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Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2)
Released on February 1, 2020 (Netflix); June 17, 2020 (Disney Channel)

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Ladybug and I never fight each other! We fight together!

Cat Noir, "Miracle Queen"

"Miracle Queen" is the twenty-sixth episode and the season finale of Season 3 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, and it is the second and final part of "The Battle of the Miraculous".[1] Its US premiere was on February 1, 2020 on Netflix.[3]


Hawk Moth changes Chloé into Miracle Queen and conquers Paris, forcing Miraculous wearers to reveal themselves -- but Ladybug and Cat Noir escape.[4]

Disney Channel

Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloe into Miracle Queen to help her take control of all the Miraculous wearers; Ladybug and Cat Noir must escape this fatal plan.


Marinette provides narration once more.

After completing her transformation, Hawk Moth gives Miracle Queen the Miracle Box and tells her to use the powers wisely. She teleports the two of them and her army of wasps to the Trocadéro. She orders her creations to sting every Parisian to make them her servant. Luka sacrifices himself for Marinette, becoming mind-controlled in the process. Marinette uses her power-up to become Aqua Ladybug, jumping into the Seine to avoid being stung; Miracle Queen's wasps dislike water. Adrien and Kagami are about to kiss, but Adrien backs out, stating he isn't ready. Kagami asks him when he'll be ready when the wasps attack. Kagami pushes Adrien out of the way and becomes Miracle Queen's servant while Adrien becomes Aqua Cat Noir and flees into the Seine.

Miracle Queen then orders all Miraculous holders to reveal themselves, which cause Kim, Max, Alya, Nino, Kagami and Luka go to her. She mocks Ladybug's choice of Alya, Nino, Kim, Kagami, and Max, but states that Luka is cute before adding that "he gets his clothes from a dumpster". She opens the Miracle Box and orders the heroes to arm themselves. They all do so, except for Nino (as the Turtle Miraculous is in Master Fu's possession) and Kagami (as she gave the Dragon Miraculous back to Ladybug). She orders the others to transform, stating that together they're stronger than Ladybug and Cat Noir and that they're now Miracle Queen's royal guard. She vows to get hold of the Miraculouses for Hawk Moth.

Nearby, Mayura watches over Jade Turtle, still protected by Shell-ter.

Miracle Queen tells the brainwashed superheroes to summon their superpowers shortly after Cat Noir and Dragon Bug (Ladybug after unifying Longg with the Ladybug Miraculous) arrive, blocking out her and the wasps. They eventually grab Luka's miraculous, and Cat Noir fuses Sass with the Cat Miraculous to become Snake Noir, using his Second Chance to save Dragon Bug in certain situations.

Eventually, Miracle Queen gets de-akumatized and pulls out the remaining Miraculous, demanding that the kwamis transform her. The kwamis refuse, saying that Queen Bee doesn't know their names or the right transformation phrases. Fu relinquishes his position as Guardian of the Miraculous to Ladybug. Hawk Moth and Mayura leave, with Nathalie telling Gabriel she stole the guardian's tablet and the Peacock Miraculous could be fixed.

Chloé says that she's no longer a fan of Ladybug because of Ladybug's refusal to give her the Bee Miraculous. In the aftermath, she angrily tells her parents that she'll leave for New York, but her parents have decided to stay in Paris, leaving Chloé shocked and disgusted.

Master Fu recovers but cannot remember who Ladybug or Cat Noir is, much to Ladybug's disappointment. After Ladybug uses Miraculous Ladybug and repairs everything, Master Fu gives her his key, and Marinette finds and opens the locker it goes to. She finds his old phonograph, along with a picture of Marianne Lenoir and a letter for her, which turns out to be the opening narration from this episode and the one preceding.

Marinette brings Fu to the train station. Marianne eagerly steps out of the train to greet Fu. When Fu sees Marianne, Fu declares that while he has just met Marianne, it's as if his heart has known her forever. Marianne tells to Fu to always trust his heart. Marinette gives Fu a box of macarons for the journey. Fu thanks her, tells her he'll never forget her, and boards the train with Marianne. Marinette walks away with tears in her eyes.

Marinette and Adrien each get some ice cream from André. They walk down the steps of the foot bridge to their friends sitting nearby and wave bye to each other. Adrien sits with Kagami, and Marinette sits with Luka, asking to hear Luka's song. A cutscene shows Gabriel in his lair, holding up the newly-fixed Peacock Miraculous.


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  • During the Japan Expo 2018 panel on July 9, 2018, Sébastien Thibaudeau revealed that the 78th episode had moved the team to tears. He hoped it would have the same effect on the audience.[5][6]
  • Cat Noir's staff is revealed to be able to be used as a periscope.
  • This episode marks one of the few times a Miraculous holder's identity is revealed to another that is not Ladybug or Cat Noir, that being Hawk Moth, Mayura, and Queen Bee.
    • In this episode, they learn the identities of 5 superheroes: Alya (Rena Rouge), Kim (King Monkey), Max (Pegasus), Luka (Viperion), and Fu (Jade Turtle).
    • It's very likely, however, that using the process of elimination, they concluded that Nino is Carapace.
      • Hawk Moth learnt Ryuko's identity in "Ikari Gozen", which leaves Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Bunnix, as the only superheroes whose identities aren't known to the supervillains.
  • Wang Fu relinquishes his duty as Guardian, losing his memory in the process, and Marinette becomes the new Guardian of the Miraculouses.
    • This act also transforms the Miracle Box into a different shape, probably to diguise it from former guardians and having them possibly reclaim it, similar to the reason why the Miraculouses' camouflaged modes look different for each user.
    • In a locker of the train station, he leaves her a note and the phonograph he used to store the Miracle Box.
  • As of this episode, Chloé is no longer a Miraculous holder and a part of the French Miraculous superhero team as Ladybug confiscates the Bee Miraculous from her for good.
  • This is the first episode that features a scene after the end card.
  • At the end of the episode, Gabriel manages to fix the Peacock Miraculous.
  • Luka taking a wasp sting to protect Marinette is similar to what Cat Noir did for Ladybug in "Dark Cupid" and Rena Rouge for Carapace in "Mayura".
    • Kagami pushing Adrien out of harm's way is similar to what Alya did for Ladybug in "Style Queen".
  • This episode features the most activated Miraculouses being shown in a single episode with a total of 11, surpassing the previous record of 7 each featured in "Mayura", "Miraculer", and "Party Crasher".
  • This episode has the most amount of superpowers being used in a single episode with a total of 10, surpassing 8 superpowers shown in "Party Crasher".
  • Ironically through Chloé's betrayal, she actually helped Ladybug for one final time by giving her and Cat Noir a chance to get the Miracle Box back.
    • If Ladybug had chosen Chloé over Kagami, then getting the box back just would've been a lot harder, and the same choice Hawk Moth gave to Chloé he would've given to Ladybug's and Cat Noir's other allies or used the jewels to make an army of Miraculous supervillains which he had desired in "Kwamibuster".
  • In "Miraculer" when Cat Noir mentioned Chloé’s desire for her powers by working with Hawk Moth would be a dream turning into a nightmare, he was right. By siding with Hawk Moth for a promise of power, she lost everything she wanted.
  • This is the first time Ladybug is seen being put under mind control of a villain, albiet briefly due to it being avoid by Second Chance. 
    • However, unlike Ladybug's encounters of fighting a mind-controlled Cat Noir, Snake Noir didn't fight against Dragon Bug which was avoided by Second Chance.
  • Each power activation sequence is different in some way from the usual one.
    • Rena Rouge's, Pegasus', and King Monkey's eyes are yellow.
      • Rena Rouge has black accents at the bottom of her mask, and her eyelids are black, opposite of her appearance in "Sapotis".
    • Viperion's, and Rena Rouge's sequences are cut after the activation.
    • Ladybug is wearing the Dragon Miraculous.


  • When Miracle Queen gets de-Akumatized, her spinning top can be seen tied up in her waist despite having been destroyed by Snake Noir earlier.
  • In the scene where the Miraculous holders come to Hawk Moth and Miracle Queen, the Akumatized villain's crown, shoulder pads, and bracelets are missing, making her look like Queen Wasp.
  • In the scene where Miracle Queen brags about the Miraculous holders serving her, they can be seen in the background with their normal eyes despite the fact that when controlled by the villain, their eyes are supposed to be yellow.
  • After Miracle Queen is pushed by Dragon Bug's water barrier, her spinning top and crown briefly disappear when she calls Ladybug.
  • Nino and Kagami disappear completely after Alya, Max, Luka, and Kim transform into their respective hero identities, only reappearing in the end of the episode with the rest of Miss Bustier's class.
  • Much like how it happened in "Mayura", the magic macaron and cheese that give aquatic powers to Tikki and Plagg are blue, which is the color of the ice powers.
  • When the Miraculous Ladybugs bring Alya and Nino back to the Césaire's apartment, Alya can be seen with her glasses despite Miracle Queen having destroyed them earlier.
  • When Dragon Bug looks in the sky to see the wasps turning into confetti, her Sword and Yo-yo are missing.
  • Audrey is seen wearing her hat and sunglasses in this episode despite having none of them in the previous episode.
  • When Alya, Max, Luka, and Kim are standing side by side after being commanded to retrieve their Miraculouses, the lenses of the Horse Miraculous are shown to be darkened despite Kaalki floating next to Max.
  • When Miracle Queen orders the Miraculous holders to take their respective Miraculouses, she opens all the drawers from the Miracle Box, but when Max grabs the Horse Miraculous, the drawer with the Goat Miraculous, which was seen opened seconds before, is closed.
  • Seconds before Miracle Queen orders the Miraculous holders to transform, Kim is making a worried face, but when the controlled heroes begin to activate their transformations, his face return to normal.
  • After Aqua Noir shows Aquabug what's happening on the surface with his staff, the spots on Aquabug's Yo-yo disappear and only return when she activates Longg and his Miraculous.
  • When Viperion uses Second Chance, his eyes are normal.
  • During the scene where Queen Bee puts on the Pig Miraculous, Fluff suddenly appears despite the fact that Queen Bee didn't put on the Rabbit Miraculous in that scene.
  • When the kwamis all try to stop Master Fu from renouncing himself as the Guardian of the Miraculouses and pronouncing Ladybug as the new guardian, Orikko's eyes turn black.
  • When the Miracle Box is transformed after Master Fu announces that Ladybug is the new guardian of the Miraculouses, King Monkey's eyes are normal despite the fact that he's supposed to still be under Miracle Queen’s control and his eyes are supposed to be yellow.
  • In the scenes prior to the Miracle Box’s transformation but after Miracle Queen's de-Akumatization, King Monkey, Pegasus, Rena Rouge, and Luka are seen standing in place. Later, they all seemingly disappear after the Miracle Box's transformation.
  • When Marinette is sitting next to Luka, the audience can see that she is holding her ice cream in her hand, however in the next scene, the ice cream has disappeared, nowhere to be seen again, and Marinette's hand can be seen touching the ground.
  • When Pegasus goes to retrieve Dragon Bug's earrings after King Monkey utilizes his Uproar ability, his wrist is missing his Voyage portal, but he hasn't used it yet.
  • After Uproar was used on Miracle Queen, the Ruyi Jingu Bang in her left hand isn't seen when her Spinning Top transforms.


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