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Miraculous is a book series that adapts the episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Each of the books are published under La Bibliothèque Rose. There's also a spin-off line of books that contains original stories called "Tailor-Made Adventures" (translated from the French title "Aventures sur mesure") that's a part of the series.


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Series Books Series premiere Series finale
Main series 30 June 1, 2016 (France)[1] TBA
Tailor-Made Adventures 2 October 3, 2018 (France)[2] October 7, 2018 (France)
Standalone 1 March 31, 2021 (France)[3] TBA

Main series

# Title Adapted Episode Release date ISBN
1 A Super Babysitter
("Une super baby-sitter")
Stormy Weather June 1, 2016 2012318770
Marinette is a schoolgirl like any other...well, almost! She hides an incredible secret: she is Ladybug, a masked heroine. And today, a double mission awaits her: she has to baby-sit while saving Paris from a supervillain, who is determined to plunge the city into a storm![1]
2 One Cat Too Many!
("Un Chat de trop!")
Copycat August 3, 2016 2011956382
Ladybug can't believe it: Cat Noir stole a painting from the Louvre! But when her teammate claims that it is the work of an impostor, the superheroine believes him. Obviously, there is one Cat Noir too many in this city, and Ladybug hopes to remedy this![4]
3 To Alya's Rescue
("Au secours d'Alya!")
The Pharaoh September 28, 2016 2011956854
For Marinette, the life of a superhero is not easy. And even less today: when Alya was about to discover who hides under Ladybug's mask, she was kidnapped by a supervillain! Will Marinette succeed in saving her best friend and protecting her secret identity?[5]
4 A Supervillain's Perfume
("Un parfum de supervilain")
Princess Fragrance December 14, 2016 2017004111
Marinette is facing a formidable dilemma: take Tikki, who became very ill, to the doctor, or save Paris from a new evil, Princess Fragrance! Armed with a bewitched perfume gun, she intends to put the city at her feet. And woe those who want to stand in her way…they will soon be put under the perfume's charm![6]
5 Operation Valentine's Day
("Opération Saint-Valentin")
Dark Cupid January 18, 2017 201700426X
It's Valentine's Day! As Cat Noir prepares to confess his feelings to Ladybug, he is struck by an evil arrow, turning his love into hate. How to free him from this evil? One thing is for sure: this time, the superheroine will have to rely only on herself…[7]
6 Duel Between Friends
("Duel entre amies")
Lady Wifi March 1, 2017 2017020834
Alya, Marinette's best friend, has become Hawk Moth's victim! Transformed into Lady Wifi, an ultra connected supervillainess, she is determined to discover who hides under Ladybug's mask. Marinette must do everything to stop her and protect her secret![8]
7 Superliar!
Volpina May 17, 2017 2016255544
A new student has joined Marinette's school. As soon as she has arrived, the girl is already talking about herself. It must be said that she claims to know the biggest stars: Jagged Stone, Steven Spielberg and even… Ladybug! Super popular or super liar? Marinette is determined to clear up the truth![9]
8 LadyChloé Antibug August 16, 2017 2016265744
This time, Hawk Moth did strong: he turned Chloé into an evil double of Ladybug: Antibug! But how to fight a supervillain who has the same reverse? It's a delicate mission for Ladybug...[10]
9 Vote Marinette!
("Votez Marinette!")
Darkblade November 8, 2017 2017035165
Marinette is desperate: Chloé is the only one to run for the election of class representative. She'll win by default… Yet this plague is only interested in herself! So, it's decided, Marinette will be a candidate! Except that her rival is ready to do anything to win… and that she could receive precious help: that of the evil Hawk Moth![11]
10 Panic at the Zoo!
("Panique au zoo")
Animan January 3, 2018 2016271310
Marinette can hardly believe it... Adrien invited her to spend the afternoon at the zoo! Will she succeed in speaking without stammering? The girl is in all its forms! Except that, on the day, nothing happens as planned: no Adrien on the horizon! And the new zoo panther has a strange behavior... as if someone had seized his spirit...[12]
11 Hawk Moth's Mystery
("Le mystère du Papillon")
The Collector May 16, 2018 2017040304
Poor Adrien ... Since his father caught him leafing through his precious book of inspiration, it's the drama ... He forbade his son to go back to school! Gabriel Agreste seems an ideal prey for Hawk Moth. But at the moment of the akumatizer, it gives the Akuma a very surprising order ... Ladybug does not know it yet, but she has never been so close to unmasking Hawk Moth![13]
12 TV Star!
("Star de la télé")
Prime Queen July 4, 2018 2017048836
Tonight, Nadja Chamack presents the show Face-to-Face with star guests, Ladybug and Chat Noir. If she does not want to lose her place, she will have to snatch an exclusive info ... are they in love, yes or no? With a little help from Hawk Moth, the journalist is ready to do anything to blow up the ratings![14]
13 A New Super Heroine
("Une nouvelle héroïne")
Sapotis September 12, 2018 2017061379
This evening, Alya keeps her two little sisters, and Marinette came to keep her company. A quiet evening in sight, chatting and watching a good movie ... Except that the twins are real little monsters! They are only nonsense! But the worst is yet to come: the girls are getting akumatize ... and sow chaos in Paris![15]
14 The Music is On!
("En avant la musique!")
Captain Hardrock November 7, 2018 201787339X
Today it's music party! On the program: a great concert on Juleka's mother's barge! However, Marinette is depressed… Adrien will not come, his father has still deprived him of going out. But the young girl meets Luka, a gentle and caring musician who sows trouble in her heart ...[16]
15 Aquabug Syren January 9, 2019 2017072303
Ondine can't take it anymore. She may sing to Kim the sirens of love, he doesn't realize anything… Worse: he keeps talking about Chloé! The poor swimmer is ideal prey for Hawk Moth, who soon akumatizes her into an evil Syren. An opponent of choice for Ladybug! Except that there is a small problem ... ladybugs, they don't breathe underwater![17]
16 Super-Wasp
Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2) March 6, 2019 2011183200
The superhero team keeps getting bigger! After Alya, it's Chloé who takes possession of a Miraculous, the comb-bee, who transforms her into Queen Bee. But everything gets tough when the new heroine gets akumatized and becomes Queen Wasp. Because the queen of the wasps is ready to do anything to triumph over Ladybug and Cat Noir ...[18]
17 Ladybug versus Spider
("Coccinelle contre araignée")
Anansi April 17, 2019 2017089877
Nino is a great romantic… He would do anything to protect his beautiful Alya! And precisely, the streets of Paris are haunted tonight by a particularly frightening supervillain: Anansi, the evil spider! Ladybug and Cat Noir could well need a helping hand not to get caught up in her web ...[19]
18 Army of Hawk Moth
("L'armée du Papillon")
Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1) and Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2) June 5, 2019 2017090182
It's Heroes' Day in Paris, and everyone must prepare for a good deed. But the day turns into a nightmare when Hawk Moth reactivates all her former villains! Will Ladybug and her team of super heroes succeed in defeating Papillon and her extraordinary army?[20]
19 The Secret of Master Fu
("Le secret de Maître Fu")
Backwarder September 11, 2019 2017097659
Marinette can't believe it: Master Fu is in love! But it has been decades since he saw Marianne, his beloved, and he never confessed his feelings to her… So he is determined to make up for lost time! Except that Hawk Moth gets involved ... Now he akumatizes Marianne and transforms her into a time thief ...[21]
20 Bad Christmas!
("Vilain Noël!")
Christmaster November 13, 2019 2017105252
Poor Marinette, it's not her day! First, she misses her babysitting with Nino's brother, then the little boy is made akumatized by Maître Noël, a super-capricious supervillain who sends giant toys to wreak havoc in Paris! Ladybug might need the help of a somewhat unusual superhero… but well known to children. A clue: he wears a white beard ...[22]
21 Alone Against All!
("Seule contre tous!")
Chameleon January 8, 2020 2017120456
Since Lila's return to college, Marinette has not ceased to be enraged! In addition to manipulating the other students with his lies, this plague does everything to get closer to Adrien. It's unbearable ! Only when anger arises, Hawk Moth is not far away… what if he manages to akumatize Marinette?[23]
22 Kagami's Wrath
("La colère de Kagami")
Oni-Chan March 4, 2020 2017120685
Certainly, in love, the competition is tough for Marinette! Two other girls revolve around her beloved Adrien: Lila and Kagami. But when Hawk Moth gets involved, the fight becomes really unequal ... And it is the ultra-jealous Oni-Chan that Ladybug has to face![24]
23 Luka Superstar Desperada June 3, 2020 2017873031
Marinette is a rock fan and her favorite band is Kitty Section. No wonder: all members are his friends! And the guitarist is none other than the handsome Luka… But when Hawk Moth akumatizes Vivica, the former accomplice of Jagged Stone, the atmosphere becomes electric! And to face the supervillain, Ladybug will have to choose between Luka and Adrien ...[25]
24 The Miraculous Eater
("Le mangeur de Miraculous")
Feast July 1, 2020 201787339X
The hour is serious… Master Fu confesses to Marinette that he made a terrible mistake in his youth, and today, this past comes to haunt him. To protect them from the terrifying "Miraculous Eater", he decides to take their Miraculous away from Ladybug and Cat Noir. But they are ready to do anything to defend him, even without their powers ...[26]
25 A Shocking Duo
("Un duo de choc")
Ikari Gozen August 12, 2020 2016288752
Marinette is ecstatic! She takes part in a giant treasure hunt whose goal is to find a celebrity… who is none other than Adrien! But her enthusiasm fades when she learns that she will have to ally with her rival, Kagami. If their team wins, it risks getting closer to Adrien… and conquering him for good![27]
26 Operation Adrien
("Opération Adrien!")
Party Crasher September 16, 2020 2016288779
Poor Adrien… His father forbids him to go out and visit him. Never mind! Nino, Max and the others take advantage of Mr. Agreste's business trip to organize a great party with friends. The only problem: Wayhem, Adrien's biggest fan, has not been invited… and he intends to take revenge. With the help of Hawk Moth, of course![28]
27 Amnesia
Oblivio October 7, 2020 2017128031
Ladybug and Cat Noir have lost their memories! They forgot about their friendship, their superhero mission and how to use their powers ... A shot from the dreaded Oblivio, of course! Will they manage to defeat the supervillain so that he is nothing more than a bad memory?[29]
28 Kwami Queen
("Reine des kwamis")
Kwamibuster December 9, 2020 201712804X
Catastrophe! Ms. Mendeleev, Marinette and Adrien's science teacher, discovered the existence of Tikki and Plagg. Worst! She is determined to let the whole world know about it! Akumatized as a super-hunter, she does everything to capture the kwamis… Ladybug and Cat Noir must protect their secret at all costs![30]
29 Queen Bee For Life
("Queen Bee pour la vie")
Miraculer January 7, 2021 2017128198
Sabrina is furious and desperate. Chloé only has eyes for Ladybug! But there is one that his desperation arranges well - Hawk Moth, of course! Because, to get back her best friend, Sabrina is ready to do anything, and in particular… exterminate the ladybug of misfortune![31]
30 Mister Bug and Lady Noire Reflekdoll March 3, 2021 2017128201
Poor Juleka, her shyness prevents her from fulfilling her dream: to become a model. The worst part is that nobody around her understands it… nobody except Hawk Moth! And this time, the supervillain receives the help of a special ally who plunges Ladybug and Cat Noir into disarray and pushes them to the fault: the superheroes inadvertently exchange their Miraculous ...[32]
31 TBA
("Grand-père d'enfer")
Bakerix May 12, 2021 TBA

Tailor-Made Adventures

# Title Character edition Release date ISBN
1 Ladybug: You Are the Hero
("C’est toi le héros")
Marinette/Ladybug October 3, 2018 2012318770
Today, Marinette, your teacher Miss Bustier is taking your whole class to the Grévin museum. Great ! You will be able to admire your wax double. But when Hawk Moth steps in, the visit quickly turns into a nightmare ... Pursued by the statues brought to life, you and Cat Noir will succeed in stopping the supervillain Sculptia before she seizes your Miraculous?[2]
2 Cat Noir: You Are the Hero
("C’est toi le héros")
Adrien/Cat Noir October 7, 2018 2017128139
You are the hero!

As you sit quietly in the library to write a letter to your beloved Lady, the librarian suddenly turns into a supervillain! Her power: she propels herself in the books with her victims. But you're Cat Noir, only you can stop it (with Ladybug's help, of course)! However, beware, because the books are full of bad guys who want to escape ... Are you ready? Your turn![34]


# Title Adapted episode Release date ISBN
1 Miraculous World: New York, United HeroeZ
("Miraculous World: New York, les héros unis")
Miraculous New York March 31, 2021 2012318770
To celebrate Franco-American Friendship Week, Marinette flies to New York with all her class! The perfect opportunity to get even closer to Adrien… But, on the other side of the Atlantic, Hawk Moth leaves them no respite and threatens to destroy the city! Fortunately, Ladybug and Cat Noir can count on the United Heroez, the superheroes of America, to lend them a hand![3]


  • The authors listed for the books are Zagtoon and Method Animation.


Main series

Tailor-Made Adventures



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