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[ Theme Song ]

Scene: Marinette is narrating. Miracle Queen is standing with Hawk Moth on the roof of the Grande Paris Hotel

Marinette: Experiencing loss is a part of life. But good things come, too. Expect the unexpected, and embrace it.

Hawk Moth: Use them well, My Queen. (Hawk Moth hands Miracle Queen the Miracle Box)

Scene: Miracle Queen sending her wasps from the Trocadéro

Miracle Queen: Sting them! Sting them all! Make them mine!

Scene: Continuing narration: Césaire apartment

Marinette: Each first-time is an adventure.

(The Césaire family and Nino are stung by Miracle Queen's wasps.)

Scene: Continuing narration: Max and his mom receiving a space suit

Marinette: And who knows how far these adventures will lead you.

(Max and his mom are stung by the wasps.)

Scene: Continuing narration: Kim and Ondine at the swimming pool.

Marinette: You find people to whom you entrust your heart as much as they entrust theirs to you.

(Kim and Ondine are stung by the wasps.)

Scene: Continuing narration: André and Audrey outside Le Grand Paris

Marinette: That trust is sometimes broken but it can always be restored.

(André and Audrey are stung by the wasps.)

Scene: Ending narration: Luka hugging Marinette at the Place des Vosges.

Marinette: Yes sometimes the road can be winding. You might even get lost along the way. But with the help from the right people, you'll always find your destination.
Marinette: Sorry I- I don't why I did that.
Luka: Are you okay?
Marinette: Yes. Thank you, Luka. Oh, by the way did you find that perfect tune you were looking for?
Luka: I think I did, yeah. But are you sure you really want to hear it? You're still thinking of Adrien, aren't you? (Luka sees Miracle Queen's wasps coming toward them.) Marinette! (Luka turns her around and is stung by a wasp.)
Marinette: Luka? Oh, no! Not those again! Tikki, power-up! (tosses Tikki the aqua power-up) Aqua-Tikki, spots on! (jumps into the water and transform into Aqua Ladybug)
Aqua Ladybug: I should have known that Hawk Moth had a bigger plan all along battles not over

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin.

Adrien: No. I mean I mean yes I mean it's the first time that I... thought it would be different

Kagami: So you're not happy

Adrien: Yes I am! It's just that... I think I wasn't really ready
Kagami: So when will you be ready? (Adrien looks away) Your indecision is hurtful, Adrien. (Adrien frowns and looks to Kagami, and notices Miracle Queen's wasps. Adrien gasps, and pulls Kagami towards him protectively) What?! No! (Kagami pushes Adrien and gets stung herself.)
Adrien: Kagami! (Wasps chasing Adrien as he stands and runs. Reaches in jacket for power up Camembert) Plagg, lunch time! (throws camembert which Plagg catches in his mouth and transforms him into Aqua Plagg.) Aqua Plagg, Claws Out! ( Adrien transforms into Aqua Cat Noir, and dives into the water, safe from the wasps)
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