This page contains a full list of credits for Miraculous: Tales from Paris.


Monkey Eggs

  • Artistic and Executive Producer – Nicolas Monteiro
  • Studio Manager & Director – Niel Ruffier Meray
  • Animatic and Final Editing – Niel Ruffier Meray, Fabrice Carron
  • Designer Artists – Axel Quinteiro, Tristan Brard, Jonas Genevaz, Chloé Menager
  • Build Artists – Laure Ernenwein, Corentin Pluvinage, Thomas Landrein
  • Layout Artists – Louis Muray, Juliette Bringtown
  • Lead of Animation – Thomas Landrein
  • Animation – Ludovic Dambreville, Margot Reumont, Yeseul Kim
  • Compositing – Nerimen Gbane, Niel Ruffier Meray



  • Direction de Plateau – Martial Leminoux
  • Sound Design & Post-production – Zynco Studio
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