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Scene: Marinette's room.

Marinette: Dear diary: I can't believe I made such a blunder! I'll just die of shame this time for sure! I had a presentation to do with Adrienmy Adrien!—and since I was done with my heart, I called to let him know. I had some serious ladybugs in my stomach, but I took my courage in both hands and just did it! The thing is, it went to his voicemail, and from this moment on, full blown disaster!

Scene: Marinette is in her room, talking on the phone.

Marinette: Well then, enjoy your afterday! Uh, I mean—see you sooner! I mean—no! I—see you at the pool. Ugh! At school! (hangs up the phone) Ugh! That's awful! Now he’s going to think that I'm a super dummy!

Marinette: But it's not my fault! He's so amazing that I completely freak out every time I talk to him! I mean, seriously…he's super smart, he plays the piano, he's a great fencer, he speaks Chinese, and he's so cute too!

Adrien is a model for his father, Gabriel Agreste, the best fashion designer in Paris, and probably the world. But he never brags about it, because he's perfect! Well, uh, he does have one major flaw. He kind of gets along with Chloé the brat. But he's friends with everyone, so…this doesn't count. I mean, it almost doesn't.

Anyway, I have to do something awesome now to prove to Adrien that I'm not a total loser. But how am I going to make him notice me and fall in love with me? Hmm…I could text him a really beautiful poem, or maybe write a letter! But, I'm not very good with words. I'm more into fashion and creating things!

Of course—I know! It's his birthday soon! I checked on the table I made of his detailed schedule.…what? I like to know where he is during the day! I'll design an amazing gift for him. He'll be super impressed, see that I'm an incredible girl, and will fall head over heels in love with me! Hehe, I can't wait! I'll get to it right this minute. There's not much time left till D-Day! Goodbye for now, dear diary. Wish me luck.


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