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Longg is a kwami. Longg is the Dragon Miraculous holder.
This article is about Longg the dragon kwami. You may be looking for Long Long the dragon renling.

Allow me to tell you about the many feats that a magic being like myself will help you accomplish once the magic words have been spoken. Ladybug has hopes that you will defeat Ikari Gozen with panache, using the element of your choosing. Wind, water or lightning. But firstly, let me tell you about her plan.

—Longg, "Ikari Gozen"

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Longg[5] is the kwami of Perfection[6] who is connected to the Dragon Miraculous.[7] With her power, Longg's wearer can use the choker necklace to transform into a dragon-themed superhero.

Longg is currently living with Marinette Dupain-Cheng while her Miraculous is dormant within the Chinese Miracle Box. When the situation requires it, she temporarily becomes active to help Kagami Tsurugi transform into Ryuko.


Longg is 10 centimeters (or 4 inches) tall[1] and red with four black horns on her forehead: a black horn on each side of her face, and red horns from the upper back of her head with black spirals. Additionally, Longg has golden eyes, small nostrils, a whisker on each cheek next to her mouth, two small black spikes on her lower back, and a long tail with three black tips at the end.


Longg is a bit formal, calling Kagami "young lady", has an eloquent approach and is quite informative and patient explaining her powers. She has a tendency to ramble on a bit, not seeing that her wielder is trapped inside an akumatized villain, but knows not to rush as she tried to tell Kagami Ladybug's plans.


Longg can fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects. She can also carry objects that are larger and/or heavier than her.

As a kwami, Longg is able to transform the holder of the Dragon Miraculous into a dragon-themed superhero.

Longg gives the wearer of the Dragon Miraculous the power to use the elements of water, wind, and lightning. The wearer can transform into one of these elements by saying either water, wind or lightning dragon. After all three elements have been used, Longg loses energy, giving the wearer five minutes until they transform back. Longg can fuse her powers with Tikki's to create the hybrid wielder, Dragon Bug.


Kagami Tsurugi

As Longg and Kagami meet, she tells her the abilities she will grant her as Ryuko, but she is cut short as Kagami activates her before Longg can fully inform Kagami of Ladybug's plan. In "Heart Hunter", she is happy to see Kagami again.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug/Dragon Bug

Longg knew Ladybug's plan to defeat Ikari Gozen, as she had tried to tell it to Kagami before she activated the miraculous, indicating that Ladybug might have gone over it with Longg before sending the Dragon Miraculous Kagami's way. The fact that she knows the kwami's name when she asked Ryuko if Longg had indeed gone over their plan with her is further indication of this.

Marinette puts on Longg's Miraculous in "Kwamibuster", so she and the other kwamis can help her save Tikki and Plagg from the titular villain, while she uses the power of the Mouse Miraculous to become Multimouse. The Dragon Miraculous is one of the few Miraculouses that the temporarily mouse-themed heroine didn't use, but she did hide herself in the kwami's mouth for a short time. In "Heart Hunter", because of Marinette's failed sabotage attempt, Longg was the only other kwami that was saved from Hawk Moth's grasp. After the events of Miracle Queen, Marinette became the new Guardian tasked with safeguarding Longg's Miraculous, along with the rest of the Miraculouses.


Before Season 2

When the concept of Perfection came into existence, Longg came into existence. Before the Miraculous jewels were created, Longg and the other kwamis traveled all over the universe unable to interact with humans. Then, thousands of years ago, a mage created the Miraculouses. She started out in with the Ancient Dragon Miraculous holder in China, then returned to China 2,000 to 2,500 years later. When her Miraculous was not being worn, Longg was dormant in the Dragon Miraculous, which was stored inside the Miracle Box.

Season 2

During Season 2, Longg was dormant in the Dragon Miraculous.

In "Sandboy", Longg was celebrating Nooroo's birthday in the Miracle Box with the other kwamis, and they were excited when Tikki and Plagg arrived. The kwamis marveled at the gift Tikki brought, a marker, and played with each other. When the time to find Nooroo came, Longg got into position in an effort to contact him, but the kwamis contacted his wielder instead. Upon hearing his voice, the kwamis shuddered at the thought of being his slave and prevented themselves from being discovered when they all cut off the connection. They realized if they contacted Nooroo's wielder, rather than Nooroo, then someone must have been akumatized and that Tikki's and Plagg's wielders would be in danger.

Season 3

During Season 3, Longg was dormant in the Dragon Miraculous.

In "Ikari Gozen", Longg and her Miraculous were loaned to Kagami as a "special delivery" from Ladybug. Upon meeting her, she tried to explain her powers and Ladybug's plan to her wielder but became surprised when Kagami said the magic words, instantly transforming her into Ryuko, before she could divulge Ladybug's plan fully. After the trio saved her wielder's mother, Longg and her Miraculous were returned to Ladybug and then to Master Fu.

In "Kwamibuster", she was activated along with the other kwamis to help Multimouse enact her plan of rescuing Tikki and Plagg. During the confrontation, she revealed Multimouse to a disguised Cat Noir, who informed him of Ladybug's plan. However, Longg was one of the few kwamis captured, but this was actually part of the plan as she unveiled her stowaway wielder, and with the help of Multicat, Lonng was eventually set free. After Kwamibuster's defeat, Longg and the others cheered for Marinette as their plan was a success and was returned to Miracle Box.

In "Heart Hunter", she was once again loaned to Kagami. Once again reactivated, she was happy to see Kagami again and transformed her into Ryuko so she could aid in the fight against Heart Hunter. After the titular villain was deakumatized, Longg and her Miraculous were returned to Ladybug. Unaware of what happened to the Guardian, she was also unknowingly saved by the heroine.

In "Miracle Queen", after avoiding Miracle Queen's hornets, Longg was reactivated again by Ladybug, and after recharging, she was ready to help. She fused her powers with Tikki's, transforming Ladybug into Dragon Bug, and combined the power of the Water Dragon and the Yo-yo to form a water barrier, protecting the heroes from Miracle Queen's hornets. After fighting the titular villain's minions and deakumatizing her, Longg defused with Ladybug. After Ladybug regained the Miracle Box, she returned to her Miraculous.

Season 4

In "Truth", Longg was accidentally released from the Miracle Box when Marinette tried to figure it out in her eagerness excitedly explored Marinette's room. When Marinette leaves for her date with Luka she and her fellow kwamis hid with the Miracle Box, but they heard the titular villain broke into Marinette's room. After the titular villain's defeat, Longg and the others saw that Marinette was sad about breaking up with Luka to the point of tears, she didn't know exactly how to help but joined with the other kwamis in giving their new guardian a group hug.

In "Gang of Secrets", Longg was seen talking with some of the other kwamis until her guardian arrives home and was upset seeing her so sad and moves with Barkk to remove Marinette's pictures until Ziggy was halted from doing so. Later, she and the others hear Marinette voiced her distress about being condemned to a life of secrets and lies forever because of her alter ego. When they hear someone coming the kwamis hide in the Miracle Box and after the Gang of Secrets had been defeated Longg and the others look on as Marinette unveils her secret to Alya.

In "Mr. Pigeon 72", Longg was seen in Marinette's room watching along with Kaalki and Xuppu as Marinette paced herself crazily in an attempt to figure out how to stop future akumatizations. Then, seeing some of her siblings playing with one of Marinette's designer hats she decided to join the fun. Afterwards Kaalki and the kwamis help clean up Marinette's room.

In "Furious Fu", hearing that Master Fu was returning, Longg along with her fellow kwamis expressed dear desire to see him despite Marinette trying to keep them hidden for their safety and when his new guardian voiced concerns about leaving the Miracle Box unguarded. Longg realized if someone stayed to guard the box, the others could go but when they cheated their way out so all of them going they were stopped by Marinette with no choice they used the "pup dog eyes" on her and Marinette reluctantly agreed. However Longg and and the others had a hard time keeping quiet while in Marinette's bag but heard that Master Fu is doing well and become a great painter.

But returning home, Longg realized that Su-Han had returned to reclaim the box as he was the previous guardian before Master Fu's incident and with Su-Han's strictness she and the other kwamis sadly returned to the box. After seeing Ladybug's valiant actions against the titular villain, Su-Han realized that Master Fu's choice wasn't so bad allowing Longg and the kwamis to stay with Marinette.

In "Crocoduel", Longg and her siblings were listening to Alya trying to convince Marinette to come to the Couffaine Twins birthday party and to also talk to Luka.

In "Optigami", she was talking to Kaalki inside the Miracle Box until she heard the phone their guardian ringing, answering they find out that Marinette needs help and that Kaalki's power was needed but upon seeing their guardian end the call Longg and the others believed Marinette will call again.

In "Wishmaker", when Marinette explained what a career was Longg the other kwami voiced ideas on what she could do in life until Sass silenced them asking Marinette himself what she wanted to do then saw her leave for the career expo.

In "Dearest Family", after Tikki ate the pieces of galette, Marinette brought for them, the kwamis quickly realized what she did. Longg huddled together with others when they realized the danger Tikki's hunger for candy can represent, despite the kwami of Creation refusal at that. When Tikki and Marinette the kwamis flew around in a panic. Shortly after she watched Marinette, realize that Sass' warning was real and transforms to stop Tikki only to be affected by his sibling's hunger, which scared her.

Hearing a commotion downstairs, Longg and the others were commanded to hide. After Ladybug saved her family Longg and the kwamis see her return with pieces of galette for them. Despite that they were still nervous regarding Tikki, until Marinette ensured them that Tikki will control herself and the kwamis ate the pieces of galette happily.

In "Ephemeral", during the fight against Boniac, Longg and his miraculous were given to Kagami and transformed into Ryuko. After the battle, Longg and her jewel were returned to Ladybug. Later, they briefly met Sass' owner Luka when he came into Marinette's room, but their introductions were cut short; when Luka received a message from Ladybug allowing Sass use his power to go back to the last marked time. Soon Longg discovered why as she and everyone noticed the Absolute Power being activated meaning Shadow Moth obtained the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses and started his wish. Sass explained to Luka the consequences of it and the latter hurried the former to use his power, which he does causing their encounter with Luka to be erased.





  • Longg was first revealed in a second season trailer on August 31, 2017.[8]
  • Longg was the only known kwami to be based on a mythical animal until the reveal of the Thunderbird Kwami.
    • However, in "Furious Fu", Su-Han revealed that dragons were once real in the Quantic Universe, before Plagg made them go extinct.
      • This could explain how it is possible that Longg is based on a dragon, since a Kwami may not have the appearance of an animal, which actually does not exist.
  • Chinese dragons symbolize good luck, prosperity, heroism, boldness, and more.
  • The dragon is the fifth animal of the Chinese zodiac.
  • Longg's name is based on the word "lóng" (龙/龍), which means "dragon" in Chinese.


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