This article is about Long Long the renling. You may be looking for Longg the dragon kwami.

Long Long is the renling of Justice who is connected to the Prodigious. With his power, their wearer can use the necklace to transform into a dragon.

Long Long and his Prodigious are currently active, used by Fei Wu.


Long Long is a small Renling that resembles a red Chinese dragon. It has large yellow horns, black swirl designs on its forehead, yellow paws, and a tail with yellow fur. It also has matching yellow whiskers.


Being the Renling of Justice, it can be assumed that Long Long takes justice seriously and doesn't get justice confused with revenge.


As a renling, Long Long can fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects. Long Long can also carry objects that are larger and/or heavier than him. As a renling, Long Long is able to transform the holder of the Prodigious into a dragon, which allows them to control the elements.




  • Long Long is the third magical creature to appear in the series that is based on a mythological creature following the Thunderbird kwami and Longg the dragon kwami.
  • Long Long has a similar name to Longg the dragon kwami and they are also both based off of a dragon creature.
    • They also seem to give their holders similar powers, as Longg gives her holder the power to control and turn into the weather elements (water, wind and lightning), while Long Long can turn his holder into a dragon capable of controlling the same elements.
  • Just like with Longg the dragon kwami, their name is based on the word "lóng" (龙/龍) which means "dragon" in Chinese. However, "lóng lóng" (隆隆) means "rumble".


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