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Scene: Marinette's room.

Marinette: Dear diary, today at school, Miss Bustier asked us what we wanna be when we grow up. Many of my friends had no idea, but I've known for a while. My dream is to become a fashion designer like Gabriel Agreste, my role model. He's Adrien's father, and he's also the best designer in the entire world! He created the Gabriel brand.

Adrien models for him. He's in every advertising campaign, in fashion magazines, on posters in town, the whole deal!

But what I love most of all is creating. I really like inventing, designing, sewing. I've already created hats, clothes, accessories like jewelry, and even some glasses for Jagged Stone, the famous rock star.

Most of the time, I'm wearing my own designs. This little purse I carry everywhere, for instance. I made it. I love to stroll around Paris for inspiration. I could spend hours watching people, and what better place then Paris to be inspired!

Being Ladybug also helps me to see things from a different perspective, to create in a different way. One time, for instance, I was inspired by a villain’s costume to create a unique hat.

from "Mr. Pigeon".

Gabriel: Miss Marinette, very exquisite creation. You definitely have the laboring hands of a hat maker.

Marinette: I'm incredibly lucky. I really hope that one day, I'll have my own brand, and that people will like my designs. In the meantime, I try to get better every day by learning new techniques and making presents for my family and friends.

Oh, that reminds me, Alya's birthday is coming up, and I'd love to design something for her. I've already thought of a special case for her smartphone. I just need to buy the equipment so I can get to work. Goodbye for now, diary.


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