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What I love most of all is creating. I really like inventing, designing, sewing. I've already created hats, clothes, accessories like jewelry, and even some glasses for Jagged Stone, the famous rock star.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Marinette and Fashion"

This is a list of Marinette's creations. Many of these creations by Marinette are fashion-related, but there are other types of things she has made, from album covers to dolls. A good number of her creations are also gifts for other people.


Season 1

Object Appeared Description Image
Marinette's purse Multiple episodes Marinette often wears this purse. Tikki usually hides in it while they're in public. In Guitar Villian, she tells the Gorilla that it is a talking purse. SW Tikki about to transform
Adrien's scarf "The Bubbler" Marinette made this scarf as a birthday present for Adrien. However, Nathalie removes her name from it and tells Adrien that it is a gift from his father. TB Adrien with scarf
Marinette's derby hat "Mr. Pigeon" This hat is the winner of a design competition judged by Gabriel Agreste. Marinette's inspiration for it comes from Xavier Ramier and pigeons. It also got her the attention and praise from Audrey Bourgeois and an invitation to work with her in New York City, much to Chloé's anger. MP (1011)
Boater "Stormy Weather" Marinette asks Manon to stop playing with this hat, as it isn't finished yet. SW Manon doll
Marinette's banner "Timebreaker" For Alix and Kim's race competition, Marinette creates this large banner. TK Marinette's banner
Adrien's schedule "Copycat" A chart showing the schedule of Adrien Agreste's daily activities. Adrien's schedule January to June
Valentine's Day card "Dark Cupid" Using a card Alya gets her, Marinette writes a poem on this card as a response to the letter she believes Adrien wrote for her. DC S01EP10 (1127)
Marinette's magic box "Darkblade" Marinette builds this box to contain her diary and trap anyone who tries to steal it. DB S01EP12 (431)
Fred Haprèle's miming hat "The Mime" Although she is not the creator or designer of this hat, Marinette fixes a tear and adds a pocket inside it for Fred.
Haprèle FT Fred
Bakery logo "Ladybug & Cat Noir" For her parents' business, Marinette designed a logo that they can put on packaging or pastries like macarons. OR1-(163)
Jagged Stone's glasses "Pixelator" As requested by Jagged Stone and after failing to get him glasses that he liked, Marinette creates this unique pair of glasses for him, which he is ultimately pleased with. GV (96)
Rock Giant album cover

(first attempt)

"Guitar Villain" Marinette is asked to make an album cover for Jagged Stone. However, Bob Roth tells her to base it off XY's album cover, which leaves both her and Jagged Stone disappointed. GV (217)
Rock Giant album cover

(second attempt)

"Guitar Villain" Marinette tries again to make an album cover, this time using Jagged Stone's style. Jagged Stone is very pleased with this version. GV (1033)
Marinette's bracelet "Gamer" A bracelet that Marinette owned for good luck. In "Gamer", she gives it to Adrien to cheer him up, claiming that it provides good luck. TG (403)
Dolls "The Puppeteer" Marinette creates these dolls based off of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Lady Wifi, the Evillustrator, and Rogercop, which she and Manon play with. TPT (41)

Season 2

Object Appeared Description Image
Adrien's Christmas hat "A Christmas Special" As a Christmas gift for Adrien, Marinette makes a hat for him. Later, he gives it to Santa Claus with Plagg still in it. Ladybug Christmas Special (145)
Navy blue derby hat "Despair Bear" Marinette makes a navy blue derby hat, which Rose models for her. Miraculous Season 2 Sneak Peak (13)
Pale purple floppy sun hat "Despair Bear" Marinette makes a pale purple floppy hat, which Juleka models for her. Miraculous Season 2 Sneak Peak (17)
Pale pink floppy hat "Despair Bear" Marinette makes a pale pink floppy hat, which Mylène models for her. Miraculous Season 2 Sneak Peak (21)
Pink customizable necklace "Despair Bear" Marinette makes a necklace that has a silver strand and various type of colored beads, noting that she designed the jewels and the jewels can be customized, which she gives to Rose to model for her. Rose's Purple necklace 2
New purse pattern "Befana" Using the t-shirt Gina gives her for her birthday, Marinette creates a new purse pattern with it based on her regular purse. Marinette purse - Gina's style
Kwagatama necklace "Befana" To wear Tikki's birthday gift, the kwagatama, Marinette attaches a small silver loop and puts a black string through it to make it a pendant on a necklace. Tikki's pendant
Fake Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous "The Dark Owl" For a staged battle to satisfy Mr. Damocles' desire to be a superhero, Marinette creates fake replica Miraculouses for the fake villain Cardboard Girl, played by Alya, to steal from her and Cat Noir. She also uses these to trick Dark Owl and Hawk Moth when she and Adrien "give up" their Miraculouses. Fake Miraculous - Dark Owl
Caline Bustier's cosmetics bag "Zombizou" Marinette made this as a gift to Miss Bustier's birthday, and planned to give it to her during the classroom party. It is a pink cosmetics bag with white dots and a black zipper with the phrase "If we wish to change the world, we must all learn to love each other", which she claims Miss Bustier said when she first met the class. Unbeknownst to Marinette, it was vandalized by Chloé beforehand with a permanent marker, though Miss Bustier still accepted the gift, saying that it could be from both of them. Caline's Coin Purse

Concept designs

Season 1

Object Appeared Description Image
Wheat derby hat design "Mr. Pigeon" Marinette sketched this as a possible derby design. MP (181)
Ladybug derby hat design "Mr. Pigeon" Marinette sketched this as a possible derby design. MP (183)
Music derby hat design "Mr. Pigeon" Marinette sketched this as a possible derby design. MP (187)
Ribbon derby hat design "Mr. Pigeon" Marinette sketched this as a possible derby design. MP (188)
Flower derby hat design "Mr. Pigeon" Marinette sketched this as a possible derby design. MP (189)

Miraculous: Tales from Paris

Object Appeared Description Image
Building beanie design "Inspiration" Marinette, inspired by a building, drew this design. Inspiration 9
Safety cone skirt design "Inspiration" Marinette drew this design, which is inspired by a safety cone, over her beanie design. Inspiration 33
Paper dress design "Inspiration" This design by Marinette is inspired by a comment by Chloé. Inspiration 57


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