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Scene: Flashbacks from Mr. Pigeon, Marinette is seen at Françoise Dupont High School flipping the pages of her sketchbook.

Marinette: Derby hat... derby hat... derby hat.. derby hat!
Chloé: Look, Sabrina! Looks like Dupain-Cheng finally decided to raise funds for a new wardrobe. About time, I'm so tired of seeing her everywhere in those ridiculous clothes, [Chloé excitedly puts her knuckle in the palm while Sabrina doesn't look comfortable] everything about this lameo is ridiculous.

Scene from "The Bubbler, Marinette nervously wants to give a gift to Adrien".

Chloé: Like those [Marinette: Eheheh... hey.] thoughtful presents she gives [Adrien: Hi] to everyone,

Marinette talks nervously with Adrien at the lockeroom.

Chloé: What a waste of time.

Then it switches to Chloé closing the wardrobe and talking to Sabrina.

Chloe: Yet again, she doesn't have a Sabrina to do the groundwork for her.

Flashbacks from Stoneheart, Marinette is staying in Chloe's place along Alya.

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