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Apparently I destroy whatever I touch.

—Cat Noir, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

This is a list of Cataclysm uses. These are the uses of Cat Noir's superpower, Cataclysm. This power is used to make anything Cat Noir touches to become destroyed, corroded, malfunctioning, or otherwise damaged.


Season 1

Used on Episode Reason Image
Bubble "The Bubbler" To set him and Ladybug free. The Bubbler (412)
Cage "Mr. Pigeon" Used on the bars of the cage to set him and Ladybug free. MP (617)
Billboard depicting
Aurore on
top of the TVi studio.
"Stormy Weather" As a part of chain reaction to make Stormy Weather lose her umbrella. SW (846)
Low-relief at the Trocadéro. "Timebreaker" In an attempt to slow the two Timebreakers down. Timebreaker (1280)
Bars inside the Louvre "Copycat" To set himself free. CC (301)
A plank of wood Accidentally used, originally was meant to be used on the chains holding him. CC (378)
Bars inside the Louvre "The Pharaoh" To free himself and Ladybug PH S01EP06 (223)
Wifi antenna on top of Le Grand Paris. "Lady Wifi" Used to weaken Lady Wifi's phone based abilities LW S01EP07 (518)
Wall of Chloé's room "The Evillustrator" Cataclysm was originally meant for a light switch on that spot, but Evillustartor erased it before Cat Noir touched it. EV S01EP08 (419)
Mayor's office floor. "Rogercop" To trap Rogercop so Ladybug can retrieve the akuma. RC S01EP09 (470)
The strap of Dark Cupid's quiver "Dark Cupid" Cat Noir was affected by Dark Cupid's arrows, and he summoned Cataclysm for it to be used on Ladybug. DC S01EP10 (513)
Support posts "Horrificator" Used to pin Horrificator in one place. Horrificator (683)
Fireworks' control panel "Princess Fragrance" After Cat Noir was affected by Princess Fragrance's fragrance, he wanted to use his Cataclysm on Ladybug but failed to do so. Princess Fragrance 430
A goal cage at Parc des Princes "Ladybug & Cat Noir" Cat Noir wanted to use it on Stoneheart, but used it on the goal instead because he didn't know it was a one-time power. OR1-(373)
The Eiffel Tower "Stoneheart" To mishape the structure of the Tower so Cat Noir could catch Ivan. OR-2 (402)
Bus control console. "Animan" Used to turn a bus into a makeshift cage AM-(382)
Elevator call panel "Simon Says" Used to trap Adrien's bodyguard in the elevator shaft when he was forced to act like a gorilla. SS (185)
Simon Says' pack of cards To find the specific card infected with the akuma and free it SS (438)
The floor of Pixelator's dimension "Pixelator" Used to release everyone from the photo dimension Pixelator LQ (761)
Nothing "Guitar Villain" Used as a shield against Guitar Villain's Awesome Solo but failed GV (895)
Kung Food's bag. "Kung Food" Used to destroy Kung Food's source of weapons Kung Food 426
The Gamer's MX-01 "Gamer" Used to destroy Gamer's mech TG (338)
Nothing (nullified) "Reflekta" Summoned to destroy lockers blocking an exit, but failed due to Reflekta's powers No Screenshot
Wifi antenna on top of the bakery. "The Puppeteer" Used to weaken Lady Wifi's phone based abilities TPT (309)
The cover of Le Grand Paris' swimming pool. "Antibug" To trap Antibug by making her fall into the pool. Antibug (1169)
Beams of the Eiffel Tower. "Volpina" To trap Volpina. VP (988)

Season 2

Used on Episode Reason Image
Public advertisement outside Hôtel de Ville "Santa Claws" Originally summoned to destroy the Christmas tree outside Hôtel de Ville, but he decided against it and destroyed the advertisement to get rid of Cataclysm. Ladybug Christmas Special (120)
Santa Claws' hat. To release the akuma inside. Ladybug Christmas Special (513)
The shelves in Adrien's room "The Collector" To make the CDs fall down and be launched by Ladybug at the Collector's book, thus filling its pages up, so nothing else would disappear upon touching it.
TC (500)
Le Grand Paris' freezer room door. "Prime Queen" To free himself and Ladybug from the freezer. Prime Queen 482
The couch in Le Grand Paris "Despair Bear" After being controlled by Despair Bear, Cat Noir accidentally used Cataclysm on the lounge in the hotel; it was originally meant for Ladybug. DSB (790)
The lock-down gate at the Louvre Palace "Riposte" To rejoin Ladybug in her fight against Riposte. Riposte 401
The fire hydrant "Befana" To have Befana turn herself into a coal statue. Befana 495
Robostus's mech. "Robostus" To destroy it so Ladybug can get a hold of Robostus. Robostus 424
The ropes "The Dark Owl" To free himself and Ladybug. TDO (296)
The metal crate To free himself and Ladybug. TDO (409)
Serving of ice cream "Gigantitan" Originally meant for Gigantitan's bracelet, but Cat Noir was flung to André's ice cream stand, and, wanting to have some ice cream, Cat Noir accidentally destroyed the ice cream serving. Gigantitan 459
The bus "Glaciator" Used to unleash the trap on Glaciator Glaciator 416
A garbage can containing the Sapotis' hats "Sapotis" To find and free the akuma from the orginal Sapotis's hat. Sapotis-000900
Ground under Gorizilla "Gorizilla" To trap Gorizilla when he fell down into the subway station, allowing Ladybug to find the akumatized object. Gorizilla 507
The compass on Captain Hardrock's ship "Captain Hardrock" To release the akuma inside. CH (944)
Frightningale's wand "Frightningale" To release the akuma inside. FN (1617)
Roof of the Gustave Eiffel Apartment exhibit atop the Eiffel Tower. "Zombizou" To get inside the office. No Screenshot
Frozer's ice skates "Frozer" To release the akuma inside. Frozer (813)
Troublemaker's pen "Troublemaker" To release the akuma inside. No Screenshot
The Bee Miraculous "Queen Wasp" To release the akuma inside. Queen Wasp (433)
Reverser's paper hoverboard "Reverser" To release the akuma inside. Reverser (699)
Anansi's helmet "Anansi" To release the akuma inside. 174px
Nothing (nullified) "Malediktator" Cat Noir summoned his Cataclysm to use against Malediktator, but he was hit with one of the villain's declaration bubbles. No Screenshot
Metal bars in Adrien's room "Sandboy" To free himself from his room. Sandboy (394)
Street "Mayura" To provide an escape for himself and Ladybug. Mayura (262)
Hawk Moth's Cane To set free everyone that was akumatized. Mayura (447)

Season 3

Used on Episode Reason Image
Animaestro's Mask "Animaestro" To release the akuma inside. Animaestro 502
Turbine Cover "Bakerix" Used to corrode the cover above the turbine, so it would break under Bakerix. No Screenshot
Backwarder's brooch. "Backwarder" To free the akuma inside. BW (443)
Unknown "Reflekdoll" The battle and summoning wasn't seen, but Cat Noir used it to defeat an unknown villain. No Screenshot
Unknown "Weredad" The summoning wasn't seen, but Cat Noir used it to destroy an unknown object. No Screenshot
Ladybug's Sailboat Lucky Charm Used to destroy the bottom of the sailboat, allowing Ladybug to make a make-shift glider. WD (476)
Silencer's helmet "Silencer" To release the akuma inside. Silencer (844)
Onichan's thorn sword "Onichan" To release the akuma inside. No Screenshot
Nothing (nullified) "Miraculer" Summoned by Cat Noir to be used against Miraculer, but Miraculer stole his powers before he had a chance to use them. Miraculer 280
Unknown "Oblivio" The summoning and battle wasn't seen. No Screenshot

vio's blaster.

Used to release the akuma inside. OB (421)
The ground under the Eiffel Tower "Desperada" To take away the titular villain's vantage point. No Screenshot
Christmaster's magic snowglobe "Christmaster" To release the akuma inside. Christmaster 447
Deadman's Switch "Startrain" Used to release the akuma inside. No Screenshot
Billboard Post "Kwamibuster" Providing a detransformed Ladybug cover to escape. KB (192)
Master Fu's staff "Feast" Used to destroy his staff to free the akuma and the amok inside. FT (328)
Ikari Gozen's bokken "Ikari Gozen" Used to destory Ikari Gozen's bokken and free the akuma inside. No Screenshot
Party Crasher's glasses "Party Crasher" To release the akuma inside. No Screenshot
Unknown "Timetagger" Summoned but wasn't seen and was used to defeat Mr. Pigeon. No Screenshot
Obelisk To free Bunnyx from stone. No Screenshot
Timetagger's blaster To release the akuma inside. No Screenshot
Statue of Ladybug "The Puppeteer 2" To prevent the Ladybug statue from stealing his ring. The Puppeteer 2 (458)
An akuma "Cat Blanc" To save Marinette from being akumatized in the alternate future. No Screenshot
Nothing Summoned out of anger to be used on Hawk Moth in the alternate future, but was struck before he could use it. No Screenshot
Ladybug's earrings "Ladybug" Attempted to free the akuma and flush Mayura out of hiding. No Screenshot
Miracle Queen's Uproar-ed spinning top "Miracle Queen" To free their possessed friends and to release the akuma. No Screenshot

Used by other characters

Season Episode Summoner Object used on Reason Image
Season 1 "Copycat" Copycat The chains Accidentally used on the chains, was meant to be used on Cat Noir CC (451)
Season 2 "Style Queen" Plagg Eiffel Tower To protect Ladybug from Style Queen and bought the time the heroine needed to defeat her. Style Queen (497)
"Catalyst" Illusion of Cat Noir Himself Originally meant for the illusion of akumatized Ladybug's yo-yo 224 Catalyst (258)
Plagg The street To stop Gorizilla from moving and free Adrien. 224 Catalyst (410)
Season 3 "Chameleon" Chameleon in the form of Cat Noir Floor of the Eiffel Tower Originally meant to be used on Ladybug but then forced by Ladybug to be used on the floor. Chameleon 410
"Gamer 2.0" Ladybug while playing as Copycat Herself Used on herself after she became controlled by The Puppeteer No Screenshot
Ladybug Battlefield in the Gamer's game Used in the final battle against Gamer 2.0 in order for neither being able to stand and walk without any help. No Screenshot
"Miraculer" Miraculer Cat Noir Used by Miraculer to attack Cat Noir and break his ribs. Miraculer 288
Infused with the hairdryer Cataclysm was summoned by Miraculer and infused with the hairdryer summoned with Lucky Charm to be used as a gun against Cat Noir. Miraculer 350
Infused with the sword Miraculer infused Cataclysm with the Lucky Charm sword to use against Cat Noir. Miraculer 363
Carapace's Shell-ter Used by Miraculer to shatter the Shell-ter, which was protecting Ladybug and other superheroes. Miraculer 386
Infused with the mallet Cataclysm was summoned by Miraculer and infused with the mallet summoned with Lucky Charm to strike the floor of the hotel rooftop in order to launch Rena Rouge and Carapace. Miraculer 401
Nothing Cataclysm was summoned by Miraculer to defend against the superheroes, but later revoked by the villain. Miraculer 483
"Christmaster" Toy Cat Noir A toy brick Meant to be used on the the real Cat Noir but was blocked. Christmaster 329
Unknown Summoned, but wasn't shown; meant to be used against Cat Noir and Ladybug. Christmaster 343
Nothing Santa Claus threw Toy Cat Noir and Toy Ladybug off Christmaster's platform before Toy Cat Noir had a chance to use Cataclysm. Christmaster 379
"Reflekdoll" Lady Noir Reflekdoll In an attempt to stop Reflekdoll. RD (432)
"Kwamibuster" Multinoir Kwamibuster's container Used to free the kwamis and to release the akuma. KB (378)

Miraculous Adventures

Used on Issue Reason Image
Silurus' waterspout Issue 2 Used to dissipate it.
Silurus - Cataclysm
Trash Krakken Issue 4 Used on the Trash Krakken.
No Screenshot



  • Cataclysm isn't used in "Darkblade", "The Mime", "Syren", "Stormy Weather 2", "Félix", and "Heart Hunter".
  • The ship "Liberty" in "Captain Hardrock" and the Eiffel Tower in "Style Queen" are the biggest things so far that Cataclysm was used on while in "Queen Wasp" the Bee Miraculous was the smallest.
  • "Gamer 2.0", "Kwamibuster" and "Reflekdoll", are the only times when Cataclysm was used by a hero other than Cat Noir.
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