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Mike Rochip has been akumatized. Mike Rochip is a temporary user of the Eagle Miraculous.

Mike Rochip is an infamous supervillain from New York City known as Techno-Pirate.

During "Miraculous New York", after being defeated and captured by the United Heroez, he is Akumatized by Hawk Moth into Techlonizer, a technology-stealing supervillain whom he uses to acquire the Eagle Miraculous.

After learning that Ladybug and Cat Noir are in New York, Hawk Moth reakumatize him before putting the Eagle Miraculous on Techlonizer, who uses it to transform into Miraclonizer when Liiri is inhabiting it.


Physical appearance

Mike Rochip is a large, tall man with moderate opal-colored skin that has a circuit board pattern running from his hands and arms up to his chest and all the way to his head. He also has moderate turquoise eyebrows and a mohawk of matching hair, his eyes are moderate aquamarine.

Civilian attire

He wears a short sleeved and folded collared orange prison bodysuit with a zipper that reaches to his crotch on the front. On the right side of his outfit, it has the numbers 7239. Underneath, he wears a white sleeveless tank top, and large metal bracelets on his arms.

As Techno-Pirate

As Techno-Pirate, he looks the exact same as in his normal outfit.

As Techlonizer

As Techlonizer, he still wears the harness and cuffs he was wearing in the prison transport, but they and his body are now a moderate sapphire blue with light cerulean circuit board patterns and accents running across him. He also has a mohawk of light cerulean hair and matching eyebrows, and his sclera are dark cornflower blue with light cyan irises. His prison bodysuit is a azureish white, and from the center of his lower back extend four long mechanical arms with blue accents. At the end of each arm are two sets of four sharp claws.

As Miraclonizer

His appearance is similar to when he was Techlonizer, except his body is now black with white circuit board patterns, and white hair and eyebrows. He has a yellow beaked nose guard in the center of his eyebrows, and his suit is a brownish color with gold accents, as well as a feather pattern and and an eagle symbol on the front. He also has large bracelets on his arms and two wings sprouting from his back. His eyes are normal colored but have a gold coloring around them.


Mike enjoys taking control of technology, not caring about who he puts in danger. As Techlonizer, he becomes more destructive and menacing, even being determined to get Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous after Hawk Moth finds out they're in New York.


As a civilian

As Techno-Pirate

As his normal super-villain self, Techno-Pirate appears to have some sort of technopathy that allows him to shut down any piece of technology so he can steal it. He also possess super-strength, as he was able to sustain the weight of an airplane turbine.

As Techlonizer

Following his Akumatization, he gains the ability to steal and duplicate the structure and function of any piece of technology he touches. It even works with more primitive forms of technology, such as cannons. He also has four long robotic arms coming from his back.

As Miraclonizer

In addition to his abilities as Techlonizer, he wields the Eagle Miraculous, which allows him to use the special superpower, Liberation, allowing him to free people from any emotions or character traits that limits their full potential. He also has wings, which allow him to fly.


Hawk Moth

Hawk Moth Akumatizes him in order to free him so he could steal Lafayette's saber. Mike couldn't understand why he wouldn't want something like an atomic bomb, but goes along with it as Techlonizer. After he is de-Akumatized and having no memory of what happened while he was Techlonizer, becomes frustrated and angered with Hawk Moth for keeping him prisoner, before being re-Akumatized again. After he is de-Akumatized a second time, Mike doesn't have any recollection of what happened while he was Miraclonizer.


Very little is known about Techno-Pirate.

During "Miraculous New York", when the plane with Marinette's class is about to arrive in New York for the French-American Friendship Week, Techno-Pirate appears and tries to steal one of the turbines, unbalancing the plane. Fortunately, Majestia, Knightowl, Uncanny Valley and Sparrow appear and manage to defeat and capture him, while putting the turbine back in its place. Techno-Pirate is then placed in custody, but during transportation, he is Akumatized by Hawk Moth into Techlonizer to create a diversion while Hawk Moth steals the Eagle Miraculous and later gives it to Techno-Pirate after re-Akumatizing him, and he uses it to become Miraclonizer. He is defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Uncanny Valley, Sparrow (later Eagle) and Knightowl, being put back in jail after being de-Akumatized.




  • Mike Rochip's Akumatized identity as Techlonizer seems to be based on Dr. Otto Octavius, also known as Dr. Octopus (Doc Ock for short), a supervillain from Marvel, as both of them possess and control four mechanical arms that serve as both weapons and transportation.
  • He is the first villain to be Akumatized and wear a Miraculous who already has powers of his own.
  • His name is a pun on the word "microchip".
  • He is the fifth adult alive to use a Miraculous, following Hawk Moth, Mayura, Bunnyx and Jade Turtle.


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