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Scene from Gamer

Marinette: Dear diary, the new Ultimate Mega Strike game is finally out! I've been waiting for it for so long.

Scene from Befana

Marinette: I wanted to ask Dad to try it out with me because we always have so much fun playing video games. He has a ton of work at the bakery today.

Scene from Timebreaker

Max: Last lap.

Scene from Robostus

Marinette: Maybe I should ask Max.

Scene from Mr. Pigeon

Marinette: I like Max. True, sometimes he has a strange way with words.

Scene from Robostus

Max: Of course you are my best friend, I'm 100% affirmative. But, I am also 98.2% positive, that the teachers are not ready for this advancement of... evolution.
Tikki: His best friend is in his school bag?
Marinette: Yeah Tikki, totally strange.

Scene from Animan

Marinette: But at least with Max...

Scene from Horrificator

Marinette: ..everything's 100% accurate. Besides he's a great friend, just look at him and Kim.

Scene from Dark Cupid

Marinette: He's his love coach...
Max:...Online shopping sites, this particular jewel was ranked highest in popularity.

Scene from Animan

Marinette: ...his living encyclopedia...
Kim: ..piece of meat it's eating!
Max: ..feline species requiring the strength to run at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

Scene from Animan

Marinette: ..and the only one that can talk some sense into Kim when he comes up with another one of his ridiculous challenges.
Kim: I'm obviously the better looking one. Hey kitty kitty, how about a little race with me, huh? Last one's a rotten egg.
Max: Let's see. With a 16 second wind behind you, sun at 45 degrees to the northeast, I don't think you'd be a rotten egg...

Scene from Robostus

Marinette: Plus Max is super good with technology. He even built himself a mega-cute robot friend.
Markov: Hello, my name is Markov.
Markov: Nailed it.

Scene from Gamer

Marinette: Above all Max loves video games just as much as I do. True, he doesn't like losing. But it's only because he's an awesome player. The two of us are an unstoppable team, kind of like video game super heroes. I wonder if we'd make equally amazing team fighting real live super villains.
Marinette: Anyway in the meantime, I know that I can count on Max to help me crush virtual robots. Okay, that's it! I'm going to call him. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. Goodbye for now dear diary.


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