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This article is about an early version of a feature film for Miraculous. You may be looking for another Miraculous.

We want to create a glamourous superhero character with a real European flair with Paris as backdrop.

Aton Soumache, Variety article

Miraculous Lady Bug (also known as Lady Bug) was an early feature film idea for the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir franchise. The film was to be directed and written by Thomas Astruc and it was to be co-produced by Univergroup Pictures (later Zagtoon Pictures) and Onyx Films. Since Miraculous Lady Bug was an old concept for a feature film for the franchise and there was little news about it in recent times, the film has been cancelled.


The film was first announced on Monday, October 4, 2010, during MIPCOM. According to an Animation World Magazine article, Univergroup Pictures and Onyx Films are partnering on the 3-D CG feature film called Miraculous Lady Bug. The feature will have a budget of $50 million and animator/storyboard artist Thomas Astruc will direct it. The production for Miraculous Lady Bug will be handled by Method Animation and Zagtoon. The studios also have plans to launch a TV series after the feature.[1] Univergroup (ZAG Entertainment's original name) has partnered up with the French licensing group Spel, which will handle the home retail merchandising for Lady Bug. The company would also publish 10 comic books, penned by Astruc, based on the film for iPad and iPhone applications.[2]

On October 11, 2010, an issue of MIPCOM News #1 magazine revealed that a TV series is going to be produced and it'll be based on the feature film. It is also revealed that Lady Bug's civilian form, Marinette, has a crush on a boy named Nathan "from the gym club" instead of Félix Agreste from the Ladybug PV.[3]

On June 10, 2011, Variety reported that the film was originally going to be part of a superhero toon trilogy.[4]

At around 2012, Univergroup Pictures has been defunct and the film started production by Zagtoon Pictures, Univergroup's new film division.[5]

Since then, there isn't any more news regarding Miraculous Lady Bug since the concept for the franchise has been changed over time in production and thus, the film has been cancelled


  • According to various articles, the film was going to have a budget of $50 million USD.
  • According to a Variety article, the studios were planning to launch a TV series after Miraculous Lady Bug as a spin-off.[2]
    • However, since Miraculous Lady Bug was announced back when the spin-off series was under pre-production, the concept for both the film and the series were not finalized yet. So because of it, it's likely Miraculous Lady Bug is not the same film as the Miraculous live-action film and the upcoming animated musical film Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie.
    • The series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir have also released before any of its feature films are released.
  • Lady Bug's crush Nathan has a similar name to Nathaniel Kurtzberg in the final product. Nathaniel's crush on Marinette in the series might be a reference to the original concept.


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