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With my magic yo-yo, I can conjure up an item that'll help me. I just have to say Lucky Charm! Each time, something weird appears, and I have to understand how to use it.

Marinette, "Marinette's Double Life"

Lucky Charm is the special superpower granted by the Ladybug Miraculous to its owner.


Ladybug calls on her Lucky Charm.

The Ladybug Miraculous owner tosses the yo-yo into the air. A bright energy shines out from the Yo-yo and spirals outward, before spiraling back inward to a single point, resulting in the creation of an object. Notably, the object is always red with black polka-dots.

The Ladybug Miraculous owner then observes the area around them and makes a plan for how to use this object to achieve what they desire.

The Lucky Charm doesn't just give the user the object they desire. Instead, it creates the perfect object to solve the current situation, though, it is up to the Miraculous owner to figure out how to use it. According, to Marinette in "New Powers", she said that she was always confused about what to do with it but said, "I've learned how to control it since then" suggesting that the user can conjure the perfect object through willpower.

The Miraculous Ladybug in "Mayura".

After the crisis is resolved, the Miraculous owner is able to utilize the Miraculous Ladybug.[1] They throw the Lucky Charm object into the air, where it transforms into a swarm of magic ladybugs that spread out in all directions and fix all the damage done since the crisis began.

While Lucky Charm is a very helpful superpower, Ladybug must make sure to use it at an appropriate time, as she can only use it once, before detransforming back into her civilian form five minutes later.

The lucky charm only gives a specific item for a specific villain. Like in the New York Special, Mayura created a senimonster that attacked Paris while Ladybug and Cat Noir were in New York. Ladybug couldn't use her lucky charm to fix the damage.

Lucky Charm objects

For a complete list of the Lucky Charm objects, see the List of Lucky Charm objects.

Lucky Charm objects are usually everyday objects, but sometimes, the way to use them can be very confusing. Often, Ladybug is left puzzled about how to use an object until she views her surroundings and figures out an idea that involves her to think out of the box. The object itself doesn't usually fix the problem, so she needs to find other objects and landmarks that she can use along with it. The summoned object doesn't have to be completely intact for Miraculous Ladybug to work, as seen in "Robostus", "Sapotis", "Sandboy" and "Weredad".

Like in several episodes, a Lucky Charm is used to exploit a villain's weakness, disarm, distract or restrain them. And yet, outside of that, the power also creates objects that the holder can use to help themselves and others out of tight situations such as in "Lady Wifi", "The Dark Owl", "Weredad" and more. In rare instances, the Lucky Charm object won't give Ladybug a clue on how to beat a villain but instead lead her to something else, like seeking help, getting an idea or warning her about danger. However, if the Lucky Charm ability is used by a villain, they can use it as a weapon.

As seen in "Oblivio", if the Lucky Charm isn't used to activate the restoration superpower, it will disappear when the holder detransforms. Also, the owner doesn't always have to toss the yoyo up into the air to activate it.

Ladybug's Lucky Charm gives her an object to use against a specific threat, and when Miraculous Ladybug is used with that object it repairs all damage caused by that threat.

On occasion it's not only the objects or the people that are in the Ladybug Miraculous user's surroundings that they can use along with their Lucky Charms. They can seek help from things and/or people that are outside of their surroundings.



Comics and books



  • Lucky Charm was the replacement power for the original concept of Ladybug having pure luck due to broadcasters not thinking pure luck was an ability that children could grasp.[2]
  • In the Russian version, Lucky Charm is called "Super Chance."
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese version, Lucky Charm is called "Talismã", which is the literal Portuguese translation for the power.
  • To use the Miraculous Ladybug, Ladybug must throw the object summoned by her Lucky Charm into the air. If she cannot retrieve the Lucky Charm object from wherever it is, it will appear in her hand. This happens with the following objects:
    • The coin used in the vending machine in "Mr. Pigeon".
    • The spoon that is suspending Théo in "Copycat".
    • The non-microwavable frozen meal left in the hotel kitchen's destroyed microwave in "Lady Wifi".
    • The windup toy in Darkblade's armor in "Darkblade".
    • The car jack in the dinosaur's mouth in "Animan".
    • The bouncy ball lost in Chloé's room in "The Evillustrator".
    • The candy apple that broke apart in "Dark Cupid".
    • The marble bag with all the marbles that were spilled everywhere in "Antibug".
    • The broken plate, re-glued together after the glued joint had come apart when the plate hit a wall, in "Troublemaker".
    • In "Weredad", after the battle with Gigantitan, the power is used without the summoned Lucky Charm.
    • The plastic tubing holding Oni-Chan to the pole in "Oni-Chan".
    • The pillow that was ripped apart in "Miraculer".
      • Mostly it wasn't explained how or why said objects were able to appear in Ladybug's hand from where they were but it's likely the objects are capable of sensing when a Ladybug Miraculous holder needs it returning to them. Meaning like the yo-yo the Ladybug Miraculous user also could share a mental link with the Lucky Charm objects but that is yet to be proven.
  • Though it may seem like Ladybug has a lucky vision that shows her how she should use her Lucky Charm objects, it is simply a visual representation of her own thought process, and she is not aided in it by her powers.[3]
    • Contrary to popular belief, the sequence is actually used to give the audience an idea of what Ladybug's objectives are, as confirmed by Astruc himself.[3]
      • In "Oblivio", "Ladybug", and Heart Hunter", this same thought process is used when Marinette is detransformed, but the objects do not light up as red and with black polka dots but rather, as grey with pink polka dots.
      • Adrien also uses this thought process when formulating a plan to help Ladybug without revealing his identity to Oblivio. The objects are black with yellow, green, and blue stripes like the design on his everyday t-shirt.
      • Later in "Startrain", Pegasus' pattern consists of black horseshoes on a light blue background.
      • In "Félix", the objects are light green, when thought of by titular character, while pretending to be Adrien.
      • In "Miraculous Shanghai", when Fei looks for possessions to steal, the objects are marked using a red pattern.
      • In "Lies", when Cat Noir sees the boys calling him, the are around them lights up, although they aren't colored, like with the other characters.
      • When using his "Vision" power, Furious Fu's pattern is almost identical to the one on Master Fu's shirt.
  • In "Sandboy", Ladybug is attacked by Sandboy's projectiles while summoning a Lucky Charm. Because she lost her powers after this, she received nothing.
    • If interrupted, since the power is connected to a timer, not only did Sandboy cancelled out her powers but also the timer that comes with it and due to her being young she was stuck in a variation of a prolonged transformation.
    • It's also likely that the same condition is also true for an adult Miraculous holder but that is yet to be seen unless said wielder releases their transformation willingly.
    • Ladybug is able to use a Lucky Charm item she did not summon, as shown in "Sandboy".
      • With that, it could be possible that any user of the Ladybug Miraculous can use any Lucky Charm and it to summon the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower), even if they didn't summon the object.

Two Ladybugs summoning Lucky Charm in "Timebreaker"

  • Ladybug uses Lucky Charm two separate times in "The Bubbler", "Antibug", "The Dark Owl", "Mayura", "Weredad", "Oblivio", "Miraculer", and "Timetagger".
  • "Timebreaker" is the only episode where she summons two objects simultaneously, being that there are two of her.
    • This excludes multi-parts summons like the two parts of the broken plate in "Troublemaker", the car key and key-ring in "Syren", and the boxing gloves in "Anansi".
    • Technically, "Ladybug" also has 2 lucky charms, but in "Timebreaker", they were both used to defeat the akumatized villains, while in "Ladybug", the sticky blaster was used to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir, and the fork was used to defeat the Sentimonster and Mayura.
  • It appears that the Lucky Charm may be indestructible as in "Riposte", Riposte's sword went through the radiator multiple times and it didn't break. The only possible thing that could destroy a Lucky Charm would be Cataclysm, as seen in "Weredad".
    • However, it appears that not all of them are as the frame of the harp broke upon contact with Cat Noir's staff in "Robostus", the glued-together broken plate broke when it hit the wall in "Troublemaker", or the pillow when Ladybug ripped it in two in "Miraculer".
  • "Catalyst" is the only episode where Ladybug didn't summon her Lucky Charm.
  • Every akumatized villain that has used Ladybug's power against her has received a 7-foot giant sword. So far, this has applied to Antibug, Sandboy, Christmaster, and Miraculer.
    • This, however, is not all true. It doesn't apply for Sentimonsters, as the Ladybug sentimonster received a Rocket Launcher was like to the one Ladybug summoned in "Malediktator".
  • At times Ladybug in several episodes or Mister Bug in "Reflekdoll", the objects are attached to their backs or sides but don't fall off. Which implies it could be due to their suits being covered in a special adhesive or to the magical properties of them allowing the objects to stay attached the same as the Miraculous tools.
  • It hasn't been confirmed or denied but the kind of items summoned by via Lucky Charm seem to come from the century or era of the current wearer of the Ladybug Miraculous.


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