"Miraculous Adventures/Issue 5" is the fifth issue of the Miraculous Adventures comic series by Action Lab Comics. A free preview version of this issue was released on Free Comic Book Day 2018 in the event's Silver lineup.[1] The full issue was first released digitally on June 20, 2018, and later the physical version was released on July 18, 2018.[2]


This issue of Miraculous: Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir collects four Zag Entertainment webisodes: "Inspiration", "Busy Day", "Homework Essay" and "The Notebook". Join Marinette as she gets inspired by the amazing city of Paris, tries to bake enough macaroons in order to spend time with Adrien, writes an essay about a person who inspires her and helps Rose (along with the rest of her friends) try to feel better after Chloé insults her.[3]


The comic book issue is a compilation of adaptations of the Tales from Paris webisodes "Inspiration", "Busy Day", "Homework Essay", and "The Notebook".


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