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Scene: Marinette's room.

Marinette: (writing/narrating) Dear Diary: remember when Tikki got sick not so long ago? Since I didn't know how to heal a kwami, Tikki had given me the address of a vet.

Scene from "Princess Fragrance"; Marinette is in Fu's massage shop, watching Master Fu heal Tikki

Master Fu: What type of cat did you say?
Marinette: Cat? Um, right! A rare hairless flying species from Kingdom of Achu?
Master Fu: Mm-hmm, unusual. (picks up gong)
Marinette: Yes, yes, very.
Master Fu: We are finished. Your cat's health has been restored.

Marinette: (narrating) But it turns out he wasn't really a vet.

Scene from "Volpina"; Marinette walks into the massage shop

Master Fu: Hello, Ladybug.
Marinette: (narrating) Tikki formally introduced me to him today.
Tikki: Master Fu is the last known member of the Order of the Guardians.
Marinette: (narrating) Master Fu has a great responsibility. He's the one who keeps and assigns the Miraculous.

Scene from "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)"

Marinette: (narrating) Remember the old man I saved as he was crossing the street back on my first day of school? That was actually some kind of test to see if I was worthy of becoming the new Ladybug. Master Fu is incredible; he's 186 and a half. Can you believe it? He's still very agile, though.
Master Fu: Wayzz(doubles over in pain)
Marinette: (narrating) Well, for his age. When he was my age he was chosen to become a Guardian and became Master Fu, but he made a mistake and lost two of the Miraculous: the Peacock and the Butterfly. And because of him, the last Guardians disappeared. Cat Noir and I have a great responsibility. We must help Master Fu get the lost Miraculous back. I really hope I can help Master Fu fix his mistake one day and thank him for changing my life when he picked me to become Ladybug. I barely know him, but I can feel that he has a lot to teach me. Don't worry little diary, I'll tell you everything. Goodbye for now!


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