Jiko Sama

aka Jiko

  • I live in a desert, basically (California, USA)
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Female
  • Bio Hiya! I'm DillyTante (previously Jiko Sama but I can't change my Fandom username).
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  • hello Mate 

    Yacob01 Here, 

    1st of all, How are you? i am good, I am new to fandom, and am looking forward to be part of these communities. and maybe meeting some people face to face one day.

    I got your reply to my comment, I do know it is a children's show, and i didn't think about siren or the Ladybua and Black Cat Miraculous Powers. I was just starting to suspect that some of the New auditions to the mythos were being made up on the fly, given some of zagtoon's buisness descisions 

    (I  know this is a scrappy and out of date video, but i think it does the job at speculating some things)

    I am sorry if i am offending you by this, I'm just trying to make a good 1st impression. 

    I am gonna love being part of fandom i think.



    P.S. Here's the video
    Zagtoon is poorly managing miraculous ladybug (video essay)-1

    Zagtoon is poorly managing miraculous ladybug (video essay)-1

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  • Welcome!

    Hello, Jiko Sama! Thank you for your edit to Where I can find this soundtrack? (Help me)!

    Before you do anything else, please make sure you read all of our site's regulations. If you have any questions afterwards, any of the staff will be happy to help you out.
    Ladybug Nick Promo Art
    • MFC Butterfly Logo Contrast Bureaucrats are the Moth Miraculous
    • MFC Ladybug Red Admins are the Ladybug Miraculous
    • MFC Cat Logo Contrast Content Moderators are the Cat Miraculous
    • MFC Peacock Logo Contrast Image Controllers are the Peacock Miraculous
    • MFC Turtle Logo Contrast Discussions Moderators are the Turtle Miraculous
    • MFC Fox Logo Bright Chat Moderators are the Fox Miraculous
    • MFC Bee Logo Temp Rollbacks are the Bee Miraculous

    If you would like to create fanon material, please visit our sister wiki:

    Miraculous Fanon Wiki

    We're glad to have you here and hope to see you around!
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