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Season 4 has finished airing and none of the episodes are marked as spoilers on the wiki!


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Welcome to the Miraculous Wiki News, where we compile community notices and announce new information about the franchise!



Any questions you have you can ask me on my wall, constructive criticism is welcome as well. Any thoughts or recommendations for the weekly news or the wiki in general are helpful. You can make requests for things you'd like to see in the news, such as your birthday or a special event you'd like to host for the wiki. Please note that a user's birthday will only be added if the request is made by the exact user.


Voting Information

  • The suggestions for infoboxes begins at the first of every month and lasts for two weeks.
  • Your suggestions can be for any page. Every suggestion must follow the wiki's file policy.
  • If you aren't suggesting an image from one of the wiki's galleries, it must be official, high quality and have no unofficial watermarks. For more information on if you image is applicable, you can read here. This page will also tell you how and where to input you submissions.
  • The voting for infobox images takes place in our discord after the image suggestion period ends.
  • The image voting period lasts for one week.
  • After the voting period ends the selected images will be taken and cropped by a staff member and placed in their respective infobox.

Featured Article Voting

  • Featured Article voting takes place during the last five days of every month.
  • Featured Article voting includes two separate parts.
    • One part is an initial vote for the next month's featured article. Every month we will have category , from where your nominations will come from. The categories are as follows: Books/Comics, Cast, Characters, Crew, Episodes, Merchandise, Objects, Places, Songs, Superpowers
    • The other part is a vote on the category for next months featured article, where you'll be able to vote between six of the ten categories.

  • Featured Article Voting takes place in discussions, along with the selected category, there will be a list of ineligible pages, that can't be nominated.
    • Any nominations that are ineligible or repeats are subjected to being reported and deleted. You can give a like to upvote a nomination.
  • At the end of the voting period, the nomination with the most upvotes is made the featured article for the next month.

This Week's News

Weekly Wiki News Article

Infobox Images

Infobox Image Voting has ended, thanks to all those who participated! Infobox Image Suggestions will open again on June 1st!

Featured Article

Featured Article begins on May 26th, this month we will be voting on Characters. Who is your favorite character? Cast your votes for a chance to have them featured on the front page.

If you have any suggestions/requests or anything you'd like to see in the Weekly News Article, place them in the Community Newsletter or on the discussions post