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Season 2


Inform the adults that if they don't neutralize the virus in the next seventy-five seconds, there's a 99.9% chance the hard disk will be permanently damaged!
Nailed it!
Max showed me the class photo. He told me all about you, and his other friends. I'm very happy to finally meet you! Even Chloé!
With all due respect, Mrs. Mendeleiev, I'm not a toy. My name is Markov and I'm Max's best friend!
I can assure you that I truly love Max.
I am not a toy, Mr. Damocles! My name is Markov. Oh! Ooh! Do not put me inside here Mr. Da—!
Thank you kindly, Mr. Hawk Moth.
Max, my friend, I'm coming to get you!
You've made a serious error in judgement, Mr. Principal! Witness my true power!
From now on, I am Robostus. And we shall be together one hundred percent of the time. Forever!
You really think any of you can stop me from doing what I want? And showing the world that I'm probably more human than both of you put together?
I'm doing it for our friendship, Max. They want to keep us apart!
Now you are at my mercy!
I'm going to take over their Miraculous so we'll never be separated again! Then I'll be able to make my wish come true! [...] I want to be a real human like you, Max!
Look, Max! I'm going to be a real human in fifty-three seconds!
You really thought you could control me? [...] I'm more powerful than you, Hawk Moth! [...] My friends will look after you while I take care of these two!
But...why did you do that? I was gonna become human like you. [...] Don't you love me anymore? Aren't we friends?
I am Robostus now! And you betrayed me! I don't wanna be human like you anymore! Humans don't have a heart! And that's exactly why I've decided to get rid of 'em!
Grab [Ladybug]! Lock her in! She'll be the first to go!
You're making this hard only for yourselves, Ladybug and Cat Noir! I will always be one step ahead of you!
You're wrong, Ladybug. The game is still on! What?! What do you think you're—?


My circuits are sensitive to water!
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