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Greetings everyone

Hello and welcome to my message wall. Feel free to message me about anything, especially if there's a problem and none of the other admins are available so I'll come to solve it as soon as possible. I'll try my best to catch what's up on this wiki and I'm usually online everyday.

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  • Do you think I should do the gallery like how we do webisodes so we don't have unnecessary duplicated images on the wiki, but screenshotting the scenes that need screenshotting as they haven't been shown in a different episode. Or should I do the gallery as a full episode like usual?

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  • Hey! I'm sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you something. Are the Miraculous Secrets webisodes classified in seasons? Because each of them (with a few exceptions) were released during the airing or after the airirng of the Season in which the flashback from an episode with the biggest production code is. According to the English order 1 - 10 would be Season 1, 11 - 22 32 and Gabriel and Nathaniel & Marc would be Season 2, and 23 - 31 33 - 34 would be Season 3. Thank you in advance!

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  • It was a lot of work to create it.

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  • I know I am really boring, but when were the images in infoboxes of Season 1 changed from the title cards to the end cards? Also, why aren't the end cards of Ladybug & Cat Noir and Volpina used in their respective infoboxes?

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  • I wanted to ask you why a promotional image is used in Duusu's infobox, which isn't the same in the Kwamis template. Is that because the gallery for Ladybug isn't finished? Also, once it is, will the image be changed?

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    • RD (522)

      Duusu in Hawk Moth's dark lair in "Reflektdoll".

      FT (339)

      Duusu in "Feast"

      Duusu Square

      Duusu's old profile image from "Ladybug" before it was switched to the promotional artwork.

      The reason why a promotional image of Duusu is used for his infobox instead of a screenshot from an episode is that nearly every scene the kwami appears has a very dark lighting. In "Reflektdoll", the window is closed in Hawk Moth's lair. In "Feast", it's dark in the lair because it's nighttime. In "Ladybug", Duusu briefly appears in one scene in the Agreste mansion before Gabriel took the Peacock Miraculous away from Nathalie, but making a profile of the kwami would cause the image to look very blurry since he's a bit farther away. We originally have a profile image of Duusu taken from "Ladybug", but unlike Sass whose profile image depicts him in the sewers in "Desperada", the location of the sewers in "Ladybug" doesn't have a good lighting for Duusu. I hope once Duusu makes another appearance, the location will have a better lighting (such as outside when it's bright and sunny similar to Longg's profile image) so we could change the image.

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    • Oh, I understand. Thanks for the anwser.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello TheClydesdalePegasus149, I would like to say there is a rude user in the wiki. Mayanette knows about them, but they called one of the users dumb

    Here's a link to the post:

    She has also been really impatient once in my roleplay, and she called me lazy, for not accepting her, and that was because I had just woken up when that happened, but they kept on forcing me to accept them. They also said they'll slap everyone if I don't accept them, which I think is wrong, and they started when I said they couldn't. Please help with this. Your friend-Potato

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi.
    I'm from the Russian segment.
    we have a real CATaclysm there with images of the Black Cat and Ladybug talismans.
    I tried to fix it, but as you can see, it didn't solve the problem, and even pushed it into your segment, so I returned everything as it was.
    I can not stay away.
    what should I do? please help me

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    • Kwami4ever wrote:
      If you mean the picture is incorrect, if you enter the source editor there should a section titled "image" there you will have to remove to current image name from there and replace it with the desired image.

      If the image itself is incorrectly named, yes that is something you'd have to ask an admin to change for you

      Edit: Okay I went and looked at it and you'll have to communicate an admin/content mod to rename the image

      thank you very much! I found the source editor, changed the picture number - it worked! :D

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    • You're welcome

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Clydesdale, whats up? As I know you use Netflix to do episode galleries, as Netflix may not broadcast Season 4, Season 5 and the two specials, where will you be doing episode galleries as I am a bit worried about hard working screenshotters like you and User:Kitsunes97 who both use Netflix.

    If User:Kitsunes97 sees this message or any other screenshotters who use Netflix feel free to respond.

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    • Honestly, I'll see if I can try getting a Disney+ subscription to screenshot the episodes for the fourth and fifth seasons as well as the two TV movies once the show is removed from Netflix. I said "try" because of the total amount of money I need to spend every month if I ended up having an account for both Netflix and Disney+. For Netflix, I'll keep my account since I still need to work on the screenshots and transcripts for other ZAG shows such as Power Players.

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    • Oh bless you, if you need any assistance, feel free to message me.

      Once again, as this is an open message for screenshotters, if User:Kitsunes97 sees this message or any other screenshotters who use Netflix feel free to respond or add your thoughts.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Clydesdale! I had some questions and I asked Alexiel, but they didn't answer, so I was hoping you could. Here are the questions:

    Marlena's outfit from Miracle Queen

    In Miracle Queen we see Marlena for the first time not wearing her chef outfit. Shouldn't the outfit be added in the appearance section and her designs page? Also, should the picture in the infobox be changed?

    The Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir page

    The page is very outdated. It looks as if it hasn't been updated since Season 1. Is that intentional, or just a mistake?

    The camouflaged Peacock Miraculous

    In the infobox for the Peacock Miraculous, the one from Volpina is used. However, it has been confirmed that that one is a fake. Shouldn't the one from Reflekdoll be used?

    The trailer of Befana

    In the infobox of Befana, the thumbnail of the old trailer is used (the one with the French title "La Béfana"). Shouldn't that be changed to the new one with the English title just like with Prime Queen? (When the trailer was originally released, it used the French title "Audimatrix")

    The news on the main page

    Some time ago, the news on the main page were updated, but they need to be updated again. I wanted to ask you if you could update the news. Here are some I think would be fitting:

    Season 4 being pushed back.

    Miraculous Shanghai coming by the end of 2020.

    Miraculous New York coming on the 26th of September in 9:20 am.

    Ryuko being available in the mobile game.

    The synopsises of Season 4, Miraculous New York, and Miraculous Shanghai being revealed.

    The release of the Covid-19 short.

    Netflix losing the rights for Miraculous for Seasons 4 and 5.

    Also, why does it say that Season 1 is available on Netflix?

    Thank you for reading, thank you in advance, and I hope you'll answer!

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    • Man, that's a lot of questions. But here we go:

      1) Yes, while I'm aware that Marlena wears a different attire in "Miracle Queen", I found that we have to wait until there's another episode featuring her wearing that same outfit again since every scene in "Miracle Queen" would have Marlena not facing the front and she got mind-controlled eyes by the titular villain which is hard to find the perfect profile square image for her infobox. As for the design page, User:Riverheart248 is currently working on the gallery for "Miracle Queen" so once the screenshots are uploaded, I'll see if I can add the screenshot of Marlena in her at-home attire in the design page.

      2) For the "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" page, the second paragraph is outdated since seasons 2 and 3 have already aired. I didn't notice the page is a bit outdated because I don't actually go to that page a lot and I assume that someone else would update it.

      3) For the "Peacock Miraculous" page, I think the reason why we used the fake camouflage one from "Volpina" for the infobox is that the real one that's seen in "Relektdoll" is in Hawk Moth's lair which has dark lighting. But I hope once the Peacock Miraculous's camouflaged mode is seen again but with much better lighting, I'll see if I can change it. And besides, the fake camouflaged Peacock Miraculous in "Volpina" is similar looking to the real one anyway.

      4) For the "Befana" page, I didn't notice that the promotional artwork in the infobox has the villains' French name all this time. I'm going to change the picture in a few minutes.

      5) For the "News" on the main page, sure thing. And as for "Season 1 is available on Netflix", again it's a piece of outdated information I didn't notice because I assume that another admin and/or content moderator is going to update the template. I usually don't pay attention to the Home page all that much since lately I've been active at another wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Have you watched All Dogs go to Heaven before? You see, I am looking for new admins to do with screenshots. I'm bureaucrat of All Dogs to go Heaven Wiki.

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