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[ Theme Song ]

Scene: Marinette is narrating. Miracle Queen is standing with Hawk Moth on the roof of the Grande Paris Hotel

Marinette: Experiencing loss is a part of life. But good things come, too. Expect the unexpected, and embrace it.
Hawk Moth: Use them well, My Queen. (Hawk Moth hands Miracle Queen the Miracle Box)

Scene: Miracle Queen sending her wasps from the Trocadéro

Miracle Queen: Sting them! Sting them all! Make them mine!

Scene: Continuing narration: Césaire apartment

Marinette: Each first-time is an adventure.
(The Césaire family and Nino are stung by Miracle Queen's wasps.)

Scene: Continuing narration: Max and his mom receiving a space suit

Marinette: And who knows how far these adventures will lead you.
(Max and his mom having a mother son moment, as they celebrate, they are stung by the wasps.)

Scene: Continuing narration: Kim and Ondine at the swimming pool.

Marinette: You find people to whom you entrust your heart as much as they entrust theirs to you.
(Kim and Ondine are stung by the wasps.)

Scene: Continuing narration: André and Audrey outside Le Grand Paris

Marinette: That trust is sometimes broken, but it can always be restored.
(André and Audrey are stung by the wasps.)

Scene: Ending narration: Luka hugging Marinette at the Place des Vosges, attempting to comfort her after her heartbreak of Adrien.

Marinette: Yes, sometimes the road can be winding. You might even get lost along the way. But with the help from the right people, you'll always find your destination.
Marinette: Sorry I- I don't why I did that.
Luka: Are you okay?
Marinette: Yes. Thank you, Luka. Oh, uh, by the way, did you find that perfect tune you were looking for?
Luka: I think I did, yeah. But are you sure you really want to hear it? You're still thinking of Adrien, aren't you? (Luka sees Miracle Queen's wasps coming toward them.) Marinette! (Luka turns her around and is stung by a wasp.)
Marinette: Luka? Oh, no! Not those again! Tikki, we have to take shelter! Power-up! (tosses Tikki the aqua power-up) Aqua-Tikki, spots on! (jumps into the water and transform into Aquabug)
Aquabug: I should have known that Hawk Moth had a bigger plan all along. The battle's not over!

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin.

Adrien: No. I mean... I mean yes! I mean, it's the first time that I... thought it would be different
Kagami: So you're not happy.
Adrien: Yes, I am! It's just that... I think I wasn't really ready.
Kagami: So, when will you be ready? (Adrien looks away, Kagami becomes upset) Your indecision is hurtful, Adrien. (Adrien frowns and looks to Kagami, and notices Miracle Queen's wasps. Adrien gasps, and pulls Kagami towards him protectively, much to Kagami's confusion.) What?! No! (Kagami pushes Adrien and gets stung herself.)
Adrien: Kagami! (Wasps chasing Adrien as he stands and runs. Reaches in jacket for power up Camembert) Plagg, lunch time! (throws camembert which Plagg catches in his mouth and transforms him into Aqua Plagg.) Aqua Plagg, Claws Out! (Adrien transforms into Aqua Noir, and dives into the water, safe from the wasps)

Scene: Trocadéro. People of Paris are shown stung, as it cuts to Miracle Queen.

Miracle Queen: People of Paris, listen to Miracle Queen's first order! From now on, no one will have to keep his identity a secret! All the Miraculous wearers, come to me!
(Previous Miraculous holders, one by one, leave to Miracle Queen)
Hawk Moth: Yes, yes! No more hiding!
(The stung Miraculous holders line up in front of Miracle Queen)
Miracle Queen: Nerdy Max? The fake reporter? DJ headache!? What has possessed Ladybug to choose such losers as her superheroes? (Chloé rips off Alya's glasses, crushing them, then notices Kim) Oh, simple, little Kim too! For a moment there, I thought you only had to wear glasses to get a Miraculous. (Luka bows before Miracle Queen) Don't know this one. He's cute. But he gets his clothes from a dumpster! Oh no, not this one! (She notices Kagami) Ugh, my, such ridiculous choices! Utterly ridiculous! Anyway, grab your Miraculous!
(One by one, they grab their Miraculouses and step back in line, except for Nino and Kagami.)
Hawk Moth: Huh? Why don't they take any?
Miracle Queen: Surely because the Miraculous of the Moron and the Pompous Brat do not exist!
Hawk Moth: Or maybe someone else is already wearing them.
(Miracle Queen stands in front of them, holding her arm out)
Miracle Queen: Come on, hurry up and transform, my pawns!
Alya: Trixx, let's pounce. (Transforms into Rena Rouge)
Max: Kaalki, full gallop. (Transforms into Pegasus)
Luka: Sass, scales slither. (Transforms into Viperion)
Kim: Xuppu, Showtime. (Transforms into King Monkey)
Miracle Queen: You were once Ladybug and Cat Noir's minions, but from now on, you will be Miracle Queen's royal guard!
(The miraculous Holders bow together)
Miracle Queen: Ladybug, Cat Noir, I'm gonna use your own weapons to defeat you. You'll so regret not choosing me!

Scene: Rooftop of Palais de Chaillot. Mayura is on top of a building guarding Wang Fu, who is now Jade Turtle, remains shielded with his Shell-ter power

(Hawk Moth than joins Mayura)
Hawk Moth: Mayura! Now it's time to deal with the old guardian. (As Hawk Moth speaks, Mayura, still sick, suddenly loses balance, he catches her.)
Hawk moth: Mayura!
Mayura: I'm all right.
Hawk Moth: Of all the plans I've concocted, I never wanted this. (Hawk Moth rotates Mayura) Forgive me for needing you again one last time.
Mayura: Don't blame yourself. From the very first day, I knew that I'd do anything for you. (Mayura cups Hawk Moth's face shortly before standing back up)
(Mayura takes a couple steps back, extending her fan, pulling out a feather)
Mayura: (grasping the feather, it then turns blue as she blows it towards Hawkmoth) Little Amok, give body to Hawk Moth's sentimonster again! (Feather flies into Hawk Moth's staff, creating a Giant Moth sentimonster) Sentimonster, I am Mayura! You will now obey Hawk Moth!
Hawk Moth: Destroy the shield! (the sentimonster than began to attack Jade Turtle's Shell-ter as Jade Turtle must keep the sentimonster from cracking it.)

Scene: Seine. Aqua Cat Noir and Aqua Ladybug are in the water.

Aqua Noir: Ladybug!
Aquabug: Cat Noir!
Aqua Noir: There's something wrong. What did Fu say to you when you gave him back the Dragon Miraculous?
Aquabug: ...I wasn't able to give it back.
Aqua Noir: (shocked) What?
Aquabug: Master Fu has disappeared! I worry something happened to him!
(Aqua Noir extends his baton from under the water, surveying his surroundings, when his baton beeps)
Aqua Noir: Huh! You're right! (Aquabug covers her mouth in fear) They found Master Fu and the Miracle Box! It's a catastrophe! And I just happen to be an expert in cat things! (Aqua Noir looks back as Aquabug)
Aquabug: It's... It's my fault. I didn't transform back before I went to find him.
Aqua Noir: What?
Aquabug: I was... confused. I'm sorry. I'm such a failure. (puts her head in her hands. Aqua Noir swims closer to her, putting a hand on her shoulder)
Aqua Noir: Hey! The important thing is to save Master Fu before the sentimonster destroys his shield. And we'll need a focused Ladybug for that. Forget what happened, okay? (Aquabug stares at Aqua Noir before hugging him tightly)
Aquabug: Thanks, Cat! You're always here for me! (he smiles and hugs her back)
Aqua Noir: Always, Little Bug. (they pull away from each other)
Aquabug: Okay! We have to free our friends from Miracle Queen. Then we can defeat Mayura, Hawk Moth, and his sentimonster. But first, we gotta neutralize those wasps so we can get out of the water. If we get stung, it's all over.
Aqua Noir: Sounds easy when you say it!
Aquabug: Yes! We're gonna make it easier! (puts on the Dragon Miraculous)
Aqua Noir: No! It's too dangerous! Too many powers at the same time!
Aquabug: We don't have a choice!
Longg: Hmph! I'm ready to fight, Ladybug!
(Both Aquabug and Aqua Noir jump out of the water)
Aquabug and Aqua Noir: Spots off/Claws in! (they both detransform form their aqua forms)

[Transformation Sequence]
Ladybug: Tikki, Longg, unify! (she is then transformed into Dragon Bug)

Dragon Bug: Water Dragon!
(Dragon Bug creates a water shield, as her and Chat Noir land, sending the water shield flying forward, knocking over Miracle Queen in the process)
Miracle Queen: Ladybug!
Dragon Bug: It'll be Dragon Bug to you, Chloé!
Hawk moth: A few extra powers aren't going to save you, you know. In a few moments, when the old guardian is too weak and his shield is broken, I'll force him to tell me your secret identities, and it will all be thanks to Ladybug. She led you all to your own doom!
Jade Turtle: He's trying to divide you! Don't listen to him! I chose you both for a reason! Stay united!
(Dragon Bug and Cat Noir face each other before grabbing each other hands)
Cat Noir: It's us against the world!
Dragon Bug: As always!
(Dragon Bug and Cat Noir look back up to Hawk Moth)
Cat Noir: Ladybug and I never fight each other! We fight together!
Dragon Bug: Welcome to your Doomsday, Hawk Moth!
Hawk Moth: You fools! It's time to take action, my Queen!

Scene: Trocadéro.

Miracle Queen: En garde, my guards! (Miracle Queen commanded her victims. The Miraculouse holders activate their special ability, starting with Rena Rouge's mirage)
King Monkey: Uproar! (he catches a toy frog and his staff)
Pegasus: Voyage!
Viperion: Second Chance!
(All Miraculouses holders remain in a line, ready to fight, Dragon Bug takes out her sword)
Dragon Bug: Viperion is by far the most dangerous! You focus on him! Be careful, Cat!
Cat Noir: Got it! Cataclysm! (activating his special ability, they both charge forward as the others do as well. With Dragon Bug fighting her own battle, Cat Noir takes on Viperion. Cat Noir kicks Viperion to the ground)
Viperion: Second Chance!
Cat Noir: Got it! Cataclysm! (they charged once again, Viperion blocks Cat Noir's kick, but gets punched by Cat Noir, failing once more)
Viperion: Second Chance!
Cat Noir: Got it! Cataclysm! (fighting again, Viperion locks Cat Noir in place)
Dragon Bug: Looks like you forgot about me! But I didn't! (Dragon Bug takes Viperion's Miraculous, he de-transforms back into Luka)
Miracle Queen: (frustrated) Useless! That snake is utterly useless!
Dragon Bug: Cat Noir! It's your turn! (Dragon Bug throws the Snake Miraculous to him, he catches it. Putting on the Miraculous, Sass appears exhausted but Cat Noir feeds him)
Cat Noir: Sass, Plagg, Unify! (Cat Noir then transforms into Snake Noir)
Snake Noir: Second Chance! (activates his Miraculous)
Miracle Queen: Stop him! (King Monkey and Pegasus try to attack him but dodge when he notices Dragon Bug fighting Rena Rouge)
Snake Noir: Dragon Bug! It's an illusion! (Dragon Bug extended her yo-yo, erasing the illusions only for King Monkey to grab her yo-yo, he reaches for the yo-yo with the stuffed frog)
Dragon Bug: No! (the stuffed frog and yo-yo touch, breaking the water shield around them. Wasps swarm in, stinging Dragon Bug in the process)
Snake Noir: Ladybug! (Snake Noir struggles as Rena Rouge traps him, then sends them back in time)
Snake Noir: Dragon Bug! They're illusions! (Snake Noir then falls into Pegasus' portal, falling towards the sun in space. Holding his breath, he uses his ability again)
Snake Noir: Dragon Bug! They're illusions! (he dodges Pegasus' portal, and grabs King Monkey's arm) Dragon Bug! Opening! There! (Dragon Bug makes an opening in the water shield. Snake Noir kicks King Monkey's staff through the opened hole, sailing towards Miracle Queen, only she catches it, and laughs evilly)
Miracle Queen: Pathetic! Is that honestly how you think you- Ew!(the stuffed frog smacks Miracle Queen in the face, turning her weapon into a disco ball, and her wasps into confetti. Dragon Bug releases the water shield, and wraps her yo-yo around Miracle Queen, pulling her forward)
Miracle Queen: No!
Snake Noir: Haaah! (he cataclysms the disco ball, the akuma flies out)
Dragon Bug: Longg, Tikki, Divide! (transforms back into Ladybug)
Snake Noir: Sass, Plagg, Divide! (transforms back into Chat Noir)
Ladybug: No more evildoing for you, little Akuma. Time to de-evilize! Gotcha! Bye bye, little butterfly. (Miracle Queen transforms back into Queen Bee)
Cat Noir: Told you! Welcome to your doomsday, Hawk Moth! (Hawk Moth laughs evilly, sending another akuma for Queen Bee)
Queen Bee: (jumps up excitedly trying to grab the akuma) Ah! Ah, ah, ah!
Ladybug: (captures the akuma) Hawk Moth is our enemy, Chloé! He can't get ahold of the Miracle Box!
Queen Bee: I'm not on your side anymore! How many times have I asked to fight alongside you? And how many times have you refused to give me back my Miraculous? How many, huh? Hawk Moth isn't my enemy, he's yours! And the Miracle Box is mine! (Queen Bee slams down the Miracle Box, and opening it, starts putting on all of the Miraculouses)
Ladybug: (panicked) Chloé! No! Don't do that!
Queen Bee: Oh, yes I will! I'm going to be the most powerful Miraculous wearer there ever was!
Hawk Moth: (laughs evilly) I don't even need to do anything! I knew you were one of us, Chloé Bourgeois!
Queen Bee: (laughs evilly) Well, what are you waiting for? Transform me!
Stompp: She doesn't even know our names!
Roaar: And you didn't give the right commands!
Ziggy: Or say please, for that ma-a-atter! (says 'matter' like a sheep bah)
Queen Bee: I am your queen, the queen of the Miraculous! I command you to tell me how you proceed!

Scene: Rooftop of Palais de Chaillot. Jade Turtle struggles to keep his Shell-ter from breaking from the sentimonster.

Hawk Moth: There's nothing you can do anyway! I already won! (Cat Noir's ring beeps, Ladybug turns to him) It's moments before the shield caves in. Then the guardian will be at my mercy! Your friends are about to transform back! You're on your own. Checkmate, Ladybug!

Scene: Trocadéro.

Ladybug: I still have one move left, Hawk Moth! Lucky Charm! (a Key Chain appears) A keyring? What am I suppose to do with this? (she looks around for clues, finds nothing) Um...
Hawk Moth: (laughs evilly) Nothing! There's nothing you can do! My plan was perfect! You can't beat me! (laughs evilly again, Ladybug turns to Chat Noir)
Ladybug: I can't figure it out!
Cat Noir: Focus! You can do it! (Ladybug continues to look for clues but stops at the sight of Jade Turtle struggling, she turns back to Chat Noir)
Ladybug: (laments) I'm sorry! I'm so useless! If I hadn't forgotten to de-transform myself to go see Master Fu-
Cat Noir: Ladybug, no!
Ladybug: (still laments) -Hawk Moth wouldn't have taken him hostage. He wouldn't have taken the Miracle Box.(hugs Cat Noir, while crying) I'm the worst Ladybug that has ever existed!
Jade Turtle: Ladybug, you are the best Miraculous holder I've ever met. You made mistakes, but who hasn't? What matters is to fix them. And you always, always miraculously knew how to fix everything, right?
Ladybug: But what should I do, Master?
Jade Turtle: You hold all the keys, Ladybug. You always have. And you will be the most magnificent of Guardians.
Hawk Moth: (shocked) What!?
Stompp: Master!
Ziggy: No!
Roaar: Don't do it!
Jade Turtle: I, Wang Fu, hereby relinquish the Miracle Box, (starts glowing) and name Ladybug the new Guardian! (just then sentimonster shatters his shield, the bright light encasing Jade Turtle leaves, and he collapses)
Hawk Moth: (dismayed) NO!!! (the Miracle Box then lifts to the sky and transforms into a new box, and unconscious, Jade Turtle de-transforms.)
Wayzz: (saddened) Master! (Queen Bee catches the box)
Queen Bee: (furious) No! It's my Miracle Box, mine! I'm the guardian, I'm the Queen! Hawk Moth, tell him to give me my box back!
Hawk Moth: How disappointing. (He picks up Mayura, then jumps onto the Sentimonster, flying away)
Cat Noir: I'll take care of them, you take care of the box! (Queen Bee tries to escape, but Ladybug trips her with her yo-yo)
Ladybug: Sorry, but I think this belongs to me now. (Ladybug picks up the Miracle Box)
Queen Bee: I don't need all those stupid Miraculous anyway! I only need the Queen Bee! (throws of all the Miraculouses except for the Bee Miraculous as she's talking) Besides, you're lame, and Paris is lame! I'm going to go to New York with mommy! And I'll be the one and only Queen Bee there! And I'll save the world all by myself, without you and your ridiculous, poorly chosen friends! Utterly poorly chosen!
Ladybug: I'm sorry, Chloé, but I can't let you do that. (Ladybug takes the Miraculous out of Queen Bee's hair, who de-transforms back into Chloé)
Chloé: Well, if that's the way it is, I'm no longer your fan, Ladybug! I don't love you, anymore! And I'm still going to leave with mommy anyway, because you don't deserve to breathe the same air I do! (Chloé pushes past Ladybug as Cat Noir comes back)
Cat Noir: Sorry, couldn't catch up with them.

Scene: Rooftop of Palais de Chaillot. Ladybug and Chat Noir surround Master Fu, who's still unconscious.

Ladybug: Master! Master? Wake up!

Scene: Parisian streets. Gabriel putting Nathalie in a car.

Gabriel: Oh, my Nathalie. There are no words to express how sorry I am. I failed yet again, and you have used up every last bit of strength, for nothing.
Nathalie: No. Not for nothing. There's a deciphered version of the grimoire stored on the Guardian's tablet! Now we can fix the Peacock Miraculous! (Gabriel smiles at her)

Scene: Rooftop of Palais de Chaillot with Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Master Fu.

Ladybug: Master! Master? (Master Fu's eyes open, Wayzz hides behind Ladybug)
Ladybug: Oh! Master Fu! (Master Fu looks from Ladybug to Cat Noir as they smile at him.)
Master Fu: Oh! Such pretty costumes! Who are you?
Cat Noir: Has he... lost his memory?
Wayzz: (sadly) It's the rule of the Guardians. Their memory gets erased when they pass on the box, to protect the secret identities of the Miraculous holders.
(Ladybug and Cat Noir are disappointed)
Ladybug: It's all good. We're friends, sir!
Master Fu: Well, nice to meet you!
Wayzz: (heartbroken) Goodbye, Master.
Cat Noir: Wait! You haven't repaired everything yet. There's still hope!
Ladybug: Oh! Of course! Miraculous Ladybug! (The ladybugs then repair everything)
Ladybug: Master! Do you remember me?
Master Fu: I'm sorry to disappoint you, young lady, but this is the first time I've ever set eyes on you.
(Heartbroken, Ladybug and Cat Noir look down, saddened that the miraculous ladybug didn't repair Fu's memories.)
Ladybug: (saddened) Yes, of course.
Cat Noir: What happened to him has nothing to do with the damages caused by Chloé.
Ladybug: So my magical ladybugs couldn't do anything.
Master Fu: It's a shame you threw such a pretty keyring away! I could have used it for my key. They were matching too! (Master Fu takes out a key, giving it to Ladybug, who smiles)

Scene: Grande Paris Hotel, where Chloe angrily storms in.

Chloé: (angrily) Mom! I hope Jean-Patrick has finished packing our suitcases! We're leaving right now!
Mayor Bourgeois: Chloé! Your mother has decided to stay, after all!
Audrey Bourgeois: Yes. We've undoubtedly made our share of mistakes along the way, but then who hasn't? What matters is to fix them, right?
Mayor Bourgeois: Oh! My queen! (André and Audrey kiss passionately)
Chloé: (disgusted) Ew! This is despicable! Utterly despicable! I order you both to fight again!

Scene: Locker room at the Gare du Nord train station. Marinette opens a locker, showing Master Fu's gramophone, a picture of Marianne Lenoir, and a letter.

Marinette: As we grow old, we realize life doesn't always give us all the gifts we hoped it would. I would have loved to tell you all this in person, Marinette, but if you're reading this, it means I've already lost my memory. But you mustn't be scared, and you mustn't be sad. As I was telling you at the beginning of this letter, experiencing loss is a part of life, but it doesn't define it. Because what really matters isn't whether you win or lose. It's the ability to...
Master Fu: accept changes in ourselves. It's accepting that even if life doesn't always give us the gifts we were hoping for, the real gift is life itself.

Scene: At the train station's boarding platform. Master Fu sees Marianne for the 'first time' with love.

Master Fu: It's incredible! I've only just met you and yet my heart is beating as if I've known you forever.
Marianne: You should always trust your heart.
Marinette: Take this sir, for the journey. (Marinette hands him a box of rainbow macarons)
Master Fu: Mmm-hmm. Thank you, young lady. I will never forget you. (Marinette sighs but smiles, Marianne and Master Fu aboard the train, and Master Fu waves bye as Marinette does the same. The train departs the station, and Marinette walks away in tears.)

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin. At André's ice cream cart, Marinette and Adrien receive their ice creams, then walk to their friends. As Adrien sits with Kagami, Marinette sits with Luka.

Master Fu: (voiceover) Even if life doesn't always give us the gifts we were hoping for, the real gift is life itself.
Luka: You okay?
Marinette: So, how about that tune? Will you let me hear it?
Luka: Are you sure you really want to hear it? (Marinette nods. As Luka plays the tune, Marinette closes her eyes and smiles)

Scene: In the sky, there is the endcard shows Master Fu leaves with Marinette and Cat Noir in the background as Ladybug and Adrien look from the sky, smiling as Luka and Kagami smile at them.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Gabriel: It's perfect! (holds up the Peacock Miraculous) As good as new!


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