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Infobox image voting
Wiki Policies

This is a wiki-wide policy.

What is an infobox?

An infobox is a template on the right of almost every page on the Wiki. Usually, it has an image and vital information for the page. Since these sections are the most frequently used element on this site, only certain, community-approved images are used within them. If you feel you have a better image than the one currently in use, you can suggest it here.

Image Rules & Regulations

  • HD pictures are preferred.
  • Screenshots are only allowed from the main television series only.
    • This means that renders, fanart, fan edits, and official artwork from derivatives of the official series (such as Tales from Paris and the comics) are disallowed.
  • An image may not have any subtitles or unofficial logos. If you're unsure if the logo is official, check here.
    • If the logo covers the piece of the image you want, it is recommended that you find a different screenshot.
  • If you are suggesting an image for a page that does not appear in the series (season posters, staff member portraits, etc) ensure it is real and official.
    • For cast and crew, self-portraits are acceptable but photographs are preferred.
  • Do not crop your images, even if you are only suggesting a portion of the image. A staff member will crop it for you should your image be selected.
  • Before posting a new image, check here to see if the screenshot is available on the wiki. If it is, please use that image in your suggestion.
  • If the staff of the Miraculous Wiki feel that a submitted image does not fit with the wiki or is not appropriate to be featured in an infobox, they may reject the submission and/or over-rule a majority vote.

Things staff will look for:

  • heads not be cropped (if possible), a good amount of headspace
  • facing forward
  • no goofy expressions or poses
  • High quality
  • images with no or few other characters around, as to not feel cramped
  • good lighting/contrast

Submission Instructions

Note: If you are improving the quality or crop of an image already in use, you may replace it without going through this process.
  1. Copy and paste the code below into a new message on the talk page here and click "New Section", filling in the desired information. Please note that you must fill this in for every image you are suggesting, even if it is from the same page. Alter egos (such as Marinette and Ladybug) should be treated as separate characters.
  2. Leave the code in the comments section below. You may have multiple suggestions in one comment.
  3. Every few weeks, a staff member will compile the suggestions into one large poll in the forums. Should your suggestion be approved, the community will vote and decide if it goes through. (Your reasoning will be included in the vote.)

Submission Template

=== Name of the user submitting the requested change ===
{{Infobox image suggestion
|page name = Name of the page you are suggesting an image for
|image = Title of image.extension
|portion = Portion of the image you are suggesting
|reason = Reason for the desired change, and why this image is better




=== TestingUser ===
{{Infobox image suggestion
|page name = Plagg
|image = PH S01EP06 (78).png
|portion = Left of image
|reason = Better contrast of Plagg against the background. Shows his personality better than the current image by having him holding camembert and smiling.  

Thank you for helping improve our database!