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Each post published in Discussions must be tagged with one category. There are several categories that you can tag your post with, and this guide will explain what content belongs in each category. The categories are: General, Spoilers, Fan-Made content, Fun and Games, Introductions, Questions, Wiki, Contests.


The General category is for posts for sharing your opinion on a character or an episode, creating or discussing a theory, showing off pictures of merchandise, etc. unless it mentions information that is considered a spoiler. Any posts with spoilers should be placed in the Spoilers category.


The Spoiler category is for any post which mentions a spoiler. For more information on what is considered a spoiler and the wiki's grace period on spoilers, see the Spoiler Doctrine. Any content or information regarding episodes, characters, etc. that have not been released in English are considered a spoiler. For example, a new episode or a new character would be considered a spoiler.

Fan-Made Content

The Fan-Made Content category is for any post which features fan-made content. This includes, but is not limited to, artwork, craft pieces, cosplays, fan-fiction, and non-monetized projects. If you made something based on the show, come show it off! Content featuring non-canon characters, like original characters, or featuring other franchises are not permitted. Any posts with spoilers should be placed in the Spoilers category.

Fun and Games

The Fun and Games category is for posts about casual enjoyment and fun, such as quizzes, memes, polls. Content should stay on-topic, meaning related to Miraculous Ladybug. Any posts with spoilers should be placed in the Spoilers category.


The Introductions category is generally used for introducing one-self. Please limit yourself to one introduction.


The Questions category is used for asking any questions you have regarding the show. If your question contains a spoiler, it should be placed in the Spoilers category.


The Wiki category is used for topics related to the wiki itself. Announcements from staff are posted here.


The Contests category is for all contests, whether it be fan art or memes. If you are making a post for a contest make sure to make it clear in the title or post so it doesn't come across as miscategorized. For example, title your post as "Title [Contest]".

For questions and inquiries leave a message for an Administrator or Discussions Moderator on their message wall.