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Hello , this blog post will explain to you the Miraculous Ladybug Fandom's official sources. First off what is a source? A source is any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained. Here we will discusses the sources for the information that this fandom contains.

Much of the information on this fandom, such as episode transcripts, galleries and trivia is sourced by the Miraculous show itself. For spoilery info such as a new unseen character or episode title, this type of information will be sourced by someone or someplace online. The sources accepted here are what is called official sources, these sources are Thomas Astruc, Jeremy Zag, Wilfried Pain (Winny) and Feri González. You may notice that they are all crew members for Miraculous, occasionally information may come from other crew members but it is mainly these four. Other official sources are the official Miraculous youtube channel and twitter accounts Miraculous World Network, Mirculous MX, ladyofacat (Anita) and Lindalee Rose, as well as any official channels that air Miraculous such as TFOU, Disney, Family Channel and Gloob.

You may add new info to a page from one of the official sources given above, but if you do not add the source a staff member whom may not yet know of the information may take it down and ask you about the source of the information. This does not mean you are in trouble or have broken a rule, they are just asking for the official conformation for the claim that was posted.

To add a source to an article page it is best to user reference tags.
<ref>Source Link</ref>

As for concept art images, it is best to leave the source in the description box when adding the image

As for unofficial sources, your best friend or your favorite youtuber are not acceptable source regardless if their claims are accurate, unless they are the ones mentioned above. Lastly, if you have a question whether a source is official you may ask a staff member.