The Miracle Box is a wooden box owned by Master Wang Fu that is hidden in a secret compartment in a phonograph. It is meant to store Miraculouses.




The outside of the Miracle Box.

The box is made out of very dark brown wood, has a golden hinge for the lid, and is shaped like an octagon. Four of the sides have gold buttons on the center, and the four sides in between them have two golden buttons that are vertically aligned. Each button has a darker-colored Chinese character on it naming an animal from the Chinese zodiac. The lid of the box at the top has a red design, a circle with patterns in the middle surrounded by wavy lines as the edge. The box includes twelve drawers where more Miraculouses are being stored. As shown in "Sandboy" the lid can become a portal to the kwamis' pocket dimension.

Top level


The inside of the Miracle Box.

Inside the box, on the top level, there is a gold outline of a flower with five petals, each petal having a pointed tip, and a center. The color outside of the flower is red. Each section of the flower is meant for a Miraculous.

The center section is raised above the others, and it includes the yin-yang symbol, Yin having a red outline and yang having a white outline. In yin, there is a red circle with five black spots, which is where the Ladybug Miraculous is placed. In Yang, there is a silver paw print within a silver edged circle, which is where the Cat Miraculous is placed.

Each petal-shaped section is a different color with a darker-shaded circled symbol in the center, and the Miraculouses placed in them represent the Five Elements.[1] The petal section opposite of the lid's hinge is blue with a darker blue peacock symbol, which is where the Peacock Miraculous is placed. The lower left petal section is pink with a purple butterfly symbol, which is where the Butterfly Miraculous is placed. The lower right petal section is green with a darker green turtle shell symbol, which is where the Turtle Miraculous is placed. The upper left petal section is orange with a darker orange fox symbol, which is where the Fox Miraculous is placed. The upper right petal section is yellow with a darker yellow bee symbol, which is where the Bee Miraculous is placed.

Side drawers


The Miracle Box with every drawer open.

The sides of the box have twelve small drawers marked by each button. Each drawer is a square, and its inside is colored with a raised circular padded center. One Miraculous is stored in every drawer, each one a Chinese-zodiac-themed Miraculous as labeled by a button with an animal icon. Following is a list of the locations of the zodiac Miraculous starting from the bottom-back and moving around clockwise.
  1. The bottom-back drawer is light blue and holds the Rabbit Miraculous.
  2. The top-back drawer is red and holds the Dragon Miraculous.
  3. The back-right drawer is turquoise and holds the Snake Miraculous.
  4. The bottom-right drawer is brown and holds the Horse Miraculous.
  5. The top-right drawer is white and holds the Goat Miraculous.
  6. The front-right drawer is mustard-yellow and holds the Monkey Miraculous.
  7. The bottom-front drawer is maize and holds the Rooster Miraculous.
  8. The top-front drawer is light orange and holds the Dog Miraculous.
  9. The front-left drawer is light pink and holds the Pig Miraculous.
  10. The bottom-left drawer is grey and holds the Mouse Miraculous.
  11. The top-left drawer is navy and holds the Ox Miraculous.
  12. The back-left drawer is fuchsia and holds the Tiger Miraculous.




  • Outside of the gramophone.
  • The two opposing dragons engraved on the side.
  • First, press the eyes.
  • The eyes glow red.
  • It opens to reveal buttons to press.
  • After rotating, the top pops off.
  • The first layer.
  • The second layer.
  • They open to reveal the box.
  • Complete view of the box.
  • To access the box from the gramophone, Wang Fu must press the eyes of two opposing dragons engraved on a side of the phonograph. The dragons' eyes glow red, and a hatch opens between them, revealing ten buttons. Wang presses three particular buttons, which causes the phonograph to turn 180 degrees. The top with the record pops off, two sets of doors slide open, and a table spirals upwards from the inside of the phonograph with the box on it.
  • On the side of the gramophone, the Chinese characters for miracle (奇跡) are engraved.
  • The box appears to be patterned after an East-Asian influence, as evidenced by the octagonal construction, the flower-patterned inlay, and the stylized, red relief.
    • The flower could be styled after the cherry blossom, though it could be based on any other bloom of the Malus genus.
    • Another option is it's a lotus, due to the way the petals are pointed outwards, not inwards like a cherry blossom, and the general importance of lotuses across Asia.

Mini versions of the box given to Marinette and Adrien.

  • When Wang Fu gives Miraculouses away, each Miraculous is stored in a smaller box that resembles the Miraculous jewelry box. This was shown when the Miraculous were given to Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", and to Alya Césaire in "Sapotis", Carapace in "Anansi" and Queen Bee in "Style Queen".
  • However, the tiny boxes don't have the golden buttons, and the bottom of the insides are entirely red. The security layers that open to reveal the box have both carved drawings of a phoenix and a chinese dragon, which are celestials animals from the Feng Shui which represent yin and yang respectively.
  • In "Sapotis", twelve more Miraculouses are shown to also be stored in the chest.
  • In an interview, Thomas Astruc said that the desire for the series is to explore all of the Miraculouses in the box.[2]
    • He also mentioned that it could be possible that more Miraculous-containing boxes exist.[2]
  • When Wang presents the box to Marinette, the drawers containing the Zodiac Miraculous open seemingly independently. Whether or not the box is magical or if there is a more mundane mechanism actuating the moving parts is unclear.


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