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Wiki Policies

All rules listed on the General Regulations page also apply to the Blog Policy.

  1. Treat people with respect, and be open-minded about differing opinions. Similarly, don't mention hurting characters. This includes images and mention of blood, gore, weapons, death or strong hate speech/toxicity.
    • Do not swear on the wiki. If you're unsure whether a word is acceptable or not, consult staff.
    • Do not refer to characters or users as blind (if untrue), trash or animals as this is untrue and offensive.
  2. Only use English on this wiki.
  3. Do not spam or troll.
    • Spamming includes overuse of fonts (both given and external), caps, emojis and line breaks.
  4. Off-topic content will be deleted. This includes private information (for your own security), real-life issues (if necessary, contact professionals or people you know in real life), non-Miraculous media, random crossovers or other non-Miraculous blogs and links to such. Likewise, don't ask others to share such content.
    • If the relevance of your blog is questionable, explain clearly what connects it to Miraculous.
    • Given that Roleplays attract rule-breaking, they have been moved to the Zag Roleplay Wiki and may no longer be created here. This also includes "Miraculous group chats".
    • Adding random pictures/quotes "to make it on-topic" is still considered off-topic and is a loophole to the rule.
  5. Blogs that solicit comments or other activity will be deleted.
  6. Do not share illegal sources for watching episodes as we support the official releases. This includes image watermarks with links/site names and request of such sources. Likewise, don't share full issues of official comic books/manga. The maximum for pages is 6.
    • Do not share leaked content (spoilers revealed without the consent of the creators). Consult staff when in doubt.
  7. Do not advertise your own sites, accounts, wikis, etc., even if they are Miraculous-related.
  8. Do not plagiarize (claim art that is not yours) or share art which says "Do not repost". Only repost art by crediting the artist and/or providing a link to the original (note that "Google" does not create images). Respect the artists' wishes.
  9. Do not add redirects, excessive custom CSS or categories (excepting Category:Blog posts) to your blog, as this defeats the purpose of these special functions.
    • Templates that embed categories may not be used in blogs, either.
  10. Do not abuse loopholes (avoid rules through exceptions).
  11. If you have concerns such as depression or suicide, please call a suicide hotline or tell someone you know in real life. This is not the place for handling serious subjects, and remember, children use this site and may see things like this. Serious subjects need to be handled in real life with professionals best equipped to help the of involved parties.