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Editing Policy
Wiki Policies

All rules listed on the General Regulations page also apply to the Editing Policy.

  • Follow the general regulations linked above.
  • If you put any questionable information on the wiki, make sure that you have a reliable source for it.
    • This source should be add as a reference.
  • Do not engage in, support, or encourage vandalism, on this or any other wiki.
  • Do not make non-constructive edits, including "edit boosting", "fluff editing", and "badge gaming" whereby users make meaningless, small edits to increase their edit count.
  • Do not edit war, such as repeatedly undoing another user's edits unless they are blatant vandalism.
  • Do not edit another user's profile without their explicit permission, regardless of intentions.
    • The only exception is when you are undoing the edits of a user who has broken this rule.