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Season 2, episode 22 (Production order); Episode 48 (Overall)

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Don't worry Chloé. You can fix your own messes, if that's what you want. You, too, can serve a purpose, but you have to want to.

Ladybug, "Malediktator"

"Malediktator" is a Season 2 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[5] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Malediktator" is the 22nd written and produced episode of Season 2. It is also the 48th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


When Chloé considers leaving Paris, her father, Mayor Bourgeois, turns into Malediktator, a powerful villain who wants her to stay at any cost.


Chloé's presentation.

Chloé presents to her class a video of her dressed as Queen Bee and Ladybug talking to one another. However, the class realizes that the Ladybug in the video is Chloé, not the real one, and laugh at her. Miss Bustier asks Chloé why she made her assignment about herself, to which Chloé responds by reminding the teacher that the assignment was to pick an important person in French history, believing that she herself saved France as Queen Bee, even showing a part of her video where "Ladybug" compliments her. However, Alya says that it's obvious that it's really Chloé dressed as Ladybug, even pointing out the difference in hair color. Chloé claims that Ladybug dyed her hair blonde to look like her, but this just earns her more laughs from the class. Sitting back down, Chloé tells her classmates that they don't deserve to see the rest of her video. Marinette sarcastically replies that it's a shame, which is overheard by the class, who all laugh, including Sabrina. Chloé catches Sabrina laughing and "fires" her. Sabrina is saddened that she betrayed her best friend, but Alya tells her that she has every right to laugh, even pulling up a video where Ladybug and Cat Noir scold Queen Bee for creating a subway train incident. Alya declares that Ladybug and Cat Noir were the heroes, not Chloé, and Alix even adds how Chloé had superpowers for five minutes and went out of control. Marinette tells Chloé that she doesn't deserve to be called a superhero, angering her so much that she storms out of class.

Chloé and Audrey storm in

Later, André Bourgeois finishes marrying a couple, only for Chloé and Audrey to storm in and kick everyone out. Audrey demands that André close down the school and Chloé demands that he banish Marinette from Paris. Audrey claims that Marinette hurt Chloé's feelings, to which Chloé adds that Marinette got the entire class to gang up on her. André protests that he can't do that but offers to shut the school down for a few days. However, that's not good enough for Chloé and Audrey. André tells Chloé that she's asking too much from him this time and suggests she simply change schools. This doesn't satisfy Chloé and Audrey either, and the two decide to move to New York instead. As they pack their bags, André says he can't be the mayor of Paris if he's living in New York and suggests moving someplace closer, but Chloé believes that it won't make a difference and Audrey is displeased that André is refusing to come with them. In an effort to change Chloé’s mind about moving, André presents her with a diamond-encrusted phone case, but Chloé rejects the gift.

Sensing André's sadness over not being able to give Chloé what she wants, Hawk Moth sends an akuma to him, which infects his sash just as Chloé and Audrey leave for the airport on a helicopter. Hawk Moth offers André absolute power and authority in exchange for Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. He accepts the deal and is transformed into Malediktator.

Chloé announces her departure from Paris.

The students are all eating lunch at school when suddenly, the Bourgeois' helicopter appears and Chloé announces to everyone that she is going to New York with her mother and leaving them all behind, even tossing multiple flyers of her in New York City. The students and staff realise that Chloé is leaving forever, take a moment to process this and immediately burst into joyous celebration, complete with fireworks and confetti from nowhere, students and teachers hugging each other and a few students even breaking into a conga line. Marinette realizes that without Chloé around, Paris will be filled with less negative emotions and akumatizations. Adrien arrives at the scene and wonders what everyone is celebrating. Marinette happily tells him that Chloé left Paris and is moving to New York, but is surprised when Adrien doesn't share her enthusiasm, even wondering why she would celebrate a thing like that. Marinette points out how Chloé is a brat to everyone and calls her useless, but Adrien believes no one is useless, not even Chloé. He sadly explains that Chloé was his only friend growing up and he cannot celebrate her unhappy departure from Paris. With that, Marinette begins to regret driving Chloé away.

Malediktator confronts Chloé and Audrey

The Bourgeois' helicopter flies above Malediktator, who uses his powers to make the pilot land. Chloé and Audrey are then confronted by Malediktator, who tells his daughter that he now has the power to shut down the school and banish those who were mean to her. While Chloé is concerned for her father, Audrey criticizes her husband's akumatization, stating that it doesn't make him a cool or hip father. While she's ranting, Malediktator turns her into a devoted wife who's happy to stay in Paris. Audrey runs over to Malediktator and happily hugs and kisses him. Chloé, however, is disgusted by this and sneaks away into a subway station when no one is looking. When Malediktator finds that Chloé is no longer inside the helicopter, Hawk Moth tells him that in order to find his daughter, he must first cause chaos in Paris and suggests starting with the school, to which Malediktator agrees.

Malediktator destroys the school.

While everyone else is still celebrating, Alya approaches Marinette and tells her that she doesn't need to get upset just because Adrien is. However, Marinette thinks she was a bit harsh on Chloé and wonders if she's not just a brat. Just then, Malediktator appears and turns the school into a demolition site, causing the students and staff to begin destroying the building. Marinette and Adrien hide and transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir. The duo then confront Malediktator and Cat Noir jokingly asks if he has a demolition permit, to which Malediktator replies that he doesn't need a permit since he's all-powerful and Paris is his city. Ladybug retorts that Paris belongs to everyone, and the duo engage him in combat. Ladybug calls on her Lucky Charm and receives an abacus. While she tries to figure out what to do with it, Cat Noir proceeds to attack Malediktator. Ladybug realizes that the Lucky Charm is telling her to go to Master Fu, but is too late to stop Cat Noir, who is turned into an actual cat. Audrey finds the cat-like Cat Noir adorable and begins petting him, much to his liking. Ladybug is concerned for Cat Noir, but when Malediktator attempts to take his Miraculous, Cat Noir prevents him from doing so. Relieved that "kitty still has claws," Ladybug promises Cat Noir that she'll be right back before taking off. Malediktator prepares to go after her, but Hawk Moth tells him to let her go, knowing she'll be back soon, and instead instructs him to take Cat Noir's Miraculous. However, Audrey begs Malediktator to let her keep him a little longer, to which he agrees. Hawk Moth threatens to take away his powers if he fails, but Malediktator assures Hawk Moth that Cat Noir is completely helpless and that taking his Miraculous will be easy.

Marinette chooses Chloé and the Bee Miraculous.

Arriving at Master Fu's, Marinette explains to him how Malediktator turned Cat Noir into a cat. Concerned, Master Fu thinks that Marinette shouldn't have left him alone, but she explains that her Lucky Charm led her to him. Knowing that Lucky Charms don't fail, Master Fu takes out the Miracle box and allows her to choose a Miraculous and a trusted ally to help her as long as she returns the Miraculous when the mission is over. Knowing that she must choose someone who isn't impressed by those in power and can help her trap Malediktator, Marinette thinks of Chloé and prepares to take the Bee Miraculous, but then begins to doubt if it's such a good idea. However, Tikki encourages Marinette to follow her instincts and she picks up the Bee Miraculous. Master Fu asks Marinette if she's sure about entrusting the Miraculous to Chloé, to which Marinette assures him that she knows how to make good use of the Miraculous.

Malediktator arrives at the Dupain-Cheng bakery and orders Tom and Sabine to tell him where their daughter is. When they don't, Malediktator uses his power to make them leave Paris forever. Meanwhile, Marinette begins looking for Chloé when she runs into her parents, who tell her that Malediktator was looking for her and that they're leaving Paris forever. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Marinette looks over at the video Chloé had presented to the class and notes how she mentions a "secret lair". Figuring out where it is, Marinette heads over there.

Chloé receives the Bee Miraculous.

Back at Le Grand Paris hotel, Chloé hides from Malediktator, who says that he's done everything she wanted so that she can stay in Paris with him. However, the villain gets frustrated with her when she keeps sneaking away from him. Butler Jean tells Malediktator that he cannot find her, but he insists that he keep looking and to contact him when he finds her. As Chloé runs away, she bumps into Ladybug, who asks her why Malediktator is so upset. Chloé at first attempts to blame Marinette for the situation, but Ladybug asks her if it's really all Marinette's fault. With some prying from Ladybug, Chloé admits that she hurt her father's feelings by wanting to leave Paris forever. Ladybug asks her if it's because of what happened at school, but Chloé tearfully explains that it's because she has no reason to stay since no one likes her and she has no friends, even calling herself useless. Ladybug, however, assures Chloé that no one is useless, but Chloé reminds Ladybug that she's a superhero who serves a purpose. Ladybug tells Chloé that she can serve a purpose if she wants, to which Chloé says she does. Ladybug then presents her with the Bee Miraculous, which Chloé accepts. She opens the box and is greeted by Pollen. Ladybug tells Chloé that she must return the Miraculous when the mission is over. Chloé promises not to disappoint Ladybug and transforms into Queen Bee.

Queen Bee is excited about working with Ladybug.

As Ladybug and Queen Bee head over to Malediktator, the latter talks about how she's always dreamed of working with Ladybug. Ladybug reminds Queen Bee to stay focused, to which she says she will since she's been practicing since forever. Meanwhile, Roger Raincomprix and the police surround Malediktator and demand that he surrender his akuma, but Malediktator turns them all into his shields instead. When Ladybug and Queen Bee arrive, Ladybug is about to suggest a plan when Queen Bee calls out for her father and apologizes for hurting his feelings. She also asks him to return Audrey back to normal and even calls his powers ridiculous. This only angers Malediktator, who attacks the duo. However, Ladybug and Queen Bee manage to dodge his attacks, so Hawk Moth suggests that Malediktator use absolute power. He agrees and prepares to turn everyone in Paris into his slaves. Ladybug calls on her Lucky Charm and receives a giant machine gun, which Queen Bee calls effective. However, Ladybug realizes that she only needs the laser part and discards the rest. She then points the laser at Cat Noir, who chases it and knocks down all of Malediktator's guards. Queen Bee then uses her Venom power to paralyze Malediktator and hands his sash over to Ladybug, who releases and purifies the akuma and uses her Miraculous Ladybug power to return everything to normal.

Master Fu asks Marinette if she’s sure about Chloé.

With Malediktator defeated, Queen Bee transforms back into Chloé, who gives her Miraculous back to Ladybug and pounds it with her. Chloé then approaches her mother and father and requests that they go home. Once they've left, Cat Noir apologizes to Ladybug about not being able to help, but Ladybug tells him that he was key in defeating Malediktator and promises to give him the details next time. She then heads over to Master Fu, who comments on the big risk Marinette took by entrusting Chloé with the Bee Miraculous, asking her if she really thinks she's got what it takes to be a superhero. Marinette says that being Ladybug has made her a better Marinette, so maybe being Queen Bee will make Chloé better, too. Master Fu finds this to be noble.

Chloé’s social media post

Butler Jean prepares to clean up Chloé's lair, but Chloé tells him that she'll do it herself, much to his surprise. While cleaning, Chloé is surprised to find Marinette waiting for her. She takes her to the school and shows her that everyone is throwing a party in honor of Queen Bee. Sabrina hugs Chloé, happy that she has come back. Though Chloé tells Sabrina that she's wrinkling her jacket, she secretly enjoys the hug and then shows off her new diamond-encrusted phone case. Adrien tells Marinette that it was nice of her to throw Chloé a party since she saved Paris. Alya comments on how Rena Rouge and Carapace saved Paris yet no one threw them a party, but Marinette reminds Alya that it's because no one knows their secret identities, and if Chloé feels useful, her attitude may slowly begin to change. The end card appears as Chloé takes a selfie of herself in front of a Queen Bee poster.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Spain on Disney Channel.
  • This episode was first revealed in a promotional video for Season 2 released by TFOU on August 31, 2017.[6]
  • Some of the English cast read through a part of this episode at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.[7]
  • Although this episode is self-contained, it continues the story-line of the Bourgeois family and takes place sometime after "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)".[8]
    • In spite of this, the trailer for the episode was put up before the first two parts of Queen's Battle even aired; Thomas Astruc took to Twitter and advised fans to watch the two-parter first and then Malediktator, as it would "ruin the experience".[9]
  • The French title of this episode is "Maledikteur". The name was originally "Malediktor".[6][10]
    • The name is a portmanteau of the French words "mal," meaning "bad," and a corruption of "dictateur," meaning "dictator."
      • It also phonetically sounds like "malediction", which is a synonym for "curse."
  • Malediktator's design may be based on Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France, who is known as a very courageous general during the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Plagg does not appear in any sort of way in an episode for the third time following "Despair Bear" and "Prime Queen" .
  • This episode shows how everyone in the school, even the adults, hates Chloé so much that everyone except Adrien and later Marinette celebrated her leaving for New York.
  • Cat Noir intended to use Cataclysm in this episode but he got hit by Malediktator before he could do so.
    • Also his transformation sequence isn't used.
    • The second time where his power of completely nullified following "Reflekta".
    • This is the fifth time, where Cat Noir used his powers on someone else , but unlike "Dark Cupid", "Princess Fragrance", "Despair Bear" and like "Troublemaker" this is the second time of his own free will.
  • On Chloé's flyers, the Statue of Liberty can be seen behind her and an embroidered United States flag on her cap.
  • During Chloé's transformation, Queen Bee's theme uses a deeper pitch compared to her transformation during "Queen Wasp".
  • Alya mentions of Rena Rouge and Carapace at Chloé's honor meaning that this episode takes place after "Sapotis" and "Anansi".
  • This episode is the first time where Ladybug's Lucky Charm gave her an actual weapon later followed by "Qilin".
  • Master Fu's reasonable doubt about Chloé foreshadows her betrayal in "Miracle Queen".


  • Six people are shown when André is marrying a couple. However, when Chloé shoves everyone out, only five people are shown.
  • Chloé didn't take off her sunglasses before her transformation sequence, yet is seen without them when transforming. Then when she de-transforms, her sunglasses are back on her head.
  • When Chloé opens the Miraculous box that Ladybug gave her, the Bee Miraculous looks smaller than usual.
  • Ladybug's arm proceeds to phase through the leaves of the plants at Chloé’s rooftop during her pep talk to Chloé.
  • Malediktator has his sash on him right before detransforming even though Queen Bee took it off earlier and threw to Ladybug.
  • After Chloé walks over to her parents and they leave, Audrey's hat suddenly reappears as they are seen walking away in the distance.
  • When Chloé receives the Miraculous, the Mini Miracle Box is high, but then after Ladybug knots, the Box is shorter than usual.
  • When the school pupils read the notes Chloé gave them and Marinette and Alya smile to each other before all the pupils jump, confetti just appears immediately.
  • Queen Bee’s Miraculous has inverted colors.
  • When Chloé put on the Bee Miraculous, it was in the right front of her hair, however after transforming the Miraculous was on the farther right of her hair.


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