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This article is about the flash game. You may be looking for another Miraculous.

Miraculous Mission Ladybug,[1] also known as Ladybug Game,[2] is a 2D platformer game on the Miraculous Ladybug website and Nick's official Miraculous page. The player must collect ladybugs to help Ladybug save Paris.[3]

How to play

You play as Ladybug, dodging obstacles such as holes and boxes, and collecting ladybugs along the way. Press the Up Arrow key to jump and the Right Arrow key to use the yo-yo. When a villain appears, they must be defeated by using the yo-yo, or the game ends.


  • The game begins with footage from the show of Marinette transforming into Ladybug.
  • There is a version of this game called the Cat Noir Game, where Cat Noir is the playable character instead of Ladybug.



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