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  • So I'm trying to respect the rules of the Wiki and not go off topic on the Discussion page but I wanted to ask. You said you only liked Regal Academy, does that mean you don't like MLB? Too much of the humanistic agenda coming through? I'm really interested in your opinion. 

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    • Sorry about the late reply. I didn't even realise this was a thing.

      I like MLB to an extent, it's just that little things, like the way HM is treated, don't seem right to me. I mean, it's clear he's conflicted, but the show writers INSIST that we can't have a happy ending until Emily returns and that Emily can ONLY return at the price of someone else. It's good to have someone to talk to about this. I just don't like the mental gymnastics of one minute Gabriel is Adrien's father, the next he's Cat Noir's enemy. Being an Asperger, it tends to require too much of my brain-power to keep up. I DID admire the Cat Blanc episode, where Adrien/Cat was forced to confront his father and it felt proven enough for me just how evil he really is, but the show can be extremely leftist at times and I feel like "Would you guys focus on the saving of the world and less on your own personal, self-centred agendas?" Many people have expressed irritation on little things, like Chloe's redemption arc, or Marinette becoming guardian which are handled with very little grace and we're supposed to believe the system is working? Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing all the little subplots, but it feels like everyone is walking on eggshells. One of the best things for me was when Alya and Nino discovered their secret identities. It's just that this is a kid's show, yet the kids are rarely seen being kids and I just get so annoyed. I just wish the show was more like [Fairy Tail] in the handling of it's characters and plots. They're interesting and I DO enjoy the fighting, but there needs to be more grace and less "formality". If I had to live in this world, while the people and kwamis may be cool, the whole system would annoy me to no end. It's so frustrating to see the characters never let their hair down as much as they could, if only the show writers could see the potential.

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    • Well this was certainly a surprise. No problem though, I'm happy you replied.

      For Hawk Moth it seems to me, less that the show is framing it as he will only be happy when Emilie is back and more that this is what he believes, clearly he's wrong about many things so we aren't supposed to think this is right. I'd say Felix highlighted this quite well. In the scene where Gabriel is trying to speak to Adrien, they are both grieving over Emilie but only Adrien is willing to move forward with life. Yes, he misses his mother but he was also saying he'd be okay with his father letting Nathalie into his life. Gabriel then gets very offended, speaks harshly to Adrien, and storms out. The show was putting Gabriel in the wrong and Adrien in the right here. Now I don't know where you stand on widower's remarrying. I have mixed feels about it in this show because Emilie isn't really dead but effectively she could be, it's a bit of a complicated issue. 

      I see. I've always seen Gabriel as a terrible father to Adrien so when he's also Cat Noir's enemy I don't have a problem with the dichotomy there. Yes, Cat Blanc did a good job touching on this aspect.

      Yeah I totally understand that, unfortunately our culture is just heading in that direction and I don't see that letting up. I've seen shows be way more overt than this one though so it's almost the opposite for me. No, I'm not blind to the agenda they have and I can see it reflected in the show but so far (important qualifier since I've noticed shows tend to get more bold with their ideology in later seasons) it hasn't been enough to turn me off. Not a fan of the self-love message being pushed in the S3 finale though.  

      Chloe's redemption is very interesting to me. At this point I don't think it's being handled poorly, (i can expand on what I mean by this if you'd like) however it's too early to say if they will give a satisfying conclusion to this arc. As for Marinette becoming Guardian. Would you mind elaborating on the problems you have with It?

      I see, so you're not a fan of the secret idenities then? That was a good moment. It's clear from Anansi that she knew and I thought that was a nice detail. I'm afraid that comparison is lost on me as I'm unfamiliar with Fairy Tail. Though I agree with you that I'd be nice to just see the kids being kids. That's part of why I found the scene with Kagami, Adrien, and Marinette in Heart Hunter so wholesome. That is one of few times where they were just being 14 yo kids. It was really nice to see something so light hearted and fun and I really hope we get more of this next season.  

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