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Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2)

Season 3, episode 26 (Production order); Episode 78 (Overall)

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"As we grow old, we realize life doesn't always give us all the gifts we hoped it would. I would have loved to tell you all this in person, Marinette, but if you're reading this, it means I've already lost my memory. But you mustn't be scared, and you mustn't be sad. As I was telling you at the beginning of this letter, experiencing loss is a part of life, but it doesn't define it. Because what really matters isn't whether you win or lose. It's the ability to..."
"Accept changes in ourselves. It's accepting that even if life doesn't always give us the gifts we were hoping for, the real gift is life itself."

Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Master Fu, "Miracle Queen"

"Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2)" is a Season 3 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[5] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2)" is the 26th last written and produced episode of Season 3, thus making it the season's finale. It is also the 78th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]

This episode is also the 2nd and final part of the Season 3 2-part finale, "The Battle of the Miraculous."


Hawk Moth changes Chloé into Miracle Queen and conquers Paris, forcing Miraculous wearers to reveal themselves -- but Ladybug and Cat Noir escape.[6]

Disney Channel

Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloe into Miracle Queen to help her take control of all the Miraculous wearers; Ladybug and Cat Noir must escape this fatal plan.


Episode starts with Marinette providing narration once more.

After completing her transformation, Hawk Moth gives Miracle Queen the Miracle Box and tells her to use the powers wisely. She teleports the two of them and her army of wasps to the Trocadéro. She orders her creations to sting every Parisian to make them her servant.

Outside in Place Des Vosges, Luka comforts Marinette as both teens see the giant swarm of wasps. Luka sacrifices himself for Marinette, leaving him to get stung by wasps, becoming brainwashed in the process. Marinette uses her power-up to become Aquabug, jumping into the Seine to avoid being stung; Miracle Queen's wasps dislike water.

Adrien and Kagami are about to kiss, but Adrien backs out, stating he isn't ready. Kagami asks him when he'll be ready, Adrien doesn't give her a look, an upset Kagami expresses how much it is hurtful, when the wasps attack. Adrien defensively hugs Kagami, who's confused, but upon seeing the swarm of wasps, she frantically pushes Adrien out of the way and gets brainwashed, while Adrien becomes Aqua Noir and flees into the Seine.

Miracle Queen then orders all Miraculous holders to reveal themselves, which causes Kim, Max, Alya, Nino, Kagami, and Luka to go to her. She mocks Ladybug's choice of Alya, Nino, Kim, Kagami, and Max, but states that Luka is cute before adding that "he gets his clothes from a dumpster". She opens the Miracle Box and orders the heroes to arm themselves. They all do so, except for Nino (as the Turtle Miraculous is in Master Fu's possession) and Kagami (as she gave the Dragon Miraculous back to Ladybug). She orders the others to transform, stating that together they're stronger than Ladybug and Cat Noir and that they're now Miracle Queen's royal guard. She vows to get hold of the Miraculouses for Hawk Moth, as the villainess decides to get her revenge with Ladybug and Cat Noir for not choosing her.

Nearby, Mayura watches over Jade Turtle, still protected by Shell-ter. Hawk Moth walks over to her and tells her that the day has come for finally finishing the guardian off. However, Mayura, still ill, falls, but Hawk Moth catches her and becomes even more concerned about how he is supposed to take her with him for the last time. Mayura assures him that she knew the day that she'll do everything for him. Mayura then creates an Amok and sends her to Hawk Moth's cane, causing Hawk Moth to get amokized. Hawk Moth's emotions of determination create the sentimonster that could break Shell-ter.

Meanwhile, Aquabug and Aqua Noir rendezvous with each other in the Seine. Cat Noir is shocked that Ladybug didn't return the Dragon Miraculous to Master Fu. They realize that Hawk Moth and Mayura have Fu captive, Ladybug blames herself for not transforming back, when she was about to return the Miraculous to Fu. Aqua Noir assures her, that they'll save Master Fu from sentimonster. Aquabug hugs Cat Noir and tearfully thanks him for always being with her, which causes Aqua Noir to hug her back, then they make their plan to defeat Miracle Queen.

Miracle Queen tells the brainwashed superheroes to summon their superpowers shortly after Cat Noir and Dragon Bug (Ladybug after unifying Longg with the Ladybug Miraculous) arrive, blocking out her and the wasps. The heroes start to fight their brainwashed allies and Cat Noir eventually defeats Viperion and grabs Luka's Miraculous, and Cat Noir fuses Sass with the Cat Miraculous to become Snake Noir, using his Second Chance to save Dragon Bug in certain situations.

As Snake Noir apprehends King Monkey, he asks Dragon Bug to open the shield, she opens it and Snake Noir kicks King Monkey's weapon which Miracle Queen catches. She then laughs and calls Snake Noir's attack "pathetic". She keeps insulting Snake Noir's attack just as he throws the frog toy (that was called under King Monkey's power) at Miracle Queen's face, resulting in her akumatized object turning into a disco ball, and her wasps turning into confetti. Seeing their chance to defeat Miracle Queen, Dragon Bug uses her yo-yo to pull her towards them and Snake Noir summons his Cataclysm and destroys an akumatized object, releasing an akuma, causing their brainwashed heroes to stand as the heroes transform back to their original superhero egos as they release Longg and Sass.

Eventually, Miracle Queen gets de-akumatized. Cat Noir teases Hawk Moth for failing once again, but Hawk Moth has none of it and sends another akuma after Queen Bee, who excitedly tries to grab it, only to be stopped by Ladybug, who captures akuma, saying that Hawk Moth is their enemy and can't get to the Miracle Box. Queen Bee furiously reveals that she is no longer a fan of Ladybug, due to her constant refusal to give her Bee Miraculous, she pulls out the remaining Miraculous and starts putting all of them on herself, with Ladybug frantically begging Queen Bee for not doing it, but Queen Bee doesn't want to listen and declares herself the most ultimate miraculous holder. Seeing that he finally won in this fight, Hawk Moth erupts in laughter of joy, seeing that he doesn't have to do anything, and congratulates Chloé for joining the dark side. When Chloé demands that the kwamis transform her, the kwamis ignored her, saying that Queen Bee doesn't know their names or the right transformation phrases and refuse to transform her. The heroes become shocked and betrayed by Queen Bee.

Hawk Moth taunts Ladybug by saying that he already won, while the heroine laments that if she hadn't forgotten to transform back to seek Master Fu, Hawk Moth wouldn't have taken him hostage. She then cries to Cat Noir that she's the worst Ladybug that has ever existed. Fu then reassures her that she is the best Miraculous holder he has ever met, and then relinquishes his position as Guardian of the Miraculous to Ladybug, to the kwamis' horror. Hawk Moth and Mayura leave in disappointment at the sentimonster. While Cat Noir goes after them, Ladybug takes the Miracle Box and becomes disappointed that Chloé betrayed the team, she takes her Miraculous away from her permanently, suspends her from being in the French Miraculous superhero team for good as a punishment for being a traitor. Chloé furiously renounces herself being a fan or friend of Ladybug as she leaves in a huff. After an upset Chloé is gone, Cat Noir comes and tells that he couldn't catch up with the bad guys. The heroes check on Master Fu, only to find out he is still unconscious.

Meanwhile, after Gabriel carried Nathalie to the car, he apologizes for using the last of her strength for nothing. However, Nathalie tells Gabriel that she stole the guardian's tablet and the Peacock Miraculous could be fixed, Gabriel smiles.

Master Fu recovers, but cannot remember who Ladybug or Cat Noir is. Wayzz sadly reveals that the memories get erased when the Guardians pass on the Miracle Box, to protect the secret identities of Miraculous holders, much to Ladybug and Cat Noir's disappointment. Ladybug tries using Miraculous Ladybug and repairs everything, unfortunately, it didn't repair Fu's memories, leaving the two heroes devastated. The old man then gives the young superheroine his keyring at the train station, she smiles at him.

In the aftermath, Chloé enters the Le Grand Paris and angrily tells her parents that she wants to go to New York, but her parents have decided not to go to New York, learning that they have made mistakes, as long as they have to fix it as they kiss passionately, leaving Chloé shocked and disgusted.

Marinette finds and opens the locker the key goes to. She finds his old phonograph, along with a picture of Marianne Lenoir and a letter for her, which turns out to be the opening narration from this episode and the one preceding.

Marinette brings Fu to the train station. Marianne eagerly steps out of the train to greet Fu. When Fu sees Marianne, Fu declares that while he has just met Marianne, it's as if his heart has known her forever. Marianne tells Fu to always trust his heart. Marinette gives Fu a box of macarons for the journey. Fu thanks her, tells her he'll never forget her, and boards the train with Marianne as both elderly people leave Paris together. Marinette walks away with tears in her eyes.

Marinette and Adrien each get some ice cream from André. They walk down the steps of the foot bridge to their friends sitting nearby and wave bye to each other. Adrien then sits with Kagami, and Marinette (who looks sad after seeing Adrien and Kagami together) sits with Luka, asking to hear his song. Luka sings a song for Marinette as she smiles comfortably.

Before Gabriel fixes the Peacock Miraculous, Mayura creates Optigami to spy on Ladybug. Optigami flies away to possess multiple objects to spy on the Miraculous wearers (offscreen).

A cutscene shows Gabriel in his lair, holding up the newly-fixed Peacock Miraculous as the episode ends (Gabriel fixed the Peacock Miraculous, foreshadowing the scene from "Truth").


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Ukraine on PlusPlus.
  • During the Japan Expo 2018 panel on July 9, 2018, Sébastien Thibaudeau revealed that the 78th episode had moved the team to tears. He hoped it would have the same effect on the audience.[7][8]
  • This is the last episode where Ben Diskin voices Max.
  • Excluding the New York special, this is the last episode (chronologically) that we hear the Lucky Charm and Akuma capture theme that has been used since "Stormy Weather". With a new theme first being used in "Miraculous Shanghai" and carrying over to Season 4.
  • Cat Noir's staff is revealed to be able to be used as a periscope.
  • This episode marks one of the few times a Miraculous holder's identity is revealed to another that is not Ladybug or Cat Noir, that being Hawk Moth, Mayura, and Queen Bee.
    • In this episode, they learn the identities of 5 superheroes: Alya (Rena Rouge), Kim (King Monkey), Max (Pegasus), Luka (Viperion), and Fu (Jade Turtle).
    • It's very likely, however, that using the process of elimination, they concluded that Nino is Carapace.
      • This is later confirmed in "Optigami".
      • Hawk Moth learned Ryuko's identity in "Ikari Gozen", which leaves Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Bunnyx as the only superheroes whose identities aren't known to the supervillains.
        • As of "Optigami" and "Sentibubbler", since Vesperia, Pigella and the other new heroes aren't on Hawk Moth's list, it is likely he doesn't know their identities.
    • As of this episode, Cat Noir was unaware of Nino's identity as Carapace and Alya's identity Rena Rouge until "Rocketear".
  • Wang Fu relinquishes his duty as guardian, losing his memory in the process, and Marinette becomes the new guardian of the Miraculouses.
    • This act also transforms the Miracle Box into a different shape, probably to disguise it from former guardians and having them possibly reclaim it, similar to the reason why the Miraculouses' camouflaged modes look different for each user.
    • In a locker of the train station, he leaves her a note and the phonograph he used to store the Miracle Box.
  • In "Desperada", when Adrien suggested to Ladybug that Luka should use the Snake Miraculous, she didn't know that Cat Noir knew of Viperion's identity. When defeating the controlled Viperion, it is likely Ladybug allow him to know Viperion is Luka due to the power of Second Chance.
  • Alix is only seen at the end of the episode. It's unknown if she was under Miracle Queen's control or not. However, it's proven that she wasn't because of the events in "Timetagger". Because it wasn't until said episode that Alix found out that she had a version of the Rabbit Miraculous not the one from the box, also she doesn't know when she will receive it, plus Chloe wasn't real specific with what she said.
  • As of this episode, Chloé is no longer a Miraculous holder and a part of the French Miraculous superhero team as Ladybug confiscates the Bee Miraculous from her for good.
  • This is the first episode that features a scene after the end card.
  • At the end of the episode, Gabriel manages to fix the Peacock Miraculous.
    • The scene at the very end of the episode, where Gabriel fixed Peacock Miraculous, foreshadows the scene in the beginning of the first episode of Season 4, "Truth".
  • Luka taking a wasp sting to protect Marinette is similar to what Cat Noir did for Ladybug in "Dark Cupid" and Rena Rouge for Carapace in "Mayura".
    • Kagami pushing Adrien out of harm's way is similar to what Alya did for Ladybug in "Style Queen".
  • This episode has many ironic facts involving its people as well as their choices and actions:
    • Through Chloé's betrayal, she actually helped Ladybug for one final time by giving her and Cat Noir a chance to get the Miracle Box back.
      • If Ladybug had chosen Chloé over Kagami, then getting the box back just would've been a lot harder, and the same choice Hawk Moth gave to Chloé he would've given to Ladybug's and Cat Noir's other allies when he found out their identities or used the jewels to make an army of Miraculous supervillains which he had desired in "Kwamibuster".
      • Not only that through siding with Hawk Moth, Chloé not only betrayed Cat Noir as an ally but also because of the circumstances she did so to the one she had a crush on and the only other friend she had.
    • Chloé describes all the Miraculous holders that reveal themselves to be "utterly ridiculous choices". Out of all the heroes in that scene, Chloé was the only one technically not chosen by Ladybug's own instinct. In "Malediktator" the latter allowed the former to use the Bee Miraculous when called upon, which would make Chloé the only "utterly ridiculous choice".
    • Due to Hawk Moth's lack of knowledge and encouraging Chloé to use the remaining jewels against the heroes but thanks to the remaining kwamis refusal to help, the villain nearly created the same problem that started all this.
      • If it wasn't for the kwamis, Hawk Moth (aka Gabriel Agreste) would've been responsible for hurting someone else close to Adrien because of his arrogance and she could've suffered something even worse than Nathalie and his mother.
    • Because of Hawk Moth's choices, along with his lack of trust in others and yearning for power he ruined his along with everyone else's best chance for all this to end peacefully despite there still being consequences.
    • And if the Lucky Charm had called for Ladybug to get Plagg then back in "Style Queen", the Bee Miraculous wouldn't have been lost in the first place possibly preventing one of the mistakes leading up to Miracle Queen from happening but there would've been a chance of the mistake mentioning above or something worse could've happened.
  • In "Miraculer" when Cat Noir mentioned Chloé's desire for her powers by working with Hawk Moth would be a dream turning into a nightmare, he was right. By siding with Hawk Moth for a promise of power and revenge, she lost everything she wanted.
  • This is the first time Ladybug is seen being put under the mind control of a villain, albeit briefly due to it being avoided by Second Chance.
    • However, unlike Ladybug's encounters of fighting a mind-controlled Cat Noir, Snake Noir didn't fight against Dragon Bug which was avoided by Second Chance.
  • Each power activation sequence is different in some way from the usual one.
    • Rena Rouge's, Pegasus', and King Monkey's eyes are yellow.
      • Rena Rouge has black accents at the bottom of her mask, and her eyelids are black, opposite of her appearance in "Sapotis".
    • Viperion's and Rena Rouge's sequences are cut after the activation.
    • Ladybug is wearing the Dragon Miraculous.
  • Queen Bee is the first miraculous holder to have two akumatized counterparts to a Miraculous, these being Queen Wasp and Miracle Queen.
    • Three of Chloé's akumatizations have to do with a Miraculous so far. Those being in Queen Wasp, Mayura, and Miracle Queen.
  • This episode shows the Uproar object is not target specific, as it worked on both Ladybug's yo-yo and Miracle Queen's spinning top.
  • This is the second episode where Chloé stops being a fan of Ladybug, as the first one was Antibug. But unlike in Antibug, she is permanently an enemy of Ladybug.
  • This is the third time Ladybug is seen dual wielding following "Puppeteer" and "Riposte".
  • This is the fourth episode not to feature a light mask of any kind, following "The Collector", "Startrain" and "Cat Blanc".


  • In the previous episode, Chloé threw her bee signal off of her roof. However, it is shown behind her after she is akumatized into Miracle Queen.
  • When Miracle Queen gets de-Akumatized, her spinning top can be seen tied up in her waist despite having been destroyed by Snake Noir earlier.
  • In the scene where the Miraculous holders come to Hawk Moth and Miracle Queen, the Akumatized villain's crown, shoulder pads, and bracelets are missing, making her look like Queen Wasp.
  • Trixx's eyes sclera are miscolored white like in "Sapotis".
  • In the scene where Miracle Queen brags about the Miraculous holders serving her, they can be seen in the background with their normal eyes despite the fact that when controlled by the villain, their eyes are supposed to be yellow.
  • After Miracle Queen is pushed by Dragon Bug's water barrier, her spinning top and crown briefly disappear when she calls Ladybug.
  • Nino and Kagami disappear completely after Alya, Max, Luka, and Kim transform into their respective hero identities, only reappearing at the end of the episode with the rest of Miss Bustier's class.
  • Much like how it happened in "Mayura", the magic macaron and cheese that give aquatic powers to Tikki and Plagg are blue, which is the color of the ice powers.
  • When Dragon Bug looks in the sky to see the wasps turning into confetti, her sword and yo-yo are missing.
  • Audrey is seen wearing her hat and sunglasses in this episode despite having none of them in the previous episode.
  • When Alya, Max, Luka, and Kim are standing side by side after being commanded to retrieve their Miraculouses, the lenses of the Horse Miraculous are shown to be darkened despite Kaalki floating next to Max.
  • When Miracle Queen orders the Miraculous holders to take their respective Miraculouses, she opens all the drawers from the Miracle Box, but when Max grabs the Horse Miraculous, the drawer with the Goat Miraculous, which was seen opened seconds before, is closed.
  • Seconds before Miracle Queen orders the Miraculous holders to transform, Kim is making a worried face, but when the controlled heroes begin to activate their transformations, his face returns to normal.
  • Right before Kim transforms, Xuppu's eyes are black.
  • After Aqua Noir shows Aquabug what's happening on the surface with his staff, the spots on Aquabug's Yo-yo disappear and only return when she activates Longg and her Miraculous.
  • When Viperion uses Second Chance, his eyes are normal.
  • During the scene where Queen Bee puts on the Pig Miraculous, Fluff suddenly appears despite the fact that Queen Bee didn't put on the Rabbit Miraculous in that scene.
  • When the kwamis all try to stop Master Fu from renouncing himself as the Guardian of the Miraculouses and pronouncing Ladybug as the new guardian, Orikko's eyes turn black.
  • When the Miracle Box is transformed after Master Fu announces that Ladybug is the new guardian of the Miraculouses, King Monkey's eyes are normal despite the fact that he's supposed to still be under Miracle Queen's control and his eyes are supposed to be yellow.
  • In the scenes prior to the Miracle Box's transformation but after Miracle Queen's de-akumatization, King Monkey, Pegasus, Rena Rouge, and Luka are seen standing in place. Later, they all seemingly disappear after the Miracle Box's transformation.
  • One of the energies that transforms into the new Miracle Box is a purple butterfly, despite the fact Nooroo was being used by Hawk Moth and unable to join his kwami friends.
  • When Marinette is sitting next to Luka, the audience can see that she is holding her ice cream in her hand, however in the next scene, the ice cream has disappeared, nowhere to be seen again, and Marinette's hand can be seen touching the ground.
  • When Pegasus goes to retrieve Dragon Bug's earrings after King Monkey utilizes his Uproar ability, his wrist is missing his Voyage portal, but he hasn't used it yet.
  • After Uproar was used on Miracle Queen, the Ruyi Jingu Bang in her left hand isn't seen when her Spinning Top transforms.
  • Even though Cat Noir unified the Cat Miraculous and the Snake Miraculous to become Snake Noir, he doesn't have the lyre to use as a weapon.
  • Ladybug says Miracle Queen's name despite the fact Miracle Queen never introduced herself to them.
  • In the battle scene, Cat Noir/Snake Noir's Cataclysm rapidly appears and disappears.
  • When Ladybug takes the Bee Miraculous off Queen Bee's hair and Pollen flies out, the Bee Miraculous is still in its charged mode and not in its camouflaged form.


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