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Marinette writes in her diary. She pauses, looks up and thinks.

Marinette: Dear diary, ulch, you'll never guess who's back at school. Lila

Scene from Chameleon. Lila walks into the classroom and the class greets her. She explains her tinnitus.

Lila: (enters classroom) Hi, everyone.
Class: Hi, Lila.
Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Remember her? She showed up out of nowhere and managed to trick everyone into thinking that she was Ladybug's best friend.

Scene from Volpina. Alya is showing Marinette Lila's appearance on her Ladyblog.

Lila: (on Alya's cellphone) Ladybug and me? We're like this (crosses her fingers).

Scene from Chameleon. Marinette heads to her seat at the back of the class.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) She didn't fool me, of course. But I couldn't tell anyone without compromising my secret identity!

Scene from Volpina. Ladybug confronts Lila at the park.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Still, I couldn't help but confront her as Ladybug.
Ladybug: Miss Show-Off here was trying to impress you and everyone around her.
Marinette: (narrates over the scene) And after such a humiliation, she disappeared.

Scene from Catalyst. Lila tells the class about her week at the Kingdom of Achu.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) She tried to have us believe that she had gone away on vacation with Prince Ali.
Lila: Prince Ali invited me and my parents.
Marinette: (narrates over the scene) And I can't tell anyone about it.

Scene from Chameleon. Marinette and Lila argue in the bathroom.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) When she got back, she tried to become friends with me. But I told her that I can see right through her.

Lila confronts Marinette in front of the school.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) And now, we're at war.
Lila: You will lose your friends and wind up all alone.
Marinette: (narrates over the scene) And believe me, I'm not going to let her win.

Ladybug offers her friendship after Chameleon is defeated.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Although, on second thought, she might need an ally rather than an enemy. Because if she continues down this path, she will become the perfect prey for Hawk Moth!

Marinette and Adrien watch Lila lie to their classmates about her encounter with Ladybug.

Lila: Oh, no, Ladybug knows me so well.
Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Okay, I'll make an effort to try and help her. Maybe I could ask Adrien to give me a hand. I know he doesn't believe her lies either.
Marinette: Lila is–
Adrien: A liar. Yes, I know.

Adrien sits down next to Marinette at the back of the classroom.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) I know it won't be easy, but maybe together, the two of us can save her.

Marinette writing in her diary. She pauses, looks up, and thinks. She closes her diary and gets up and walks away

Marinette: Wish me luck! Good bye for now, dear diary.

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