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Our wiki sees many new posts with different ideas, and some users will start a series of similar posts. Other users like continuing these series, but oftentimes the content of the remakes is unsatisfactory for the original creators, and sometimes the original authors don't even get credited. To make it fair for those who have original ideas, we are implementing a registration system similar to real life copyright and patents.

What are copyrights and patents?

In legal terms, copyrights and patents are types of intellectual property. Mainly, a copyright is for creative rights and seeks to protect original literary, artistic, and musical works, while a patent is for technical creations like blueprints and machinery. Both of these licenses protect the exclusive rights of the creator, allowing only them to reproduce or distribute that property, and give them control over who is allowed to reproduce or distribute that work with their permission.


The wiki has its own honor code for user conduct to ensure a happy environment for every user. So, for people that originate a “series”, we’ll give them the following rights:

  • Grant permission to other users to continue the series or make inspired posts
  • State what degree of credit must be given (mention in image, mention in text, no mention necessary)
  • Establish a template for the series (what pictures to use, what text to use, etc.)
  • Recognition of a series by the wiki (listed on this page)
  • Infringements, failure to comply with the above conditions, will be deleted.
    • Crediting someone who is not the creator will result in a deletion, however you can re-upload if you follow the rules


  • Username
  • Series title
  • Inspiration (optional, if applies) - if someone else’s post or series inspired you, please specify
  • Template  - how posts a part of the series must look. what type of font, pictures, etc you must use. no series can use fanart that you did not make yourself.
  • Requirements  - if or how a person must credit you for using their series, if you’d be ok with other people continuing the series or deny that permission, and other criteria


To register, your series must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be the original creator
  • “Orphaned” series, or past series of which the creator is unknown, cannot be claimed
  • Each series must have it’s own unique and identifiable content to be registered. The only bridging element cannot be the title.
  • Series must be something that can have multiple editions, rather than just a trend that everyone can participate in.

Registered Series

This is a list of all registered series:

User Series Inspiration Template Requirements
User:PandaJJMusic Miraculous Babies N/A Title displaying "Miraculous Babies: Character Name" and a picture of the doll Credit at the top of the post by saying "Credit to @PandaJJMusic"
User:LADYNOIR04 The Torture Choices/Dares N/A Polls with two choices which are quite hard to choose. When completed, dares are awarded with a dare badge
  • Use "Cr. LADYNOIR04" in the title
  • Ping @LADYNOIR04 to the post
User:LondonHeart SAMGification! N/A Badly animated shots or screenshots with errors get edited into high quality images, as if they were animated by SAMG. The 2 shots are compared in the one post
  • Credit in the title
  • Ping @LondonHeart in the post or an early comment
User:QueenSuchARat Daily Miracle Game (V2) None A picture completely blacked out save for a spot of colour, referencing to something in the Miraculous franchise Insert the phrase "Inspired by User: QueenSuchARat" at any point in the post
User:PandaJJMusic Fandom x Miraculous Memes Image from episode with readable text as captions related to the Fandom No-one has the permission to post something similar