Mei Shi has been akumatized.
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Mei Shi is the lion protector of the Prodigious. In "Miraculous Shanghai", it was akumatized by Hawk Moth into Yan Woshi, a supervillain that destroys any Renren he thinks is unworthy of the Prodigious. At the end of the special, it transforms into a kwami-like creature.


As a Statue

Mei Shi is a humanoid lion navy blue colored statue covered in black armor with gold markings, has a cyan sphere at the top of his head with cyan eyes while holding a golden orb in his hand.

As a kwami-like creature

Mei Shi is a lion with a navy blue body, red and green eyes, cyan blue mane, tail tuff and a small circle with a swirl symbol on his head.

As Yan Woshi

Mei Shi's statue appearance remains mostly the same except his color changes to red and is much taller.


He is protective, duty bound, stern towards the rules and a judge of character as he wishes to test each chosen Renren to see if they are worthy of wearing of Prodigious and when they are he'll respect them as the true wielder until the next chosen one rises.

Mei Shi is also quite knowledgeable knowing what it takes to master each renling's powers, as he sensed Fei Wu's inability to use Long Long's power and patiently told her the true value of the dragon. After he was deakumatized Mei Shi was horrified at the destruction he caused calling it a breach in his duty and was proud that Fei Wu finally mastered the power of the dragon.

As Yan Woshi, he was extremely destructive, violent and furious on taking the Prodigious back.


As a Statue

As a statue, Mei Shi can sense when a human touches the Prodigious and how they feel when trying to use the jewel he guards. From Nooroo's description, Mei Shi's a dreadful opponent with powerful magic implying that if angered he can be a fierce fighter.

As Yan Woshi

As Yan Woshi, he is able to shoot beams from his eyes that eradicate anything and anyone that they touch by making them crumble to dust. Even Miraculous wearers and the Miraculous they are wearing have no immunity against the beams, as seen by him easily eradicated Hawk Moth and Cat Noir. He also possesses gigantic size.


Fei Wu

When the Prodigious ends up in Fei's possession, Mei Shi puts her under his judgement. Sensing her inability to use the dragon, he tells her that as the Renren her actions must be noble and just for it to work. But hearing Fei wanting to use the dragon's power as means of revenge Mei Shi retorts that the dragon's value is justice and that her judgement and intentions are clouded. After being deakumatized, he asked if she ascended to the power of the dragon to which she did with Ladybug's help; sensing that her revenge was gone and fulfilled all the required values Mei Shi found her as worthy Renren. After reclaiming the Dragon Cave Key, Mei Shi appeared to Fei again as a kwami and her Renren advisor.

As Yan Woshi, we said judgement clouded he becomes furious with Fei and finds her unworthy of the Prodigious and demands it back.

Hawk Moth

Mei Shi is aware that Hawk Moth has the Dragon Cave Key and allows him entry into cave, instructing him to face his judgement under the Prodigious but when Hawk Moth refused Mei Shi was angry that he disrespected the rules. But as Yan Woshi, he eradicated him saying he listens to no one.




  • This is the second non-human to be akumatized, with first being Markov in "Robostus" and following by third Dormant Sentimonster in "Feast".
  • Yan Woshi is the third akumatized villain who disobeyed Hawk Moth following Gigantitan and Robostus.
  • He is the first and only kwami-like creature to have two forms using his statue form to guard the Prodigious when not in use and changes into his kwami-like form when it is in use watching over each chosen Renren.
  • The orb symbolizes that he is one of the only kwami/kwami-like creatures to not have a genderless profile as orbs were to represent male lions in ancient china.
  • He is also the biggest of the akumatized villains.
  • Upon becoming akumatized, Mei Shi compares himself to Yama, the Buddhist god of death, the underworld and, as he himself puts it, the 'king of the infernal'.


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