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Manon Chamack has been akumatized.

But I thought [Adrien] and Marinette were boyfriend and girlfriend.

—Manon, "The Puppeteer 2"

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Manon Chamack is the daughter of Nadja Chamack and a girl that Marinette babysits.

In "The Puppeteer", after being accused by her mother of stealing one of Marinette's dolls, even though it had actually been lent to her, Hawk Moth akumatizes her into The Puppeteer, a body-controlling supervillain who can control anyone whom she controls the doll of.[6]

In "The Puppeteer 2", after feeling ignored during a visit to Musée Grévin and thinking that nobody wants to play with her, she is akumatized again by Hawk Moth into the Puppeteer, possessing even stronger abilities than before.


Physical appearance

Manon is short with tan skin, messy dark brown hair pulled back into two pigtails, gold eyes, and two upper front buck teeth.

Civilian attire

She wears a white t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves about the elbows, light violet rolled-up denim overalls with a purple belt around the waist and a light purple and magenta flower pattern, and red Mary Jane dress shoes with black soles.

As the Puppeteer

The Puppeteer's skin is blue-violetish gray, and her eyes are strong orange with vivid fuchsia sclerae. Her hair is black, the tips of her ponytails pale, light grayish cerulean with long white spikes sticking out of each. She wears a black mask over her eyes. She also wears a black turtle-necked fairy dress, light cyan V-necked sleeveless blouse with pale, light grayish cerulean design and two points at the skirt top, and matching butterfly sleeves with black edges over black puff sleeves at her shoulders with light brilliant arctic blue zigzag ends. Long, black, fingerless gloves adorn her hands. On her legs and feet, she has black stockings and shoes that are connected to them. Her wand is black with a black star at the end. The tip of the handle and the tips of the points of the star are light arctic blues.

For more of Manon's outfits and designs, see Manon Chamack/Designs.


Manon using her baby doll eyes.

Manon is rambunctious, energetic, stubborn, and naive. She loves to have fun, but she doesn't like it when people don't keep their promises or are being unfair — whether it's in her eyes or it's true. She's also a bit capricious, getting angry when she doesn't get what she wants, and she can be disobedient at times to her mother or her babysitter. She sometimes tries to use baby doll eyes to win others over, although it doesn't always work, while she gets emotional about things she doesn't like, over time, she usually recovers from it in normal circumstances.

Manon is shown to be very brave when she participated in the Paris Rebellion in "Mayura".

Even though Manon and her friends love to play, she knows that there are times to be serious. In "Simpleman", upon seeing Ladybug and Cat Noir acting like her age and fighting so poorly to the point of them giving up their miraculouses, she knew what would happen if Hawk Moth got them so she and friends came up with a plan to defeat the titular villain.

Like Ladybug and Cat Noir, she can also understanding towards others like Rolland, when he admitted that he was having a hard time adapting to things that are new.

As the Puppeteer, she is greedier and less controlled, wanting things to go the way she believes they should. While smart with how to use her puppets, she still thinks and acts like her young age. She is impatient and throws fits of anger when searching for the dolls.


As a civilian

If Manon wants something very badly, like a balloon or doll, she is skilled at using her "baby doll eyes" expression to attempt and convince a person. As seen in "Stormy Weather", Manon is very fast for someone her age being able to outrun Marinette for a while and can be pretty stealthy.

As the Puppeteer

The Puppeteer zaps glowing pale, light grayish cerulean energy with her wand at a doll of a person. It rises into the air, and then she zaps it again, commanding it to come to life. The person that the doll is based on becomes her real-life puppet, which she controls with the doll, similar to how voodoo dolls work. If the Puppeteer wants to, she can speak through the doll, and the real-life person will say the same thing. As for the puppet's actions and movements, she either does it herself, or she tells them what to do and they follow her order without her direct control.

A quirk of her power is that if the doll is based on a person's akumatized villain form, the person transforms back into the villain with a wave of glowing pale, light grayish cerulean energy, and they regain all of their powers, but they also keep their weaknesses, as Lady Wifi's powers went off when Cat Noir destroyed the Wi-Fi antenna on top of the bakery.

The Puppeteer can fly and hover. She is also able to use telekinesis to keep the puppets floating and moving with her after she has zapped them.

In "Gamer 2.0", although she only had a Cat Noir doll, Puppeteer was also able to maintain control over Copycat as well. Though, it is possible the doll is intended to be a Copycat doll instead.

In "Puppeteer 2", her power increases, allowing her to bring wax figures to life and control them using her wand, including only parts of them. Any wax figure that represents someone with superpowers will get those same powers.



Nadja Chamack Square.png
Nadja Chamack
Manon Chamack Square.png
Manon Chamack

Nadja Chamack
Manon Chamack

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    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Marinette and Manon playing with Marinette's dolls.

Manon enjoys Marinette as a babysitter, but she doesn't always like to obey Marinette's requests or respect her actions. She is willing to use her baby-doll eyes on Marinette if she wants something badly enough, and she is upset when Marinette wins while they are playing dolls. However, she doesn't have any bad intentions towards her, and she will agree with her ideas in particular cases. She even attends Marinette's birthday party in "Befana" with Marinette's other friends. During "The Puppeteer 2", she comes with Marinette and her friends to the wax museum beginning to suspect that Marinette and Adrien are boyfriend and girlfriend.

With Ladybug, Manon appreciates her and her heroism. When Ladybug shows up and Marinette goes temporarily missing in "Stormy Weather", she concludes that Marinette and Ladybug are best friends that confide with each other on their actions. In "Mayura", Manon participated in the Paris Rebellion showing her bravery and support towards Ladybug.

In "Simpleman", she doesn't like when Ladybug is acting weird like everyone else in Paris. When she sees the heroine fighting so poorly to the point of surrendering their jewels she and her friends stopped her and Cat Noir from doing so. Manon and her friends helped the heroes come up with a simple plan to defeat the titular villain. Afterwards, Manon embraced Ladybug happy that she and everyone was returned to normal. That Ladybug saved the day but was corrected that she and her friends were the ones that saved the day.

As the Puppeteer, she lets out her frustration of losing with dolls by planning to defeat Ladybug for a win against her.

Nadja Chamack

Manon giving her mother a goodbye kiss.

Manon loves her mother deeply, and she usually obeys her. Despite this, she doesn't always like it when her mother doesn't allow her to do what she wants. In "Prime Queen", Manon wishes her mother the best of luck when working on her tv show with Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In "Gamer 2.0", Manon spends time with her mother at the park and they embrace each other after Ladybug returns everything to normal.

Alya Césaire

Manon meets Alya in "Stormy Weather", and she warms up to her quickly. She isn't sure whether or not to believe that Alya is a unicorn from the Planet Rispa in human form, but she comes to like playing with her and listening to her stories.

Ella and Etta Césaire

Chris Lahiffe

Rolland Dupain





  • In 2015, Manon was the most popular baby name for French females.[7]
  • Her name is changed in some dubs of the series:
    • In the Croatian dub, her name is changed to Mia.
    • In the Slovene dub, her name is changed to Moni.
  • It is unknown who her father is.
  • Manon was the youngest character to be akumatized in Season 1.
    • As of Season 2, she is the second youngest character, after August in "Gigantitan" took that title.
  • According to "Peril in Paris", a chapter book adaptation of "Stormy Weather", Manon was four during the events of the episode.[8]
  • According to Wilfried Pain, if a person's doll is brought to life and the person is halfway across the world, the person will still become a puppet and still try to make their way to the Puppeteer.[9]
    • Also according to Pain, despite missing the Ladybug doll and not being at full power, the Puppeteer can be considered the strongest Akumatized villain in the first season, especially if she had reached her true potential of obtaining all the dolls.[10]
  • The Puppeteer is the only villain who knew Hawk Moth wanted the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous before the first time she was akumatized.
  • Manon has different copies of herself like August's mom, but these copies have different hair, eye, or skin colors.


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