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This article is about one of Marinette's creations.

What I love most of all is creating. I really like inventing, designing, sewing. I've already created hats, clothes, accessories like jewelry, and even some glasses for Jagged Stone, the famous rock star.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Marinette and Fashion"

This is a list of Marinette's creations. Many of these creations by Marinette Dupain-Cheng are fashion-related, but there are other types of things she has made, from album covers to dolls. A good number of her creations are also gifts for other people.


Object First appearance Description Image
Marinette's purse "Stormy Weather" Marinette often wears this purse throughout the series. Tikki usually hides in it while they're in public. In Guitar Villain, she tells the Gorilla that it is a talking purse. Stormy Weather (261).png
Boater Marinette asks Manon Chamack to stop playing with this hat, as it isn't finished yet. Stormy Weather (31).png
Valentine's Day card "Dark Cupid" Using a card Alya Césaire gets her, Marinette writes a poem on this card as a response to the letter she believes Adrien Agreste wrote for her. DC S01EP10 (569).png
Marinette's derby hat "Mr. Pigeon" This hat is the winner of a design competition judged by Gabriel Agreste. Marinette's inspiration for it comes from Xavier Ramier and pigeons. It also got her the attention and praise from Audrey Bourgeois and an invitation to work with her in New York City, but Marinette rejects her offer. MP (1011).png
Jagged Stone's glasses "Pixelator" As requested by Jagged Stone and after failing to get him glasses that he liked, Marinette creates this unique pair of glasses for him, which he is ultimately pleased with. GV (96).png
Adrien's schedule "Copycat" A chart showing the schedule of Adrien Agreste's daily activities. Adrien's schedule January to June.jpg
Adrien's birthday scarf "The Bubbler" Marinette made this scarf as a birthday present for Adrien Agreste. However, Nathalie Sancoeur removes her name from it and tells Adrien that it is a gift from his father. The Bubbler (554).png
Marinette's lucky charm bracelet "Gamer" A bracelet that Marinette owned for good luck. In "Gamer", she gives it to Adrien to cheer him up, claiming that it provides good luck. TG (201).png
Marinette's magic box "Darkblade" Marinette builds this box to contain her diary and trap anyone who tries to steal it. DB S01EP12 (14).png
Marinette's racing banner "Timebreaker" For Alix Kubdel and Lê Chiến Kim's race competition, Marinette creates this large banner. Timebreaker (270).png
Dolls "The Puppeteer" Marinette creates these dolls based off of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Lady Wifi, The Evillustrator, and Rogercop, which she and Manon Chamack play with. TPT (588).png
Fred Haprèle's miming hat "The Mime" Although she is not the creator or designer of this hat, Marinette fixes a tear and adds a pocket inside it for Fred Haprèle. The Mime 061.png
Rock Giant album cover

(first attempt)

"Guitar Villain" Marinette is asked to make an album cover for Jagged Stone. However, Bob Roth tells her to base it off XY's album cover, which leaves both her and Jagged Stone disappointed. GV (217).png
Rock Giant album cover

(second attempt)

Marinette tries again to make an album cover, this time using Jagged Stone's style. Jagged Stone is very pleased with this version. GV (1033).png
Bakery logo "Ladybug & Cat Noir" For her parents' business, Marinette designed a logo that they can put on packaging or pastries like macaroons. OR1-(78).png

Object First appearance Description Image
Navy blue derby hat with a bow "Despair Bear" Marinette makes a navy blue derby hat with a bow, which Rose Lavillant models for her. DSB (137).png
Pale purple floppy sun hat Marinette makes a pale purple floppy hat with a bow that is a deeper shade of purple, which Juleka Couffaine models for her. DSB (138).png
Pale pink floppy hat Marinette makes a pale pink floppy hat, which Mylène Haprèle models for her. DSB (139).png
Pink customizable necklace Marinette makes a necklace that has a silver strand and various type of colored beads, noting that she designed the jewels and the jewels can be customized, which she gives to Rose to model for her. DSB (143).png
New purse pattern "Befana" Using the t-shirt Gina Dupain gives her for her birthday, Marinette creates a new purse pattern with it based on her regular purse. Befana 537.png
Kwagatama necklace To wear Tikki's birthday gift, the Kwagatama, Marinette attaches a small silver loop and puts a black string through it to make it a pendant on a necklace. Befana 560.png
Fake Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous "The Dark Owl" For a staged battle to satisfy Mr. Damocles' desire to be a superhero, Marinette creates fake replica Miraculouses for the fake villain Cardboard Girl, played by Alya, to steal from her and Cat Noir. She also uses these to trick Dark Owl and Hawk Moth when she and Adrien "give up" their Miraculouses. TDO (158).png
Cardboard Girl costume A costume for Alya to wear for a staged battle as the fake akumatized villain to satisfy Mr. Damocles' desire to be a superhero. TDO (157).png
Mini Magical Macarons "Syren" Marinette creates a rainbow assortment of mini-macarons which she calls "Magicarons", imbued with seven different magic Miraculous potions, that serve as power-ups for Tikki. Syren (529).png
Caline Bustier's cosmetics bag "Zombizou" Marinette made this as a gift to Miss Bustier's birthday, and planned to give it to her during the classroom party. It is a pink cosmetics bag with white dots and a black zipper with the phrase "If we wish to change the world, we must all learn to love each other", which she claims Miss Bustier said when she first met the class. Unbeknownst to Marinette, it was vandalized by Chloé beforehand with a permanent marker, though Miss Bustier still accepted the gift, saying that it could be from both of them. Zombizou (31).png
Mini chef hat "Catalyst" A mini chef hat that Tikki wears when she's baking with Marinette. 224 Catalyst (319).png
Adrien's Christmas hat "Santa Claws" As a Christmas gift for Adrien, Marinette makes a hat for him. Later, he gives it to Santa Claus with Plagg still in it. Ladybug Christmas Special (133).png

Object First appearance Description Image
Passion fruit macaron "Animaestro" A macaron made specially for Adrien, wrapped with a pink lace bow. Animaestro 051.png
Waitress dress A waitress dress made for Les aventures de Ladybug & Chat Noir's premiere. Animaestro 324.png
Tom Dupain's sweater "Bakerix" A wool sweater made for Tom's birthday. Bakerix 008.png
Loaf of bread A loaf made along with her grandfather in an attempt to bond with him. Bakerix 386.png
Unisex fashion line "Reflekdoll" A line of clothes. The clothes consists of a strong blue three-quarter length sleeved shirt with very light gray horizontal stripes on her torso from thick to thin and gently fades into grey down to the bottom, a pair of pale, light grayish cerulean rolled-up jeans and dark festive red espadrilles. For accessories, it has a red beret with the matching colour on the shoes, round silver earrings with a round jade in the middle, a thin silver chain beaded necklace with a round jade pendant, a thin ring with a rectangular jade in the middle, and a thin silver chain bracelet. Reflekdoll 110.png
Kitty Section's customs "Silencer" A line of clothes used by the band while performing their music video and live set. Silencer (057).png
Adrien Agreste's birthday gifts "Christmaster" A number of presents for Adrien's future birthdays. Christmaster 022.png
Kitty Section's shirts "Gamer 2.0" Shirts based on the titular band. Gamer 2.0 (135).png
Manon's superhero costume "The Puppeteer 2" A superhero costume for Manon, based on the former's drawing. The Puppeteer 2 (022).png
Beret for Adrien "Cat Blanc" A beret that was made as a present for Adrien. It matches the outfit he wears, but it has two silver hearts on it. CB (71).png

Object First appearance Description Image
Bucket hat "Truth" A purple bucket hat for Tikki with a big pink bow. Truth (30).png
Fruit hat A light scarlet mini hat for Tikki covered with mini fruits at the top. Truth (36).png
Jewelry box A pink jewelry box with a flower design on the top. Marinette gave this to Luka when they were at the Movie Theater together, which had a guitar pick that was signed by Jagged Stone. Truth (158).png
Dollhouse "Gang of Secrets" A pink dollhouse that originally hid the Miracle Box. However, it fell apart after Marinette's friends left her room and was thrown away. Marinette's Doll House.png
Sewing box "Gang of Secrets" A box disguised as a regular sewing box to hide the Miracle Box. It has a password like Master Fu's Gramophone. Marinette's Art Supply Box.png
Sandbag trap "Mr. Pigeon 72" A sandbag trap to stop any intruders from entering Marinette's room. Mr. Pigeon 72 (033).png
A hearing hat A sombrero hat that Marinette uses to hear a certain place without the need of her being there. Mr. Pigeon 72 (035).png
Dressing gown and head towel A light-pink dressing gown and head towel with white spots that Marinette uses for experiments.
Swimsuit A pink swimsuit and swimming cap that Marinette uses occasionally when she goes to the swimming pool. Mr. Pigeon 72 (250).png
A blue swimsuit and swimming cap that Marinette gave to Kagami when they went to the swimming pool. Mr. Pigeon 72 (203).png
Foldable Ball Gown A lacey, pink ball gown. Mr. Pigeon 72 (177).png
Red Modern Sport Shoes "Furious Fu" Red shoes made for Su-Han, since his were old and torn. Furious Fu (508).png
Unknown pink piece of clothing "Sole Crusher" An unknown pink piece of clothing Marinette was working on before Chloé came to her room, running from Sole Crusher. Marinette's Pink Piece of Clothing.png
Kreatica Outfit "Queen Banana" A grayish cornflower blue sort of robe and black blindfolds with a grey rim around. Queen Banana (156).png
Destroyica Outfit A red robe and and black blindfolds with a grey rim around. Queen Banana (155).png
Marino butler disguise "Gabriel Agreste" A butler outfit Marinette uses to get in the party at the Agreste mansion. Gabriel Agreste 112.png
Cellphone scrambler costume A white cardboard box Marinette uses to pretend that she's a cellphone scrambler, so she can follow Chloé. Gabriel Agreste 296.png
Pillow "Guiltrip" A round pink pillow with a flower design on the front that was made for Rose to sit on during class. Guiltrip (473).png
Navy blue derby hat with tassels "Crocoduel" A navy blue derby hat with tassels. Crocoduel 049.png
Alya's fanny pack "Sentibubbler" An orange fanny pack Marinette gives to Alya, so she can hide Trixx. Sentibubbler 097.png
First board with a plan "Simpleman" A board with a plan how to get Adrien to fall in love with her. Simpleman (89).png
Second board with a plan "Kuro Neko" A board with a plan how to get Cat Noir to take his miraculous back. Kuro Neko (181).png

In-Universe conceptual/drawing designs

Object Appeared Description Image
Wheat derby hat design "Mr. Pigeon" Marinette sketched this as a possible derby design. MP (181).png
Ladybug derby hat design MP (183).png
Music derby hat design MP (187).png
Ribbon derby hat design MP (188).png
Flower derby hat design MP (189).png

Object Appeared Description Image
Jagged Stone's new poster "Gamer 2.0" Marinette sketched this as a possible poster. Gamer 2.0 (10).png

Object Appeared Description Image
Medieval outfit for Adrien "Simpleman" A sketch of Adrien wearing a medieval outfit. Simpleman (06).png

Object Appeared Description Image
Earrings "Miraculous Shanghai" Marinette sketched this so she can try to communicate with people who speak a different language than her if they have seen her earrings. Miraculous World - Shanghai Special 423.png

Object Appeared Description Image
Building beanie design "Inspiration" Marinette, inspired by a building, drew this design. Inspiration 9.png
Safety cone skirt design Marinette drew this design, which is inspired by a safety cone, over her beanie design. Inspiration 33.png
Paper dress design This design by Marinette is inspired by a comment by Chloé Bourgeois. Inspiration 57.png


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