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This article is about one of Marinette's creations.

Most of the time, I'm wearing my own designs. This little purse I carry everywhere, for instance. I made it.

Marinette, "Marinette and Fashion"

Marinette's purse is a purse made and owned by Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She used the purse to put Tikki in so that she can transformed into Ladybug.

In "Ladybug", after Marinette is expelled for being framed for stealing the Mock Exam answers, pushing Lila and stealing Lila's necklace, it becomes her Akumatized object which was supposed to transform Marinette into Princess Justice.


The purse is light pink with white polka-dots and a golden clasp. The inside is red, and on one side, there is a light pink, white, and black flowery design, with an M initial inside of a circle. Connected to both sides of her purse is a black cord strap.

Gina's Design

The purse was made out of an infant's tee-shirt Gina Dupain got Marinette for her fourteenth birthday, having mistaken her age. It is tan with a stylised owl on it. The owl has nine black lines protruding from its head, each topped with a yellow circle. Nine more black lines protrude from its body and are topped with red circles. Five red puffs on stiff strings hang from the bottom of the purse. Like Marinette's usual purse, the purse made out of the tee-shirt has a golden clasp with red baubles on it and a black cord strap.



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  • Tikki usually hides in the purse.
  • Marinette’s purse also carries:
    • Her phone.
    • Snacks for Tikki.
    • Money. This is first shown in "Stormy Weather" where she uses money from her purse to pay for the balloon she buys for Manon Chamack.
  • At times the purse appears or disappears:
    • In "The Bubbler" when Marinette transforms into Ladybug for the first time she doesn’t have her purse. However, after she uses Lucky Charm and de-transforms, she has it.
    • In "Stormy Weather" when Marinette arrives at the park, the purse is missing, but after the following scene where Mireille Caquet gets iced by Stormy Weather, Marinette’s purse appears.
    • In the final scene in "The Evillustrator" when Marinette was talking to Adrien Agreste, her purse disappears but after a few frames later, it suddenly reappears.
    • In "Guitar Villain" when Marinette is working on her first version of Jagged Stone’s new album her purse is absent after the scene shifts focus on XY’s album for a few frames and returns to her it appears.
  • In "Befana", Marinette designs her purse with a pattern from a shirt that her grandmother Gina Dupain gave to her as a birthday present.
  • In "Ladybug" the purse is infected by a Scarlet Akuma, which almost leads Marinette to get akumatized into Princess Justice.


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