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We've got to get to his bubble sword, that's gotta be where the Akuma is.

Ladybug, "The Bubbler"

This is a list of Akumatized objects. These are objects that Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth's Akumas have possessed in order to transform people into supervillains. Sometimes, an object will also end up being the Akumatized villain's weapon. Ladybug and Cat Noir have to break the object in order to release the Akuma.


To see each villain, see Akumatized villains

Season 1

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized Destroyed by
Nino Lahiffe's bubble wand "The Bubbler" A container of bubble soap with a bubble wand that Nino plays with. The Bubbler (155).png The Bubbler (498).png Ladybug
Xavier Ramier's bird call whistle "Mr. Pigeon" A bird whistle that Xavier Ramier uses to attract pigeons. MP (260).png MP (917).png Ladybug
Aurore Beauréal's parasol "Stormy Weather" A parasol that Aurore carries around during the weather girl competition. SW (211).png SW (289).png Ladybug
Alix Kubdel's rollerblades "Timebreaker" A pair of roller skates that Alix races with. Timebreaker (592).png Timebreaker (743).png Ladybug
Théo Barbot's picture of Ladybug "Copycat" A newspaper cut out of Ladybug's picture that inspired Théo of how to make the Ladybug and Cat Noir statue. CC (24).png CC (392).png Ladybug
Jalil Kubdel's pendant "The Pharaoh" An Egyptian necklace that Jalil wears around his neck. PH Jalil's necklace.png PH S01EP06 (421).png Ladybug
Alya Césaire's cellphone "Lady Wifi" A phone that Alya uses to communicate and record videos for the Ladyblog. LW S01EP07 (141).png LW S01EP07 (426).png Ladybug
Nathaniel Kurtzberg's stylus pen "The Evillustrator" The stylus pen that Nathaniel uses when drawing on his tablet. EV S01EP08 (44).png EV S01EP08 (455).png Ladybug
Roger Raincomprix's police whistle "Rogercop" The whistle that Roger uses as a policeman. RC S01EP09 (87).png RC S01EP09 (482).png Ladybug
Lê Chiến Kim's brooch for Chloé Bourgeois "Dark Cupid" A jewel that Kim planned to give Chloé for Valentine's Day. DC S01EP10 (60).png DC S01EP10 (244).png Ladybug
Mylène Haprèle's pin "Horrificator" A pin from the band Zombie Skull Crushers that Ivan gives to Mylène. Horrificator (68).png Horrificator (752).png Ladybug
Armand D'Argencourt's fencing sword "Darkblade" A fencing sword that Armand uses while teaching his students. DB S01EP12 (191).png DB S01EP12 (312).png Ladybug
Fred Haprèle's photo of Mylène "The Mime" A picture of his daughter, Mylène, that Fred keeps in a special pouch of his hat for good luck. The Mime 068.png The Mime 186.png Ladybug
Rose Lavillant's perfume bottle "Princess Fragrance" A perfume bottle Rose sprayed on the love letters that she wrote for Prince Ali. Princess Fragrance 038.png Princess Fragrance 453.png Ladybug
Ivan Bruel's note from Kim "Ladybug & Cat Noir" A note that Kim wrote to Ivan including desparaging comments. OR1-(426).png OR1-(408).png Ladybug
Ivan Bruel's song lyrics "Stoneheart" The lyrics of Ivan's love song for Mylène, written on a piece of paper. OR-2 (434).png OR-2 (387).png Ladybug
Otis Césaire's bracelet "Animan" A bracelet with an animal tooth attached to it that Otis wears. AM-(160).png AM-(376).png Ladybug
Simon Grimault's cards "Simon Says" Simon's deck of cards that he uses for his hypnotism tricks. SS (75).png SS (83).png Cat Noir
Vincent Aza's camera "Pixelator" A camera that Vincent uses to take photos. Pixelator (137).png Pixelator (233).png Ladybug
Jagged Stone's guitar. "Guitar Villain" Jagged Stone's guitar which he plays during concerts and free time. GV (333).png GV (429).png Ladybug
Wang Cheng's chef hat "Kung Food" A chef hat that Wang wears while preparing food. Kung Food 439.png Kung Food 429.png Ladybug
Max Kanté's glasses "Gamer" A pair of glasses that Max wears. TG (30).png TG (108).png Ladybug
Juleka Couffaine's wrist mirror "Reflekta" A wrist mirror that Juleka wears on her right hand. Reflekta 061.png Reflekta 166.png Ladybug
Manon Chamack's toy wand "The Puppeteer" A toy wand that Manon owns. TPT (129).png TPT (410).png Ladybug
Sabrina Raincomprix's brooch. "Antibug" A brooch that Chloé gave to Sabrina as a proof of their friendship. Antibug (450).png Antibug (696).png Ladybug
Chloé Bourgeois' Ladybug earrings. Costume earrings that resemble the Ladybug Miraculous. Antibug (787).png Antibug (1185).png Ladybug
Lila Rossi's pendant necklace "Volpina" A necklace that Lila buys which is modeled after the Fox Miraculous. VP (422).png VP (999).png Ladybug

Season 2

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized Destroyed by
Santa Claus' hat "Santa Claws" A Christmas hat gift that Marinette gives Adrien, which he gives to Santa Claus. Ladybug Christmas Special (133).png Ladybug Christmas Special (313).png Cat Noir
Gabriel Agreste's new design book "The Collector" A new sketchbook that Gabriel uses. TC (290).png TC (420).png Ladybug
Nadja Chamack's smart watch "Prime Queen" A smart watch that Nadja wears to keep track of her show's ratings. Prime Queen 120.png Prime Queen 330.png Cat Noir
Chloé Bourgeois' Mr. Cuddly "Despair Bear" Chloé's childhood teddy bear that Butler Jean uses to convince her to be nice to others. DSB (252).png DSB (628).png Ladybug
Kagami Tsurugi's ring. "Riposte" A ring with the Tsurugi family logo. Riposte 188.png Riposte 373.png Ladybug and Cat Noir
Gina Dupain's candy case "Befana" A candy case that Gina uses to keep her candies in. Befana 116.png Befana 443.png Ladybug
Markov's CPU "Robostus" The main component that grants Markov his personality. Robostus 468.png Robostus 448.png Ladybug
Mr. Damocles' computer and Albert "The Dark Owl" Mr. Damocles' computer, along with his computer program assistant, Albert. TDO (12).png TDO (483).png Ladybug
August's bracelet "Gigantitan" A golden bracelet that August wears on his left wrist. Gigantitan 305.png Gigantitan 504.png Ladybug
André's ice cream scooper "Glaciator" An ice cream scooper that André uses to serve his customers. Glaciator 178.png Glaciator 430.png Ladybug
Ella and Etta Césaire's hat "Sapotis" A Parisland hat that Ella and Etta were fighting over. Sapotis-000250.png Sapotis-000288.png Cat Noir
Marinette's bracelet "Gorizilla" A charm that Marinette gave to Adrien, which his bodyguard finds. TG (201).png Gorizilla 235.png Ladybug
Anarka Couffaine's compass "Captain Hardrock" A compass that Anarka uses for her ship. CH (162).png CH (535).png Cat Noir
Clara Nightingale's microphone "Frightningale" A microphone that Clara uses for singing. FN (292).png FN (402).png Cat Noir
Ondine's bracelet capsule "Syren" A bracelet capsule that Ondine wears when swimming. Syren (22).png Syren (410).png Ladybug
Caline Bustier's tube of lip balm "Zombizou" A tube of lip balm that Miss Bustier gets from Marinette as a birthday present. Zombizou (37).png Zombizou (189).png Ladybug
Philippe's ice skates "Frozer" A pair of ice skates that Philippe uses when he's skating on the ice. Frozer (300).png Frozer (427).png Cat Noir
Audrey Bourgeois's golden rose "Style Queen" A golden rose pinned to Audrey's hat. Style Queen (182).png Style Queen (509).png Ladybug
Penny Rolling's pen "Troublemaker" A pen that Penny uses to write and clicks the button repeatedly when stressed. Troublemaker Penny's pen.png Troublemaker Penny's pen akumatized.png Cat Noir
Queen Bee's Bee Miraculous "Queen Wasp" A bee-themed hair comb with the power of Subjection. Queen Bee Transformation (09).png Queen Wasp (382).png Cat Noir
Marc Anciel's notebook "Reverser" A notebook where Marc writes his stories in. Reverser (282).png Reverser (337).png Cat Noir
Nora Césaire's boxing helmet "Anansi" A boxing helmet that Nora wears on her matches. Anansi 110.png Anansi 425.png Cat Noir
André Bourgeois's mayoral sash "Malediktator" A sash with the colors of the French flag that André wears as mayor of Paris. Malediktator (74).png Malediktator (246).png Ladybug
A boy's pillow "Sandboy" A pillow that a boy presumably sleeps with. No Screenshot.png Sandboy (507).png Ladybug
Lila Rossi's bracelet "Catalyst" A bracelet that Lila wears. 224 Catalyst (205).png 224 Catalyst (217).png Not destroyed, deakumatized by Hawk Moth
Nathalie Sancoeur's tablet A tablet that Nathalie uses at work. 224 Catalyst (44).png No Screenshot.png Not destroyed
Rena Rouge's Fox Miraculous "Mayura" A fox-themed necklace with the power of Illusion. Rena Rouge Transformation (04).png
Mayura (226).png
Not destroyed, deakumatized when Scarlet Moth was defeated
Carapace's Turtle Miraculous A turtle-themed bracelet with the power of Protection. Carapace Transformation (10).png Mayura (235).png Not destroyed, deakumatized when Scarlet Moth was defeated
Heroes' Day
(Catalyst & Mayura)
With the help from Catalyst's power during the events of "Heroes' Day", Hawk Moth simultaneously re-Akumatizes many Parisians to their respective past Akumatized forms, however due to the vast numbers of the scarlet Akumas most of the akumatized objects are unknown. Out of the known ones, only a few are the same item that was used during the first Akumatization, while other are new mostly general day-to-day items.

Season 3

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized Destroyed by
Lila Rossi's earring "Chameleon" A pearl earring that Lila wears. Chameleon 202.png Chameleon 439.png Ladybug
Thomas Astruc's premiere lanyard "Animaestro" The name tag attached to a lanyard with an image of Ladybug's mask, that Thomas Astruc wears around his neck when he's at the movie premiere. Animaestro 284.png Animaestro 405.png Cat Noir
Rolland Dupain's canteen "Bakerix" A family heirloom that's been passed down by Rolland's ancestors for generations as a tradition. Bakerix 122.png Bakerix 350.png Ladybug
Marianne Lenoir's brooch "Backwarder"

A brooch with the Chinese symbol for love that Marianne wears, gifted to her by Master Fu.

BW (172).png BW (266).png Cat Noir
Max Kanté's glasses "Gamer 2.0" A pair of glasses that Max wears. TG (30).png TG (108).png Ladybug
August's pacifier. "Weredad" A pacifier-dummy belonging to August. WD (72).png WD (6).png Unknown
Cat Noir's rose. The rose that Cat Noir gives to Marinette when he comes over for brunch. WD (167).png WD (440).png Marinette Dupain-Cheng
XY's mask "Silencer"

The mask XY was using for his new music video and is an imitation of the ones used by Kitty Section.

Silencer (142).png Silencer (207).png Cat Noir
Kagami Tsurugi's rose "Oni-Chan" The rose Kagami keeps pressed in her notebook that Adrien gave to her when he invited her to the ice rink in "Frozer". Frozer (58).png (Oni-Chan) Oni-Chan's Thorn Sword.png Cat Noir
Sabrina Raincomprix's toy Cat Noir staff "Miraculer" The toy Cat Noir staff that Sabrina uses when she and Chloé play their versions of the iconic superheroes. Miraculer 247.png Miraculer 410.png Ladybug
Nino & Alya's tablet "Oblivio" The digital tablet that Nino and Alya were using to play a game called Super Penguino. OB (481).png OB (397).png Cat Noir
Wayhem's Groucho Marx glasses "Party Crasher" A pair of fake comedy glasses that Wayhem was going to wear at Adrien's party. (Party Crasher) Wayhem's Groucho Marx glasses.png (Party Crasher) Party Crasher's Groucho Marx glasses.png Cat Noir
Chris Lahiffe's snow globe "Christmaster" A Christmas-themed snow globe owned by Chris and kept among his other toys. Christmaster 477.png Christmaster 376.png Cat Noir
The Puppeteer's duplicate wand. "The Puppeteer 2" A wax copy of the wand that served as the Puppeteer's previous akumatized object. The Puppeteer 2 (227).png The Puppeteer 2 (511).png Ladybug
Aurore Beauréal's parasol "Stormy Weather 2" A parasol with a cloud pattern that Aurore carries around with her at all times. SW (211).png SW (289).png Not seen
Ms. Mendeleiev's video camera "Kwamibuster" A video camera that Ms. Mendeleiev used to try to film Tikki and Plagg. KB (26).png KB (180).png Multinoir
Juleka Couffaine's lace glove "Reflekdoll" A black lace glove that Juleka wears on her right hand. RD (28).png Reflekta's glove.png Mister Bug
Tomoe Tsurugi's bokken "Ikari Gozen" A wooden Japanese training sword that Tomoe also uses as a guiding cane. IG (197).png IG (228).png Cat Noir
Vivica's guitar case "Desperada" A case that Vivica uses to carry her guitar on her back. No Screenshot.png Desperada (492).png Ladybug
The Startrain's deadman switch "Startrain" A switch on the controlboard of the Startrain, used by the conductor to make it run, or suddenly brake in emergencies. Startrain (79).png Startrain (490).png Cat Noir
Xavier Ramier's bird call whistle. "Timetagger" A bird whistle that Xavier uses to attract pigeons. MP (260).png MP (917).png Not seen
Future Chris Lahiffe's spray can. The spray can that the future version of Chris Lahiffe uses to draw grafiti art on the buildings of Paris. No Screenshot.png (Timetagger) Timetagger's spray сan gun.png Cat Noir
Cat Noir's bell "Cat Blanc" The decorative bell that Cat Noir wears around his neck as part of his costume. Gigantitan 358.png CB (155).png Ladybug
Alya Césaire's tablet "Félix" The same tablet that the girls were using when they were watching a video of what was supposed to be Adrien. Félix 239.png Félix 256.png Ladybug
Marinette Dupain-Cheng's purse "Ladybug" A purse that Marinette made, which she uses to carry Tikki in. SW (487).png No Screenshot.png Akumatization not completed
Sabine Cheng's ring. A ring that Sabine wears on her finger. Sabine's Ring.png No Screenshot.png Akumatization not completed
Gabriel Agreste's heart-shaped designer pin "Heart Hunter" The clasp of the Gabriel brand couple cloak given to André and Audrey on their 20th wedding anniversary by Gabriel Agreste. Audrey Bourgeois' Heart-shaped pin.png Heart Hunter (181).png Not destroyed, deakumatized by Hawk Moth
Queen Bee's Spinning Top "Heart Hunter" / "Miracle Queen" The tool of the Bee Miraculous, which is a spinning top. Queen Wasp (144).png Miracle Queen' Spinning top.png Snake Noir
With the help from Catalyst's power during the events of "Ladybug", Hawk Moth simultaneously re-Akumatizes few students and staff of Collège Françoise Dupont to their respective past Akumatized forms, however due to Catalyst's poor health from using the Peacock Miraculous, she collapsed and de-Akumatized, resulting in Hawk Moth losing his increased abilities, and the people were back to normal. The items used to akumatized Mr. Damocles to Dark Owl and Caline Bustier to Zombizou are unknown. The items used to akumatized Rose Lavillant into Princess Fragrance and Juleka Couffaine into Reflekta are Rose's bracelet and Juleka's left glove.

Season 4

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized Destroyed by
Luka Couffaine's guitar pick necklace "Truth" A Jagged Stone themed guitar pick owned by Luka, which he uses as a necklace and was given to him by Marinette. Luka's guitar pick necklace.png Truth's Guitar Pick Necklace.png Ladybug
Marinette's bracelet "Lies" A charm that Marinette gave to Adrien, which Kagami finds. TG (201).png Lies's bracelet.png Fang
Master Fu's paint brush "Furious Fu" A paintbrush owned by Master Fu, which he uses to paint after losing his memory. Master Fu's paint brush.png Furious Fu's brush.png Marianne Lenoir


Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized Destroyed by
Mike Rochip's handcuffs "Miraculous New York" This is a set of special handcuffs that prevent Mike Rochip from using his power from shutting down any piece of machinery. Miraculous World - New York Special 588.png Miraculous World - New York Special 650.png Not destroyed, deakumatized by Hawk Moth (First Time)

Cat Noir (Second time)

Cash's hand fan "Miraculous Shanghai" A hand fan that Cash carries with him. Cash's hand fan.png Roi Argent's Fan.png Cat Noir
Mei Shi's orb An orb with cloud designs held by Mei Shi for an unknown purpose. Mei Shi's orb.png Yan Woshi's orb.png Ladybug

Comic books

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized
Adam's wristwatch "Miraculous Adventures Issue 1" A watch Adam wears during his lacrosse game.
Adam's wristwatch.png
Replay's wristwatch.png
The fisherman's fishing rod "Miraculous Adventures Issue 2" A fishing rod the fisherman uses to catch fish.
No Screenshot.png
Silurus - fishing rod.png



Comics and books



  • Sometimes the Akumatized object is replaced after the villain is defeated.
    • Alya buys a new cellphone in "Lady Wifi".
    • Chloé gives Sabrina a new brooch in "Antibug".
  • Reflekta's Akumatized object is replicated onto people she turns them into her copies, but hers is the only one to contain an Akuma or to have the power to transform people. When trying to release Reflekta's Akuma, Ladybug accidentally destroys André Bourgeois's copy of the bracelet.
    • In "Timebreaker", when both Timebreakers' rollerblades were broken, there were two Akumas.
    • A similar event happens in "The Puppeteer". The titular villain created three new objects: Rogercop's whistle, Evillustrator's stylus, and Lady Wifi's cellphone, but none of them contained akumas, as Ladybug discovered when she destroyed the cellphone.
    • In "Sapotis", the titular creatures multiplied every time they ate, creating many clones and hats, but only the original hat had the Akuma, which Ladybug figured out when she destroyed the hat of a clone.
    • In "Gamer 2.0", the point of Miraculous All-Star Brawl is to destroy the Akumatized villains object, but only Gamer 2.0 had the real akuma.
  • In order to release the Akuma so that Ladybug can capture it, every Akumatized object must be broken.
    • Both Alya and Chloé know about this.
  • In "Santa Claws", after the Akumatized object, Santa's hat, is destroyed to release the Akuma, it is never seen again, destroyed or fixed, afterwards, followed by the twins' hats in "Sapotis", Marinette's bracelet in "Gorizilla", the rose Cat Noir gave to Tom in "Weredad", XY's mask that he stole from Kitty Section's idea in "Silencer", and Future Chris Lahiffe's spray can in "Timetagger".
    • This is likely because most of the akumatized objects were just broken in two or all the pieces were still there, while these akumatized objects just became a pile of ash that blew away in the wind.
  • The Magician of Misfortune and Destroyer have the only unknown Akumatized objects.
  • Feast is the only villain without an Akumatized object, being one himself.
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