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A girl doesn't need to wear a costume to be amazing, you know.

—Lila, "Volpina"

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Lila Rossi[3] is an Italian girl and a new student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont.[4][5] In "Volpina", after Ladybug humiliates her in front of Adrien by exposing the lie about she and Ladybug being close friends and owning the Fox Miraculous, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Volpina, a fox-themed supervillain who is a master of illusions.

In "Heroes' Day", after Gabriel Agreste calls Volpina a false hero in comparison to Ladybug on TV, she is once again akumatized as Volpina. Afterwards she takes part in Hawk Moth's plan to acquire the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses.

Later in "Chameleon", she willingly akumatizes herself and becomes Chameleon, a shape-shifting supervillain.


Physical appearance

Lila stands at average height with olive green eyes and long, hip-length chestnut brown hair with bangs. Her hair is loosely tied at the tips with orange bands where she has two shorter strands of hair.

Civilian attire

She has red-orange wristbands on her right arm. She wears a red-orange jacket over a dark gray romper that has tiny white spots. Additionally, she wears light gray tights and brown high heel boots.

As Volpina

Volpina wears an orange mask with black edges, and her hair bands are black. On top of her head, two fake orange ears with white and black insides are attached. The top of her hair is black and then ombrés down to light brown with the tips of her hair being white. She also has orange lipstick. The necklace with a fox tail hanging off of it is worn around her neck. Her outfit is orange with a white section going down the front. Wrapped around her waist is an orange sash that looks like a fox tail. The edges of her collar and the tops of her upper arms have black lines, and her forearms and lower legs are solid black, with the soles of her feet being white with an orange fox foot printed on each. Her weapon is a replica of the flute staff.

As Chameleon

After being akumatized into Chameleon, she retains her normal form. However, with her shape-shifting abilities, she can change it into whatever she kisses.

For more of Lila’s outfits and designs, see Lila Rossi/Designs.


VP (344)

Lila lying about being friends with Ladybug in a video for the Ladyblog.

Lila is crafty, sneaky, and proud. She loves attention, which she is willing to obtain by lying, even if it means going beyond words to support her lies, like buying a necklace that looks like the Fox Miraculous to convince Adrien telling that she is a descendant of the fox-themed superhero. She gets jealous if someone gets more attention or love than her, and she doesn't like it when someone reveals that her lies aren't true, showing no remorse for lying in the first place. She doesn't easily forgive people who she feels wronged her, as she is still furious at Ladybug for ratting her out harshly and ruining her chance to woo Adrien.

If anyone attempts to expose her, she won’t hesitate to try to make them miserable or break them down just to get them out of her way. She also doesn't take advice from those who try to make peace with her or encourage her to be honest like Ladybug or Adrien.

As Volpina, her personality is still intact, while additionally determined to get revenge on Ladybug. Volpina shows a very clever side, using an illusion to convince Ladybug and Cat Noir that she is an ally by saving the city from a meteor. Wanting to make Ladybug suffer, she cunningly uses her illusions to nearly convince Ladybug to give up her earrings twice, tricking her with illusions of people almost getting hurt, like civilians and Adrien.

As Chameleon, because she got akumatized voluntarily, her personality still remains the same, using her powers to get even with the ones that she believes wronged her, like when she took Adrien's form to make him look bad and at the same time to lead Ladybug into a trap. Her desire to defeat Ladybug was so great that she rather advance to battle her than take an unconscious Cat Noir's Miraculous to Hawk Moth.


As a civilian

She is a very skilled liar, leading Tikki to state that she has never seen anyone lie so well.

As Volpina

  • Volpina playing her flute.
  • An illusion of a crumbling building.
  • Multiple copies of Volpina.
  • An illusion of Volpina disappearing.
  • Ladybug's yo-yo demolishing Volpina's illusionary weapons.

With her flute, Volpina can play a tune with an idea in mind to create a glowing orange ball of energy. She can throw the orange ball of energy anywhere with her flute, and it will create whatever incredibly lifelike illusion that she wants. This can be as simple as creating multiple illusory copies of herself or grander by forming a large comet or a collapsing building. She also appears to be able to imitate specific people with her illusions, as she creates a duplicate of Adrien that is convincing enough to trick Ladybug. However, the illusions are intangible, and when touched will disappear in an orange cloud. Her flute is also long enough to wield as a staff.

As Chameleon

  • Chameleon as Adrien
  • Chameleon as Quentin
  • Chameleon as Cat Noir
  • Chameleon as an oyster
Chameleon can transform into another person after kissing them, causing her victim to fall unconscious. As long she remains in their form, her victims remain unconscious. Once Chameleon takes another form, they wake up. She uses this power to transform into Adrien after kissing him. After she takes another form, he wakes up. The same happened when she was tricked by Ladybug to turn into an oyster by kissing it. When turned into a miraculous holder, she is also able to use their powers, like when she fights Ladybug in Cat Noir's form and her power allowed her to utilize Cataclysm.



Lyla's Mom
Lila's mother
Lila Season 2
Lila Rossi

Lila's mother
Lila Rossi

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

VP (1030)

Lila rejecting Ladybug's apology.

In "Catalyst", when Marinette attempts to expose Lila's lies about being invited by Prince Ali to his palace by pointing out that he is in the USA, Lila merely tells her that Prince Ali wasn't actually with them.

In “Chameleon”, Marinette still holds a grudge against Lila and continues to try and prove that she is lying, however Lila is always able to come up with another lie to explain. Lila tried to be her friend but Marinette wouldn’t have it, revealing that she is aware of her deceitful nature. Lila then threatened Marinette, warning her that if she continues to try and expose her, she will turn all of her friends and classmates against her but when Marinette retorts calmly she angrily walks away.

In "Volpina", Lila lies about knowing Ladybug and being friends with her, but after Ladybug humiliates her in the park while she is trying to impress Adrien, she starts to hold a grudge against her. Despite Ladybug apologizing after de-evilizing her, Lila won't forgive her, angrily declaring that they will never be friends. She appears to be able to tell that Ladybug is interested in Adrien, which she uses to her advantage as Volpina to trick Ladybug into thinking she will drop Adrien from the Eiffel Tower if she doesn't give her the Ladybug Miraculous.

In "Catalyst", it is shown that she still bears a grudge against Ladybug and is irked by everyone celebrating her. Therefore, she takes a lot of enjoyment as Volpina in ruining her reputation with an illusion of an akumatized Ladybug destroying Cat Noir with his own Cataclysm.

In "Chameleon", she allows herself to get akumatized by Hawk Moth in order to get revenge against Ladybug. When deakumatized, she pretends to accept Ladybug as a friend and take her advice, though deep down she still resents her.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

VP (415)

Lila preventing Adrien from finding out the book is missing.

Lila very quickly becomes infatuated with Adrien, doing everything she can to win him over. When Ladybug exposes her lies in front of him, she is very upset and angry at the thought that she has lost every chance with him, leading to her getting akumatized. The first thing she does as Volpina is to change an advertising board of Ladybug to one of her saving Adrien, with an arrow piercing a heart as the background. Later, she finds him and reveals herself to prove to him that she is a superhero like she said she was. She becomes miffed when, after telling Ladybug that they were on a date, Adrien responds that it wasn't really a date, though he immediately says that it could have become one to avoid making her angry. She is still infatuated with Adrien because she falsely tells her mother that he is her boyfriend.

In "Chameleon", she is aware that Adrien knows about her lies and she is urged by him to be honest but she rebuffs him and she uses her new powers as Chameleon to make him look bad in front of Nino and Alya.

While viewing Cat Noir as an enemy, she doesn't hate him like Ladybug as she does compliement his costume. 

Furthermore, in "Chameleon", even though she had him at her mercy, she chose to go after Ladybug instead of taking his Miraculous.

Miss Bustier's class

In "Volpina", Lila tells her new classmates a whole bunch of lies about herself in order to gain their attention.

In "Catalyst", she continues her deceit by telling them that she is missing school because she is traveling, with only Marinette and Adrien being aware of her lies.

In "Chameleon", Lila returns to class and uses her lies to get whatever she wants from her classmates, like having a seat next to Adrien and having everyone get her lunch for her.

Mrs. Rossi

Lila has no problem lying to her mother, which is evident in "Catalyst" when she tells her that Adrien is her boyfriend and the school closed down from all the akuma attacks.





  • The name Lila means "beauty," and the surname Rossi means "red" in Italian.
  • Maybe the name Lila was choosed because it contains the syllable li-, which is pronounced "lie", in connection with all the lies that Lila tells.
  • Ironic, her Surname also reference to Valentino Rossi. A Motogp rider with 9 world championship since his debut back in 1996
    • In the Brazilian dub, her name is changed to Layla.
  • Volpina is similar to the word volpe, which is Italian for "fox". The suffix "-ina" indicates "small" and is often used in feminine names among friends, as a form of nickname or pet name. Roughly translated, "Volpina" means "Vixen" or "Small Fox" in Italian.
  • Lila was first revealed when Wilfried Pain posted a drawing of her as Volpina on his Twitter.[6] When a fan page on Facebook shared the image, Thomas Astruc added a comment where he revealed her akumatized name.[7]
    Volpina Sketch Doodle

    Wilfried's drawing of Volpina.

    • Later, Thomas posted a picture on Twitter as a sneak peak of Lila (as Volpina) with the caption "Una ragazza italiana in Pariggi," meaning "An Italian girl in Paris."[4]
  • When Mélody Cisinski was asked on Tumblr if Volpina would show up eventually before Season 1 ended, she replied "yes and no."[8]
  • Thomas noted that he intentionally made Lila to be unlovable.[9]
  • Considering the Japanese and Korean influences in the show, along with the apparent Chinese ties to the Miraculous, it's very likely Volpina is based on the fox spirit in East Asian lore, a cunning trickster fox that uses illusions to fool humans and occasionally takes on the appearance of an attractive young woman.
    • The fox spirit appears as the Chinese huli jing, the Japanese kitsune, and the Korean kumiho. Each culture interprets the fox spirit's allegiance and powers differently, with the Korean mythos seeing them as purely malicious, but the Chinese and Japanese viewing them as benign, malevolent, or neutral.
  • Volpina uses a flute as her weapon, in a manner resembling that of Melodie.
  • Volpina's abilities are based on the Fox Miraculous holder and Rena Rouge's powers, similar to how Copycat has Cat Noir's powers, Antibug has powers similar to Ladybug's and Queen Wasp is similar to Queen Bee.
  • Lila tells several stories assumed to be lies in "Volpina":
    • She knows Prince Ali and flew with him in his private jet.
    • Jagged Stone wrote a song about Lila.
    • Lila knows all of the Hollywood directors. She promised she'd introduce Nino to Steven Besielberg.
    • Ladybug saved Lila's life, and the two of them are best friends.
    • Lila loves superheroes.
    • She is the descendant of a Fox Miraculous holder seen in the Miraculous spellbook, calling her Volpina. According to Lila, Volpina is "one of the most important superheroes, more powerful and celebrated than Ladybug." Lila also claimed her grandmother gave her the Fox Miraculous.
    • In the French dubbed version, she tells Alya that her parents are diplomats and that she has traveled a lot.
    • As Volpina, most of the things she says are lies. For example, she tells Adrien and all of Paris that she is a true superhero.
  • Despite her claims of being a descendant of a fox-themed superheroine being false, she physically looks like the holder of the Fox Miraculous illustrated in the Miraculous spellbook.
  • She is the the third akumatized villain who doesn't appear in the theme song or its animatic in Season 1. The others are Animan and Kung Food, both of whom appear in the animatic.
  • As Lila's akumatized form is named after the name she makes up for a fake Fox Miraculous superhero, she is one of the few akumatized characters who Hawk Moth technically doesn't name.
  • Lila is the only known person, besides Hawk Moth and Mayura, that sees Ladybug as her enemy even while not akumatized.
  • In "Style Queen", Lila appears in the audience, but according to Thomas Astruc, it was actually an animation mistake and she wasn't supposed to be in the episode or its use as a clip in "Queen Wasp".[10]
  • Lila is the first previously akumatized victim to be reakumatized with the same supervillain identity but with a different akuma.
    • Also, the akuma which affects her is the only seen akuma to be de-evilized by Hawk Moth himself and removed onscreen.
  • Lila's smirk after being de-evilized in "Catalyst" implies she may have been the first person to be willingly akumatized other than Hawk Moth himself and his assistant Nathalie.
  • Despite her third akumatization being caused by Scarlet Moth, she didn't have a red-colored appearance.
    • According to Thomas, this was an animation error.[11]
  • Every time Volpina gets deakumatized, she is on the Eiffel Tower.
    • The same happened when Lila was akumatized into Chameleon.
  • Lila is the second person getting akumatized voluntarily, but the first to direct the akuma to an object.
    • She is also the first akumatized victim to introduce herself to Hawk Moth instead of the other way around.
  • Her powers both as Volpina and Chameleon have to do with lies and deception.


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