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Flashback from "Mr. Pigeon," Marinette is seen at François Dupont High School flipping through the pages of her sketch pad.

Marinette: Derby hat... derby hat... derby hat.. derby hat!

Flashback from "Darkblade," Chloé talks to Sabrina in the school courtyard, scheming to ruin Marinette's reputation.

Chloé: (narrating over the scene) Look, Sabrina! Looks like Dupain-Cheng's finally decided to raise funds for a new wardrobe. About time, I'm so tired of seeing her everywhere in those ridiculous clothes, everything about that lame-o is ridiculous.

Flashback from "The Bubbler," Marinette nervously tries to give a gift to Adrien in front of the school.

Marinette: (in flashback) Uh, eheheh... hey.
Chloé: (narrates) Like those thoughtful presents she gives everyone...
Adrien: (in flashback) Hey.

Flashback from "Zombizou," where Marinette explains her gift for Ms. Bustier in the locker room.

Chloé: (narrates) I bet she spends hours making them.

Flashback from "The Evillustrator" in the locker room, Chloé excuses herself from the group project with Sabrina and Marinette.

Chloé: (narrates) Ugh, what a waste of time. Then again, she doesn't have a Sabrina to do the grunt work for her.

Flashbacks from "Stoneheart," where in Ms. Bustier's classroom, Marinette and Alya take Chloé and Sabrina's seats.

Chloé: (narrates) And the annoying lectures she gives all the time...
Marinette: (in the flashback) All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.
Chloé: (narrates) I mean, what's the matter with her? She thinks she's a superhero or something?

Flashback from "Rogercop," in Ms. Bustier's class. Marinette slips on the box that holds Chloé's bracelet, and then drops the croissants from her parent's bakery.

Chloé: (narrates) Good thing she's not, by the way. Can you imagine if Ladybug were as much of a klutz as Dupain-Cheng?

Flashback from "Horrificator," where in Ms. Bustier's class, Chloé and Sabrina make fun of Ivan.

Chloé: (narrates) Paris would be done for! (laughs)
Sabrina: (in the flashback, laughs)

Flashback from "Gigantitan," Marinette helps August's mother carry August up the stairs of the Trocadéro.

Chloé: (narrates) But I think the most ridiculous thing about that faker girl, is this habit she has of always trying to help people out!

Flashback from "Queen Wasp," Marinette helps Chloé confront, and then bond with, Audrey Bourgeois outside of her helicopter.

Chloé: (narrates) Seriously, what are butlers for? To think that she had the audacity to talk to my mother and ask her to stay and live in Paris with me! Ugh! As if I needed Marinette's help to convince my mom to care about me. Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!

Flashback from "Darkblade" at City Hall, Chloé scolds Sabrina for clapping after Marinette's speech.

Chloé: (narrates) C'mon, Sabrina. Let's go. I'm afraid we'll catch her chronic lameness if we stand too close.


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