. Mendeleiev: Wha-...? All right, fine! You may have my seat, Marinette.
Adrien: Guess I'll see you later, then?
Marinette: Right! Later! Much later! I mean, see you later!
P.A.: We are about to take off. Please put up your tray tables and fasten your seatbelts.
Soothing Voice on Gorrila's phone: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your fear of flying? (The Gorilla types in 10) Select the relaxation level you require. (The Gorilla types in 10) You are a dolphin, leaping from wave to wave in an ocean of tranquillity.
(Marinette picks up a magazine and gasps fearfully.)
P.A.: We are about to take off. Please put up your tray tables and fasten your seatbelts.
(The plane quickly takes off.)

Commercial interlude scene: End of Act 1. Beginning of Act 2.

(By midnight, everybody is sleeping and snoring except Marinette, who is woken up by the popcorn spilled by Mr. Damocles. Marinette gets out of her seat, turns to look at Alya and Nino sleeping and sadly walks off to go to the bathroom. The seatbelt signs are suddenly switched on as the plane experiences turbulence.)
Marinette: (offscreen) WHOA! Oh! Shoot!
(Marinette then gets out of the bathroom and decides to look at the sunset. Adrien arrives.)
Adrien: It's beautiful, isn't it?
Marinette: (she gasps, hears a huge thud and accidentally bumps into Adrien) AAH! (muffled) Sorry! (normal voice) I-I mean... sorry!
Adrien: Sorry, Marinette!
(Marinette chuckles. She and Adrien look at the sunset. Alya wakes up and notices Marinette and Adrien.)
Adrien: My father told me everything. The only reason I can enjoy this beautiful sunset is you. I thought it would be impossible, but you believed in it. You're always willing to take a chance on something or someone, even when no one else is. You've got something, Marinette.
Marinette: Some- Something?
Adrien: Yeah, there. In your hair. (plucks what looks to be toilet paper out of Marinette's hair)
(Marinette gasps.)
Alya: I can't decide whether they're the cutest people I know, or the most embarrassing!
Nino: Yup. I love Adrien, but he's like a baby chick that's just started cracking out of his egg. He has a hard time understanding the signals people send him.
Alya: What signals? Marinette isn't exactly sending them clearly. I mean, look! What is she doing with her arms? Telling him what to do in case of an emergency landing or something?
(Marinette talks indistinctly.)
Nino: (sighs) If only this trip could help Adrien finally come out of his shell.
Alya: And if only it could help Marinette be more honest with herself and clearer about her feelings!
Nino: Operation New York!
Alya: Operation New York!!
Nino: Let's help them loosen up!
Alya: After all, isn't the United States the land of the free?
Marinette: OK, then... so, uh....
(Marinette and Adrien closely look at the sunset.)
Adrien: Well, what I meant to say was... thanks for managing to convince my father. (hugs her)
Marinette: Well, sure thing! (laughs) Don't mention it! That's what friends are for! For holding each other really tightly in the delicious aroma of cologne (hysterical laugh)
(The huge thud keeps Marinette and Adrien apart. The American supervillain Techno Pirate appears.)
Alya: Oh, no! That's Techno-Pirate, the supervillain who steals technology!
(The plane is about to go upside down as they fall at the wall.)
Uncanny Valley: Don't worry, sweethearts! We have the situation under control! (in call from the plane) Dear passengers, the United Heroez are here to protect you!
Alya: (she gasps) Uncanny Valley?! The first superhero guy known to the artificial intelligence, created by Majestia! (gasps) Which means...!!
(Majestia flies faster than the speed of light then stops and she's about to push the plane wing up with super-strength. Everyone is safe.)
Alya: WOW! Majestia in person! SO COOL!!
Mr. Damocles: It's time to show those American superheroes how French superheroes do it! HOO-HOO!
(Techno-Pirate is about to break the plane and throws the bomb away as Majestia blows it up into the sky and the big explosion reappears.)
Knightowl: (deep voice) Techno-Pirate, you're under arrest! Watch and learn! (Sparrow appears)
Alya: The legendary Knight Owl and Sparrow!
Knightowl: Your runaway ends here!
(Uncanny Valley manages to fix the plane as she flies to Majestia.)
Majestia: Were you hurt, sweetheart?
Uncanny Valley: I'm 100% operational, Mother!
Majestia: (appears to the students) I'd like to welcome you to the United States, and enjoy your stay!
(The American superheroes Majestia, Knightowl, Uncanny Valley, and Sparrow fly away.)
Mr. Damocles: (appears new dressed as the owl) It is now the hour of the owl! HOO-HOO! (Everyone applauds as he leaves)
Marinette: Wow! That all happened so fast! I didn't have time to transform or help out! (Tikki whimpers)
Adrien: Good thing the American superheroes were here. I couldn't have transformed here. I'm supposed to be in Paris!
Plagg: Relax, Adrien! Let the local superheroes handle their own problems.
Adrien: So far, nothing to report from Paris.

Scene: New York. The camera moves to New York City.

(Techno-Pirate goes to the police car. Scene moves down to the street The bus stops.)
Marinette: Hey! What's that guy doing?
Alya: Oh, it's just Captain Redlight, organizing the traffic. There's a superhero for everything here, you know! So... what happened on the plane with your "friend" Adrien?
Marinette: Nothing! We just watched the clouds and the sunset. But only as friends! Watching sunsets is typical to do on the plane!
(Alya growls angrily.)
Nadja: Paris is safe from supervillains! Have Ladybug and Cat Noir put an end to Hawk Moth's activities? A segment by Clara Contard.
Nino: Forget about Paris, dude! You're in New York now! Your old man's not here, and when the cat's away, the mice will play! Open your eyes, know what I mean? Take it all in!
(Adrien starts smiling.)
Adrien: It is beautiful!
Sparrow: (deep voice) The Little Croissants are en ruote.
Knightowl (over communicator): Good. Don't leave them.
Uncanny Valley: Roger that! Meet you in the lobby! (detransforms into Aeon and runs away)
(Sparrow uses his grappling guns to swing away. Aeon uses her X-ray vision to see the French students of Paris.)
Aeon: Two of them are missing. Oh! There they are!
(Marinette bangs herself in the door and falls down and as Adrien catches her she gets back up, recoiling nervously. Aeon presses her button with her X-ray hand as Marinette falls down.)
Boy from Queens: Hey! You guys the cool French kids that made that sock puppet movie! We're from Armstrong High in Queens! (Marinette and Adrien touch hands as they pack the things that fell out of the suitcase.)
Jess: Ugh! Babysitting some tourists and their socks? I mean, don't they have anything better for us to do?!
Aeon: Those two are made for each other.
Jess: Seriously, Aeon? Not again!
Aeon: But I am programmed to help people, Jess!
Jess: Just stop meddling with people's private lives!
Aeon: You're right! Let's just follow the orders and protect the tourists and their socks! (Ms Mendeleiev claps, gaining the class attention.)
Ms Mendeleiev: Listen up, students! You'll go into your rooms by groups of four! Everyone come take your itinerary. And when I come up in two and a half minutes, you had better be in your rooms, with the lights out! (Students complain.)
Delmar: Hey! Sock buddies! We're throwing a little party on the rooftop if you're interested. Hang with us, but be quiet, okay? (winks at Sabrina as she blushes, Alya nudges her.)
Alya: I think there's an American boy who'd love to see you there, Sabrina. And you might make a friend! (she nudges Marinette then laughs.)
Sabrina: You.. you think so?
Chloé: A rooftop party at this slum?!! You want me to catch lameness and cooties?! That's ridiculous! SABRINA! SUITCASE! (storms away)

Scene: Hotel hallway. Alya and Marinette look for their room as Jess and Aeon peek out their door.

Alya: Group D. Awesome! At least we're in the same room! (Marinette opens the door revealing both Chloé and Sabrina.)
Marinette: Ugh! As Chloé!!
Chloé: CESAIRE AND DUPAIN-CHENG?! THAT IS THE LAST STRAW!! (throws a plushie at Marinette, but it is swiftly caught before entering the room)
Jess: Oh no! This could go wrong! What do you think, Aeon? Should we do something?
Aeon: You think we should?
Jess: NO! I was just kidding! This whole situation is just so plain boring!
(They're about to close the door)
(Ms Mendeleiev checks the hall before turning the lights out, turning into her room when the kids sneak out of their rooms.)
Ms Mendeleiev: What's that noise?!
(The kids run and hide in separate rooms when Ms Mendeleiev goes to check the hall again to see it empty, again returning to her room. Marinette and Adrien lean up against the door listening when Marinette realizes she's touching him, immediately pushing away from Adrien only for Aeon and Jess to look at them.)
Adrien: Oh sorry! We're so sorry!
Marinette: Uh- hi! I'm Marinette and this is my very good friend Adrien, who's just a friend! (Aeon leans into Jess)
Aeon: See?! They're made for each other!
Jess: (groans in disgust) Fine! If you want to get to the roof without attracting attention, there are stairs outside. (Both Marinette and Adrien look out of the window to the fire escape.)

Scene: Rooftop party. Marinette and Adrien are greeted by Alya and Nino as they reach the rooftop.

Scene: Back in Aeon and Jess' room

Aeon: Why'd you do that? I thought we weren't supposed to meddle?
Jess: (leaves the bed and picks up a guitar) Well, if we're going to watch over them, there might as well be something to watch! Isn't that what you wanted?
(Aeon becomes happy.)

Scene: Rooftop. Jess starts playing her guitar on the rooftop as everyone starts dancing along.

Scene: Chloe and Sabrina's room.

(Chloe lays in bed with a pillow over her head. Delmar opens the window invitingly for Sabrina. The two walk together onto the fire escape.)

Scene: Rooftop. People stop dancing to see Hotdog Dan in the sky.

Marinette: Is it a bird?
Adrien: Is it a plane?
Delmar: No! It's Hot Dog Dan!
(Hotdog Dan lands on the roof.)
Hotdog Dan: HEY HEY HEY! Hot Dog Dan is here, so GET THE MOOD! I'm the hero of picnics and tasty foods! (starts handing out hotdogs.)
Jess: Hmm. Usually he teams up with Ketchup Boy and Mustard Justice, but looks like he's patrolling solo tonight. You should hurry if you wanna try one of his magic hotdogs.
(Scene changes to show people having magical reactions.)
Alya: Go Sabrina!
(Sabrina has long hair like Rapunzel.)
Hotdog Dan: Sorry guys. I only have two hotdogs left for the four of you.
Nino: Not a problem. My girl and I will take one, and you two take the other! (holds out the hot dog for them to take)
Alya: Between friends.
Marinette: It's all yours, Adrien, my pleasure as your friend. (she hands him the hotdog as he pushes it back)
Adrien: No, take it Marinette. (Nino steps in.)
Nino: C'mon now, one hotdog for two, coming up!
(He splits the hotdog in half handing them each one. They smile and take a bite before they begin to float up into the air, the remains of the hot dogs dropped and forgotten about. Adrien grabs Marinette's hand as they begin to float away)
Nino: Finally! My chicks wings are growing! (says in a high pitch tone, Alya laughs in the same tone)
Jess: You were right, they really seem to be made for each other.
Alya: Yeah, no. With those two, the situation's are far from simple. Hey! You play the guitar! Maybe you could give them a hand! Do you know this song? (shows her phone to Jess before she starts playing the guitar)
(Up in the sky, with the moon alight.)
Adrien: Oh! That's the song we danced to at Chloe's birthday party, remember?
Marinette: Ooh, yes! (chuckles)
Adrien: Then, will you? (offers his hand to dance, Marinette freaks out and floats away, Adrien grabs her hand) Here!
(He pulls her close as she gives in to him. With arms wrapped around each other, they float/dance in the night's sky.)

Scene: The Gorilla's room. The Gorilla sits on his bed while listening to his app.

App's voice: Picture yourself a beautiful sunflower.

Commercial interlude scene: End of Act 2. Beginning of Act 3.

Scene: The streets from the next day. Everyone is on the bus stopping in front of the museum.

Alya: It was so romantic, you two dancing in the moonlight, wasn't it?
Marinette: Yeah so ro- Friendly! Friendly! It was a very friendly dance! (Alya shakes her head disapproving until she notices Doorman.)
Alya: Hey look! That teacher over there! That's Dean Gate, a.k.a. Doorman! He can turn any door into a teleporting passage! Oh superheroes don't necessarily need to hide their true identities in America! AMAZING!! I'm going to ask him for a quote for the Ladyblog!!

Scene: Inside the museum. Marinette bangs herself in the door again. Jess groans in disgust.

Aeon: Those two seem to exhibit repetitive behaviours!
Marinette: Tough luck, right? We always end up together! I mean, stuck together. Haha! (sighs in relief)
Adrien: I don't mind being stuck with a friend like you.
Marinette: Right! Uh- As friends! Uh- It's all good!
Jess: I know what to do! If anything's gonna change between them, they'll need to find themselves in a seriously dangerous situation.
Alya: What?! Are you out of your mind!?
Aeon: Statistically speaking, two humans confronted with extreme situations often cause their feelings for each other to become stronger.
Jess: We need to make them believe they'll never see each other again! And that is the last chance they'll ever get to tell each other how they truly feel! Here's what we're gonna do: During the visit, you're going to get them to go to the Lafayette room alone! BOOM! That's when supervillain Solitude shows up and threatens to kidnap any person that nobody loves! He threatens Adrien, and in order to save him-
Aeon: "No, don't kidnap him, I love him!!"
Alya: Okay.... It's so stupid, it could actually work.
Nino: WOW! Cool impression! Hey, hold on! A supervillain? How are you...? (They hear a thud and look in the doorway again)
(Marinette and Adrien are now on top of each other through the now erratic automatic doors, blinking in confusion as the doors repeatedly slam into them.)
Jess: Trust us! Get them to the room and we'll take care of the rest.
(Jess and Aeon walk away.)
Aeon: For someone who didn't want me to meddle with other people's lives, you seem deeply involved.
Jess: This is more fun than babysitting socks!
Dean Gate: This is the famous sabre of the Marquis de Lafayette. And here the necklace he presented to George Washington as a symbol of friendship between the French American people. Careful! The security system is very sensitive! You don't wanna be accidentally setting off the alarm. Let's carry on to the next room, where we'll see the Statue of Liberty!

Scene: Adrien's car. Gabriel is scrolling through pictures of Marquis de Lafayette.

Gabriel: The Marquis de Lafayette was 19 when he participated in the War of Independence. So young, and already gifted with an incredible ability to galvanize people. He helped Washington's troops win the Battle of Yorktown. Everyone thinks it was all due to Lafayette's exceptional potential. I think it was also due to something special -- A Miraculous! Nathalie, you take care of Paris. I'll take care of New York.

[Transformation Sequence]
Gabriel: Nooroo, Dark Wings Rise!
(Gabriel transforms into Hawk Moth in the car as the car drives away.)

(Techno-Pirate was arrested by the police army as the Akuma appears and lands in the policemen's gauntlet. Techno-Pirate is Akumatized.)
Hawk Moth: Techlonizer, I am Hawk Moth. You were robbed of you technological arsenal by those heinous "superheroes". I can give you the power to steal and clone any technology so you can get your revenge on them! In exchange, you will bring me Lafayette's sabre.
Techno-Pirate: Wouldn't you rather have an atomic bomb?!
Hawk Moth: No! I want the sabre.
(Techno-Pirate shrugs. He is promptly akumatized into Techlonizer. The policemen run away screaming.)

Scene: The Museum.

Dean Gate: France gave the Statue of Liberty to America in 1886. Gustave Eiffel himself built the armature for the inside of the statue!
Alya: Marinette, could you go and take a quick pic of Lafayette's sabre? I completely forgot and I gotta film Dean Gate!
Marinette: Of course! (walks away)
Dean Gate: The real Statue of Liberty has a hollow stone in its base, or a copy of the U.S. decoration of the Declaration of Independence.
Nino: (hides his headphones) Dude, I can't find my headphones! Could you go check the other room and see if I left them there? I'll look here.
Adrien: No problem. I'm on it!
Dean Gate: In this hollow stone, there's also a safe that contains various artifacts left by the people who unveiled the statue. No one's opened it since. I don't know about you all, but I, for one, would love to know what's inside that safe!
Alya: Uh, excuse me, sir, but, um, why don't you use your superpower to enter the door that leads to the hollow stone?
Dean Gate: Superpowers should never be used for personal gain, only for the greater good! Besides, even if I got inside, I wouldn't be able to open the safe, because its key is in Paris, inside the Eiffel Tower!
All students: (looking at the Eiffel Tower) WOW!
(Marinette sees her phone as Adrien appears.)
Marinette: Huh? Uh...? A-Adrien?
Adrien: Marinette?
(Aeon uses her X-ray hand to slam the doors shut, trapping Adrien and Marinette inside.)
Marinette: (gasps) What's happening?!
Adrien: (pulls at the doors) That's strange!
(Adrien gets a notification on his phone.)
Nadja: Akumatized villain, Robostus, is spreading panic in Paris. And, so far, no sign of Ladybug and Cat Noir!
Adrien: Robostus?! But Markov can't have been akumatized in Paris, he's right here with us in New York!!
Jess: What are they doing?
Aeon: I'm not sure -- but their stress levels are high enough to engage Phase 2!
Jess: Okay! GO!
(Jess throws her weapon at a lightswitch, causing the lights to go out.)
Marinette and Adrien: (shocked) Huh?! (Aeon makes a hologram of a supervillain)
Solitude: I am Solitude, and I am here to take captive of those who are loved by no one!
(Marinette and Adrien bang the door in shock. Techlonizer smashes the security system. They hear the rumbling by Jess, Aeon, Marinette and Adrien, causing the hologram of Solitude to turn off. Suddenly, Techlonizer appears.)
Techlonizer: (evil cackle)
Jess: Techno-Pirate?! He escaped?!
Aeon: He seems more powerful. But I can't read fully, as if... magic is interfering with my scanning tools!

[Transformation Sequence]
(Jess transforms into Sparrow, and Aeon transforms into Uncanny Valley.)

(Techlonizer absorbs a cannon, turning his robot arms into cannons. He then takes Lafayette's sabre.)
Sparrow: (deep voice) Hey! I thought your thing was new technology?!
Uncanny Valley: What are you planning to do with the sabre? Use it as an antenna?!
Techlonizer: I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PLAY WITH ANNOYING KIDS! (starts shooting at them)
(Sparrow and Uncanny Valley split up.)
Marinette: (to Tikki) Cat Noir should've told me that Robostus is back. I hope he's not in trouble!
Tikki: What do we do, Marinette?!
Plagg: Shouldn't we head back ASAP to warn Ladybug?
(The students see a collapse at the museum and run off.)

[Transformation Sequence]
(Dean Gate transforms into Doorman.)

Doorman: Run, run! Come on!!
(The students get out of the museum. Sparrow appears and throws rings at Techno-Pirate as Uncanny Valley appears and uses her laser beam at him.)
Sparrow: (deep voice) Sparrow to United Heroez! Enhanced Techno-Pirate-
Doorman: This way, kids -- let the adults handle this! (Uncanny Valley flies to the portal, but suddenly Techlonizer grabs her, absorbing her powers)
Techlonizer: YOUR POWER BE MINE!
(Techlonizer throws Uncanny Valley away and uses his laser beam. Uncanny Valley is rendered powerless due to Techlonizer taking her scanning tools and laser away.)
Uncanny Valley: What?!
(The was a small collapse in the museum over Marinette.)
Adrien: Marinette's in danger!

[Transformation Sequence]
Adrien: Plagg, Claws Out!
(Adrien transforms into Cat Noir.)

(They crash each other. Techlonizer charges at Uncanny Valley. Marinette sees a small collapse.)

[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Vacation is over! Tikki, Spots On! HA!
(Marinette transforms into Ladybug.)

(Ladybug helps Sparrow)
Cat Noir: Ladybug?
Ladybug: Cat Noir?
Ladybug and Cat Noir: What are you doing here?!
Cat Noir: Uuh... It's a long story! Where's Marinette?
Ladybug: I got her to safety. But why aren't you back in Paris?
Cat Noir: I'll explain later!
(Ladybug and Sparrow run off with Cat Noir. Hawk Moth appears.)
Hawk Moth: Nathalie, you can get rid of the sentimonster. (takes the Eagle Miraculous) We will no longer be needing it!
Techlonizer:(walking towards Uncanny Valley) LET'S SEE IF I CAN ABSORB YOU WHOLE! (Ladybug uses her yo-yo to throw him away.)
Sparrow: (deep voice) You've come all the way from Paris to help us out?
Cat Noir: Yeah! We thought it'd be friendly to give you a hand in honor of French American Friendship Week!
(Techlonizer gets down and uses its laser beam as Ladybug, Cat Noir, Uncanny Valley and Sparrow split up.)
Sparrow: (deep voice) See that?! They don't need anyone's permission to take action!
Ladybug: That's right! He never asks for anything! DO YOU, CAT NOIR!
Uncanny Valley: Sparrow, did you warn Knightowl and Majestia? (she punches Techlonizer)
Sparrow: (deep voice) I couldn't! But you know what?! -- we don't need anyone's permission either!
Uncanny Valley: Are you sure you wanna step out of the procedure?
Sparrow: (deep voice) This is our chance to prove to them they were just like these two! Autonomous, bonded together but trust and super efficient!
Ladybug: "Just go and rest easy! Yeah, leave Paris with me!"
Cat Noir: I-I didn't know I was going to leave! It was a last-minute decision, that's all!
(Techlonizer hits Ladybug and Cat Noir. Sparrow and Uncanny Valley are shocked.)
Ladybug: Do you realize there's no one in Paris to protect the city?!
(Techlonizer runs away efficiently.)
Ladybug: He's running away!
Sparrow: (deep voice) You sound like Captain Obvious!
Ladybug: Why didn't you tell me that you were leaving?!
Cat Noir: I was afraid you'd get angry!
Ladybug: And you were right, because as you can see, I AM angry!!

Scene: New York City.

Uncanny Valley: Autonomous, bonded by trust and super-efficient?!
Sparrow: (deep voice) Yeah, I might have overestimated them.
(Techlonizer lands down. Uncanny Valley drops Sparrow.)
Sparrow: (deep voice) Surrender, Techno-Pirate! There's nowhere to run now!

[Superpower Sequence]
[Cut to Cat Noir]
Cat Noir: Cataclysm!
(Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm.)
[Cut to Ladybug]
Ladybug: Lucky Charm!
(Ladybug summons a bicycle pump.)

Cat Noir: A bicycle pump? What are you gonna do with that?
Ladybug: I may have an idea, but you wouldn't like it!
Techlonizer: Why run away when I can finally get me revenge by eliminating the beloved kids of AMERICA'S MOST BELOVED HEROES!
Cat Noir: M'lady, I didn't tell you because I was afraid of losing your trust!
Ladybug: Well, I can't trust you anymore, can I?!
(Cat Noir drops his staff as Techlonizer turns around to grab Cat Noir's wrist to throw him away but Uncanny Valley appears by shielding Ladybug but he cataclysms her with an unprecedented force. Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Sparrow are shocked by the death of Uncanny Valley, while Techlonizer smiles.)
Majestia: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
(Majestia flies faster and faster as she sucker punches Techlonizer to smash every building around with a big empty crash.)
Hawk Moth: That's it for now, Techlonizer.
Techno-Pirate: What- What happened?!
Hawk Moth: Get in. Leave the sabre behind.
(Adrien's car drives away. Knightowl sees the sword in the ground. Majestia starts crying as Uncanny Valley detransforms back into Aeon. Ladybug and Cat Noir are shocked.)
Majestia: (heartbroken) What have you done!?
Cat Noir: (guilt-ridden) It's my fault..
(Knightowl suddenly arrives.)
Knightowl: (angry) Why didn't you call us? And, you, what are you doing here?!
Ladybug: I-I might be able to help.
Knightowl: Oh, really? With your magical bicycle pump?
Ladybug: Precisely. Miraculous Ladybug!
(She throws her bicycle pump up in the sky as the Lucky Charm fixes the building, the Museum and Aeon.)
Uncanny Valley: (PC rebooting sound) Rebooting.
Majestia: (becomes happy and hugs Aeon) Oh, thank you, Ladybug!
Knightowl: You two are dangerous!
Sparrow: (deep voice) No, they tried to-
Knightowl: So are you! You disobeyed me! You were supposed to call us, and you didn't! I order you to revert to your civilian identities and hand me the source of your powers! You'll have them back when you leave town!
Ladybug: We can't do that! It's true we made a mistake, but I've fixed everything!
Knightowl: If your power is fixing Cat Noir's mistakes, we don't need you!
Majestia: It's better like this. (to Aeon) What would've happened if you hadn't been able to fix Uncanny or she hadn't been an android?
Ladybug: We can't give them our Miraculous!
(Knightowl raises his hand down, is about to get their Miraculous, but instead of giving Miraculous, Ladybug and Cat Noir run away.)
Knightowl: STOP RIGHT THERE! THAT'S AN ORDER! (lands down and sees everything in New York and begins to fly off)

Scene: The sewer. Ladybug and Cat Noir are running.

Ladybug: Okay! Let's feed our Kwamis and get back to Paris to take care of Robostus.
Nadja: Today, Paris was attacked by a villain who ultimately disappeared on his own! Clara Contard is on the scene.
Clara: Parisians are surprised! Why didn't Ladybug and Cat Noir step in? And will Ladybug repair the damages caused by the villain?
Ladybug: We waited too long to return to Paris. (begins sobbing) There's nothing I can do anymore!
Cat Noir: Can't you just do a Lucky Charm when we're back in Paris?
Ladybug: My powers allows me to create a magical object that repairs damages caused by a specific villain! But the villain is already gone!
Cat Noir: Then there's no longer a chance for repairs? (Ladybug continues sobbing, groans and walks away) It's all my fault. You were perfect as always. Knightowl was right to want to confiscate my Miraculous. I left Paris without telling you. I ruined everything! And if Uncanny Valley hadn't been a robot, I would've caused irreparable harm.

[De-transformation Sequence]
[Cut to Ladybug]
Ladybug Spots off.
(Ladybug detransforms back into Marinette)
[Cut to Cat Noir]
Cat Noir: Claws in.
(Cat Noir detransforms back into Adrien)

Adrien: Please forgive me, my friend.
Plagg: Huh?! NO!!
Adrien: I renounce you, Plagg. (takes off his ring)
Marinette: (shocked) WHAT?!
Adrien: I never wanna risk harming anyone ever again. Least of all you. (sets done the Cat Miraculous)
Marinette: WAIT! (gasps)
(Adrien runs away in despair and misery)
Marinette: (tearfully, in melancholy) Cat Noir...
(Marinette is crestfallen and left alone.)

Commercial interlude scene: End of Act 3. Beginning of Act 4.

Scene: New York City on a rainy night. The American superheroes fly away as Gabriel unknowingly smiles in expression and takes on the Eagle Miraculous as Liiri appears.

Liiri: (sighs in relief) It's been a long time since we last stretched our wings, Gilbert! Gilbert?! Mr Marquis?
Gabriel: I was right. (Liiri gasps in shock and turns to look at Gabriel) The jewel was indeed the Miraculous of the Eagle!
Liiri: You're not Gilbert!
Gabriel: I am your new master. Just like your former one, I have a great dream to achieve. And I believe you can help me.
Liiri: Oh, you know, I'm just Liiri, the Kwami of freedom. My power's basically to free people from anything that prevents them from reaching their potential. Nothing too powerful! (laughing nervously)
Gabriel: Well, that potential is all I need to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
(Liiri gasps in shock.)

Scene: Hotel.

Ms. Mendeleiev: Adrien Agreste!
Nino: Uh, here's not here, ma'am!
Alya: Neither is Marinette!
(Olympia, Barbara, Jess and Aeon appear.)
Barbara: You had one mission to keep an eye on the French students!
Aeon: We did! And that's how we discovered Marinette was unclear about her relationship with Adrien, and consequently help them we created a supervillain in order to clarify their feelings!
Barbara: (enraged) YOU DID WHAT?!?!
Olympia: Barb, honey...
Aeon: Mother, I don't understand. You always say that all that is is necessary from the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing! What did I do wrong?
Olympia: My darling, by trying to help them, you've put the French students and yourselves in great danger. Doing good doesn't necessary mean fighting.
Jess: Yeah, maybe we're just trying to be helpful, because we had nothing better to do! We're not babysitters! We're super heroines!!
Barbara: SUPERHEROES, WHOSE MISSION WAS TO KEEP AN EYE ON THE FRENCH STUDENTS, AND YOU FAILED IT!!! You're forbidden to take part in the hunts for Techno-Pirate! You're NOT ready to fly the nest!
Jess: (shouting) How will I ever be ready if you never let me spread my wings?!!
Aeon: No one prohibits Ladybug and Cat Noir from fighting villains!!
Olympia: And I almost lost you because of that.
Barbara: Come on, Olympia! We're expected.
(Barbara walks away. Olympia pats Jess before walking away with Barbara. Jess and Aeon are left alone.)

Scene: New York City on a rainy night. In one place, Adrien's phone is ringing, but Adrien doesn't pick up. In another place, Marinette slowly walks alone holding the Cat Miraculous.

Plagg: (sober) This is all my fault. (begins crying) I should've stopped him from leaving!
Marinette: He made his choice. What were we supposed to do?

Scene: Hotel.

Camilla: Mike Rochip, A.K.A. Techno-Pirate, is still on the run! Until we capture him, French American Friendship celebration ceremony will be postponed.
Majestia: President Hombee is right! Any mass gathering would be too dangerous. As long as Techno-Pirate roams free, we're asking you dear New Yorkers, dear guests, to stay safe wherever you are!
Camilla: (she now transformed into Victory)
Victory: Meanwhile, we will keep patrolling the city and won't rest until we've captured him!

Scene: Hotel room. Hawk Moth goes to the bathroom where there's Techno-Pirate captured.

Hawk Moth: All that anger? Who am I to stop you from giving into it? Techlonizer, I'm returning your powers back to you! (The akuma enters his handcuffs again, transforming Techno-Pirate back into Techlonizer)And as a bonus, to make it up to you, and allow you to fulfil your fantasies of revenge! I'm giving you an additional weapon! To receive your powers, say "Liiri, wings of prey!"

Scene: Hotel.

Alya: Marinette?!
Nino: Adrien?!
(The students run out of the hotel and see Marinette and Adrien facing other in the previous episode. Adrien's car is seen.)
Gabriel: Adrien, get in the car at once. I should never have listened to your friend. The city is much to dangerous.
Nino: Dude, no! Stay!
Adrien: I have to go. I'm sorry, Marinette. You fought so hard for me to be here. I wouldn't have minded being stuck here a little longer with a friend like you.
(Marinette gasps. Adrien starts to get in the car.)
Adrien: My father's right. I should've never come to New York.
(Adrien's car starts to leave.)
Alya: (upset) What is wrong with you, Marinette?! Couldn't you see that he was just waiting for you to tell him to stay?!
Marinette: What-? But I...? He...? He made his choice. What did you expect me to do?
Alya: (enraged) It doesn't matter what I expected you to do! Who's Adrien to you?! A friend or more than a friend?! There will never be a better time to be clear with yourself, Marinette! Do you want him to leave or do you want him to stay?!
(Marinette makes up her mind and starts running, using a nearby bike and helmet to be able to catch up with the car.)
Marinette: ADRIEN!!! STAY!!!!! I've already lost Cat Noir, I can't lose Adrien too!! (her phone dies just as she hits the call button) NO!!! COME BACK!!! YOU HAVE TO STAY!!!! (the bike slips on the soaking wet road, causing Marinette to go flying and falls right to the road, she slowly stands and watches at the car leaving.) Adrien... I... (tears up) love... you...

Scene: New York City.

(But then, Mercury suddenly arrives and runs faster. Majestia stops.)
Majestia: I'll go first! Whatever his powers may be, I'm the only one he can't harm. (flies down)
Miraclonizer: Don't be scared! I genuinely wish for nothing but your freedom! LIBERATION!!!!
(The American superheroes are powerless.)
Miraclonizer: MAJESTIA! You're afraid of your own power! I release you from your fear!
Majestia: (gasps) All the things I never dared to try! (she ultimately flies up into the sky and blows the whole city apart and laughs) TOO EASY!
'Kightowl: Why should I show more leniency than the people who show none? You don't know how to park, huh?! (blows up a car)
Miraclonizer: VICTORY! You once swore you would devote your life to protecting people's freedom! I release you from that promise!!
Victory: YOU'LL SEE WHO'S LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD! YOU WILL OBEY ME! NO MORE FREEDOM!!! (activates missles all over the city)
Miraclonizer: DOORMAN! You can go anywhere you want, but you resist personal gain for the greater good! I RELEASE YOU FROM YOUR QUALMS!
Doorman: I've always wanted to visit the Vatican Secret Archives! No! I know! The Queen of England's treasure room! (runs into portal)
(The American superheroes' powers go insane as they destroy New York City.)
Hawk Moth: Good job, Miraclonizer. Now hook me up! Ladybug! Cat Noir! I'm in New York too!

Scene: Hotel.

Hawk Moth (through TV): If you don't want the party to be ruined, your only option is to hand your Miraculous over to ME!
Aeon: We have to go!
Jess: Except the adults told us not to do! Remember?
Aeon: Yes, but my mom always told me that being human meant also at learning when to bend the rules!
(Jess shrugs and becomes happy.)
Jess: Let's go!
(Jess walks and Aeon whoops.)

Scene: Rooftop. Jess and Aeon go up to the rooftop but no sign of the French students.

Jess: We're the only ones left! What if we fail?!
Aeon: Incorrect! Ladybug and Cat Noir are here too!
Jess: Are you serious?!! They almost deactivated you permanently!!
Aeon: We're dealing with a supervillain whose powers have been multiplied by an Akumatization! We have a zero probability of success without them!
Jess: But they're just teenagers!
Aeon: And so are we!
Jess: Okay! You know what? -- We have to give ourselves a chance, because we are the last chance!
Aeon: Statistically speaking, this is correct!
(Jess groans.)
Jess: But how are we gonna find Ladybug and Cat Noir?
(Aeon quickly transforms into Uncanny Valley)
Uncanny Valley: No one can keep their identities a secret but me! (flies up)

Scene: New York City at night.

Sparrow: (deep voice) Okay! On one side there's me, my basic training, and zero weaponry! On the other side, an army of super powerful heroes that have gone insane. Huh?

Scene: The moon. Majestia pushes the moon down with super strength.

Scene: New York City.

Sparrow: (deep voice) Sounds evenly matched!
Knightowl: You didn't recycle your can and you didn't return your library book! You're both going in prison!
Sparrow: (deep voice) That's not how you trained us, sir!
Knightowl: I ORDERED YOU TO STAY AT THE HOTEL! (throws a boomerang at Sparrow, but he dodges it)
Victory: Respect your leaders!
(The rockets go after Sparrow as he jumps and runs off.)
Uncanny Valley: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, New York needs Ladybug!
Marinette: I-I'm sorry... I-I-I can't help you. I don't know her!
Uncanny Valley: Your suit's quantum masking is meant to confuse- (detransforms)
Aeon: -human minds, Ladybug. I am not human!
Marinette: What?!
Tikki and Plagg: (gasp of shock)
Aeon: Miraclonizer is really an akumatized Techno-Pirate. Which means Hawk Moth is in New York too! We cannot defeat them without the girl who can fix everything.
Marinette: I don't know if I can do this... I can't imagine being Ladybug without him.
Uncanny Valley: This, I can fix!
(Marinette smiles determindly at Uncanny Valley and gives her the Cat Miraculous. Uncanny flies off.)

Scene: The plane. Adrien sees Uncanny Valley. Adrien hears a crash.

Uncanny Valley: Cat Noir, New York and Ladybug need you!
Adrien: (looks forlornly at where his ring would be) I'm no longer Cat Noir.
Uncanny Valley: To err is human, apparently!
Adrien: My mistakes are unforgivable. I couldn't bear to see the disappointment in her eyes.
Ladybug's recording: I don't know if I can do this... (Adrien gasps) I can't imagine being Ladybug without him.
Uncanny Valley: Your lady is waiting for you!
(Adrien smiles and takes his ring back.)
Adrien: Glad to see you again, Plagg!
Plagg: No need to get so cheesy!
Uncanny Valley: Who are you talking to?
Adrien: My kwami!
Plagg: Kwamis can't be detected by technology, which means your robobuddy can't see or hear me. (makes funny noises, waves in Uncanny's face and flies around her head)
Adrien: There's no time to lose. We have to get back on this plane before it lands!

[Transformation Sequence]
Adrien: Plagg, Claws Out!
(Adrien transforms into Cat Noir.)

Scene: New York. Sparrow is being chased by the rockets as he kicks Snowflake and lands down. He runs as Ladybug grabs him.

Ladybug: We've got to break the object where the Akuma is. I bet it's in his handcuffs. He already had them on at the museum!
Sparrow: Something else has changed! He was wearing the necklace Lafayette gave to Washington!
Ladybug: (gasps) A Miraculous!
Astrocat: That would explain his power upgrade! (reverts to his regular suit as he lands)
Cat Noir: Good insight, M'lady!
(Ladybug is relieved that Cat Noir is back and rushed to hug him wiping away tears from her eyes.)
Ladybug: Don't ever do that to me again!
Cat Noir: I'm sorry. I was so afraid to disappoint you that I didn't dare telling you the truth. I was so stupid.
(Ladybug and Cat Noir do a quiet fist bump without saying "POUND IT!" in happiness.)
Hawk Moth: Miraclonizer! It's time to proceed to the next step!
Miraclonizer: GIMME THAT! (grabs Victory's control console)
Victory: HEY!!!
(Miraclonizer flies off to the Statue of Liberty and presses the button as the rocket approaches.)
Hawk Moth: Ladybug! Cat Noir! If the rocket wouldn't take off because of YOU, a world war would be declared! Unless you give me your Miraculous of course! You have five minutes! Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Ladybug: Okay. The first thing we need to do is seize Miraclonizer's Miraculous. That way, we'll be able to break the spell and free the adults' heroes, and in turn they'll help us de-akumatize him!
Sparrow: (deep voice) But we can't get anywhere near him!
Cat Noir: Nothing's impossible for Ladybug!

[Superpower Sequence]
Ladybug: Lucky Charm!
(Ladybug summons a key chain.)

Uncanny Valley: So we're supposed to defeat the most powerful superheroes with a key chain? Interesting!
Ladybug: Yes, well- As soon as I figure out how to use it.
Miraclonizer: Four minutes 35... Four minutes 34...
Ladybug: (gasps) Uncanny! Can you show me how the Statue of Liberty is built?
(Uncanny Valley shows Ladybug the Statue of Liberty.)
Ladybug: Look! There's a ladder inside the arm that leads to the platform!
Cat Noir: Awesome! But how are we gonna get inside when there's an army of superheroes attacking us?
Ladybug and Sparrow: Doorman!
Sparrow: (deep voice) Thanks to his tele-doortation power, he could get us inside the Statue unnoticed!
Uncanny Valley: But Doorman only uses his power to satisfy his own curiosity now. He'll never agree to help us!
Cat Noir: Besides, how are we gonna find him? He could anywhere in the world!
Ladybug: By using his curiosity to our advantage! (notices a cardboard box and newspaper lying around) Sparrow! Grab a cardboard box and that newspaper and make a wrapped giftbox!
Sparrow: (deep voice) Alright!
Ladybug: Uncanny!
(Uncanny Valley unlocks the door with her powers. Sparrow and Uncanny Valley now detransformed back into Jess and Aeon and take a selfie.)
Jess: Dear sir, we got you a little gift to thank you for our day at the museum! We hope you enjoy the surprise!
Ladybug: We'll meet you on Liberty Island! Good luck!
(Sparrow and Uncanny Valley fly away as Doorman appears in a portal.)
Doorman: Kids? (he sees a giftbox and runs to it and picks it up and reads a list) "We know how fascinating you think keys are, so we hope you like this." Signed, Jess and Aeon! Of course! That's where I should've started!!
(Ladybug and Cat Noir follow Doorman back to Paris.)

Scene: Back to Paris where Ladybug and Cat Noir have gone into the Eiffel Tower. Doorman opens the drawer and picks an original key.

Doorman: Here it is! That key! The one that opens the safe hidden in the Statue!!
(Doorman runs back into the museum.)

Scene: Museum. Ladybug and Cat Noir stop him and tie him up.

Doorman: NO!! At least let me see what's inside the safe!

Scene: The stairs.

Ladybug: Only a few seconds left!

Scene: The Statue of Liberty. Sparrow and Uncanny Valley are flying as Miraclonizer sits here watching.

Scene: The stairs. Ladybug and Cat Noir are still running.

Scene: The Statue of Liberty. Ladybug manages to grab the Eagle Miraculous out of Miraclonizer as he falls down and detransforms back into Techlonizer.

Ladybug: SPARROW!!!
(Ladybug throws the Eagle Miraculous to Sparrow as she lands with acrobats as Liiri appears.)
Liiri: Hello, fledgling! All you have to say is: Liiri, wings of Liberty!

[Transformation Sequence]
Sparrow: Lirri-
(Sparrow detransforms back into Jess.)
Jess: -Wings of Liberty!
(Jess transforms into Eagle.)

[Superpower Sequence]
Eagle: Cool down!
(She uses her power to cool down.)

Scene: The moon. Majestia is back to normal.

Scene: New York City. Knightowl is back to normal.

Scene: Hotel room.

Hawk Moth: They can't say I didn't warn them.

Scene: The Statue of Liberty.

Ladybug and Cat Noir: NEVER!

Scene: Hotel room. Hawk Moth stands paitently.

Scene: The Statue of Liberty. The rocket is about to blast off to the moon. Ladybug and Cat Noir are shocked.

Scene: Space. Majestia stops the rocket with an unprecedented strength and throws it into the sun.

Scene: The Statue of Liberty. Ladybug and Cat Noir continue fighting Techlonizer. Knightowl picks Ladybug up as Techlonizer gets grabbed by Knightowl.

[Superpower Sequence]
Cat Noir: Cataclysm!
(Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm.)

(Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm use hit the gauntlets as Techlonizer detransforms back into Techno-Pirate.)
Ladybug: No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma!

[Superpower Sequence]
Ladybug: Time to de-evilise! (catches the akuma with her yo-yo) Gotcha!

Ladybug: (releases the akuma, turning it back into a normal butterfly) Bye-bye, little butterfly. MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!
(All the Miraculous magic fixes everything all around New York City.)
Techno-Pirate: Seriously, what happened?!
(Eagle attempts to take off her Miraculous.)
Ladybug: Keep it. I know you'll use it well.
Eagle: I've disobeyed again, which means... I'll never get my weapons back, right?
Knightowl: With the powers of the Miraculous, you won't need them anymore. And I was wrong. My little Sparrow is ready to become a fearsome Eagle.
Eagle: Thank you, Mom! (hugs Knightowl, but immediately pulls back I mean, thank you- sir?!
Knightowl: It doesn't matter anymore. With this new suit, everyone now knows Sparrow is a female, not a male. And that the legendary original Knightowl and Sparrow are long gone. (takes off her mask) (normal voice) Maybe it's a sign. That the time has come to embrace who we really are!
Majestia: And even though it still worries us, the only way for you to grow is for us to let you take chances. Thank you for inspiring them.
Knightowl: And please forgive us for misjudging you.
Ladybug, Cat Noir, Eagle and Uncanny Valley: POUND IT!

Scene: Hotel room.

Hawk Moth: My theory was correct. There are other lost Miraculous. And wherever they are in the world, they will be mine!

Scene: The Statue of Liberty's torch.

Ladybug: Uncanny, what about our secret identities?
Uncanny Valley: Don't worry! Once we say goodbye, I'll erase this information from my memory.
Ladybug: Thank you for bringing us back together. (hugs her)
Astrocat: I'll see you back in Paris, M'lady!
(Uncanny Valley and Astrocat fly off and Ladybug swings away.)

Scene: New York.

Nadja: The Mayor's office is quickly set to work to repair the damage Robostus caused in Paris. We did miss our local heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir, but for a good reason. At the same moment, they were busy saving New York! (Snowflake makes a statue of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Uncanny Valley, and Eagle as people celebrate)
Alya: Marinette, everyone's waiting for you! Remember? The surprise for Adrien, your "friend"?
Marinette: Ohh... I don't know, Alya.
Alya: We're going back to Paris tomorrow. You can ask yourself the question then. Come on! (grabs Marinette's hand)

Scene: The plane. Adrien sits paitently and watches his phone as the postcard sign said "HELLO ADRIEN!" as he smiles.

Scene: New York. The fireworks pop into the sky.

Sabrina: Oh, Chloé! I'm so glad to see that you're finally having some fun!
Chloé: Of course, I'm not! It's, uh, I'm only happy because we're leaving tomorrow!

Scene: The Gorilla's room. The Gorilla sits on his bed while listening to his app.

App's voice: Now you're a big puffy cloud.

Scene: New York with flags and fireworks.

Post-credit scene: New York City. Everyone gets out of the car. Eagle and Sparrow are waiting.

Monk: Now that the Miraculous of the Eagle has been found, it must return to its box it belongs to. I have came a long way, so give it back with no fuss, child! I'm not in the mood! (shows and opens the Native American Miracle Box, showing the Thunderbird Miraculous and 3 other Miraculouses, with the Eagle Miraculous missing.)
Uncanny Valley: Negative! Eagle has proved that she is a worthy Miraculous holder!
Eagle: Why don't you stay here? We could create a new generation of heroes together!
Monk:(smiling) Hmm.


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