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Scene: Marinette writes in her diary. She pauses, looks up and thinks.

Marinette: Dear diary, Luka just told me that he was writing a song for me! Can you imagine? You know, Luka is my friend Juleka's brother and one of the most talented people I know. He plays guitar for Kitty Section and he has a really amazing gift for music.

Scene: Luka strums guitar thoughtfully, as Marinette listens.

Marinette: How do you do that?

Scene: Ladybug giving Luka the Snake Miraculous.

Marintte: He also proved himself a great hero when Ladybug gave him the Snake Miraculous.
Luka: Second Chance!

Scene: Luka plays the guitar to match Marinette's emotions, while she looks out by the railing of the houseboat.

Marinette: But the thing I find most impressive about him is the way he can always tell how people are feeling.
Luka: Do you feel kinda like this? (plays)
Marinette: (nods)

Scene: Marinette grimaces, looking at Adrien waving to Kagami as Luka and Phillipe stand beside her.

Marinette: It didn't take him long to figure out that I was in love with Adrien.
Luka: Do you want to take the subway together, Marinette?
Marinette:(makes a small noise, looking at Adrien)
Luka: (turns to look at Adrien leaving in his car, then smiles)
Luka: You should probably go over and talk to him.
Marinette: (nods)

Scene: Marinette writes in her diary.

Marinette: I may not be as intuitive as he is, but I eventually found out that Luka actually liked me as more than just a friend.

Scene: Luka talks directly to Marinette. She blushes.

Marinette: (looks up at Luka)
Luka: You're the most extraordinary girl, Marinette. As clear as a musical note, sincere as a melody. You're the music that's been playing inside my head since the first day we met.
Marinette: (quick intake of breath)
Marinette: That was a declaration of love, right, Tikki?
Tikki: One of the most beautiful ones I've ever heard.

Scene: Marinette looks at Luka as he plays guitar, then nods her head back and forth as she listens.

Marinette: And even though it's amazing that he's writing me a song, I can't help but think of Adrien, too. Aww, I don't know what to do! My emotions are all mixed up. I'll probably run into Luka this week, maybe he'll sing me his song? We'll see. I'll let you know, dear diary. (puts diary away)

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