The Miraculous Christmas Album is the official soundtrack to the Christmas special, released by ZAG Records.

It was released on December 22, 2016, and it contains 10 songs from the episode.[1]


Track Title Length Sample
1 Miraculous Theme (Christmas Version) [feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion] 0:30
2 Marinette & the Bakery 1:18
3 Cat in the Night (feat. Bryce Papenbrook) 1:00
4 Brand New Day 0:52
5 The Boy That I Secretly Love 1:12
6 Bad Santa Claws 1:57
7 We All Have the Right 0:49
8 My Christmas Wish (Bonus Track) [feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion] 2:34
9 It's Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas (Bonus Track) [feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion] 2:22
10 Miraculous Theme (feat. Laura Marano) 1:56
Total Length 14:30


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