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Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

OR-2 (282)

Marinette becomes upset with Adrien.

Marinette first meets Adrien when both are their alter egos in "Ladybug & Cat Noir". She gets a bit frustrated with him a few times, like when he carelessly uses his Cataclysm, but she likes him as a partner and works well with him. In “Stoneheart”, when she admits it is her fault for not purifying the akuma the first time, she is both surprised and grateful for Cat Noir's encouragement. After saving the day, she doesn't react to Cat Noir's flirting and bids him farewell.

File:OR-2 (1009).png

In the same episodes, she first hears about Adrien from Chloé, but she doesn't know who he is. The next day, she meets Adrien at school, but she quickly becomes disgusted of him when it looks like he put a piece of gum on her chair, unaware that Chloé had placed it there and he was simply trying to remove it. She recognizes that he is the son of Gabriel Agreste, her favorite fashion designer, but it doesn't change her dislike of him. After school the following day, though, he finds her stuck at the school's gate because of the rain, so he manages to explain the situation with the gum and gives her his umbrella. She then realizes he is nothing like Chloé and sees his gentle, caring side, and befriends him.

CC (11)

Marinette dreaming about Adrien.

After that, Marinette develops a "secret" crush on Adrien. On the walls of her room and in several photo frames are pictures of him from various magazines. She often daydreams about him and longs to win his heart, but her awkwardness around him makes it a great challenge for her. However, Marinette has prioritized Adrien's happiness over her own. On Adrien's birthday in "The Bubbler", she accepts the fact that Adrien thinks her gift is from his father because he is so pleased to have gotten such a gift from him, deeming his happiness more important than hers. During "Dark Cupid", Marinette finds Adrien's love poem written for her alter ego and decides one of her own wanting to admit her true feelings for him. However, she forgets to sign the card. Gradually, in later episodes such as "Kung Food" and "Gamer", Marinette becomes more comfortable and confident around him, being able to speak normally with him and express herself. While she still freezes up around him often, she builds a friendship with him while still having feelings for him, including moments like dancing with him in "Despair Bear" at Chloé's party. In "Gorizilla", she helps him hide from a bunch of crazed fans that are chasing him and spends a little time with him at the movies. In "Troublemaker", Marinette freaked out when she thought Adrien was going to know about her crush on him after the multiple pictures she keeps of him are shown on live TV. When Adrien confronts her about it the next day, Marinette tells Adrien that she is merely a fan who is into fashion and was relieved when he said that he was used to fans having pictures of him and easily accepted his offer to his next photoshoot. She also briefly got to spend a little time with Adrien in "Frightningale" as they posed as their alter egos for Clara Nightingale's video.

AS (14)

Marinette speaks to Adrien through a video chat.

As seen in "Anansi", Marinette is able to find ways to still communicate with Adrien even with his inability to hang out with her and his friends due to his father. During "Style Queen" and "Queen Wasp", Marinette was encouraged by Adrien to stand tall and proud about her derby hat design. In "Malediktator", when Marinette happily told Adrien that Chloé was leaving for New York, she was disappointed that he wasn't celebrating. When he told her that Chloé was his only friend when he was growing up and expressed belief that Chloé wasn’t useless, Marinette felt bad and later took his words to heart.

In "Frozer", Adrien asks Marinette for her advice about how to approach a romance. At first, she believes that he is talking about her, but she is mortified to discover that he’s actually talking about Kagami, to which she unintentionally replies with the ice rink as an option and even offers to accompany him and Kagami there. After explaining the situation to her friends, she began to question her feelings for him. Despite this, watching him skate with Kagami becomes too much for her, and she falls multiple times because of this. However, after Kagami tells her that she shouldn’t hesitate, she runs after Adrien and asks if they could go to the ice rink again some time. But, when he asks if it would only be the two of them, her usual awkwardness around him made her propose taking all of their friends instead.

At a picnic, after the ordeal with Scarlet Moth's army in "Mayura", Adrien calls her their everyday Ladybug and before he leaves the picnic, he calls her Super Marinette. This makes her realize how much she wants him to know about her feelings for him. She attempts a confession in front of the whole class, only to swallow her words and instead kiss his cheek.

In "Chameleon", when Adrien notices Marinette making an attempt to expose Lila’s lies, he tells her not to as humiliating Lila would not make her a better person. Though Marinette believes that Lila shouldn’t be allowed to get away with her lies, she takes Adrien’s advice.

During their trip to wax museum in "Puppeteer 2", Marinette was stressed out about being alone with Adrien, she then started admitting her feelings. To what she thought was a wax figurine of him what actually the "real" him and was upset with him for tricking her. On their way home, she apologized for overreacting and realized that he has the same problem she does but continued being friends. Marinette was somewhat upset that Adrien had a crush on another girl but didn't give up on him yet.

In "Stormy Weather 2", Marinette admits that she has become close friends with Adrien and can talk to him about anything except her feelings. In "Reflekdoll", she hesitates in asking Adrien for help with her photoshoot for her website and fainted when he agreed and things went well. But soon Reflekta and her sentimonster attacked and after their defeat she and her friends finished the photoshoot. In "Desperada", while love-struck she recommended that Adrien becomes Jagged's new guitarist. In "Felix", knowing that Adrien was feeling down about missing his Marinette and her friends sent a video care package to him with her working up the courage to tell Adrien her feelings. But upon seeing him reply with a nasty message like Nino, she too believed he would never say those things and after receiving a thank you message from him she replies, "I love you too". During the "Battle of the Miraculous", Marinette spends time with him and Kagami at the Borgeuois wedding anniversary. But upon seeing Adrien getting along so well with Kagami she decides to give up her romantic pursuit of him so he can be happy. After Hawk Moth's defeat and Chloe's disbandment, she enjoys ice cream with Adrien and their friends.

Her feelings for him can cause her issues, whether unable to stay relaxed and rational around or about him. She does get upset whenever he cannot come to hang out with their friends but does not give up. In "Simon Says", while trying to defend everyone at the Agreste mansion, Marinette briefly stammers and stutters around Adrien or when talking about him as Ladybug. In "Volpina", she harshly lashes out at Lila and her deceitful nature as Ladybug and in front of Adrien due to being jealous that Lila is trying to get Adrien's attention. Later, when she and Cat Noir are fighting Lila's akumatized form, Volpina, she nearly gives up her Miraculous when she believes that Lila has taken Adrien hostage and plans to drop him off the Eiffel Tower, not realizing that it's a mere illusion. She keeps her jealously under more control while trying to keep Adrien protected in "Riposte". Also in "Gorizilla", she showed more determination and calmness when protecting Adrien from the villain. Also she stammers and stutters as Adrien thanked her for saving him in "Style Queen".

During "Desperada", due to her "troubling heart", as Ladybug she gave the Snake Miraculous to Adrien, as Aspik she found him more humorous and charming. Due to the affects of the Snake Miraculous' Second Chance, Ladybug was shocked that he detransformed but convinced him to try again. Until she was told that he couldn't bare seeing her captured once more and him powerless to save her becoming more surprised that he used the powers over 25,900 times just to do it. She was recommended by him to give the Snake Miraculous to Luka but before he hid Ladybug gave Adrien a kiss as thanks for saving her. Unknowingly Marinette causes one of her biggest mistakes, in "Cat Blanc", by delivering her gift to Adrien as her alter ego and not leaving sooner it led to him to discovering her identity. To fix her mistake as her alter ego she erases her name and tells him it's from his Brazilian Fan Club instead.

File:Ladybug annoyed with Cat Noir.png

When it comes to Cat Noir, Ladybug sees him as a worthy partner in fighting crime, caring for him greatly. This is seen in the webisode “Cat Noir as seen by Marinette” when she says that she doesn't think she could defeat all the akumatized villains without him.

AS (781)

Ladybug assures Cat Noir that he's irreplaceable.

In "Timebreaker", she is shocked and horrified when Cat Noir sacrifices himself to save her. In "Lady Wifi", she held her partner close when she got him out the freezer, asking if he was alright. In "Zombizou", she showed great concern for him after he became infected by Zombizou’s minions as he was the last person she wanted to leave behind. In "Reverser", when he was afraid due to being reversed into a complete coward, she stayed by his side and gave him comfort and confidence. In "Anansi", when he asks Ladybug if she really had replaced him with Carapace, she assures him that he's irreplaceable. During "Style Queen", she is shocked when Plagg tells her that he lost his ring and, after the villain's defeat, Ladybug said that she hoped Cat Noir would find his Miraculous.

In "Miraculer", Ladybug saw that Cat Noir got hurt by his own powers, she promised she'd heal him. When Cat Noir's injury started to take its toll on him, Ladybug rushed to his side. In "Gamer 2.0", when Ladybug learned she had to fight him to get to Gamer 2.0 and free everyone, she was horrified that Cat Noir eliminated himself for her so she could move ahead.

During "Ladybug", when the two sides were at stalemate, she chose save Cat Noir after he was thrown off the building by Hawk Moth valuing his life more than getting her enemies Miraculous. In an Instagram photo she showed concern for Cat Noir when he got sick.

While he constantly flirts with her, Ladybug mostly sidesteps his romantic gestures and often gets annoyed with him if the moment is inappropriate (like when they're fighting a villain), though she does display a little bit of affection towards him occasionally. During "Animan", she complimented Cat Noir by scratching him on the chin for thinking ahead. In "Antibug" and "Gigantitan", she compliments on Cat Noir's cleverness on dealing with the titular villain. Sometimes after patrols she does enjoy hanging out with Cat Noir and doing photos with him in Alya's Instagram photos. Despite their teasing relationship, the two are a great team: they have a lot of faith and trust in the other, greatly support the other, and are willing to risk their lives for their partner and assure each other when doubtful. She trusted him not to look when they detransformed in "The Dark Owl". Another example of that faith and trust is seen in "Gorizilla", when she trusted Cat Noir to arrive when she needed him. She is aware that Cat Noir wants to know her secret identity but thinks it is better if no one knows for the sake of protecting humanity and each other, at least until they defeat Hawk Moth, said in "Troublemaker".

Syren (218)

Ladybug feels bad about keeping secrets from Cat Noir.

In "Syren", when Cat Noir expresses frustration at Ladybug for keeping secrets, she feels bad, telling him that it's not easy for her. She promises him that he'll know everything when the time is right and is at ease when Wang Fu tells her he will take care of it. In “Sandboy”, when she sees that Cat Noir's nightmare is an evil version of herself and asks him if he really thinks she’s as awful as his nightmare, Cat Noir assures her that’s not the case, calling her the girl of his dreams.

File:MA (334).png
During "Heroes' Day", when expressing doubt on how to defeat Hawk Moth, she was encouraged by Cat Noir to keep fighting in order to keep hope alive despite being outnumbered. Due to her closeness to Cat Noir she has become more comfortable around him, asking for his advice on personal things seen in "Gamer 2.0" and "The Puppeteer 2".

Also as a team, even though she gets annoyed with Cat Noir's jokes and humor at times. And yet, she does find it useful, like when trying to figure out use her lucky charm in "Queen Wasp" and other episodes. Or when figuring out a way to defeat a villain in "Silencer".

During "Reflekdoll", she experienced what it was like to be Cat Noir as Lady Noir when their jewels got swapped. That's when she had to teach her partner that he had to be more cautious, observant and use his head with her powers. She also became more humorous stealing his lines. After the titular villain and sentimonster's defeat, she has a better understanding of Cat Noir and his humor.

During the series, Ladybug had to keep an eye on him at times, stopping Cat Noir from doing hasty things like not thinking things through to wasting his powers. Sometimes even saving him from deception and tricks from Hawk Moth's villains or Mayura especially in "Ladybug". While most of the time she is calm and confident around Cat Noir, she rarely breaks down in the front of him. As she did in the "Battle of the Miraculous", where she made her greatest mistake yet leading to Hawk Moth kidnapping Master Fu and obtaining the Miracle Box. She even calls herself "the worst Ladybug ever" but was comforted by Cat Noir being reminded that everyone makes mistakes and to focus on saving their master and friends. So touched she hugs him grateful to always have him by her side and even when she was affected by Hawk Moth's taunting.

Despite their loving relationship in an alternate future of "Cat Blanc", it didn't affect their teamwork. They manage to corner Hawk Moth, but upon discovering his identity and reason, and horrified to see Cat Noir in anger using his powers on his own father. Aware of the price, she tried to remind him of the consequences using the ultimate wishing power but was even more horrified to see him akumatized. Despite that she encouraged him to fight his father's influence with all his strength. And yet, seeing him so hurt and confused she felt great sorrow for him as she is cataclysmed.

As the current Ladybug enters the future, she was surprised to see Cat Noir but acting so strange and trying to take her earrings. Seeing his aggressiveness she backs away from him after hearing his explanations, she pieces together that he has been akumatized. She tries to reason with him, search for his akuma but he doesn't make it easy and becomes shocked that he knew her identity. Upon seeing his anger reach a critical point she pretends to surrender coming to tell him he'll always be Cat Noir to her and with his guard down she deakumatizes him. However, becomes disappointed that he still knows she is and how pointless it is for her to use restoration powers but upon seeing Bunnix coming back to retrieve her. Ladybug shares a quick embrace with him and promises to fix everything before leaving. Due to changing the past the events of everything that happen was erased. After seeing what she experienced Ladybug shares a peaceful moment with him.

EV S01EP08 (468)

Marinette annoyed with Cat Noir.

In "The Evillustrator", when Cat Noir arrives to discuss stopping the villain with Marinette, he introduces himself in a flirty manner, and she mocks him by "mouthing" words with her hands as he shows off. But she does smile and giggles to herself after he leaves. In the webisode "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette", Marinette says that she might see Cat Noir differently if Adrien did not exist, though she immediately dismisses the thought because she doesn't want to think of a world without Adrien unaware that Adrien and Cat Noir are one in the same. She is also aware that Cat Noir has a crush on her. Before she can transform in "Befana", Cat Noir comes to take her somewhere safe, commenting on how she must be a nice girl to have such loyal friends and wishes her a happy birthday (although he already did earlier, but as Adrien). During "Glaciator", after they both discuss their issues with their romantic endeavors, Marinette notices Cat Noir's affectionate and sensitive side and realizes that his feelings for Ladybug are genuine. However, she doesn't want to disappoint Cat Noir and play with his feelings, so she tells him earnestly as Ladybug that she views him more than just her partner but as a close friend. Subsequently, she sympathetically declines Cat Noir's romantic endeavors as it would interfere with their superhero obligations. She also concedes that she has her heart set on someone else, but won't tell him who he is as revealing personal information about each other would cause hindrance to their personal lives.

File:GL (556).png

After Ladybug makes him understand why keeping certain secrets are important, Cat Noir comprehends with her and accepts her friendship. He kisses her on the cheek as a sign of amiability, making her become somewhat flushed as she accepts his rose.

Frozer (62)

Ladybug sadly rejects Cat Noir, reminding him that she loves someone else.

In "Frozer", she sadly rejects Cat Noir's romantic advances on her, reminding him she is in love with someone else. When they meet again she sees that Cat Noir is still angry about earlier but they still manage to come as a team despite having different ideas.

During "Weredad", when Marinette hastily believed that Cat Noir discovered her identity, she told the hero that she loved him to dissuade him. And yet, Marinette knew that he was in love with her alter ego to the point where she believed he was determined and stubborn. And yet, the two spend a breakfast date together set up by her father but when Cat Noir admitted his love for her alter ego. She pretended to be sad (albeit she was actually happy.) After the events of Tom’s akumatization, Marinette assured Cat Noir that she wasn’t heartbroken and the two decided to be friends.

Marinette briefly discovers that Adrien is Cat Noir in “Oblivio” after the duo has their memories erased. However, after the villain is defeated and Ladybug uses Miraculous Ladybug, this knowledge is erased from her mind.

Due to Tikki and Plagg being seen by Ms. Mendelevei at school in "Kwamibuster". Marinette figured out that Cat Noir was one of the boys at her school and was more surprised that they might know each other civilian form. As Multimouse she worked with Cat Noir to rescue their kwamis temporarily receiving his ring and with the power of Mirage she was able to convince her partner that she alter ego was someone else. But after the titular villain's defeat she's been tricked that her partner doesn't go to her school.

In an alternate future in "Cat Blanc", after Marinette delivered her gift she was approached by him and upon seeing that Adrien has the same feelings they share a kiss and become a official couple. Leading to them having a happy life together however, thanks to Gabriel's manipulation she tearfully breaks up with him. Upon hearing him give her a warning shout, she finds out he's Cat Noir and aware that he knows her identity with that they share an embrace with a promise that things will be better. Due to Ladybug fixing her mistake the future of their relationship is erased.


CC (14)

Marinette talking to Tikki.

Marinette's kwami, Tikki, allows her to transform into Ladybug. When she sees her for the first time in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", Marinette is terrified, thinking Tikki is a "bug-mouse". She throws several things at her, trying to scare her off. Eventually, Marinette listens to Tikki's information and reluctantly transforms with her for the first time. After defeating Stoneheart, she learns that she failed to purify the akuma and made the situation worse, and despite Tikki encouraging her to keep going, Marinette apologizes to her and puts her away with the Miraculous. It isn't until Stoneheart's next attack that Marinette decides to be Ladybug again, and she puts on the Miraculous again, telling a delighted Tikki that she won't sit back and do nothing when others are in trouble.

File:Princess Fragrance 905.png

They have a good relationship as partners and friends, often nuzzling each other warmly and even playing on occasion. Marinette appreciates Tikki's attempts to cheer her up after she has "failed" with Adrien or displayed "incompetence" as Ladybug. Tikki also helps Marinette when she doesn't feel confident in herself, or when she gets off track, and often gives her advice. In "Princess Fragrance", when Tikki gets sick and taken by Chloé, Marinette is desperate to find her and take her to the healer. Once she finds her, Marinette rejects Tikki's suggestion that they transform to stop the titular villain, saying she won't make the same mistake twice and went to see the healer right away. She tells Tikki after she is healed that she is more than a kwami to her. In "Befana", though finding it a bit strange, Marinette cherishes the kwagatama Tikki gave her for her birthday.

File:SB (837).png

Marinette is very trustful of Tikki's intentions and judgment is seen in "Sandboy", where she let Tikki go out on her own to contact Nooroo on his birthday in an attempt to find him. After the villain's defeat, Marinette understood she meant well and comforted her when Tikki thought she failed.

She also takes Tikki's encouragement to heart in "Chameleon" when Lila threatened to take all of Marinette's friends away from her and uses her advice to drive the akuma away. When Marinette lose her memory in "Oblivio", she called Tikki a bug mouse and yet was sympathetic towards her when she couldn't remember anything. When Tikki sees how well the two avoid Oblivio she calls them an effective couple with Marinette agreeing.

Her trust in Tikki extends to the point where Marinette becomes comfortable talking about her double life to her, claiming that she knew her better than anyone and hid no secrets in "Kwamibuster". However, when she heard that Tikki had been spotted on the news she slightly scalded her kwami for not telling her. After she gets captured by the titular villain, Marinette pulled a big risk to save her and afterwards she forgave Tikki for her mistake and reaffirmed they trust for each other.

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

MP (1081)

Marinette is delighted when Gabriel declares her hat the winner in a fashion design contest.

Marinette treats Gabriel with respect, knowing how formal and strict he can be as Adrien's father. But she does also admire his work as a fashion designer and hopes to be on good terms with him. In "The Collector", being aware that Gabriel won't release Adrien until the book was returned. Marinette gives it back to him saying she borrowed it believing it was a portfolio of Adrien giving him the impression that she was one of his son's admirers. Then, she asked Gabriel where he got it being informed he got it during his trip overseas.

During "The Queens' Battle", she received good praise from him when talking about her derby hat design.

During an alternate future in "Cat Blanc", Marinette is approach by Gabriel to demand that her relationship with his son ends to preserve his company's image and if not he'll pull Adrien out of school. Not wanting her love to suffer she tearfully agrees to his demands unaware that what he said was a ruse just so he could akumatize her.

File:OR-2 (568).png

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", Ladybug and Cat Noir are introduced to Hawk Moth when akumas form a large version of his head while the two heroes are fighting Stoneheart at the Eiffel Tower. Rather than being intimidated, Ladybug confidently warns Hawk Moth that she and Cat Noir will find him, and he'll be the one giving them his Miraculous.

With Hawk Moth, however, she is fully aware that he is the culprit for the akumas and supervillains. She always works very hard to stop him, not wanting him to win by taking her Miraculous.

In "The Collector", through deductive reasoning Marinette concludes that Hawk Moth secret identity is Gabriel Agreste. But she is thrown off his trail when he akumatizes himself after he is saved Marinette has no idea that she was unknowingly correct. After learning about the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses' combined wishing power from Wang Fu in "Robostus", she agrees that Hawk Moth must not get access to her and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, and she understands Wang's warning in "Sapotis" that Hawk Moth getting more Miraculouses would be dangerous.

File:MA (186).png

During "Heroes' Day", when Ladybug sees Hawk Moth commence his biggest plan yet she expresses a little doubt on how to beat him since they never faced him before and that he found a way to amplify his powers. Despite being enemies and talking to an illusion she even tries to convince him to do the right thing with them.

In "Ladybug", she becomes horrified that Hawk Moth has no sympathy for her sentimonster doppelganger and agreeing with Cat Noir that he is a monster. Continuing their fight against Hawk Moth in an alternate future of "Cat Blanc", she and Cat Noir manage to corner him in his secret chamber, but Ladybug becomes shocked that the what she figured previously was true. Despite that she remained true to her duty to stop him aware of the price of using such power. During "Battle of the Miraculous", despite trying to save Master Fu and her friends she was still affected by his taunting.

Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge

File:MP Beret.jpeg

Marinette is forced to sit next to Alya by Chloé on the first day of school in "Ladybug & Cat Noir", but after Alya stands up for her, Marinette befriends her quickly. When she decides to not be Ladybug in "Stoneheart", she plans to give the Ladybug Miraculous to Alya by slipping it into her bag at school. However, when Alya is pinned to a wall by a car and cries out for help, Marinette, who was taking Alya's bag to her after she left it to watch the fight, becomes determined to save her and takes out the Miraculous to use again. The next day at school, Alya reveals her plans to find out Ladybug's secret identity, while Marinette knowingly tells her, "Good luck with that."

File:LW S01EP07 (921).png

Marinette enjoys spending time with Alya, her best friend. They get along very well, both tolerant of each other's flaws, like Marinette's ditziness, and Alya's pushiness. Although often frozen with fear whenever Alya assists her with doing something with or for Adrien, Marinette is thankful for her pushing her forward. Alya's desire to find out more about Ladybug and her secret identity has caused many problems for Marinette, who wants to let Alya know that she is Ladybug but can't. She panics when Alya finds the history book she dropped as Ladybug in "The Pharaoh", and she is utterly astounded when Alya leaves her a note saying she knows who Ladybug is in "Lady Wifi". Alya's attempts to find the truth about Ladybug can be exasperating for Marinette, but she does her best to conceal her identity from her. Both find Chloé awful, and both support each other in any way that they can.

In "Friends", Marinette calls Alya her strategic coach, and it is revealed that Alya was the one that helped her become better friends with Adrien. In "Tikki (webisode)", Marinette would love to introduce Tikki to Alya knowing she would love her as much as she does but understands that her kwami must be kept a secret.

In "Chameleon", Marinette tried to tell Alya that Lila's stories weren't true but Alya didn't believe her. Despite not having the same feelings about Lila, she was happy when they sat beside each other in class. However, she can be annoyed with Alya at times seen in "The Puppeteer 2", when she thought Alya told Nino about her crush on Adrien or when she planned to leave Marinette alone with Adrien.

During "Ladybug", she thanks Alya for her believing in her, support and help in trying to prove her innocence. Sometime prior to "Feast", she was glad that Alya happened given up looking for the identity of her alterego. As well as showed concern for her when she tried to unmask Hawk Moth. And was more shocked when she discovered the secret order of the guardians even posting it on her blog. Even to the point where Marinette believed she shouldn't have trusted Alya with a Miraculous after all. In "Cat Blanc", Marinette believed that Alya would never reveal her identity jeopardizing her best friend.

PH S01EP06 (504)

Ladybug saves Alya from danger.

As Ladybug, Marinette can find it difficult sometimes to get Alya to stay out of harm's way, due to Alya's obsession with tracking and interacting with Ladybug, which has gotten her caught by akumatized villains before (such as in "The Pharaoh"). Regardless, Ladybug describes Alya to Cat Noir as "bossy, feisty, and bold," and expresses that she is always thankful for Alya's help. She doesn't mind being filmed for Alya's Ladyblog website while giving her comments to interviews. Both as herself and as her Miraculous alter ego, Marinette gets along well with Alya.


Ladybug with Rena Rouge.

In "Sapotis", Master Wang Fu allows Marinette to choose a Miraculous to hand out to a trustworthy candidate when the result of Ladybug's Lucky Charm tells her that she and Cat Noir cannot win the fight without aid. Accordingly, Ladybug selects Alya and gives her the Fox Miraculous to temporarily assist her and Cat Noir to defeat Sapotis. While working with her, Ladybug notices that Rena Rouge becomes easily wrapped up in the excitement, so she has to remind her to stay on track. Despite this, Ladybug likes working with Rena Rouge, and Marinette understands how much Alya enjoys being a superhero. Nonetheless, in obedience to Master Fu's requirements, she pressures Alya to keep her promise to return the Fox Miraculous and gets exasperated when Alya is initially reluctant to give it back. Having to trust Alya to make the right choice due to her own imminent detransformation, Marinette expresses relief that Alya returns the Fox Miraculous.


Ladybug reminds Alya of her promise to return the Fox Miraculous.

In "Syren" it is revealed that Marinette has convinced Master Fu to allow Alya to continue occasionally being Rena Rouge, though she must still return the Miraculous at the end of each mission that she is conscripted for. In the "Heroes' Day Finale", Marinette as Ladybug calls on Alya to become Rena Rouge once again to help fight against Scarlet Moth's akumatized army and apologizes for revealing their identities to each other. When the heroine sees her get struck with Dark Cupid's arrows, she encourages Rena Rouge to not give into negative emotions. The two continue to work together in later episodes as well.

When she was turned into Miracle Queen's servant in the "Battle of the Miraculous", as Ladybug; Marinette was dettermined to save her.

Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng

GV (167)

Marinette hugs her parents.

Whenever she is with her parents, Marinette is shown to love them and support them, just like they do. Sometimes, she helps them at the bakery, like finishing an order, or designing a logo for their business. When the Bubbler's bubbles take her parents away, Marinette deeply desires to save them and all of the parents. She often plays video games, such as Ultimate Mecha Strike III, with her father.

DSB (44)

Marinette enjoys her father's baking lesson.

Marinette mentions in "Despair Bear", that she likes it when her father comes to school to give her class cooking lessons. In "Troublemaker", she convinces her parents to have the TV crew film their bakery on the show Fill My Shoes as an attempt to increase business, noting she liked the idea of her dad becoming an instant celebrity. Marinette receives their support in "Queen Wasp", when she has the chance to go to New York. Seen in one of her instagram pages she also enjoys spending a morning mediation with her mother.

In "Tikki (webisode)", Marinette says that she would love to introduce Tikki to her parents knowing they would love her as much as she does but understands that her kwami must be kept a secret.

After dealing with Gigantitan she became shocked when her father heard her say that she "loved" Cat Noir. And was also annoyed that he invited him over for breakfast, however, when the hero mentioned being in love with Ladybug, Marinette put on a convincing act that she was sad (but was actually happy.) However, she becomes horrified when imprisoned in thorn vines due to her father's akumatization and does what she can to save to him. After Tom was deakumatized, Marinette was embraced by him and seeing him still angry at Cat Noir breaking her heart, she calmed him down accepting the hero's love of Ladybug. When Tom and Sabine heard Cat Noir thought that Marinette was a fan of his they were happy for them being friends. But when Tom offered for Cat Noir to come by and help him make croissants for Ladybug, Marinette became annoyed with him. During Tom's birthday in "Bakerix", Marinette made it the tradition to make her father a birthday sweater and as the best gift of all help him make up with his father Rolland.

However her parents are unaware of Marinette double life as Ladybug. And yet she does feel bad about making up excuses to them when she has to be her alter-ego and is upset when they grounded her for missing classes but knows they only mean well. Marinette officially meets them as Ladybug in "Animan", but loses her cool when she believes they found her out and yet was relieved they didn't. On the other hand, Marinette kept her cool and thanked them for their help in saving Kim. She also thankful for their help in the Paris Rebellion during "Heroes Day".

During her attempt to stop Gigantitan in "Weredad", Marinette nearly said her father's name as Ladybug. In "Oni-Chan", as Ladybug, she thanks Tom for his help in discovering the villain's weakness.

Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee

RC S01EP09 (276)

Marinette frustrated with Chloé.

Marinette has been in the same class with Chloé for four years and states that she was always bullying her. On the first day of the new school year, Marinette is frustrated that Chloé and Sabrina force her out of her normal seat, but she doesn't protest due to being intimidated by Chloé's social standing. Alya encourages Marinette to stand against Chloé, but it isn't until the end of "Stoneheart" that Marinette, now full of confidence after her success as Ladybug, calls out Chloé for her awful actions and tells her to take her attitude and sit somewhere else.

Ladybug Christmas Special (31)

Chloé expresses her dislike towards Marinette.

Marinette hates Chloé and disapproves of her actions. She hates how Chloé mistreats everyone, including her "best friend" Sabrina. As Chloé's main target, Marinette constantly deals with Chloé's contemptuous attitude towards her. Nevertheless, Marinette occasionally manages to outmaneuver her with thrilling success, such as the time she proves in "Mr. Pigeon" that Chloé stole her derby hat design by revealing her own signature as a unique design element that Chloé and Sabrina neglected to remove, or the time when she successfully ends her campaign for class representative in "Darkblade" by contrasting her own helpfulness and honesty with Chloé's selfishness and manipulation.

DSB (793)

Ladybug thanks Chloé for her help.

In "Despair Bear", she is annoyed when Chloé disrupts her father's cooking lesson. When Chloé invites all their classmates to a party, Marinette is skeptical of her seeming change of heart. While she does as Ladybug later appreciate Chloé's assistance in stopping Despair Bear, Marinette agrees with Adrien that Chloé will probably never fully change, after she reverts from kindness towards her classmates to criticizing and mocking them again.

In "Zombizou", when she realizes it was Chloé who ruined her present to Miss Bustier, Marinette becomes so angry she almost gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. But thanks to Ms. Bustier's mentorship, Marinette understands that she can have a heart of gold when she needs to.

During "Queen Wasp", she became shocked that Chloé got disregarded by her mother feeling sorry for her and was more shocked when the Bee Miraculous ended up in her hands. As for herself, Marinette helped her rival fix things with her mother. In "Malediktator", when Marinette hears that Chloé is leaving for New York, she takes pleasure in the news, believing that fewer people will be akumatized and that she and everyone else won't have to deal with Chloé's cruel nature anymore.

Then, taking Adrien's words to heart she begins to see that there's more Chloé than she originally thought and after seeing her actions as Queen Bee, Marinette and her classmates throw her a party to thank her. And confidently hoping that Chloé's time as Queen Bee will help her become a better person.

EV S01EP08 (242)

Ladybug gets annoyed with Chloé

Chloé's love for Ladybug does not change Marinette's attitude; in fact, it makes her more annoyed when she has to watch over or protect Chloé seen in several episodes. Considering Chloé to be her rival for Adrien's affection, Marinette doesn't like how she is always throwing herself at him, to the point of using her Lucky Charm in "The Bubbler" out of jealousy, to prevent her from kissing Adrien while slow dancing. However, as series progressed as her alter ego Marinette began to see another side of Chloé seeing her as brave, loyal, remorseful and courageous. Starting in "Despair Bear", when she thanks her for her help commenting that she was nice to do so.

Especially in "Zombizou", after (as Ladybug) she sees Chloé's regretful apology and her brave action of sacrificing herself to stop Cat Noir from infecting her. The next day at school, Marinette takes back her angry comments from the day before and commends Chloé for helping Ladybug.

Seeing Chloé’s recklessness and irresponsibility as Queen Bee during "Queen Wasp", Ladybug demanded the Bee Miraculous back. Things went from bad to worse when she and Cat Noir found her akumatized with it. After Queen Wasp's defeat, when Ladybug apologetically told Chloé that the Miraculous must be returned she was asked by her rival for another chance realizing her mistake. The heroine told her of her own mistake by losing it, encouraging Chloé to do the right thing she thanked her for returning the jewel.

Malediktator - Infobox Image

Ladybug pounds-it with Chloé

The two get closer as allies in "Malediktator", when Ladybug hears Chloé admit that everyone was right about her having no purpose. Taking Adrien's words to heart she helps Chloé become honest about what happened and helps Chloé fix her mistake by offering her the Bee Miraculous again. This time with a calm head Ladybug works well with Queen Bee after the ordeal and seeing her return the Bee Miraculous without any resistance, fully understanding the weigh of a hero. She does the trademark fist-bump with her as Chloé earned it for doing a good job. The two fought well together in "Mayura".

Seen in "Miraculer", due to Hawk Moth knowing her identity as Ladybug, Marinette has been hesitant on giving Chloé the Bee Miraculous, not only out of losing another Miraculous but also putting Chloé and her family in danger, showing that she does care about her. After having her come to an understanding, Marinette hoped she didn't hurt Chloé too much.

However, even after that, Chloé continued, in vain, to wait for Ladybug to ask for her help, and in "Heart Hunter", things got worse: when Chloé's parents were akumatized together, Ladybug saw that Chloé was again waiting for her to receive the Bee Miraculous; but Ladybug chose to ignore her, choosing instead to ask Ryuko for help. This led to drastic consequences, which prompted a disappointed and furious Chloé to ally with Hawk Moth, who gave her the Bee Miraculous.

In "Miracle Queen", Ladybug faced the titular villain, aka the akumatized form of Queen Bee, realizing with dismay that the latter has voluntarily chosen to betray her and to ally herself with Hawk Moth and Mayura. After defeating her, disappointed and bitter that Chloé was unable to change for the better, and how instead she has become an even worse person, Ladybug deprived her of the Bee Miraculous, and expelled her from the team permanently.

Sabrina Raincomprix

EV S01EP08 (144)

Sabrina hugging Marinette after Marinette stood up for her against Chloé.

Marinette isn't close to Sabrina, but she feels bad that Chloé abuses her so unfairly. In "The Evillustrator", when she stands up for Sabrina, she is surprised that Sabrina immediately tries to befriend her, including doing her geography homework for her, much to her discomfort. Because she agrees to go to a party with the Evillustrator in order to defeat him, she sadly tells Sabrina that working on the presentation later at night won't work, which greatly upsets Sabrina, and she is hurt when Sabrina accuses her of being just like Chloé. After that, Sabrina usually follows Chloé in bullying Marinette, which upsets her. But on occasion, Marinette does show kindness to Sabrina, such as when she frees her hand from the magic box in "Darkblade" and in "Santa Claws" when she gives her a Christmas log. 

As Ladybug, Marinette is less annoyed with protecting her than Chloé and she is thankful for help at times. In "Catalyst", after Sabrina was deakumatized she has embraced her relieved she was around and when she heard that Sabrina was spread the word about what really happened Ladybug thanked her.

Nino Lahiffe/Carapace


Marinette and Nino get along well as friends. She never realizes he had a crush on her in "Animan" until he admits it after it's gone, but when they're at the park and he lies that he needs help getting together with Alya, Marinette is excited and eager to bring him and her best friend together. In "Simon Says", she is invited to see him perform on The Challenge, but she is grounded by her parents. On occasion, she can get a bit annoyed with him, like with his filming enthusiasm in "Horrificator". In "Anansi", she sees that Nino and Alya get along so well to a point where Marinette admits that those are in perfect sync with each other. In "Cat Blanc", she believed that Nino would never reveal her identity jeopardizing a close friend.

As Ladybug, she is aware of Nino's admiration of her and for saving Paris and is excited whenever her and Cat Noir are around. He even invites them as his special guests for The Challenge, saying they wouldn't let him down. In "Zombizou", after Alya becomes infected Ladybug wanted Nino to come with them and showed great concern for him when he chose to stay behind.

AS (795)

Ladybug with Carapace.

In "Anansi", she sees that Nino would do anything to save Alya showing great concern that he would get hurt. After saving him from Anansi the first time as Ladybug, she asks for his help installing the villain until she returns. When Nino is doubtful she encourages him by understanding that it's not always strength that saves the day but courage and determination looking back she puts total trust in him. Fighting off Anansi with enough time Ladybug returns and presents him with the Turtle Miraculous and as Carapace helps the heroes defeat the titular villain. While working with him he becomes slightly doubtful of his capabilities but quickly takes to them although has a bit of trouble calling the heroine by her proper name. After the mission, he quickly returned the bracelet and she praised him for a job well done.

In "Catalyst", Marinette is proud of what Nino said that Ladybug showed him what cool is really about. In the "Heroes' Day Finale", Marinette as Ladybug calls on Nino to become Carapace once again to help fight against Scarlet Moth's akumatized army and apologizes for revealing their identities to each other. The two continue to work well together in later adventures.

When he was turned into Miracle Queen's servant in the "Battle of the Miraculous", as Ladybug; Marinette was dettermined to save him.

Master Wang Fu

File:Princess Fragrance 874.png

When they first meet, Marinette, unaware of Master Wang Fu's importance as the Great Guardian, saves him from oncoming traffic in "Ladybug & Cat Noir". She brushes off dropping a box of macarons in order to rescue him and tells him to have a nice day as she runs to school. Later, when she takes Tikki to him to get healed in "Princess Fragrance", she worries about keeping Tikki's species a secret from him, but she shows immense gratitude to him for healing her, although curious about how he did it.

TC (12)

Marinette officially meets Master Fu.

In awe of Tikki's seriousness about the Great Guardian and his need of the Miraculous Spellbook, Marinette officially meets Wang Fu in "The Collector". Despite understanding his importance and agreeing to help him stop Hawk Moth, she struggles to trust him and tell him everything she knows when evidence points to Adrien being Hawk Moth's secret identity. She finally opens up to him after she figures out that neither Adrien or his father are Hawk Moth—unaware that Gabriel tricked her—and she agrees to be honest with him about her feelings and information she gathers. From there, she continues to visit him and views him as her teacher, patiently listening to his knowledge and asking questions whenever confused or curious. His teasing flusters her at times, becoming embarrassed when he guesses her initial unwillingness to tell him about where she found the book is because of someone she loves. Meanwhile, she shares his determination to retrieve the Butterfly Miraculous from Hawk Moth and restore balance to the universe before the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous are used to make reality-bending wishes. In "Sapotis", she also is respectful and obedient to Wang's request to be careful with the Miraculous she takes out by making the right choice for a user and getting it back to Wang Fu afterward. 


Master Fu allows Marinette to pick another Miraculous holder.

In "Syren", after she returns the Fox Miraculous to him again, he notices she is troubled and lets her speak her mind. She talks about Cat Noir's frustration, and he tells her that there will be a right time to speak. They later work together to find the right ingredient to unlock aquatic powers, Marinette suggesting an actual tear of joy, and so tells Wang Fu jokes to make him laugh. She then tells him she feels it's time to fill in Cat Noir on everything, to which he agrees. After saving Paris, he gives her the vials to unlock all the new powers and to keep them safe.

During "Anansi", she approaches Master Fu telling him that needed help fighting the villain as Anansi is about to take Cat Noir's Miraculous. Considering the situation carefully Marinette asks for his Miraculous for which he allows. During "Style Queen", she approaches Master Fu again who tells her of Cat Noir's fate. In "Malediktator", when Master Wang Fu was still unsure about Chloé wielding the Bee Miraculous, Marinette remained firm with her choice, hoping that being a superhero will give her rival a chance to grow to have the guardian's support.

In "Heroes' Day" finale after successfully defeating Hawk Moth's akumatized army she was praised by Master Fu for doing a good job.

When she comes to Master Fu's aid in "Backwarder", Marinette was surprised that he was called Mr. Chan and not looking well but even more so that he chose her to become the next guardian aware he won't live forever. She was also asked by him to give his letter to Marianne finding it very sweet that he has a crush on her. After Ladybug gives her the correct letter she and Tikki watch them from not faraway aware that Marianne and Wang will announce their feelings for each other someday.

She learns of his mistake in "Feast", when his old sentimonster returns and Wang explains that when he was young he was unhappy with his life as a guardian. During his training session he became hungry and angry that his life changed because of it. So Wang used the Peacock Miraculous to create his creature but the sentimonster feed off of his hungry and angry and went out of control causing the temple and everyone to be destroyed as well as losing the book, the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses. Realizing what Hawk Moth would do Marinette expressed no fear towards the creature and asked her master to trust that her and Cat Noir would beat it. However, she received a letter from Wang saying that he took her Miraculous back in order to protect her from a sentimonster.

Understanding that Wang was in trouble, Marinette went out to help him despite being powerless she and Cat Noir used their creativity to distract the creature. When Wang to comes a resolve Marinette received her earrings back and by diving into the belly of the beast the heroes managed to defeat the titular villain she was thanked by the Master. With the Order restored, Marinette was surprised that he passed the role of guardianship to her finding her more worthy of it than he was. With his shop no longer safe, she was informed that Wang would keep a low profile but would still be there when she and Cat Noir would need him.

Instead of coming to Master Fu as herself, Marinette as her alter ego unknowningly led Hawk Moth and Mayura to him in "Heart Hunter". She broke down about her terrible mistake of not only putting Master Fu in danger but also maybe the whole world noticing that the Miracle box was gone. In "Miracle Queen", she bravely and determiningly tried to fix her mistake and was rewarded along with Cat Noir, Ladybug was able to save remaining kwamis. However the same couldn't be said for Master Fu, during the scuffle she heard him give her the encouragement to fight on with him believing that Marinette will be greatest hero ever. With that, she was given his title as the new guardian afterwards she discovered that when Master Fu passed his title all of his memories about the jewels were erased due to the guardians code. Meaning he didn't remember her with that she led him to Marianne and received a note from him about love, losses and life.

Manon Chamack

File:SW Manon Marinette 2.jpeg

Manon, being a child with an energetic and outgoing personality is tiring for Marinette, who doesn't have experience with having siblings or skill with bonding with younger children. No matter how exhausting it is to take care of Manon, Marinette does care for her and her safety, promising to her as Ladybug that she'll save her and Alya from the ice dome they're trapped in and trying to change her back to normal when she is turned into the Puppeteer by Hawk Moth. She will often call Alya to help her babysit Manon, as seen in the episode "Prime Queen", as Alya helped on that day and the day after.

Rose Lavillant

The Notebook (52)

Marinette at the park with Juleka, Rose, and Alya.

Being friends with Rose since at least the previous school year, Marinette likes hanging out with her, and she encourages and supports her when needed. To cheer Rose up in "The Notebook", Marinette compliments her journal and draws a picture of a rose in Rose's journal.

In "Gigantitan", she is surprised that Rose and the others already know of Marinette's crush on Adrien and approves of it. She appreciates Rose's support during the girls' plans to set up her with Adrien, and as Ladybug, she praises her for helping her out of the villain's grip. She does enjoy hanging out with her on several occasions seen in "Gorizilla", "Captain Hardrock", "Syren" and "Frightningale".

In "Friends", she writes finds Rose romantic, being the one who always sees the silver lining.

Juleka Couffaine

File:RK (35).png

Juleka is also one of Marinette's friends since at least the previous school year, and Marinette cares for her, even though she sometimes is hard to understand due to her shyness. In "Reflekta", Marinette is determined to help Juleka get a good photo of herself, driven enough to defy Chloé and Sabrina's efforts of ruining Juleka's chances of being in the class photo.

She is surprised that Juleka reveals she knows that she has a crush on Adrien in "Gigantitan", but she is thankful for Juleka's support and encouragement. She praises her as Ladybug for helping her out of the villain's grip. She does enjoy hanging out with her on several occasions, like in "Gorizilla", "Captain Hardrock" and "Frightningale".

During "Reflekdoll", she was shocked when Juleka stepped up to become a model in Marinette's photo shoot for her website. When she heard her friend turn down the offer Marinette took over modeling with Adrien but upon seeing it lead to Juleka's akumatization and amokization she tried to apologize. After Juleka was deakumatized Marinette gave her the position back and they finished the shoot.

Mylène Haprèle

File:BF (287).png
Being Mylène's friend and classmate, Marinette enjoys hanging out with her, and she supports her in any way possible, vouching for Mylène's role in the movie in "Horrificator". As Ladybug, she also helped her and Ivan become a couple.

In "Gigantitan", Mylène's knowledge of Marinette's crush on Adrien is a shock to Marinette, but she cherishes Mylène's willingness to her try to get together with Adrien and, when fighting as Ladybug, helping distract Gigantitan so she can escape. She does enjoy hanging out with her on several occasions, like in "Gorizilla" and "Captain Hardrock".

She comments in "Friends" that she finds Mylène expressive with her feelings.

Alix Kubdel

Timebreaker (1398)

Ladybug gives Alix her watch back.

Marinette views Alix as a friend, cheering her on during a race against Kim in "Timebreaker" and feeling terrible for her watch getting broken. 

Alix knowing about her attraction to Adrien surprises her, but she is grateful for Alix's assistance with Alya's plan to get her and Adrien together. She does enjoy hanging out with her on several occasions, like in "Syren" and "Frightningale".

In "Friends", she states that Alix is very brave, being the type who never backs down from a challenge. In "New Heroes", Marinette excitedly waits for the day, she can give Alix the Rabbit Miraculous for the first time.

After Alix is deakumatized, she teaches her about responsible and is happy that she'll take better care of the watch. As Ladybug, she accepted Alix's help in "Reverser", on stopping the villain with her clumsiness making it difficult to fight.

During "Timetagger", as Ladybug she comes across Alix again who has a message for her through her family watch. She was shocked to find a mysterious Miraculous holder in an obelisk and more so that it was Alix's future self who along with her family who was unknowingly in possession of the Rabbit Miraculous. But Ladybug was confused as she didn't give either Alix's the jewel and was assured by Bunnyx she would one day in the future.Ladybug was also informed by Bunnyx that she and Cat Noir would form a team of heroes. With Bunnyx as one of its members being the hero of last resort and tasked to stop a future Hawk Moth with her future self as a team leader. After Timetagger's defeat and return home she assured Alix they'd meet again.

During "Cat Blanc", she meets Bunnyx again but this time under a dire situation and needed her help to change the future. Being inside her friend's burrow she was amazed at Bunnyx's powers however was told very little but to do her normal thing deakumatize the villain. And yet, was shocked that Bunnyx wasn't staying with her but instead stayed back and to seek other solutions. After the damage of the timeline has been repaired and seeing the complexity of Bunnyx's powers, Ladybug asked if altering history has altered her memory but was informed what is seen and can't be unsee. She was also informed by the rabbit heroine, that she knew of her identity and yet wasn't told anything else. Except, that everything has it's time and that time is fragile as well as the reason why she picked her to wield the Rabbit Miraculous was because she knew how to keep secrets.

Lê Chiến Kim

DC S01EP10 (150)

Marinette encourages Kim to pursue his crush.

Marinette and Kim are friends, having known each other since at least the previous year at school. In "Animan", he asks her if she'd like to join him and Max at the zoo, but she politely declines since she came with Alya and was waiting for Nino and Adrien. He is surprised at her skills in "Gamer", as she was able to beat Max's score. She also encourages him to give his crush his gift in "Dark Cupid", which he appreciates, although she is unaware his crush is Chloé. 

She shows great concern for him whenever he is in danger, such as in "Befana", when he gets turned into a coal statue after sacrificing himself to save her or in "Syren", when he is taken away by the titular villain.

In "Party Crasher", Ladybug meets Kim's alter ego King Monkey after she and the other heroes were set free and work well together defeating the party villain. Afterward, she could be aware of Kim's identity when he returned the Monkey Miraculous thanking him for his help.

When he was turn into Miracle Queen's servant in the "Battle of the Miraculous", as Ladybug; Marinette was dettermined to save him.

Ivan Bruel

OR-2 (205)

Marinette attempts to cheer Ivan up.

In "My Birthday Party", Marinette admits that Ivan is a "bit of an old grump," but he is nice to her, which she appreciates. When she realizes that Ivan has feelings for Mylène that he is scared to act on in "Ladybug & Cat Noir" and "Stoneheart", she encourages him to tell her how he feels, believing the two were made for each other but weren't aware of it yet. She is happy for them after she shares Ivan's song lyrics with Mylène, who responds warmly.

Nathaniel Kurtzberg

File:EV S01EP08 (544).png

Marinette is friends with Nathaniel since at least the previous school year and thinks he is an excellent artist, but she never expected him to have a crush on her until Chloé reveals it to everyone in "The Evillustrator". She agrees with him (while he is Evillustrator) that Chloé is egotistical and mean, and she gets frustrated when he accuses her of being just like Chloé after she reveals that she teamed up with Cat Noir to stop him. Nathaniel is temporarily upset at her accusing others, including himself, of stealing Chloé's bracelet in the episode "Rogercop", but Marinette did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. In "My Birthday Party", she does not mention Nathaniel, but he is invited to her birthday party in "Befana", and works with their friends to protect her.

RV (126)

Marinette tells Nathaniel where to meet the author of the journal.

In "Reverser", after seeing that Nathaniel and Marc have a lot in common, she tries to set them up as partners to make comic together. However, through a misunderstanding, Nathaniel becomes upset with her when he believes she was using Marc to tease him. After everything was cleared up, she is grateful that he forgave her and remained friends with her. Every once in a while she continues to get along with him as they are paired up for an art project and does drawing contest with him for fun.

Lila Rossi

VP (157)

Marinette imagining Adrien and Lila together.

Marinette hears about Lila being a new student from Alya, and when she sees Lila flirting with Adrien, she becomes jealous and upset. She spies on the two in the library and gets angry when she hears Lila lie to Adrien and say that she is friends with Ladybug. In addition, Lila states that she is more powerful and celebrated than Ladybug. Later at the park, when Lila attempts to lie to Adrien about being a Fox Miraculous holder, Marinette transforms into Ladybug and calls out Lila on all her lies, making her cry and run away, her chances with Adrien shattered. Ladybug eventually regrets her harsh treatment of Lila and uncontrolled jealousy after she realizes that Volpina, whom she was jealous and suspicious of, is the akumatized Lila. Once Volpina is defeated, Ladybug apologizes to Lila for her actions, only to have her apology be rejected, with Lila saying they would never be friends, as Ladybug had said earlier on.

In "Chameleon", Ladybug can finally vouch that she saved Lila's life and offers to make to peace with her and encourages her to be honest but unknown to her that Lila's offering of peace was a lie. Despite Lila's lies, as Ladybug she tries to save from Oni-Chan.

File:Catalyst (120).png

In "Catalyst", when Lila lies to Miss Bustier's class about being in the kingdom of Achu and having been invited by Prince Ali to his palace, Marinette attempts to expose this lie by pointing out that Prince Ali is in the USA, but she is frustrated with Lila deflects the truth once again. Marinette vows to expose Lila's true nature one day.

In "Chameleon", when Marinette chewed Lila out about her deceitful nature Lila retorted either if Marinette was with her or against her. But if she was against her then Lila would make Marinette lose all her friends and be all alone. Mortified at what just happened she complained that Lila was eviler than Chloé and was so upset to the point of tears which led her to almost being akumatized. And yet, when Lila accepted Marinette's choices she says they're at war and after this is over she'll be all alone. But, Marinette calmly dismisses it by saying, "We'll see." In "Oni-Chan", she is aware that Adrien doesn't have feelings for her.

In "Ladybug", when being accused of cheating on the mock exam she already knew it was Lila who did this but couldn't prove which led her to be expelled from school leaving her to nearly getting akumatizated. Afterwards, knowing that Lila used another lie prove her innocence Marinette thanks her but is unsure of why she did all this (unknown it was because Adrien convinced her). But aware that Lila can come to her senses sometimes.

Gina Dupain

File:BF (628).png

Marinette loves her grandmother, but because she rarely sees her, she tries her best to please her when she visits, like pretending to like candies that Gina gives to her. Gina's view of Marinette as a younger girl is exasperating to Marinette, but she feels bad when she realizes that she upset her grandmother by leaving her for her surprise birthday. As she later tells Gina, while pleased that she is recognizing her as having grown up, she legitimately enjoys hanging out with her, knowing anytime with them together is memorable.

In "Heroes' Day", as Ladybug she sees grandmother offer her support in the Paris rebellion by telling her that everyone in Paris is on the side of the heroes.

Kagami Tsurugi/Ryuko

Marinette immediately recognizes Kagami's talent when she and Adrien start dueling in "Riposte", and she is as surprised as Adrien to find out Kagami is a female. Albeit very minor, she exhibits jealousy about both Kagami's skill and her gender in relation to Adrien when dealing with her akumatization as Riposte. Unsure of her call on Adrien and Kagami's match, she regrets making it as she sees Kagami's defeated reaction. Once Kagami is brought back to normal from her akumatization, Ladybug supports Adrien in apologizing to her by giving Kagami's saber to him and bears no ill toward her. 

During "Frozer", Marinette does harbor a little grudge against Kagami when she thought Adrien had a crush on her and secretly called her "Ice Queen" and yet she does take her advice about being less hesitant.

She does harbor some jealously towards Kagami and that can be seen both in "Backwarder" and "Animaestro" when she sees her hanging around Adrien. After she finds out that both Adrien and Kagami are going to spend the weekend in London for the royal wedding, Marinette asks her friends' for help in order to try to prevent the two of them of becoming even closer during the event. This jealousy is so strong that even drove her to team up with Chloé to try to separate her from Adrien once they discovered that they would sit together during the premiere of the new animated movie of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In "Ikari Gozen", Marinette is paired up with Kagami for a friendship game where the prize is spending time with Adrien. She disliked the idea of working with her because of the crush they both shared for him and tried to sabotage their own game so that she wouldn't be with Adrien. Unknown to Marinette, Kagami was in fact trying to be friends with her and, when the two girls traded cellphones for the game, she discovered that Kagami didn't have any other contact besides her mother's and that she was using an app about how to make friends try to bond with Marinette. This causes her to give Kagami another chance at being friends and showed it by defending her before the latter's mother and helping her hide once she heard Mrs. Tsurugi being akumatized by Hawk Moth. After Ikari Gozen's defeat, the two girls, despite losing the game, became actual friends and started to spend time together to get to know each other better.

Understanding Kagami's feelings for Adrien, Marinette gives up her pursuit of him so she could be happy. Despite that the two continue on being friends and hanging out with each other in "Battle of the Miraculous" and in some of her Instagram photos[1][2][3][4].

After Kagami was captured by her akumatized mother, Marinette did everything in her power as Ladybug to save her. Even giving her the Dragon Miraculous in seeking her help, but was surprised when she revealed herself to Hawk Moth and went to fight alone. When the fighting ends with Cat Noir being captured Ryuko blames herself for failing but she encouraged her to try again. With her listening, they stopped Ikari Gozen, saved Cat Noir and included her in their trademark "pound it". Despite her doing so well Ladybug became upset that she couldn't let Kagami have the Dragon Miraculous again because of Hawk Moth knowing her identity leading to her loved ones being in danger. Before leaving she gave Kagami advice about friendship saying it's not about quantity but treasuring the friendships you do have. As Ladybug, she returns the Dragon Miraculous to Kagami warning her about breaking hearts when taking on the duty of hero.

Luka Couffaine

CH (260)

Marinette listens to Luka playing the guitar.

Marinette and Luka first meet in "Captain Hardrock". At first, Marinette is startled by him and stutters when she speaks to him, but she warms up to him as she listens to him play the guitar. She also spends time with him at the ice rink in "Frozer" and gave him a thank you kiss for his support and was encouraged by him to talk with Adrien.

In "Silencer", she works with Luka to promote their band and comes across Bob looking for new talent. While working on a music video, Marinette can’t help but blush every time Luka looks at her. When the band discovers that Bob has stolen their ideas to give to XY, Marinette and Luka sneak into TVi studio and confront Bob and XY. Eventually, after Bob threatens Marinette, Luka gets akumatized into Silencer, much to Marinette’s shock. When he says that he will restore justice, Marinette tells him that what he is doing is revenge, not justice, but Silencer doesn’t listen to her. However, she is shocked when he makes a declaration of love towards her before taking off. After Silencer’s defeat, Marinette asks Luka if he really meant what he said when akumatized. Though Luka doesn’t remember, he makes another love declaration using the exact words he said as Silencer, causing Marinette to blush.

In "Desperada" she spends more time with Luka as he teaches her how to play his guitar. Her lessons with him continue in an Instagram page. She comes across Luka again who informed her that he was working on "matching her song" and easily accepted his offer for a ride to Le Grand Paris Hotel. Upon meeting him again, due to her terrible mistake as Ladybug, Marinette broke down in front him crying that she couldn't be herself anyone. And yet, like Cat Noir she was comforted Luka saying that she could be herself around him as well as talking to him about anything. Then, she was saved by Luka who took a sting from Miracle Queen's hornets for her and after the villain's defeat, Marinette sat next to Luka along with the rest of her friends at Seine listening to his song.

As Ladybug in "Captain Hardrock", she blushes at Luka's compliment about her alter ego being very brave. Also in "Desperada", she also gives him a light scalding but thanks him for saving her and when Adrien believed he wasn't the right choice for the Snake Miraculous following his recommendation she gives the jewel to Luka.

Like Cat Noir, she works well with his alter ego Viperion and is opened to his ideas and suggestions as well as in "Party Crasher". When he was turn into Miracle Queen's servant in the "Battle of the Miraculous", as Ladybug; Marinette was determined to save him.


Marinette officially meets Plagg in "Style Queen", quickly aware that he is Cat Noir's kwami. She doesn't want him to risk using his powers dangerously, but she appreciates his help in defeating Style Queen, and she gets relieved when he reassures her that Cat Noir will be back next time.

After having their memories erased in "Oblivio", Marinette meets Plagg again but like Tikki she is afraid of him.

In "Reflekdoll", Marinette meets Plagg again when he mistakes her for Adrien who was transformed into Reflekta. Then, she bombards him with questions but was told "it's a long story". Regardless, she transforms into Lady Noir and after titular villain's defeat Marinette bids farewell to Plagg believing their time together was awesome. During "Kwamibuster", she becomes angry at Plagg that his obsession with cheese caused her and Cat Noir's identities to be comprimised advising her partner to make sure this doesn't happen again and that the two are a perfect match.

Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

Marinette and Nathalie don't interact much and is aware that she is Gabriel's assistant and treats her with respect.

She is unaware that Nathalie is Mayura and secretly hates her alter ego wishing to end her reign. But aware that she is Hawk Moth's partner, at first Ladybug knew of her existence in "Mayura" and "Reflekdoll". The two officially meet in "Miraculer", when she tried to convince Chloé to join her and Hawk Moth.

When the heroine knew of Mayura's deception with a sentimonster of her in "Ladybug", she found a way to flush her out. After setting her sentimonster counterpart free, Ladybug was horrified that Mayura destroyed her despite being a living creature. During the fight, she noticed Mayura's weakened state and caught her but seeing Cat Noir in the same predicament Ladybug released her knowing she could get her Miraculous another day. But because of Mayura, she was aware how of cruel the powers of the Miraculous can be when used for evil believing her power was more dangerous than Hawk Moth's.


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