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Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: Dear diary, a new enemy has emerged in Paris. It's concerning obviously, but it's not exactly a surprise.

Scene from "The Collector"

Marinette: Master Fu did tell me he had lost two miraculous, although so far there had been no indication that Hawk Moth was in possession of both of them.

Scene from "Mayura: Heroes Day: Part 2"

Marinette: Until last time we were just about to defeat Hawk Moth when he was rescued by a Sentimonster. I guess he was saving it for a special occasion.

Scene from "Miraculer"

Marinette: Sentimonster's are living beings created from a person's feelings.

Scene from "Reflekdoll"

Marinette: They all look different to defeat one we must find the object that makes it possible to control it.

"Hawk Moth's lair" Mayura turns a feather into an amok

Marinette: That object holds the amok created by the owner of the peacock miraculous. The person who receives the amok shapes their Sentimonster.

Scene from "Feast"

Marinette: Cat Noir and I must be super cautious now, because Sentimonster's are even more challenging than akumatized villans.

Scene from "Ladybug"

Marinette: In fact, their sometimes undetectable or even completely similar to human beings.

Scene from "Miracle Queen"

Marinette: Also Hawk Moth has an ally, her name is Mayura.

Scene from "Reflekdoll"

Marinette: We must learn more about this if we want to defeat them one day. We need to figure out exactly how their duo works.

Scene from "Mayura: Heroes Day: Part 2"

Marinette: One things for sure though, Hawk Moth may not be alone anymore, but we have allies too, and we're pretty keen on winning.

Scene: Marinette's room

Marinette: We will save Paris dear diary, I promise you.



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