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Luka Couffaine has been akumatized. Luka Couffaine has been amokized. Luka Couffaine is the Snake Miraculous holder.

You're really pretty, Jul. I'm sure Marinette would love to have you as her model. You gotta follow your dreams in life. Don't let 'em pass you by. You were made for this. Go for it.

—Luka, "Reflekdoll"

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Luka Couffaine is a character introduced in the second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is the older twin brother of Juleka Couffaine and the guitarist of Kitty Section who attracts the attention of Marinette.[8][9][10][11]

In "Silencer", when Bob Roth threatens Marinette after she accuses him of stealing Kitty Section's idea for XY's new song, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Silencer, a voice-stealing supervillain.

In "Desperada", after Adrien Agreste gives up being Aspik for not being able to help Ladybug against the titular villain, she gives Luka the Snake Miraculous. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Sass, he becomes Viperion, a snake-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir during "particularly difficult missions" in Season 3 and beyond.

In "Truth", when Marinette can't tell him where she disappears to all the time, Luka is akumatized and amokized by Shadow Moth into Truth, a three-eyed supervillain that forces people to tell the truth and his betrayal forms, Light Eye, a giant floating eye sentimonster.

In "Wishmaker", during the fight against the titular villain, Luka, as Viperion, is able to discover, accidentally, the true identities of both Ladybug and Cat Noir, who got exposed after being affected by the villain's powers. Because of his power to go back in time, the two main heroes are unaware that Luka knows who they are.


Physical appearance

Luka is a tall, slender teenage boy of fair skin. He has a Roman nose, pale pink lips, luminous vivid cyan eyes, and medium-length black hair that has dyed strong cyan tips.

Civilian attire

His attire includes a white t-shirt with a black Jagged Stone imprint and black jeans ripped at the knee. On his right wrist, he also wears a brown leather bracelet, yellow and orange wristbands, and his fingernails are painted black. He has a grayish cerulean denim jacket with a strong blue elbow-length sleeved hooded cardigan underneath, as well as black high top converse sneakers with different colored patterns. He wears a black ring with silver outlining on his left index finger and black earrings in his ears.

As Silencer

He has brilliant cobalt blue skin, vivid emerald green eyes and he wears a brilliant purple, vivid yellow, brilliant gold, and moderate heliotrope, and black bodysuit with a jagged mouth on his helmet.

As Viperion

He wears a mostly deep green, dark cyan, yellow, brilliant opal, and dark turquoise snake-themed superhero bodysuit, and appears slender and muscular. His suit has a snake-like textures and patterns, complete with fangs on his brilliant opal and turquoise-ish gray mask. His eyes change from cyan to brilliant spring green, and the dyed ends of his hair change to a moderate sea green. Along with this, he seems to wear light pink lipstick. He wears the snake bracelet miraculous on his wrist and carries a lyre as his weapon.

As Truth

He wears a sapphire bluish-black full-bodysuit with a hidden wedge on his feet which covers all of his body with dark grayish cornflower blue accents on the chest, shoulders and around the eye symbol on both of his knees. He has three pupil-less eyes and they are cornflower bluish white, and his 3rd eye is on his forehead (similar to Mylène's form of Horrificator), and carries an eye necklace on his chest, the akumatized version of the guitar pick Marinette gave him that he made into a necklace.

For more of Luka's outfits and designs, see Luka Couffaine/Designs.


Luka explains that he tends to make more sense with his guitar.

Unlike his sister Juleka, Luka is a calm boy who has a mixed personality of being playful, charming, mature, and flirtatious. He is empathetic at reading people's emotions and expressing it through music. Luka is very kind and generous, especially towards his friends and family, but also to people he just met as he cheers Marinette up shortly after meeting her. Like Adrien, he is also supportive and encouraging towards others like Juleka. Adrien himself describes him as brave, caring and determined.

Luka seems to be a easygoing and relaxed boy. However, sometimes he can lose his calm if feels that he and mainly his friends are being wronged, like when Bob Roth stole his band's music, dance and outfits and claimed them to be XY's. He still maintained a level of cool, and only lost it when Bob threatened Marinette. According to her, in "Luka as seen by Marinette", he is very intuitive.

He is also very understanding and patient like when he ended his relationship Marinette despite being sad he decided to wait until her secret was gone. Upon discovering it, in "Wishmaker", aware of the rules and Ladybug's need for secrecy, Luka understood that the city needed Ladybug and Cat Noir.

As Viperion, most of Luka's personality remains the same like his caring and helpfulness. Given his calm disposition, Viperion is focused, observant and not afraid to give suggestions or ideas to others.

As Silencer, his main goal is to make Bob Roth tell the truth regarding the fact he stole the Kitty Section's song as he takes the voices of anyone that could serve his purposes or get in his way. However, he still retains his care for Marinette, as she was the only person whose voice he spared and he reassured her he would make "justice" for her and Kitty Section.

As Truth, he is shown to be desperate to know Marinette's secret, interrogating anyone that could possibly know it, like her best friends and her parents. He is shown to get frustrated quite easily, when they keep telling him a secret he already knows. However, he can prioritize other secrets when they have a much bigger meaning to him, like when he made his mother confess to him who was his father.


As a civilian

Luka is excellent at playing his guitar and similar musical instruments, and seems to have a specialty for fingerstyle guitar. He is particularly good at creating melodies through people's emotions. He claims to have been playing the guitar since he was a baby. It was also confirmed on twitter that he can play the violin.

In "Frozer", Luka was shown to be very good at ice skating, as well as fairly strong, lifting Marinette with ease. Luka can also ride a bike, as shown when he was delivering pizzas in "Heart Hunter", and the numerous times he has given Marinette a ride.

As Viperion

Viperion, like the rest of the superheroes, has enhanced capabilities such as speed, agility, and strength, and he is almost invulnerable to physical damage. Like a snake, he also has enhanced senses like hearing, smell, infrared vision and possibly the ability to feel vibrations but it is yet to be seen.

His special superpower is Second Chance. With this, he marks a moment in time by sliding back the snake head on his Miraculous, and the snake head slowly returns to its place over the course of five minutes. Then, when needed, he slides the snake's head back again, reversing time to the point he marked. This gives him the opportunity to change the outcome of a recent event. He is able to go back to the marked moment as many times as he wants before the snake's head returns to its original position. He proves to be more competent than Adrien at using this ability.

As Silencer

Silencer can steal people's voices by touching their lips with his two fingers and making a shushing motion; the voice will then escape from the person as a jellyfish-like entity. Once their voices are out, he can store them inside his mask and then he can talk with them using his hands. He can also use more than one voice at a time. If his power is used on a Miraculous holder, he can render them virtually powerless unless he says the invocations in their place. However the victims can reclaim their voice if they get the jellyfish-like entity before he does.

As Truth

Truth is able to shoot beams from his 3rd eye on his forehead, which forces people to tell the the truth. Those hit by the beam have bigger sclera, smaller pupils and white lipstick, similar to the black lipstick worn by the victims of Dark Cupid. Once hit, the victim will have to answer truthfully to any question Truth asks. He has total control about his sentimonster who let him immobilize anyone he enlightens, allowing Truth to listen to his victim without escape.


Juleka Couffaine

Luka encouraged Juleka to become Marinette's model.

Juleka is Luka's younger twin sister, whom he is very close to. They are members of the same band, Kitty Section, in which they play similar instruments. He hangs out with her and her friends on occasion, like going to the movies with them as seen in an Instagram post.

Luka listens to Juleka and encourages her to follow her dreams, like when he helped her build up the confidence to volunteer to model Marinette's designs in "Reflekdoll".

In "Crocoduel", Luka is aware that his sister is hiding something from him and told her to tell him what happened. He even told his mother that Juleka wanted to have a birthday party at their houseboat. When Marinette tries to avoid Luka, he asked Juleka what happened, learning that she can't tell him that, causing him to be upset. However, he was relieved when his friends told him that his sister doesn't want to upset him.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Luka playing his guitar for Marinette.

Luka's relationship with Marinette is wholesome and slightly complicated. Their relationship is involved in a love triangle between Marinette, him, and Adrien Agreste. Luka knows that Marinette has feelings for Adrien, but instead of being jealous he supports Marinette and encourages her to shoot her shot with him. However, he lets her know that he'll always be there for her if things don't work out. Luka truly loves Marinette.

Marinette and Luka first meet in "Captain Hardrock" when his mother sends her down to go get him to rehearse with the band. Still bothered by Adrien not coming and not knowing who Luka is or what he looks like, Marinette is startled when she notices him and starts to stutter and mix up her words. He teases her playfully about her stuttering, but immediately regrets it when she frowns, embarrassed. He instantly apologizes and begins to play his guitar in an attempt to make her feel better. As Marinette listens to his playing, he remarks about how he believes that music is "often simpler than words". As a memento, he lets her keep a guitar pick of Jagged Stone that she admired. Luka said she was a "funny girl" with a sweet smile, and falls in love with Marinette at first sight.[12]

The two exchange sweet glances to each other when Alya Césaire notices Marinette's interest in Luka immediately and teases her about it. Later, he helps Marinette escape his akumatized mother. Luka calls her "unbelievably brave" in front of Ladybug, and Marinette, as Ladybug, blushes at his comment.

Luka spends time with Marinette at the ice rink in "Frozer", which makes her begin to doubt her pursuit of Adrien Agreste. Marinette blushes as she and Luka skate together, and couldn't decide between him and Adrien when they both offer her their hand when she falls. Afterword, Luka figures out that Marinette has feelings for Adrien, but he just smiles and encourages her to go talk to him, thanking her for inviting him out. Marinette kisses him on the cheek and runs off to catch Adrien.

Luka giving his "declaration of love" to Marinette.

By "Silencer", Luka and Marinette are part of Kitty Section and spend more time together. Their mutual admiration for their work and care for each other is so strong that both of them enter to a studio to confront Bob Roth about stealing their ideas. When Bob threatens Marinette and her career, Luka gets angry enough to be akumatized. Even as Silencer, he retains his care for her, sparing her voice and promising to bring justice for her and Kitty Section. He also confesses his love for her, but Marinette was confused since he was possessed by the akuma. After his akumatization, Marinette asked if he meant what he said earlier, but Luka doesn't remember what he said. He said he hopes he didn't say anything mean, and repeats his declaration of love to her, this time as himself.

In "Desperada", Luka and Marinette hang out during rehearsals for Kitty Section, where he teaches her how to play his guitar. In "Battle of the Miraculous", he was working on a song for her, that he showed to her briefly before it was finished. Luka also helps by giving Marinette a lift to Le Grand Paris hotel, which she kissed him on the cheek for. Later that day, Marinette breaks down in front of him, crying about all her crushing responsibilities and how she feels like she can never be who she truly is. Luka holds Marinette and comforts her, letting her know that she can always be herself around him. Then, when he sees one of Miracle Queen's wasps flying towards them, Luka shields Marinette from it, taking the hit for her. After the battle, he goes out with Marinette and her friends for ice cream and plays her the finished song he wrote especially for her. In "Miraculous New York", he was willing to take her to catch up with the bus and see her off, saying that he hoped the trip would help bring her some clarity with her feelings.

By "Truth", it's official that he and Marinette are dating, but he grows worried with her constant disappearances and asks Marinette what's going on. When she tells him she can't say he becomes devastated enough that he is akumatized. Luka tries to resist, telling Shadow Moth that he should let Marinette tell him on her own instead of prying into her personal business. Eventually he gives in, but before he could be taken over completely, Luka tells Marinette to run. After he is deakumatized, Luka understands that with Marinette's secret, the two couldn't be together. He lets Marinette know that he'll wait until they can together again.

In "Crocoduel", he becomes saddened that Marinette continues to avoid him to the point where he nearly gets akumatized but avoids it with the help of his friends. After Jagged arrives, he was surprised she was there and was told they'll talk later and after his parents become deakumatized they make up and continue to be friends.

In "Wishmaker", he comes across Marinette while making his own booth at the career festival and described Marinette's inability to decide what she wants to do in life as "so many brass being played together at the same time being unable to hear the melody unless she listened closely."

Ladybug blushes at Luka's comment.

Luka appears to respect Ladybug. They only interact briefly while Luka is not Viperion.

As Viperion, Luka assists Ladybug and Cat Noir with defeating akumatized villans. During "Desperada", Luka helped Ladybug escape from the titular villain and received her thanks. Ladybug trusts him, as she gave him a Miraculous, and also because she knows him while she's Marinette. Ladybug respects him too, since she's open to his ideas and accepts his orders when he is using his power of Second Chance. He has worked with her and the other superheroes in the battles with Hawk Moth and Mayura, as well as the defeat of Party Crasher. Like the other heroes on the team, Luka follows Ladybug's lead without question.

In "Wishmaker", Luka discovers that Ladybug is Marinette after she got hit by the titular supervillain, despite his initial shock he finally understood why, he used Second Chance to save her and prevent it from happening again. He ultimately kept her identity a secret to himself, and keeping Ladybug's promise by not telling her about it.

As Silencer, he gets annoyed with Ladybug interfering with his plans and has no qualms about taking her voice away.

As Truth, he gets annoyed with Ladybug interfering with his plans and has no qualms about using his powers to attempt to reveal her identity.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Luka helps Adrien up.

Luka doesn't know Adrien too well, but when he meets Adrien for first time, Luka welcomes him into the band. He notices that Marinette seems to have feelings for Adrien and advises her to talk to him. He later attends Adrien's boys only party and helps clean up the mess after it in "Party Crasher".

He does his best to keep Adrien hidden from Desperada after awhile, he got worried about him and was relieved that he was found. Seeing that Adrien wasn't the right choice for the jewel, Luka took his recommendation of using the Snake Miraculous, wondering what he missed. After Desperada's defeat, the two were playing music together.

He comes across Adrien at the career festival like Marinette described Adrien's inability to decide what he wants to do in life as "having a cheerful tune in his heart but it's being overruled by a sad piano".

Despite not meeting Cat Noir in person like Ladybug, he appears to respect the hero and takes in the Paris Rebellion showing his support towards him in "Mayura".

As his alter-ego Viperion in "Desperada", he meets Cat Noir for the first time and the two get along very well and was open to giving him his ideas. He also works alongside the hero following his lead in battling the party villain in "Party Crasher".

In "Wishmaker", Luka discovers that Adrien is Cat Noir, after he was hit by the titular supervillian, but he used Second Chance to save him and prevent it from happening again. He ultimately kept his identity a secret to himself.

As Silencer, he gets annoyed with Cat Noir interfering with his plans and has no qualms about taking his voice away. As Truth, he was annoyed with Cat Noir interfering with his plans.

Nino Lahiffe/Carapace

Luka doesn't know Nino too well, even though they are both into music, as well as Luka attending the boys only party Nino put together for Adrien, and had stayed behind to help him and the others clear the "aftermath" of it in "Party Crasher". Before Party Crasher, the two had met in "Captain Hardrock" during the music festival on the Couffaine's boat house.

As their alter-egos, Viperion uses his marked position of Second Chance so he could go back in time to prevent Carapace from getting captured by Party Crasher.

Max Kanté/Pegasus

Luka doesn't know Max too well, even though Luka later attended the boys only party that Max and a small number of his friends helped Nino put together for Adrien, and had stayed behind to help them clear the "aftermath" of it in "Party Crasher".

As their alter-egos, Viperion and Pegasus fight beside each other as a team, with Ladybug, Cat Noir, and the rest of their Miraculous holder allies. Pegasus shows concern for Viperion when he gets captured by Party Crasher.

Lê Chiến Kim/King Monkey

Luka doesn't know Kim too well, even though Luka later attended the boys only party that Kim and a small number of his friends helped Nino put together for Adrien, and had stayed behind to help them clear the "aftermath" of it in "Party Crasher".

As their alter-egos, Viperion and King Monkey fight beside each other as a team, with Ladybug, Cat Noir and the rest of their Miraculous holder allies.

Bob Roth

Luka confronting both Bob and XY for stealing Marinette's design.

When Bob steals Kitty Section's idea for XY's new song, Luka goes along with Marinette Dupain-Cheng to angrily confront him. Though he attempts to retain his cool, upon witnessing Bob threaten Marinette right in front of him, Luka becomes so angry with rage that he gets akumatized. He was happy when Bob said the truth live on TV without knowing it, and was surprised when he signed Kitty Section their first record deal in order to keep his reputation.

As Silencer, his main goal is to force Bob to admit that he stole Kitty Section's idea on live TV.

Jagged Stone

Luka reconciling with his father.

Luka is a fan of Jagged Stone, even owning a Jagged Stone-themed guitar pic. This is what causes him and Marinette to bond in "Captain Hardrock". In "Truth", he learns that Jagged Stone is his father from his mother while he was akumatized, and attacks him for leaving Luka. After Ladybug and Cat Noir have defeated Truth, Jagged Stone finally confessed to Luka, explaining why he was never told about their relationship, followed by a hug. Jagged Stone truly cares for Luka.



FT Unknown.png
Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone Square.png
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine Square.png
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine Square.png
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine Square.png
Juleka Couffaine

Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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  • Luka was first revealed in a French synopsis for Season 2 on Le Figaro.[8]
    • He was later revealed to be Juleka Couffaine's older brother in a Brazilian synopsis for Season 2 on O Universo da TV.[10]
  • Lindalee Rose hinted out the possibilty that Luka and Juleka's father is Jagged Stone, which is revealed and confirmed in "Truth".
  • His full name means "light of/from the coffin".
    • The name Luka means "light" in Latin.
      • In the Russian dub, his name is changed to Luke.
    • Luka's surname Couffaine is a combination of "couffin" (French for "coffin") and the French suffix "-aine" (meaning "of or from a place"), ultimately meaning "of/from the coffin".
      • All the Couffaine's names so far end with "-ka".
        • However, it is actually a pun, as a matter of fact in French it sounds like "acouphène" which means "tinnitus".
      • When the official Miraculous Ladybug website got updated on September 2020, the official character description has his surname incorrectly spelled as Couphène.[13]
  • Thomas Astruc had originally stated that Luka is approximately two years older than Juleka.[14] He later stated that they changed their mind, and he's Juleka's older twin brother now.[15] However, he is still older than the rest of the main cast as Thomas Astruc revealed that Juleka failed a year of school and thus had to repeat it. At the very least, he and his twin sister are around 15/16.[16]
    • The French tweet (link in the ref) goes and translates as follows: "Je pensais que Luka était plus âgé, mais du coup est ce que Juleka a redoublé?" "I thought Luka was older, does that mean Juleka failed a grade?" (Or more literally, they ask if Juleka repeated.) Astruc replies: "Oui. C'est une redoublante." "Yes. She failed a grade." (Again, more literally, she repeated.) Thus, Luka remains an older age and Juleka was aged up to match him since it was changed to them being twins.
  • According to Feri González, Luka is a handsome boy and people "are going to fall in love with him."[17]
    • She also noted that both Luka and Kagami Tsurugi are "charming, rounded characters" who are not limited to roles as alternate love interests.[18]
  • Viperion was first revealed in concept art shown at the 2018 Comic Con Experience panel on December 6, 2018.[19]
  • Following Alya Césaire, Nino Lahiffe, Chloé Bourgeois, and Nathalie Sancoeur, he is the fifth person to become a Miraculous holder and akumatized villain, excluding Gabriel Agreste, who akumatized himself.
  • Viperion's name is likely a portmanteau of viper (a family of venomous snakes) and Hyperion, a Titan of Greek mythology associated with the sun and daytime.
    • In Greek mythology, the priestess of the oracle at Delphi was known as Pythia, stemming from the giant snake slain by Apollo (another god of the sun) "in the strength of Hyperion (day)."
      • Apollo is also known to have a lyre.
  • Luka is the second known character to wield the Snake Miraculous, the first being Adrien.
    • He also shows to be a better user for the Miraculous and it's power, as Adrien wasn't able to beat Desperada after 25,913 times, while Luka was able to defeat her after 4 times. Although an exact number wasn't directly confirmed, it was definitely in a faster timespan in comparison to Adrien's attempts. However, this might also be because Cat Noir was helping Luka while Cat Noir couldn't help Adrien (because they're the same person).
  • Both Hawk Moth (in Party Crasher) and Ladybug (in Miracle Queen) have said that Viperion is the most difficult superhero to be against because of his superpower.
  • As shown in "Heart Hunter", Luka works as a pizza delivery guy.
  • Luka is the third person to try to resist Akumatization, following Caline Bustier and Chloé Bourgeois, but is unable to prevent it from happening, much like how it happened with Miss Bustier in "Zombizou".
  • Truth is the only villain who still identifies as his civilian identity despite being akumatized, calling himself "Luka Couffaine" in front of Jagged Stone.
    • Although he could have introduced himself as such to be specific and receive a clear answer from Jagged.
    • Additionally, this may or may not tie in with his line to Shadow Moth, "I always tell the truth".
  • As of "Crocoduel", he's the only member of the Couffaine family who doesn't own a Magical Charms.
  • As of "Wishmaker", he is the 3rd member of the French Miraculous superhero team (and 2nd chronologically) to know Ladybug's civilian identity.
    • The others are Alya Césaire and Alix Kubdel (the latter will find out in the future).
    • He is the 1st of the French Miraculous superhero team to know Cat Noir's civilian identity.
    • He is also the only member of the French Miraculous superhero team to know both Ladybug and Cat Noir's civilian identities.
    • He is the second human to know both Ladybug and Cat Noir's civilian identities, the first being Master Fu, although Fu has forgotten due to his amnesia, making Luka the only person to know both identities.
  • It is revealed in "Wishmaker" that Luka goes to a different school unlike the other main characters who go to Collège Françoise Dupont.
  • He has the longest transformation sequence out of all the Miraculous wearers.


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