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Season 4 has finished airing and none of the episodes are marked as spoilers on the wiki!


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This policy is a modified version of its predecessor staff blog.

The Miraculous Ladybug Wiki strives to be a reliable and accurate encyclopedia for all information spawning from the Miraculous Ladybug franchise. In following this goal, the wiki recognizes several sources as acceptable references in all articles.

A source is anything or place from which something originates, arises, or is obtained from.

While any website, article, written or visual account can be used as a citation, there are deposits of information that are more credible than most; those being official sources. Official sources for Miraculous Ladybug come from the original published material itself, such as the main TV series, feature films, comics, and etc., or accounts from staff and crew members or any one with reliable connections to the production. Second to these first-hand sources would be second-hand sources, such as entertainment reporting websites, magazines, broadcasting channels, and others in a similar vein. Third-hand sources would be social media posts from people completely disconnected from the production committee or any otherwise credible website. More detail below:

Official Sources: First-hand

  1. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, TV (2015-)
    1. Miraculous TV Specials
    2. Miraculous Comics
    3. Miraculous Manga
  2. Crew members
    1. Thomas Astruc, creator
    2. Wilfried Pain, co-director
    3. Jeremy Zag, producer
    4. Any other production crew member
    5. Any other cast member
  3. Official Social Media Accounts
    1. Miraculous Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, and any verified regional accounts (FR, JP, KR, etc.)
  4. Brand Ambassadors
    1. Anita, (@ladyofacat)
    2. Feri, (@miraculousmx)
    3. Miraculous World Network, (@miraculousintl)

Credible Sources: Second-hand

  1. Known magazines and entertainment websites like Variety, Animation Magazine, etc.
  2. Interviews and Convention Panel videos
  3. Cable listings
  4. Convention pamphlets (such as MIPCOM, etc.) and press kits (via TF1, etc.)
  5. Emails, direct messages, and statements from official broadcasters and SVOD services (TF1, Disney, Gloob, Netflix, etc.)
    1. For ensured verifiability, emails and direct message statements should be photographic evidence (e.g. link to a screenshot of the statement)

Uncredible Statements: Third-hand

  1. Fan accounts or posts without photographic or video backing (e.g. a written statement of something that happened during a SDCC panel, without a video or picture of the convention screen)
    1. These statements still count as sources, but lack the ability to be credible. They can be contradicted by sources that have more knowledge of the behind-the-scenes production and series lore.
  2. Any other source that doesn’t fit the criteria for the above stated tiers


Any information on the wiki can be backed by any source, but the best option for references is to use a credible citation. Simply not giving a source or saying “I got the information from my friend” is not good enough, because it cannot be fact checked. If you don’t have a link on hand, or are unsure of the credibility of your source, just add the citation needed template so someone knows to update that source. Without a source, or with an inaccurate or non-credible source, your edit may potentially be undone.

To add a reference, click this button Policy Ref Guide.PNG (via the Visual Editor); or add these tags around your citation information (via the Source editor):


Sourcing Images

You can add the source to the image’s description on its File page (if it is lacking a description space, simply add in the heading).

If you wish to add the source to image on a gallery page, add it as the caption as such:

Ladybug_near_the_Bakery_poster.png| Originally from TV Latina NATPE 2015 by World Screen ([https://issuu.com/worldscreen/docs/tv_latina_natpe_2015 pg. 138])