Music is often simpler than words.

—Luka, "Captain Hardrock"

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Luka Couffaine is a character who appears in the second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is Juleka Couffaine's older brother, and also a new student at Collège Françoise Dupont, who attracts the attention of Marinette Dupain-Cheng.[3][4][5]


Physical appearance

Luka has aqua eyes and medium-length black hair that includes dyed teal blue tips. His lips are a pale pink, and he has a Roman nose.

Civilian attire

His attire includes a white shirt with a black Jagged Stone imprint, and black jeans ripped at the knee. He also wears a brown leather bracelet, yellow and orange wristbands, and his fingernails are painted black. He has a sky blue jacket with a navy blue hoodie underneath, as well as black high top converse with multi-colored splotches. He wears a black ring with silver outlining on his left pointer finger and black gauges in his ears.


Unlike his sister, Luka is a calm and mysterious boy, mixed with being playful, charming, and flirtatious. He is skilled at reading people's emotions and expressing it through music with his guitar, quote on quote "I tend to make more sense with this." He is very kind and generous, especially towards Marinette by cheering her up in "Captain Hardrock". He compliments her by calling her "amazing" and also "unbelievably brave" when he is in front of Ladybug.

In the episode "Frozer", Luka seems to be easygoing and relaxed. He kindly helps Marinette tie her laces on her figure skates and doesn't react when she kisses him on the cheek.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug 

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Luka playing his guitar for Marinette.

Marinette and Luka first meet in "Captain Hardrock", and Luka falls in love with her at first sight.[6] His mother sends her down to go get him to rehearse with the band. Marinette, who is still bothered by Adrien not coming, and not knowing who Luka is or what he looks like, is startled by him as he opens his eyes, and starts to stutter and mix up her words. He simply teases her playfully about her stuttering but immediately regrets it when she frowns, embarrassed. Reacting to her frown, he apologizes and begins to play his guitar. Her warming up to him as she listens to him play the guitar, he believes that music is "often simpler than words". As a memento, he lets her keep a guitar pick of Jagged Stone that she admires, leaves her in thought, calling her a "funny girl" with a sweet hidden smile. Luka and Marinette exchange sweet glances to each other when Alya Césaire notices Marinette's interest in Luka immediately and teases her about it. He compliments Marinette throughout the time he has with her, helps her escape and hide, and is also worried about her when he talks to Ladybug. Finding out Marinette is safe he calls her "unbelievably brave", and Marinette, as Ladybug, blushes at his comment. He spends time with her in "Frozer" when she begins to doubt her relationship pursues of Adrien offering her support while at the ice rink. Afterwards he isn't fazed when Marinette thanks him by kissing him on the cheek.

Luka appears to respect Ladybug. When Ladybug unties him in "Captain Hardrock", he asks her about Marinette, to which Ladybug tells him that she's safe and was the one who alerted her to the situation. In "Mayura", he participates in the Parisian rebellion.


Luka is excellent at playing his guitar.

In "Frozer", he's also good at ice skating and fairly strong, lifting Marinette with ease.



Anarka Couffaine Square
Anarka Couffaine
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Luka Couffaine
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Juleka Couffaine

Anarka Couffaine
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Juleka Couffaine

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  • Luka was first revealed in a French synopsis for Season 2 on Le Figaro.[3]
    • He was later revealed to be Juleka's older brother in a Brazilian synopsis for Season 2 on O Universo da TV.[5]
  • According to Feri González, Luka is handsome, and people "are going to fall in love with him."[7]
    • She also noted that both Luka and Kagami are "charming, rounded characters" who are not limited to roles as alternate love interests.[8]
  • Luka is a fan of Jagged Stone, as he tells Marinette in the episode "Captain Hardrock".
  • According to Thomas Astruc, he is approximately two years older than his sister.[9]
  • In the Russian dub, his name is changed to Luke.
  • All the Couffaines so far names end with "-ka".


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